beth, born Aug. 10, 1805, died 1883, married Newcomer;
Mary, born Jan. 4, 1807, died 1892, married Henry Ludwig,
Milton, Pa.; Henry, see family of Henry Lantz (G343);
Sarah, see family of Sarah Fulmer (G344); Margaret, see
family of Margaret Esbach (G345); Daniel, see family of
Daniel Lantz (G346) ; Samuel, born June 11, 1818, died Apr.
1, 1823; Anna, see family of Anna Austin (G348) ; Chris-
tiana, see family of Christiana Wintersteen (G349); Susan,
born Apr. 17, 1825, died 1837; and Samuel, born Apr. 30,
1828, died 1837.  Susan and Samuel were killed by lightning.

         G35            Samuel Lantz             G3

    Samuel Lantz, son of Henry Lantz was born Nov. 25,
1783.  He married Magdalina Martz (born 1782-died 1859).
He died Feb. 16, 1863.  They had children: Rebecca, see
family of Rebecca Keefer (G351); Hannah, died at age of
four; Anna, see family of Anna Hauck (G353); Magdaline,
married Jacob Sterner; Susannah, see family of Susannah
Deppen (G355); Charity, married Peter Culp; Henry, see
family of Henry Lantz (G357); Catherine, see family of
Catherine Deppen (G358); Sarah, married Henry-Hummel;
and Samuel, see family of Samuel Lantz (G35a).

                      GEORGE LANTZ

        The Lantzs of Shenandoah County, Virginia

    George and Hans George Lantz, father and son, came
to America from Germany in 1747 and 1748.  They followed
the German settlers to the Monocacy Creek in Maryland,
but soon afterwards went on down into the Shenadoah
Valley of Virginia, where many of their descendents still
    George Lantz, the father came to America in 1748.  He
died about 1778 or 1779.  He was survived by his wife,
Catherine, and his son, George was administrator.  Ap-
praisal of,his estate amounted to 1401, 31L being in ready
    Hans George came to America in 1747 and settled along
the Monocacy Creek in Maryland.  He moved to Shenandoah
County, Va., where he received a grant of 470 acres of land
on Swan Pond Hollow a drain of and on the south side
of Stony Creek.  The grant was from Lord Fairfax and he
agreed to pay an annual rental of one shilling for every fifty
acres to be paid on the feast day of St. Michael, the Arch-
angel.  The grant is dated Oct. 6, 1766.  He married Maria