had five children, who inherited her share in her father's
estate owing to her death previous to 1792.  We have been
unable to learn name of her husband and children.

         H5             Jacob Lantz              H

    Jacob Lantz, youngest son of George and Maria Lantz
was born Jan. 4 , 1759. Aug. 5, 1783, he married Maria
Miller, who was born 1758 and died Feb. 7, 1822.  He inher-
ited the home place from his father and paid off the other
heirs.  He lived and died on this farm.  His death occurred
Jan. 13, 1837.  He left the home place to his son, George, a
negro girli Sarah, but Sarah must not be sold; and to his
daughter Mary, he gave 2 farms of 192 A and 200 A and
$500.00 in money.  The furniture and other money ($3,-
815.641/2) were to be divided.  Jacob was a Justice of the
Peace in 1816.  He had two children: George and Mary.

         H11           William Lantz             H1

    William Lantz, son of George Lantz lived in Barbour
County, W. Va.  He married Miss Lanan.  They had chil-
dren: William, see family of William Lantz (Hlll); Jerry;
John; Jefferson; Henry; and Abraham.

         H21            John Lantz               H2

    John Lantz, son of John Lantz was born Aug. 9, 1773.
Mar. 26, 1795, he married Elizabeth Bonnett, who was born
Sept. 13, 1773 and died Mar. 11, 1873.  His father's will
leaves him $50.00 to be paid by Jacob out of his legacy.  He
died Sept. 1, 1858.  He was a farmer and had property in
Greene County, Pennsylvania, and Mongalia County, West
Virginia.  His home place was in West Virginia.  He
had children: Mary, born Feb. 22, 1796, married Nov. 12,
1816, Chandler; Margaret, born Mar. 9, 1798, married Wil-
liam Minor; Elizabeth, born June 5, 1800, married Theophi-
lus Minor; Lewis, born Aug. 30, 1802, died July 26, 1818, age
16; John, born Apr. 3, 1805, died Feb. 27, 1816, age 11;
Nancy, see family of Nancy Johnson (H216); William, see
family of William Lantz (H217) ; Sarah, born July 15, 1812,
married Aug. 18, 1836, Eagan Tygard; Jacob, see family of
Jacob Lantz (H219) ; and Alexander, born July 8, 1817,
married Nancy Masters, no children raised.