to even heed.  It seems they had sweet potatoes planted in
     ridges right near the melon patch and Mr. Holler could
     scarcely go over them in the day time without falling and
     this was night.  Well Mr. Holler ran home and told his wife
     he was sure Mr. Lantz was killed.  He then got some lunch
     and ran off.  Slept in the woods three or four days, then
     came back home to get more to eat.  His wife thought she
     would tell him it was all a joke, but when he heard her he
     thought it was the officers and ran again before she could
     tell him.
         He told father one time he wanted a hive of bees and
     was going to steal them, as it was regarded as bad luck to
     buy them.  He and a friend came one night for the bees,
     and after carrying them to his home, which was several
     miles away, and placing them to his liking was astounded
     to find the next morning an empty hive.
          Were I to put down what I heard he said this book
     would not be mailable.
          There were only two of us, my sister Cora and I and I
     think we are both chips off the old block.  If I ever write
     another Lantz Book and I write of her you will hear some-
     thing.  I'll spare her for the present.  This is more than I
     could have hoped from her.  As I said I was a little over 12
     when I left home.  Two or three months later father took
     sick, probably cancer of the stomach.  The doctor said there
     was no hope, it was only a question of time.  Finally our
     doctor wrote me he could not get well and he wanted to see
     his only boy.  I reached home about a week before the end
         This ended the earthly career of a good father and I
     feel sure he awaits me on the other shore for if he is not
     there mankind has a slim chance.  It may be interesting for
     the readers to know that Father was married twice, both
     times in October, and both wives entered their long rest in
     October.  Sister and I were born in October.  We buried him
     in the old Lantz Cemetery in October, the month that meant
     so much to him: So full of joys as well as sorrows.
       So I dedicate this book to him, my father, Jacob Lantz.