Kl        Elizabeth McGrann             K

    Elizabeth, daughter of Balzer and Susanna (Shaeffer)
Lantz was born in Lancaster, Pa.  She married Terence
McGrann and had children: Peggy; Peter; and Elizabeth,
married David Lepheckler.

         K2            Peter Lantz               K

    Peter Lantz, son of Balzer and Susanna (Shaeffer)
Lantz was born in Lancaster, Pa.  He married Annie Meshie.
He had children: John, born 1792; Peter; Susanna; and
John Haines.

         K22             Peter Lantz             K2

    Peter Lantz, son of Peter and  Annie (Meshie) Lantz
was born Dec. 30, 1794. In 1814    he married Catherine
Skelley, who was born Mar. 16, 1795.  They had one child:
John, see family of John Lantz (K221).

         K23            Susanna Brooks           K2

    Susanna, daughter of Peter and Annie Lantz married
George Brooks.  Their children: John; William P.; Ann E.;
Robert P.; Margaret R., married George J. Rothermel;
Eliza Catherine, married Peter Miller.

                    CONRAD LANTZ

            The Lantzs of Lehigh County, Pa.

    Conrad Lentz was born in Walderhoff, Baden, Germany.
He came to America with his brother, Jacob, landing in
1739, being then only a boy.  He and Jacob had another
brother, who settled near Lentzdale, Montgomery County,
Pa. Jacob (G) settled in Berks County, Pa.
  Conrad married Magdalina.  He was a stone mason and a
farmer and lived near Uniontown, Pa., where he was buried
in the Old Church Graveyard.  He was also a school teacher
in Lehigh County.  He had children: William; John; Con-
rad, Daniel, Walnutport, Pa.; Stephen, Polly; Savitz; and
-------, married J. Biechy.

         Ll           William Lentz              L

    William Lentz, son of Conrad and Magdalina Lentz
lived in Heidelberg Township.  He married Magdalena.  He
had one child: William.