L-A-N-T-Z G-E-N-E-A-L-0-G-Y

         Let us read and find who our ancestors be;
         Among them: Some good; Some bad; You'll agree.
         No one so good but that bad you can find
         Then again so bad but that good lurks behind.
         Zero, the base, upon which we all build
           The structure of life with which earth is filled.
         Grow great or fail; Each has his own niche;
         Each lives his own life-be he poor or rich.
         No other can take the place that you fill.
         Each has his own climb, tho' some are up-hill.
         And others on beds of ease-so to speak.
         Live lives of selfishness; forgetting the weak,
         Only thinking of self-wherever they go.
         Give your best Today; for this we know,
         Yesterday is passed; tomorrow may be never;
            But vast eternity goes on forever.
                                    CORA LANTZ GIEDE