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Earnest Harold PATTEE

My mom told me this about the pictures above: "This is a picture of my father as a little boy with the brace on his broken back. The picture of Daddy walking is the way I remember him when I was a little girl. He always wore a hat, and he always wore florsheim shoes because they fit his feet. This picture was probably taken by a sidewalk photographer. I remember when I was a little girl, we'd go downtown, and sometimes a person would step in front of us and snap a picture. Then they'd try to get you to buy it. This looks like one of those pictures.

"I have always held a great love for my grandfather. People used to ask me what was most special about me. I would reply "I was born on my grandfathers birthday." No-one understood. I loved him because he was all mine. We held one day that would always be ours. No-one could take that away from me. This is my grandfather, Earnest Pattee and of his father, Edward Pattee. My mom said he had the most beautiful penmanship. If you can see his writing on the picture, I agree. My grandfathers Mother died when he was a baby. He never knew anything about her. We don't know who the woman is in this picture but it is dated 1928.

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