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Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

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Cedric was born in the year 2001 his brother Brendan in 2003. This site is dedicated to them and their eventual descendants.

Clan Buchanan

Blazon of Arms: Or, a lion rampant Sable, armed and langued Gules, within a double tressure flory counterflory of the Second

Badge: A hand holding a tasselled cap

Mottos: Audaces juvo (Latin: I help the brave); Clarior hinc honos (Latin: Brighter the honour hence).

Slogan: Clar Innis (Clairinch, an island in Loch Lomond).



Buchanan's of Omagh

County Tyrone, Ireland

Our Buchanan Family

There are several distinct Buchanan lines who originate from County Tyrone.

George Buchanan (cir 1648), of the Blairlusk cadet, settled with younger son John(cir 1676) in Blairlush, Tyrone.  It is from George, and his son John, that many of the American families are descended, including James Buchanan, who served as 15th president of the United States. Also this Buchanan branch settled in Ramelton, Donegal, and Strathroy Omagh, as well as Canada including Montréal Québec, Strathroy Ontario, and Perth Ontario.

It is from William Buchanan that the Killyclogher line is descended. William emigrated to Ireland from Scotland and settled in the region. His daughter Margaret married an Archibald Buchanan (not directly related, other than both families originated from the Buchanan's of Scotland) and Margaret and her husband Archibald settled in County Tyrone.

The origins of this Archibald Buchanan are not known.  Whether he be descended from a Scottish cadet, and emigrated to Ireland, or if he was of the Blairlush Buchanan's is not known. Regardless, it is from the union of these two lines that another lineage of Buchanan's of Strathroy Omagh, Tyrone County are descended. Archibald and Margaret had at least two sons, John and Patrick.

Patrick became an ordained minister of the First Presbyterian Church, Lisburn on July 27, 1747. When he died in 1763 he left a widow, who died later in about 1775, and a son John

The elder son, John, married Margaret Crawford. The Crawford family play a predominant role in the family history of this Buchanan line, intermarrying on several occasions. John and Margaret had at least one son,  Archibald Buchanan (1748-1836).  This Archibald, husband to Elizabeth Lockhart (d.1818), is the ancestor of a line of the family which to this day resides in the region as well as having descendants throughout the United States, and Canada including the Buchanan's from Levis Québec.

Origins of Clan Buchanan

The Buchanan's themselves represent a renowned Scottish family from Clarinch in Loch Lomond.  These lands were originally known by the Gaelic name "Buth Chanain", meaning "Canon's House".

The first ancestor recorded appears in 1225 as Absalon, son of Macbed, a cleric to whom a charter of the Island Clarines, Loch Lomond was granted by Maldouen, third earl of Lennox. Between 1208-1214 he witnessed gifts by Alewin, the second earl of Lennox, of the Church Kamsi to God and S. Kentigem and also witnessed the gift of the Church of Cadinros (now Cardross) by Maldouen son to Alewin. As "dominus Absalone de Buchkanan" he is recorded as witness to a charter grant by the earl Maldouen to Sir Robert Herthford cir 1224. This Absalon is merited as being the ancestor to the MacAuslan [and the numerous derivates of the same] clan. He is believed to have had a son Absalone who was also a cleric 'senescallus meus', and was duly recorded as witness to charter grants on several occasions between 1238 and 1240. This Absalone is believed to have fathered three sons, Absalone, Gilbert and Matthew.  It is Gilbert, the second brother, who adopted the name and became the 1st laird Buchanan.

Another commonly accepted account relates that Anselan Buey O'Kyan also known as Auslan O'Cahan (pronounced O'Kane), descended from the long line of Irish Kings, was son to the King of Ulster.  He was obliged to flee from Ireland because of the Danes who under King Chanute, overran that country in the early eleventh century. In 1016 he took refuge in Scotland in Argyll and it is from him that the MacAuslan name was derived [MacAuslan meaning "of the clan of Auslan"]. In service to the Scottish King, he  was rewarded with a land charter in Loch Lomand.  Auslan son of Macbeath [Absalone son of Macbed] was 6th in line from Anselan Buey O'Kyan, and it was his son Gilbert, 7th laird MacAuslan, who adopted the name Buchanan and it is from him that the clan is supposed to have descended.

Both accounts are consistent in that the Buchanans are descended from Gilbert Buchanan (MacAuslan), and there is evidence to support the MacAuslans' origins from Ireland.  King David II officially recognised the family of Buchquhanane in the 14th century from which the cadet branches; Arnprior, Auchamar, Carbeth, Drumakill, Leny and Spittal are all established. It is also well known that branches of clan Buchanan returned to Ireland in the early 17th century, several of these families establishing themselves in County Tyrone. 

The Spittal cadet of the clan remained the lairds Buchanan until 1682 when the 22nd laird died and the estates were sold to the Duke of Montrose to repay debts. In the 1930's a wealthy Clansman William George Buchanan of the family of Drummakill purchased Clairinch from the Montrose estate and on his death in 1939 gifted the island to The Buchanan Society of Glasgow where it remains to this day. Clar Innis is the ancient battle cry of the Buchanan clan derived from the Island Clairinch. 

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Descendants Report of Archibald Buchanan

Cedric's and Brendan's Pedigree Family Tree

Research Leads / Requests
  • Information on the origins of Archibald Buchanan (cir 1665) married to Margaret Buchanan of the Killyclogher Buchanan's. (contact Allan Chinn)   

  • Information on the Killyclogher Buchanan's descended from William (cir 1650) with children Walter, Margaret and James. (contact Allan Chinn)  

  • Information confirming the dates of birth / marriage / burial and the family of John Buchanan (son of Archibald cir 1665) married to Margaret Crawford, and father to Archibald Buchanan (1748-1836). (contact Allan Chinn)   

  • Information on Patrick Buchanan (abt 1712 - 1763). Patrick became an ordained minister of the First Presbyterian Church, Lisburn on July 27, 1747. He had at least one son John (abt 1725). (contact Allan Chinn)  

  • Details on John Buchanan son of Patrick (abt 1712 - 1763). It is unknown whether John married or not. What is recorded is that he visited his Strathroy relations, Archibald Buchanan (1748-1836) and family, by horseback on many occasions. However upon his death, it was seven years before the Buchanans of Strathroy became aware of this fact. (contact Allan Chinn)  

  • Information pertaining to the family of the MacMaynes. Andrew McMaynes being mentioned as over the age of 80 attending his nephew George Buchanan's (1780-1865) funeral. (contact Allan Chinn)

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Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

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