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Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

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Cedric was born in the year 2001 his brother Brendan in 2003. This site is dedicated to them and their eventual descendants.

Descendants of Joseph Swiecicki

Seventh Generation

47. Conrad Marshall John Fisher Swan Sir (Henry Peter Swan , Paul Constantine Swiecicki , Julius Constantine Andrew Svientzitski , Andrew Ignatius , Piotr , Joseph )

Conrad married Hilda Susan Mary Northcote Lady 1 daughter of Henry Stafford Northcote. Hilda was born 2 on 23 Jul 1937. She died on 4 Dec 1995 in Boxford, Suffolk, England. Hilda joined religion Roman Catholic.

On Monday December 4th 1995 at approximately 6pm Hilda (Northcote) Swan was struck by a vehicle and killed instantly. She was returning from the village on foot after having posted a letter. The driver while overtaking two other cars, struck her as he was descending the hill near Boxford House. The driver did not stop and the accident was recorded as a hit-and-run. Hilda was 58 and was survived by her husband Conrad, her son and four daughters, and 18 grand-children.

Dame Honour ad Devotion SMO Malta

They had the following children:

+ 58 F i Mary Elizabeth Magdalen Swan
+ 59 F ii Hilda Juliana Mary Swan
+ 60 F iii Catherine Sylveria Mary Swan
+ 61 M iv Andrew Conrad Henry Joseph Swan
+ 62 F v Anastasia Cecilia Mary Swan

49. Norman William Chinn (Wanda Anna Svenceski , Joseph Stanislaw Svenceski , Julius Constantine Andrew Svientzitski , Andrew Ignatius , Piotr , Joseph ) was born on 1 Apr 1923 in Moosejaw Saskatchewan, Canada. He died on 22 Oct 1994 in Pointe-Claire Quebec, Canada. He was buried on 28 Oct 1994 in Mount Royal Cemetery Plot L70-10, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Norman was of the Roman Catholic converted to Anglican faith. He was employed as Prof. Electrical Engineer.

Residence Primary - 825-39th Avenue, Lachine, Quebec, Canada until April of 1993
Secondary - 1979 Boswell Avenue, Cedar (Nanaimo), BC, Canada which was inherited from his uncle Ed Emmerson. This property, a 3 acre river front property with a view, was held by his widow Mary Elizabeth (Betty) until August of 1996 when it was subsequently sold.

Norman Chinn was born in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan on April 1, 1923. His father was transferred by CP Rail's accounting office to Calgary where Norman resided for a number of years before moving to Montreal with his parents in 1936 He enrolled at McGill University in 1940 and by 1945 he graduated in May 1945 with a Bachelors of Engineering - Electrical. Upon graduation he worked within the Central Engineering department of Dominion Rubber, later known as Uniroyal, for twenty-five years, working on the construction and upgrade of plants in the Kitchener and Elmira regions. For the last thirteen years spent with the company he was the assistant director of engineering. Shortly after the political murder of a Quebec politician by militant French separatists (FLQ), Uniroyal decided to pare down their head-office operations in Quebec. Norman Chinn considered employment opportunities in the United States but due to the US conscription for the Vietnam war and that the youngest son Allan was of conscription age, decided to remain in Canada. In 1969 Norman commenced working with the Quebec based engineering consulting firm then known as Surveyor Nettinger and Chenevert and latterly as SNC and then finally to become known as SNC-Lavalin. Over the 17 years he stayed with SNC Norman progressed to Chief Electrical and then Chief Engineer within the company. In 1986 Norman retired but continued to work as a consultant on a part time basis for SNC and for others.

In addition Norman had been active within the scouting movement becoming involved in the executive committee and the parents committee assisting in the coordination of the local scout Troup. He participated in the formation of the Western Lachine Swimming Club (WLSC) and served one term as its President. Also he was very active in the parents committee of the Protestant School Board of Montreal, and served as Vice President of the Quebec Parent Teachers Association. In his retirement years Norman continued to remain active with an interest in outdoor sports such as cross country skiing. As a member of the Shawbridge "Laurentian Lodge" ski club in Prevost Quebec, Norman served as president of the club from 1991 to 1993. He and his wife (Mary Elizabeth) Betty managed to travel to Europe on a number of occasions, sailed with friends in the Caribbean numerous times, and managed a memorable trip to China in 1987 with a boat trip lasting five days up the Yangtze River.

Norman was known for his good humour and jolly outlook. In 1993 he was diagnosed with and treated for prostrate cancer and in spite of the illness made every attempt to remain active up until days before his death on October 22nd, 1994, just one day before what would have been his and Betty's 46th wedding anniversary. The funeral was attended by in excess of 300 friends, associates and family.

Norman married Mary Elizabeth Buchanan daughter of Harold Douglas Buchanan and Hilda Margaret Skelton.

They had the following children:

  63 M i Brian Buchanan Chinn was born on 17 Sep 1949 in Royal Victoria Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He died on 3 Sep 1984 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He was buried on 17 Sep 1984 in Mount Royal cemetery Plot L70-10, Montreal,Quebec, Canada. Brian was of the Anglican faith. He was employed as Market Analyst, Pitney Bowes in Toronto, Ontario.
+ 64 M ii Allan Norman Chinn
  65 F iii Sandra Ann Chinn

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Ancestors of Cedric and Brendan

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