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In 1836 an intrepid young Norwegian couple named Abel Cathrine von Krogh and Bjorn Anderson Kvelve set sail for America with their two children.  Seven more children were born in their new land.  After Bjorn died, Abel Cathrine had one more child with her second husband, Ingebrigt Amundson.

Today the living descendents of these ten children number in the hundreds, scattered all over the world.  Yet the far-flung family branches still keep in contact through The Andersonia, a round-robin letter now in its 125th year.

This web site chronicles the genealogy and family history of the Anderson - Amundson descendents.  It is dedicated to the late Lester W. Hansen and to Kay and David Dole, whose hard work and devotion form the foundation of this web site.  To them we offer our heartfelt tributesMange takk!

This family history is a work in progress.  If you find errors, can provide additional information, have a question, or wish to make a comment, please e-mail Neil Hofland, great-great grandson of Abel Cathrine and Bjorn.

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