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The Anderson Association exists on a worldwide basis to help Andersons and related names to develop their family history. This is achieved by:

1.      Providing links to others undertaking similar research.

2.      Publishing articles by members with the results to date of their research.

3.      Building up a store of genealogical and heraldic information available to members.

4.      Giving publicity to queries from members who need help in tracing ancestors.

The association was formed, on St Andrews Day in 1993, in response to the growing interest in family history by people named Anderson or with links to the name. This followed the publication by Phillimore & Co in 1984 of the book Anderson Families.

The association is a voluntary, non-profit organization. The subscription covers  the cost of printing and postage for normally, three newsletters each year and a journal called The Andrean. In addition to articles about members' research, the association publishes other articles of special interest to Andersons.


Chairman and Editor
David A. R. Waterton-Anderson, KSG
[email protected]

Ian A Anderson
[email protected]



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Membership    Association News     Relations     Queries     Andrean Newsletters