The Anderson & Rondeau Family Tree

This Family Tree contains genealogical information of the Anderson, Andersen, Becket(t), Farrell, McLeod, McPherson, Beaulieu and Rondeau families and the families that married into these families. It traces these families back to their European roots, some back to the 1500s.

This version contains 7100 individuals. There are some very interesting old stories and information in the records marked with [notes], and as well, there are also some wonderful old photos attached to some of the records. Many more photos are available in the Photo Album pages of the website. A huge thank you goes to the late Denis Anderson for much of the early Anderson information, Marg Graham, from Strathmore, Alberta, for doing the original Anderson Family Tree from which a lot of the information for this tree was obtained, and to Lonnie Bellin for his many contributions as well as Anne Hewitt and the many other Rondeau/Beaulieu researchers.

If you have additional information or corrections or family photos of yourselves, your children/grandchildren, your homes, please attach them to an e-mail and send them to me for inclusion in the Anderson Family History and Photo Album. The details for all living persons have been suppressed for privacy reasons.

Disclaimer: The information / text material found within, is posted with good conscience and thought to be true and correct, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information / text material and it must be viewed in a similar way as other information on the internet

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