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Descendants of Leonard Anderson - please note, I have much more information on this line than is shown here. Please contact me if you are interested in additional information.  Endnotes are here.

Generation One

Leonard Anderson was born circa 1730.


 i.  Leonard Anderson (1755-1838)

Generation Two

Leonard Anderson, Sr.1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14  Born in Apr 1755 in Augusta Co., VA. Leonard died in Logan Co., KY on 16 Apr 1838, he was 83.  In Mar 1791 when Leonard was 35, he married Rosanna Hadden, daughter of William M. Hadden & Ann XXXX, in Pendleton Co., SC. Born in 1775 in Pendleton Co., SC. Rosanna died in Logan Co., KY aft 1850, she was 75.  See the Revolutionary notes I have on Leonard Anderson and some additional notes here.

Leonard Anderson, Sr. and Rosanna Hadden had the following children:

i William Anderson Born abt 1792 in SC.
ii Mary Anderson Born in 1794 in Logan Co., KY. Mary died aft 1850, she was 56.  On 9 Mar 1833 when Mary was 39, she married Thomas Sanders, in Logan Co., KY. Born abt 1805 in KY. Thomas died aft 1850, he was 45.
iii Ann Anderson Born abt 1803 in Logan Co., KY.  On 23 Feb 1823 when Ann was 20, she married John Ragan.
iv Elizabeth M. Anderson (1804-1854)
v Samuel Anderson ~1805->1880)
vi Nancy Anderson (~1810-1870)
vii James Leonard Anderson (~1811-< 1841)
viii Leonard Anderson , Jr. (1815-1893)   My line, more below
ix Alexander Anderson (~1817->1880)
x Hannah Anderson Born BET. 1817 - 1823 in Logan Co., KY. Hannah died in Logan Co., KY bef 1850, she was 33.
xi Thomas Anderson Born abt 1824 in Logan Co., KY.

Generation Three

Leonard Anderson , Jr.,38,39,40,41,42,43 Born on 17 Sep 1815 in Logan Co., KY. Leonard died in Logan Co., KY on 26 Nov 1893, he was 78. Buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.  On 21 Sep 1836 when Leonard was 21, he married Emily Smith, daughter of Peter F. Smith & XX McKinney, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 18 Aug 1823 in KY. Emily died in Logan Co., KY on 25 Sep 1898, she was 75.

Notes for Leonard Anderson, Jr.: By deed of 22 Dec 1849, Leonard bought 116 acres for $75 on the waters of Big Muddy Creek (DB 29, Page 486) - witnessed by William Anderson, W. W. Smith, and B. Warden.  In a deed 6 Jan 1851 (DB 30, Page 448), he bought 75 acres for $150 also on the waters of the Big Muddy Creek - witnesses were William Anderson and B. Warden.  No other records were found where he bought land.

On 12 Jul 1882, Leonard sold 12 acres for $48 to W. J. Anderson near the waters of Big Muddy Creek (DB 59, Page 479), witnessed by E. O. Sweatt. The land was bounded by J. H. Anderson's line, Covington's line and the Auburn Road.

On 10 Nov 1882 (DB 59, Pages 478-479), he sold land (acreage unknown) for $150 to J. H. Anderson.  The land was bounded on one side by Leonard's line on the Big Muddy Creek.  John was to pay for the land in three installments of $50, the last payment due 12 Jul 1885.  Leonard and Emily signed both documents with an "X".

1840 Logan Co. Census: Leonard Anderson 1 male 0-5 {William J.}, 1 male 20-30 {Leonard}; 1 female 15-20 {Emily}.

1850 Logan Co. Census:

#783/794 Leonard Anderson, age 36, value of real estate $300, KY; Emaline, age 28, KY.  (Their children were in the household of Henry Roberts.  Maybe Emily was about to give birth again and wanted the boys out of the house until the baby was born?)

#875/889 Henry Roberts, age 30, merchant, real estate $1200 - others listed, then: William Anderson, age 11, KY; John H. Anderson, age 9, KY; Samuel Anderson, age 7, KY; George W. Anderson, age 5, KY; Rueben B. Anderson, age 4, KY.

1860 Logan Co. Census:  #55/50 Leonard Anderson, age 45, farmer, born KY, real estate value $1,000, personal property value $338; Emily, age 38, KY, washerwoman; John, age 20, KY, day laborer; Samuel, age 17, KY; George, age 14, KY; Ruben, age 12, KY; Joseph, age 10, KY; Eliza, age 9, KY; Thomas, age 7, KY; Sheperd, age 4, KY; Zachariah, age 3, KY; Innomsiatta, age 9/12, KY.

1870 Logan Co. Census, Fillmore Precinct, 23 Aug 1870: #110/110 Leonard Anderson, age 54, farmer, real estate $1,000, personal $1,000, KY; Emily, age 46, keeping house, KY; Rubin, age 23, work on farm, KY; Joseph, age 21, work on farm, KY; Thomas, age 18, work on farm, KY; Eliza, age 19, KY; Shepard, age 18, work on farm; Zachariah, age 12, work on farm, KY; Jonitere, age 10, work on farm, KY; Ann, age 8, KY; Richard, age 6, KY; Mike, age 3, KY.

1880 Logan Co. Census, Fillmore Mag Dis {6 Jun 1880}:  Leonard Anderson, age 65, farmer, KY KY KY (all); Emily, age 56, wife, housekeeping; I. B., age 20, son; Netter, age 17, daughter-in-law; Amy (?), age 18, daughter; Richard, age 15, son; Robert, age 13, son.  {Note: the census taker had written Netter, age 20, and crossed that out and put I.B. and then put Netter next at 17.  He was right the first time - I.B. is Islamer Chapman, the DIL.}  Burial: Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Leonard Anderson and Emily Smith had the following children:

i William Jefferson Anderson (1839-1916)
ii John H. Anderson (1841-1919)
iii Samuel Presley Anderson (1843-1909)
iv George Washington Anderson (1844-1892)  My line, more below
v Reuben B. "Rube" Anderson (1846-1929)
vi Joseph Greenbury Anderson (1849-1891)
vii Elizabeth Anderson (~1851-1918)
viii Thomas C. Anderson (1853-1935)
ix Shepherd Sprout Anderson (1855-1927)
x Zachariah Anderson (1857-1934)
xi Netter Jonathan Anderson (1859-1908)
xii Martha Ann Anderson (1861-1949)
xiii  Richard D. Anderson (1863-1943)
ix Robert "Mike" Anderson (1867-1947)

Generation Four

George Washington Anderson101,102,103,104,105,106,107. Born on 27 Sep 1844 in Logan Co., KY. George Washington died in Logan Co., KY on 20 Jan 1892, he was 47. Buried in Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.  On 29 Oct 1865 when George Washington was 21, he married Martha Jane Bassett, daughter of William Henry Bassett & Nancy Lynn, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 7 Feb 1846 in Daviess Co., KY. Martha Jane died in Logan Co., KY on 6 Apr 1910, she was 64.  See the Bassett and Lynn line.

Notes for GEORGE WASHINGTON ANDERSON:  George and his brothers were in the home of local merchant Henry Roberts in 1850, and then were back in the home of Leonard and Emily in 1860.

1870 Logan Co. Census:  #152/152 George Anderson, age 25, farmer, KY, value of personal property $700; Martha, age 22, keeping house, KY; James, age 5, KY; Nancy, age 3, KY; William, age 2, KY; John, age 1, KY.

1880 Logan Co. Census: #226/226 Geo. W. Anderson, age 34, farmer, KY KY KY (same for rest); Martha J., wife, age 33, house keeper; Jas B., son, age 14; Nancy, daughter, age 13; Wm. V., son, age 12; Jno., son, age 11; Ollive, daughter, age 9; Eliza D., daughter, age 7; Joseph L., son, age 6; Effie, daughter, age 5; Bobbie, son, age 3; Chas. Harrison, son, age 2/12 Apr.

In September of 1887, George bought 3 acres, 30 poles of land for $166.50 from Charles H. and Katie A. Ryan (DB 64, Page 511) on the waters of the Big Muddy.  His land was bounded by Daniel Sweatt's and Zack Anderson's lines.  He probably bought or inherited more land but no record was found.  Burial: Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Notes for MARTHA JANE BASSETT:  Her name was occasionally transcribed as Barrett but it is Bassett.  Some information on Martha came from [email protected] and LDS IGI records.  Burial: Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

The Bassett family (at least Abner and Susannah) lived in the area of Daviess Co. that later became McLean Co.   In 1850 Martha was living in Daviess Co. with her parents.

1900 Logan Co. census: #237/238 Martha J. Anderson, Feb 1846, age 54, widow, 14 children/13 living, KY KY KY, owns farm; Daisy D., daughter, Mar 1882, age 18; Jessie M., son, Aug 1883, age 16; Larence D., son, Feb 1887, age 13.

This Deed made the 25 day of January 1902 between J. L. Anderson and V. E. Anderson his wife.  C. N. B. Simmons and Effie O. Simmons his wife. Daisie D. Suddath and Millard Suddath her husband.  C. H. Anderson, J. M. Anderson, and L. D. Anderson of Logan County KY of first part and Martha J. Anderson of Said County and State of Second part.  Witnesseth that the Said partys of the first in Consideration of ten dollars for each Share Cash in hand paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have bargained and Sold and do hereby Convey unto Said Second party our entire title and interest in the following described tract of land lying in Logan County KY and bounded as follows, to-wit.  Beginning at a rock in Daw Sweatts line, Corner to Turley, thence S.23 W.51-3/5 poles to a rock Corner to Said Sweatt, thence S.13 W.34 poles to a rock and other Corner to Said Sweatt, thence N.23-1/2 E.4-1/4 poles thence N84-1/2 E34 poles to a stake thence S45-1/4 E54-4/5 poles to a Sweet Sasafras Corner to Zack Anderson, thence with his line N.56 E.44-4/5 poles to a rock, thence N.10-1/2 W.93-1/5 poles to a rock Corner to Turley, thence West 66-1/4 poles to the beginning containing 52 A 1 R and five poles.  To have and to hold Said property unto Said Second party her heirs and assigns forever with Covenent of General Warranty releasing all rights of Homestead and Dower.  Witness the hands of the Grantors on date above written.

     Signed:    C. H. Anderson      C. N. B. Simmonds
                    J. L. Anderson       E. O. Simmonds
                    Vertie E. Anderson  J. M. Anderson
                     R. H. Anderson      L. M. Anderson
                     M. M. Stevenson    D. D. Suddath
                     O. A. Stevenson     M. G. Suddath

At the time R.H. (Robert Hunter) Anderson, M. M. (Marion MacDonald) and O. A. (Olive Ann Anderson) Stevenson signed an agreement to the deed on 14 May 1902, they were living in Tulare Co., CA.  The others were in Logan Co.: C. H. (Charles Harrison) Anderson, J.L. (James Leonard) and Vertie E. (Webb) Anderson, C.N. B. (Constance Napoleon Bonaparte)) and E. O. (Effie O. Anderson) Simmons, J. M. (Jesse M.) Anderson, L. M. (Lawrence D.) Anderson, and D. D. (Daisy Della Anderson) and M. G. (Millard G.) Suddath.

In this deed, J. W. Smith is John W., her son-in-law, married to daughter Eliza Dora.

This Deed made the 5th day of October 1905 between Mrs. M. J. Anderson of Logan County KY of the first and J. W. Smith of Said County & State of the Second part.  Witnesseth that the Said party of the first part in Consideration of a life maintained, including board and residence and medical attendance & Clothing Suitable to the various Services, First party hereby reserves the ground room at South end of building during her life time.  Second party agrees ____ to find feed and to feed for Said first party one Cow and Calf and hogs not to exceed two in number, also one horse.  Said Second party also binds himself to pay all burial expenses and to Contribute the Sum of $15.00 to monument to be erected at grave Some time during the year 1906.  Have bargained and sold and hereby Convey unto Said Second party a tract of land lying in Logan County KY and bounded as follows.  Beginning in Daw Sweatts line Corner to Turley, thence S23 W51-3/5 poles to a rock Corner to Said Sweatt, thence S13 W34 poles to a rock on other Corner to Said Sweatt, thence N23-1/2 E4-1/4 poles to a stake, thence S45-1/4 E54-1/4 poles to Sweet Sasafras Corner to Zack Anderson, thence with his line N55 E44-1/5 poles to a rock, thence N10-1/2 W93-1/5 poles to a rock Corner to Turley, thence W66-1/4 poles to the beginning Containing 52 acres 1 Rod five poles being the Same land Conveyed to first part by J. L. Anderson and others and of record in D.B. (   ) Page (  ).  To have and to hold Said property with Said Second party his heirs and assigns forever "with Convenent of General Warranty" releasing all rights of Homestead and Dower.  Witness the hand of the Grantor date above.

Signed:   Martha J. Anderson

George Washington Anderson and Martha Jane Bassett had the following children:


i James Leonard Anderson (1865-1944)
ii Nancy E. Anderson (1866-1903)
iii William Virgil Anderson (1868-1955)
iv John Seniton Anderson (1869-1960) my line, more below
v Olive Ann Elizabeth Anderson (1871-1921)
vi Dora Eliza (1872-1940)
vii Joseph Thomas Anderson (1873->1930)
viii Effie O. Anderson (1875-1950)
ix Robert Hunter Anderson (1877-1910)
x Charles Harrison (1880-1967)
xi Daisy Della Anderson (1882-1921)
xii Jesse M. Anderson (1883-1949)
xiii Lawrence Dee Anderson (1888-1929)

Generation Five

John Seniton Anderson250,251,252. Born on 25 Apr 1869 in Logan Co., KY. John Seniton died in Peoria Heights, Peoria Co., IL on 16 Jun 1960, he was 91. Buried on 18 Jun 1960 in Swan Lake Memory Gardens, Peoria Co., IL.  On 22 Jan 1891 when John Seniton was 21, he first married Dorah Suddath, daughter of Samuel F. Suddath & Sarah A. Webb, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 26 Jun 1871. Dorah died on 13 Apr 1895, she was 23.

On 29 May 1896 when John Seniton was 27, he second married Myrtle Chapman, daughter of William Wiley "Bud" Chapman & Elizabeth M. Gregston, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 31 Jan 1878 in Butler Co., KY. Myrtle died in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI on 2 Sep 1948, she was 70.  See my Chapman and Gregston lines.

Notes for JOHN SENITON ANDERSON:  John and Myrtle moved to Dinuba, Tulare Co., CA when Hunter was about 4 years old (1901) and moved back to KY when he was about 9 years old (1906) (between the census records).  After he and Myrtle divorced, John moved back to Tulare Co., CA and was still there in 1916.  He was not in the 1910 Tulare Co. census for the town of Dinuba but was most likely in Tulare Co. or that general area.

Marriage Bond (MBB 4-104), J. S. Anderson and Dorah Suddath, dated 21 Jan 1891, attest: J. S. Anderson, W. J. Binkley.  The register and return shows the date of marriage as 22 Jan 1891, performed by George Minton at S. F. Suddath's in Logan Co.  Witnesses were J. R. Smotherman, R. P. Anderson and P. F. Minton.  Attest: John G. Orndorff, Clerk Logan Co. Court.  A note of permission was signed by her father:

To Clerk of Logan Co. Court, this is to certify that I am willing for marriage licens to be ishued to Barrer for John Anderson and Dorah Suddath this Jan 21, 1891.

     Signed:       Samuel F. Suddath
                       W. F. Binkley
                       R. P. Anderson

Marriage Bond, J. S. Anderson and Myrtle Chapman, Attest: M.B. Morton, by: C. B. Reid.  Marriage Certificate, Place: Mrs. Martha Anderson's, Witnesses: J. L. Anderson, Sam Chapman, Lillie Smith, Attest: M. B. Morton.

1900 Logan Co. Census: #146/147 John S. Anderson, Apr 1870, age 30, married 4 years, he and parents born KY, owns farm; Myrtle, Dec 1876, age 20, 3 children/3 living, she and parents KY; Hunter, son, Feb 1897, age 3; Verner, son, May 1898, age 2; Nora, daughter, Sep 1899, age 8/12.  The census shows that John "owns the farm" but there are no land records for him in Logan Co.

1920 Clinton, DeWitt Co., IL Soundex (Vol 13, Enum Dist 88, Sheet 6, Line 66), city of Clinton, House 619, E. Macon Street: John Anderson, age 50, KY; Alla Anderson, wife, age 41, MO; Floyd Garmer, stepson, age 17, MO; Orville Garmer, stepson, age 11, MO; Elmer B. Anderson, son, age 3-11/12, CA; George T. Anderson, nephew, age 24, KY.

1920 DeWitt Co. Census, Clintonia Twp, Clinton City, 5 Jan 1920: #619-121/129 John Anderson, head, owns home, mortgaged, age 50, married, KY KY KY, merchant, grocery, employer; Alla, wife, age 41, MO MO MO, sales lady, grocery, wage worker; Floyd Garmer, stepson, age 17, MO MO MO, salesman, grocery, wage worker; Orville Garmer, stepson, age 11, attended school 1919, MO MO MO; Elmer B., son, age 3-11/12, CA KY MO; George T., nephew, age 24, single, KY KY US, pipe fitter and helper, R.R. Shops, wage worker.

1930 DeWitt Co., IL, city of Clinton, Clintonia Twp, Dist. 2, 7 Apr: 619 Macon Street, #162/172 John S. Anderson, age 60, first married age 22, proprietor of grocery store, KY KY KY; Alla C., wife, age 51, first married age 16, MO MO MO; Elmer B., son, age 14, CA KY MO.  (First marriage at age 22 confirms that he married Dorah Suddath in 1891.) Stepsons Orville and Floyd and nephew George were not listed in that district.  John's brother Joseph T. was living near by.

Obituary - Unknown Newspaper/Date:  J. S. Anderson.  John S. Anderson, 91, a former Clinton, IL, carpenter, died at 12:15 this morning at the home of his son, Elmer B. Anderson of 302 Illinois Ave., Peoria Heights, where he had resided for the last six months.  Born April 25, 1869 at Logan City, Ky., he was a son of Mr. and Mrs. George Anderson. He was married to Alla C. Garner, June 29, 1914, at Dinuba, Calif.  Mr. Anderson had been a self-employed carpenter for 35 years, retiring 16 years ago.  He was a member of the Christian Church of Clinton.  Surviving are his wife, four sons, Elmer, Hunter Anderson of Plainwell, Mich., Vernon Anderson of Dowagiac, Mich., and Marion Anderson of Battle Creek, Mich., a brother, Charles Anderson of Murray, Ky., 10 grandchildren, and one great great grandchild.  A daughter, Mrs. Nora Postum, preceded him in death in 1949.  Funeral services will be conducted at 3:30 p.m., Saturday at the Wilton Mortuary.  The Rev. B. E. Junkins, pastor of the Christian Church at Clinton, will officiate and burial will be in Swan Lake Memory Gardens.  Visitation will be from 4 to 9 tomorrow night at the mortuary.

Death Certificate: #30222.  He died in Peoria Heights, Clinton City, 302 Illinois Ave where he resided with his son, Elmer, for six months.  He was a self-employed, retired carpenter with a six month history of myocardial degeneration.  Informant was his son Elmer B. Anderson.  Burial: June 18, 1960, Swan Lake Memory Gardens, Peoria Co., IL

Notes for DORAH SUDDATH:  Noted on the Cary Anderson family group sheets is that Dorah died in childbirth.  The child must have died also because there is no other mention of it.  At the time I took a photo of her tombstone - because it said wife of J. S. Anderson - it never crossed my mind that it was our J. S. Anderson.

Notes for MYRTLE CHAPMAN:  In 1895, Myrtle was attending school and lived with Netter and Islamer Chapman Anderson.

On 31 Dec 1907, Jonathan G. Chapman, principal, and Finley Chapman, surety, paid a $100 bond to the Logan Co. Court for his marriage to Myrtle Anderson.

1910 Logan Co., Dwelling #288:  Johnathan C. Chapman, age 29, KY; Myrtle, wife, age 30, KY; Nannie, daughter, age 1-9/12, KY; Maria, daughter, age 1-9/12, KY; Hunter, stepson, 13, KY; Verner, stepson, 11, KY; Nora, stepdaughter, 9, KY; Morier (Marion), stepson, 7, KY.

1920 Logan Co. Census, Lewisburg, Dist. 4, 8 Jan, pg 3b:  #67/67 J. G. Chapman, age 41, KY TN TN, farming; Myrtle, age 41, KY KY KY (same for rest); Mamie, age 11, daughter; Marie, age 11, daughter; Earl, age 2, son; Lester, age 6/12, son; Marion Anderson, age 18, stepson.

Myrtle isn't listed with Jerry in the 1930 Logan Co. census but he's shown as age 69, married at age 25, living in Lewisburg, Dist. 14, pg 2A, 14 Apr on the Dunmore & Beechland Road.  Burial: Lewisburg Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Notes for ALLA GARNER:  Information about Alla was obtained from Mildred Anderson and Allie Anderson 6 Mar 1974 in Holiday, FL by Cary Anderson.

John Seniton Anderson and Myrtle Chapman had the following children:

i Hunter (Anderson 1897-1985) (my line, more below)
ii Vernon Anderson (1898-1987)
iii Nora Lee Anderson (1899-1949)
iv Marion Andrew Anderson(1902-1976)

On 29 Jun 1914 when John Seniton Anderson was 45, he third married Alla Garner, in Dinuba, Tulare Co., CA. Born abt 1879 in MO. Alla died in FL aft 1974, she was 95.

John Seniton Anderson and Alla Garner had one child:

i Elmer B. Born on 22 Jan 1916 in CA. Elmer B. died in Peoria, Peoria Co., IL on 2 Jan 1999, he was 82.

Generation Six

Hunter Anderson322. Born on 10 Feb 1897 in Logan Co., KY. Hunter died in Holiday, Pasco Co., FL on 30 Nov 1985, he was 88. Buried in Fitzhugh Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.  On 21 Oct 1916 when Hunter was 19, he first married Clara Frances Knight, daughter of Joseph Henry "Joe" Knight & Mary Elizabeth Ann "Molly" Oglesby, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 5 Jun 1896 in Logan Co., KY. Clara Frances died in Montgomery Co., OH on 28 Sep 1957, she was 61.  See the Oglesby and Knight lines.

Notes for HUNTER ANDERSON:  Hunter was about 5 years old when John and Myrtle moved to Dinuba, CA and about 9 years old when they returned to KY.  Hunter was about 5'7" tall and had a full head of salt and pepper hair. He had a thing about horses and had at least one all his life no matter where he lived.  He was a stubborn man - I remember one argument in particular when I was trying to convince him that you could see land from an airplane.  He said all you could see were clouds and no amount of talking ever changed his mind.  At some point he and Clara lived in Los Angeles, CA; Michigan; and finally KY again.  After Clara died, Hunter went back to Michigan and married Mildred Brundage.  They then moved to Holiday, FL, where he died.  He was cremated in FL and his ashes returned to Logan Co. for burial.

He named their farm near Lewisburg "Mocking Bird Hill."  When we were kids, we used to spend a couple weeks every summer there and I remember the house, the shed in back, and the steep hill leading down to the road.  When I was last there, the house is gone and the shed is decayed and caving in.  The hill didn't seem nearly as steep as it did back then.  Burial: Fitzhugh Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Notes for CLARA FRANCES KNIGHT:  Clara was about 5'5" and "grandmotherly" (full bodied).  She was always doing something in the kitchen - cooking, cleaning up, etc.  She was an avid wrestling fan and believed that nothing about it was faked.  She and Hunter were visiting our family when she had a heart attack.  She was returned to Lewisburg, KY for her funeral and burial.

Logan Co. News Democrat, 4 Oct 1957:  Mrs. H. Anderson.  Funeral services for Mrs. Clara Anderson, 63, were conducted by the Rev E. F. Spickard at Oak Forest Church Sept. 30 at 2 p.m., with burial in Fitzhugh cemetery.  She died in Dayton, Ohio, Sept. 28.  She was born in Logan county, the daughter of Joseph and Mary Oglesby Knight, and married Hunter Anderson.  She was a member of the Oak Forest Baptist Church.  In addition to her husband, she is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Rose Covington, Catlin, Ill; three sons, James and Donald Anderson, Dayton, Ohio, and Rayburn Earl Anderson, Monroe, Mich; one sister, Mrs. R. C. Nole, Lewisburg; one brother, Arlow Knight, McKee Ky., and nine grandchildren.  Pallbearers were Charlie and Wendell Lehman, Harold Smith, John Mallory, Brent Hinton and Brodie Eddings.  Burial: Fitzhugh Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Notes for MILDRED "MILLIE" FINCH:  1930 Kalamazoo Co., MI, Dist. 39, Sheet 8B, 4 Apr, Cortland Street, Kalamazoo Twp: #39/39 Roy C. Brundage, age 38 (married at age 28), trimmer at paper mill, MI France US; Mildred J., wife, age 28 (married at 18), MI MI MI (same for rest); Joy B., daughter, age 7; Donna A., daughter, age 4; Inez J., daughter, age 2 years 6 months.

Hunter Anderson and Clara Frances Knight had the following children:

i James Corbette Anderson (1917-1981) my line, more below
ii Jessie Clyde Anderson (1919-1938)
iii Daughter Anderson  Born in 1921 in KY. Daughter died in 1921.
iv Rayburn Earl "Andy" Anderson (1923-1982)
v Roselia Sneed "Rose" Anderson (1927-1990)
vi Donald Edwin Anderson (1932-1987),

Aft 1957 when Hunter was 59, he second married Mildred "Millie" Finch, daughter of Clinton Finch & Cora Smith. Born abt 1897. Mildred "Millie" died in FL abt 1980, she was 83.

Generation Seven

James Corbette Anderson. Born on 18 Oct 1917 in Logan Co., KY. James Corbette died in Greene Co., OH on 4 Apr 1981, he was 63. Buried on 6 Apr 1981 in Valley View Memorial Gardens.  On 21 Aug 1937 when James Corbette was 19, he married Jessie May "Nuts" Insco, daughter of William Sherman Insco & Otie Chapman, in Erlanger, KY. Born on 3 Mar 1921 in Logan Co., KY. Jessie May "Nuts" died in Montgomery Co., OH on 28 Nov 1999, she was 78.  See the Insco and Chapman lines.

Notes for JAMES CORBETTE ANDERSON:  He was the owner/operator of A&B Foundry in Franklin, OH, for a number of years.  About a year after selling that foundry, he established Anderson Foundry in Beavercreek, OH.  He sold that foundry when he retired in 1980.  Burial: April 06, 1981, Valley View Memorial Gardens

Notes for JESSIE MAY "NUTS" INSCO:  She played the piano on occasion and she cut a record singing "Tumbling Tumbleweed."  It was one of those go into a booth and record it yourself type records.  Don't know whatever happened to it.  After they moved to OH, she and Dad would ride back down to Logan Co. on his motorcycle (I never knew he ever had a motorcycle).  She was one of the few women in the US who had her ham radio operators license in the 1970's.  She enjoyed reading, word puzzles, crochet, dancing, poker, and slot machines.  Burial: November 29, 1999, Valley View Memorial Gardens, Greene Co., OH

James Anderson and Jessie Insco had the following children:

i Barbara Jean Anderson (myself)
ii James Donald "Sonny" Anderson
iii Janice Carol Anderson

From here see the Insco and Chapman lines.

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