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After graduating from high school, I started working as a civil servant for the Air Force as a clerk stenographer. I moved around to various offices, got promotions here and there and ended my career in 1995 when I retired as a logistics manager.

I met the man I was destined to marry on a blind date just before he left for two years of Navy Reserve active duty in Virginia. Our romance was mostly by mail and when he returned, we married and have one child – son Craig. We were married two months short of 41 years when he passed away.

I was never really interested in my family history until about 1995. Naturally most of the people who could answer critical questions and make things easier were already gone. My sister-in-law who is very interested in genealogy, and had nearly completed her maternal ancestry charts when she asked me to complete some family group sheets for my side of the family ...  and there the story begins. 

I knew my great grandparents’ names but nothing else abut them. I became obsessed with learning all I could about my family and my late husband’s family to pass on to our son. I have never tired of searching for more and am truly “living in the past lane”.

I have these pictures of my cats to share.

My "Three Little Pigs" (as I like to refer to them) they have the hardest time keeping the food in their bowls !



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