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Descendants of of Nats Father Basse - please note, I have more information on this line than is shown here.  See Bass Endnotes here.

Generation One

Nats Basse (French)

Notes for Nats Basse:  Karen Richardson ([email protected]) posting to, message #898, 24 Sep 1999:

The surname Bass had its source in the French "bas", which means literally "of low stature" and corresponds in origin to the English "Le Bas", Basse "Basse and Bashe" used in England by Norman conquerors.  Some Italian versions are known to be Bassano and Bassi.  The name is found in very ancient records and is traced to the region of King Edward the III. It became common in England, however, after the revocation of the edict of nantes and the mass emigration from France to England and the American colonies.  The family name has been one of prominence in England for several centuries.

Mike Crandall posted the "Bass Families of the South" at  It contains letters from Fred "Beekeeper" Bass of the Nansemond Tribe.  These letters discuss the flaws of the book by Albert Bell.

Humphrey Basse had a son named Nathaniel but there was another Nathaniel in England at the same time.  After searching around on the internet, I've found that the debate over which Nathaniel was Humphrey's son isn't a new one - it has been going on for years.  There are good arguments that Capt. Nathaniel Basse, seaman and adventurer, and Nathaniel Basse, gentleman and girdler, were one and the same person.  There are also good arguments that they were not the same person and that Nathaniel, gentleman, was the son of Humphrey and died "without issue".

Humphrey was a French Huguenot, born about 1564, died 4 Jun 1616 in London, Middlesex, England.  His will was written13 May 1616 and proved 6 Jun 1616.  His wife was Mary Bushier, born about 1570 in England.  Mary's father was Dominic Bushier, born in Italy, died about 1596 in Italy.  Her mother was reportedly Geneveve Clerke, born in Rouen, France, died about 1620 in Bishopston, Wiltshire, England.  She also had a will.  Both of their wills were proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury (registered 65 cope and 80 cope - whatever "cope" means).  He owned shares in the Virginia Company and was a haberdasher and merchant of London.  It should also be noted he died in debt but owned 8 acres of land in VA.

Humphrey's children, from 1859 to 1602, were baptized at the Church of Saint Gabriel, Fenchurch Street, London.  The last entry in the Parish Registry referring to Humphrey Basse is the record of the burial of son Thomas on 21 Feb 1603.  Beginning 30 Jun 1605, the Humphrey Basse family was at Saint Helen's Church, Bishopgate, London with the baptism of "Barnaby, son of Humphrey Bass, Gyrdler & Mary".  Five more of their children were Christened there and Mary is listed as their mother.  The last of these being Sara on 27 Jun 1615.  Humphrey was buried at St. Helen's on 4 Jun 1616, followed by "Marye wife of Humfry Basse, Citizen and Girdler of London, deceased," on 22 Jul 1616.  {Quoted from Linda Clements Bass file.}

It has been debated that Humphrey's son Nathaniel (gentleman) was born about 29 Dec 1589 in London, England and died 3 Jul 1654 (or 1655) in London.  If he married, he didn't have any children according to documents in the Basse manuscripts (Dowd/Silvestry, 1999).  Others say he was born about 1582 and died 1655 (Capt. Nathaniel) and had several children.

All the researchers (and there are many) agree that the Basses in America descend from Capt. Nathaniel Basse regardless of who his parents were. That is also noted in the William Portland document.  There were, however, several other unidentified Basses in Colonial America at the same time.  Since figuring this out on my own would take years of deciphering old English documents and joining the debate, I've started my files with Capt. Nathaniel.

Children of Humphrey Basse and Mary Buschier:

Parish Registers of St. Gabriel, Fenchurch Street, London, 1571-1620


29 Dec 1589, Nathaniel Basse son of Humphrey Bass, haberdasher
30 Oct 1591, Richard, son of Humphrey Bass, french merchant against Mynsyng Layne
7 May 1593, Humfry Basse son of Humfrye Basse, merchante
20 Oct 1594, William Basse son of Humfrye Basse, marchant
25 Jan 1595/6, Mary Basse dau of Humfry Basse, marchant, girdler
3 Jul 1597, Hester Basse dau of Mr. Humfry Basse, marchant
18 Nov 1599, Humfry Basse son of Humfry Bass marchant in the High Street
21 Feb 1601/2, Thomas Basse son of Humfrie Basse, merchant


12 Feb 1594/5, William Basse the sonne of Humphrye Basse, merchant, in the boddye of the Church

11 Jan 1602/3, Thomas Basse son of Humfrye Basse

Parish Register of St. Helen's, Bishopgate, London


30 Jun 1605, Barnaby son of Humphrey Basse, gyrdler & Mary
14 Dec 1606, John sonne of Humfrey Basse, girdler & Mary
15 May 1608, Lidea dau of Humfry Basse, girdler & Mary
14 Jan 1609/10, Abigall dau of Humfry Basse, girdler & Mary
5 May 1613, Luke son of Humfry Basse, girdler & Mary
27 Jun 1615, Sarah dau of Humfry Basse, girdler & Mary


26 Jan 1628/9, Lidea dau of Humfry Basse, girdler & Mary
4 Jun1616, Humfry Basse, Girdler

Child of Nats Father Basse is:

i Capt. Nathaniel Basse, born Abt. 1582 in England; died in VA or England.



Generation Two

Capt. Nathaniel Basse was born Abt. 1582 in England, and died in VA or England.  He married Mary Jordon May 21, 1613 in London, England1.  She was born Abt. 1585 in England, and died January 17, 1629/30 in VA.

Notes for Capt. Nathaniel Basse:  The children listed are as shown in the John Basse Sermon book, AD 1675.

Jim Farmer's file on "" shows that Nathaniel was born 1594 and died 3 Jul 1654 in Middlesex, England.  He married Mary Jourdan.  He (and Mary)  buried at Cripplegate, London, England.

The Nathaniel Basse who died in England 3 Jul 1654 was buried at St. Alpage Church Cemetery, Middlesex, London.  {Linda Clements file on}

Capt. Nathaniel Basse and Mary Jordon's children as listed in the "Bass Families of the South" by Albert Bell:

i Humphrey Basse, 1615-1622 (Nathaniel 33, Mary 30)
ii Samuel Basse, 1615-X (15 Jul 1615)
iii John Basse, 1616-1699
iv William Basse, 1618-X
v Anthony Basse, 1620-X
vi Edward Basse, 1622-1696
vii Mary Basse, 1623-X (14 Jun 1623)
viii Genevieve Basse, 1624-X
ix Anne Basse, 1624-X
x Richard Basse, 1625-X (some show 27 Aug 1625)
xi Gregory Basse, 1628-X (some show 11 Dec 1628 - twin)
xii George Basse, 1628-X (some show 11 Dec 1628 - twin)
xiii Stillborn Son, 1630-1630 (Nathaniel 48, Mary 45) (at least one researcher says that the stillborn child was George.

Richard, Gregory and George were listed in tax records in VA at the same time as Nathaniel but they are not listed as sons in the John Basse Sermon Book.

The date of Nathaniel's death is most often reported as 3 Jul 1655.  The Basse manuscripts specifically state that he died 3 Jul 1654, not 1655 as usually shown.  Most records show that if he died 1654 in England, he is not the  Nathaniel who lived in VA.

On page 19 of the Dowd/Silvestri manuscript, he is referred to as Lt. Basse.  He is also referred to as Lt. Basse in the paragraphs about the 1622 massacre but there is reference to Capt. Basse in 1620 documents. Are they really one and the same person?  If Capt. Nathaniel Basse was an important person, he would not have been demoted.

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Vol. III, Colonial Councillors of State:  With Sir Richard Worseley, John Hobson, gentleman, and others, associates of Capt. Christopher Lawne, deceased, presented a petition on 28 Jun 1620 to the Virginia Company and received a confirmation of an old patent and plantation, and that said plantation should be henceforth called the Isle of Wight's plantation.  The tract was situated in the present Isle of Wight county, which took its name from the plantation, as did Lawne's creek, from the first settler there.  Sir Richard Worseley, and probably the other men interested in the enterprise, also lived in the Isle of Wight, England.  On 30 Jan 1621/22, Capt. Nathaniel Basse and his associates received a patent on condition that they would transport 100 persons to Virginia.  Basse was a member of the house of burgesses for Worresquelacke from 1623/24 to 1629 and was a councillor in Feb 1631/32, at which time he was authorized to go to New England and offer the inhabitants a place of settlement on Delaware Bay.  The name of his plantation was "Basse's Choice."

Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Vol. IV, Burgesses and Other Prominent Persons:  Captain Christopher Lawne arrived in VA 17 Apr 1609 with 100 settlers sent out by a private company in which Richard Wiseman, Nathaniel Basse and others were joined with him as associates.  He settled on or near what is still known as Lawne's Creek, dividing Isle of Wight and Surry counties.  Capt. Lawne represented his plantation in the first assembly 30 Jul 1619.  He died before 4 Nov 1620.  This was the first plantation in Isle of Wight Co., VA.  {According to the quote in Vol. III, he was already dead by 28 Jun 1620.}

From Ancestry World Tree, Bass/Basse, Thomas Futch, Jr. ([email protected]):  Bass Families of the South - by Albert Bell - manuscript Religious Book, cover "Booke of John Basse, Norfolk Virg, 1675."  Nathaniel Basse & Mary Jourdan Basse.  It contains marriage and birth dates of children. Nathaniel also left a will.  He was commissioned to bring settlers to the New World and given property (400 acres; 100 under water) in what is now Isle of Wight Co., VA.  He represented his area t government meetings.

From  Charles Clayton married Martha Elizabeth Bass.  She was the 8th great granddaughter of Robin the Elder, Chief of the Nansemond Nation.  Her grandfather was Capt. Nathaniel Basse who landed at Isle of Wight Co., VA, in 1607 with Capt. John Smith.  Nathaniel's son John would marry Elizabeth Keziah Tucker, daughter of Robin the Elder.

I the Linda Clement file on, she cited New World Immigrants, Volume 1, pages 1 & 2, by Tepper, 1980 as quoted in an e-mail from Winette at [email protected] 20 Aug 2002 and posted on the Bass list: Nathaniel Basse, age 35, arrived on Basses Choyse in Virginia aboard the ship "Furtherance" in the year 1622.  William Barnard, age 21, was also on board."  I've also seen ship names Marigolde and Bona Nova associated with Nathaniel Bass and other records that show his arrival in VA much earlier.

Children of Nathaniel Basse and Mary Jordon are:

i Humphery Basse, born July 15, 1615; died March 22, 1621/22 in Isle of Wight Co., VA.
Notes for Humphery Basse: He was killed in a massacre in Isle Wight Co., VA by Nansemond and other Indians.  The Indians wiped out almost one third of that county's population on that day.  When he died, Isle of Wight Co. was Warrosquyoake Co., renamed in 1637 to Isle of Wight.
ii John Basse I, born September 07, 1616 in London, England; died April 02, 1699 in Norfolk Co., VA.
iii William Basse, born October 25, 1618; died in Norfolk Co., VA.
iv Anthony Basse, born March 13, 1619/20.
v Edward Basse, born May 08, 1622 in VA; died September 1696 in Chowan Co., NC.  My line more below.
vi Geneveve Basse, born October 09, 1624.
Notes for Geneveve Basse:  She and Ann were twins - Ann was born about 10 minutes before Geneveve.
vii Ann Basse, born October 09, 1624.  She married Thomas Burwell, Jr. June 11, 1640 in Virginia1.  Notes for Ann Basse:  Her marriage to Thomas Burwell was recorded in the John Bass Sermon book and in the Dowd/Silvestri manuscript, page 17.



Generation Three

Edward Basse was born May 08, 1622 in VA, and died September 1696 in Chowan Co., NC.  He married Mary Tucker3 Abt. 1644.  She died Bef. April 21, 1713.  See the Tucker Line.

Notes for Edward Basse:  According to the Dowd/Silvestri manuscripts, our Bass line descends from Edward instead of William and Catherine Laneir Bass as shown by researchers prior to these manuscripts.  The William and Catherine line apparently came from the Albert Bell book and others.

Edward and Mary went to live with the Chowan Indians after their marriage to pursue a trade, but not in 1644 (John Basse Sermon Book).  The Dowd/Silvestri manuscript about Edward and Mary cites the Albemarle Book Land Warrants and Surveys 1681-1706 (page 4).  Lewis Williams received land 10 Jan 1696 for transporting people (to Albemarle?).  Among the 25 he transported were Edward, Mary, Elizabeth, John and Mary Base (Basse). Where was their daughter Ann?  Their son John was married by then, so where was his family?  Why would Edward wait until he was 74 to go to Albermarle Co., Chowan Precinct, to pursue a trade?  If they didn't go until 1696, John couldn't have been born there.

Page 5 of the Dowd/Silvestri manuscript lists the children of Edward and Mary and notes there could have been others not accounted for.  If there were others they would have been listed in his will unless they had already died?

Albemarle Co., NC was formed in 1664 and disolved in 1739.  Counties formed from what was Albermarle were Berkely (1670 - name changed to Perquimans Co. in 1681), Currituck (1670), Pasquotank (1670) and Shaftesbury (1670 - name changed to Chowan, 1685).

Notes for Mary Tucker:  Mary was a native Indian but her tribe is unknown.  Some say she was a Chowan Indian.  The William Portland 17 May 1797 document shows that she was a daughter of Great Peter, King of the Nansemonds.

Curtis Bass message #2346 posted to the genform:

William Portlock document, Norfolk Co., VA

This doth certify that William Bass, son of John Bass and grandson of William Bass, is of English and Indian descent and is not a Negroe nor yt a Mulattoe as by some falsely and malitiously stated.  His late Mother Sarah Ann Bass, was a vertuous woman of Indian descent, a daughter of Symon Lovina and Joan Tucker lawfully begotten.  Sd. Joan Tucker was a sister of Robin Tucker a Christian Indian of ye Nansemund nation.  The sd. William Bass the elder was a son of Mary Bass and William Bass Senr. Mary was a daughter of Great Peter, King of ye Nansemunds.  These are of common knowledge.  All of the Basses of this County descend from Capt. Nathaniell Basse, as satisfactorally proved by the records preserved.

     May ye 17, 1797

     Test. Wm. Portlock, Junr.

E-mail from Fred "Beekeeper" Bright of the Nansemond Tribe, 11 Nov 02 explained that the Portlock document had been misinterpreted and actually says "...son of John Bass and ____ grandson of William Bass....His late Mother Sarah Ann Bass (meaning John Bass' mother and William Bass' wife) was a virtuous woman of Indian descent."  He went on to explain that these type letters were written to separate native Indians from free and/or slave blacks because of the harsh laws in VA to prevent the spread of the negro population.  William Portlock was a prominent politician of the time and was a close friend of the Bass'.  Without these letters, the Indian's would have been arrested if they were caught doing something forbidden to negroes - such as carrying guns.

Children of Edward Basse and Mary Tucker are:

i Ann Basse, born Bet. 1644 - 1650.  She married Thomas Johnson.   Notes for Ann Basse: Page 4 of the Dowd/Silvestri "Descendants of Edward Basse and Mary Tucker" did not list Anne as one of the people transported 10 Jan 1696 (to where?) by Lewis Williams.  She is mentioned in his will as one of three daughters (yearling heifers).  He wrote the will in in Aug1696 - she wasn't married yet - none of the daughters were or they would have been referred to by their married names.  If they were born between 1644 and 1650, were the daughters in their 50s when they first married?  That is very doubtful.
ii Elizabeth Basse, born Bet. 1644 - 1650.  She married James Rutland.
iii Mary Basse, born Bet. 1644 - 1650.
iv John Basse II, born Abt. 1650 in NC; died Bef. 1728 in Chowan Co., NC.  My line, more below.



Generation Four

John Basse II was born Abt. 1650 in NC, and died Bef. 1728 in Chowan Co., NC.  He married (1) Unknown.   He married (2) Mary XXXX

Notes for John Basse II:  He was born either in VA or NC and died either in Chowan Pct. of Albemarle Co. or Chowan Co., NC.

In Jan1696, his father was transported by Lewis Williams to somewhere (Albermerle Co.?).  John and two of his three sisters and his mother were listed as being transported to wherever as well.  John was married by then - did he leave his wife and children behind?  Where was his sister Ann?

He couldn't have been born in Chowan Pct, NC if they didn't go there (Albemarle Co. - formed 1664) until 1696.  The Dowd/Silvestri manuscript lists several land transactions by John, including one in 1714 to Thomas and Ann (Basse) Johnson.

Children of John Basse and unknown are:

i John Basse III, born Abt. 1674 in Chowan Pct., Albemarle Co.,  NC; died Bet. January 18 - February, 1731/32 in Bertie Co., NC.  My line, more below.
ii Edward Basse, born Abt. 1675 in Chowan Pct., Albemarle Co.,  NC; died May 13, 1750 in Northampton Co., NC.


Generation Five

John Basse III was born Abt. 1674 in Chowan Pct., Albemarle Co.,  NC, and died Bet. January 18 - February, 1731/32 in Bertie Co., NC.  He married (1) Love Harris January 08, 1694/95 in Perquimans Co., NC.  She was born Bet. 1673 - 1676 in Nansemond Co., VA, and died Bef. 1714.  He married (2) Mary XXXX Bef. 1714.  She died Aft. November 1748.

Notes for John Basse III:  Some records show he was born 4 Dec 1673 in Norfolk, VA.

The Linda Clements file on shows they were marred 8 Jan 1693 in Nansemond Parish, Nansemond Co., VA - a later record gives the date 8 Jan 1696.  The marriage was performed by Magr. Samuel Swann, Esq.,  (a later record shows Maj. Samuel Sawnn) who later moved to Perquimans Co., NC where he served as  Judge of the General Court.  The 8 Jan 1695 marriage in Perquimans Co., NC is from the Dowd/Silvestry manuscripts. Linda also shows that Edward, born abt. 1698 in Bertie Pct., NC, and Moses Bass, born abt. 1700 in Bertie Co., NC, were the children of John and Love.  She shows the remainder of the children for John and 2nd wife, Mary Staples (but she doesn't show a daughter named Elizabeth and shows Ann Keziah as Keziah).  Her file also shows that Love Harris was born in Nansemond Co., VA.  In a later file, Linda shows all the children with Love Harris and has deleted the last name for Mary.

Per John C. "Big John" Bass, Sr. in an e-mail posting to Bass List:

Intermarriage between Indians and whites were forbidden under Virginia law in the early 1690's.  There was some migration across the line into North Carolina because of this law.  John Basse may well have been one of the Virginians to have done so.  The certificates indicate that John was certainly considered an Indian.  John Basse's marriage to Love Harris in 1696 was probably the first time one of our Basse ancestors was married outside the Church of England (the present Episcopal Church in this country) since the time of William the Conqueror in AD 1066.  John and Love were married by Magistrate Samuel Sawnn, Esq.  Probably the same Samuel Swann that Swansborro was named (after).

NC Wills, 1662-1749, Vol II, page 48 - Bertie Co., NC Will of John Bass 18 Jan 1732/Feb Ct. 1732

Sons: Edward (my manner plantation) where I now live on except liberty of sd plantation for my loving wife Mary for her lifetime for bringing up my small children, Moses (all land on N. side of Baire Swamp which adj. my brother Edward Bass' line), John, William (my land at ye Beaver dam), Aron (plantation on S. side of Baire Swamp), Grandson Aaron Johnston (100 acres of land).  Daughters: Jeudath (Judith) Canady (100 acres of land), Sarah Anderson (100 acres of land), Lovey Bass (100 acres of land), Mary (100 acres), Paceunce (Patience) Bass (plantation on S. side of Baire Swamp), Wife Mary.  Friend Daniel Wharton 50A on N. side of Quarter Swamp.  Exrs: sons John & Edward Bass.  Wit: Thomas Bryant, James Guie, Edward Bass.

Notes for Love Harris:  The Linda Clements file on shows Love was born in Perquimans Co., NC.  Berkely Co. was formed in 1670 (from Albemarle) and was renamed as Perquimans in 1681.

Notes for Mary XXXX:  After John died, she married a Staples.  Page 24 Dowd/Silvestri shows on 21 Nov 1748 Mary Bass Staples of Northampton sold land to John Bass (son?).

The Linda Clements file on shows that John Bass married Mary Staples after Love Harris.

Children of John Basse and Love Harris are:

i Edward Basse II, born Abt. 1696 in Chowan Co., NC; died Bet. 1742 - 1758.  He married Love XXXX Bef. 1715.  Notes for Edward Basse II:  Pg 15 Dowd/Silvestri - 30 Jan 1720/21 Edward was in Chowan Pct and in the next transaction he was in Norfolk Co.  They noted that "perhaps he returned to Norfolk Co. for a time."  On 28 Mar 1726 there was a land deal in Chowan Co. and he was "of Bertie Pct."  On 2 Oct 1742 he was in Northampton Co.  On 17 May 1758 he was still in Northampton Co. with land beside his brother John.   The file also shows he was born in Bertie Co. but it was formed in 1722 from Chowan Co. so he and his siblings were probably born in Chowan Co.
ii Moses Basse, born Abt. 1697 in Chowan Co., NC.  He married Elizabeth XXXX.  Notes for Moses Basse:  According to Anne Williams, he had four children (one was Jeremiah - names of the other three were not listed).
iii William Basse, born Bet. 1700 - 1703 in Chowan Co., NC; died August 23, 1761 in St. James Santee, SC.  Notes for William Basse:  Pg 17 Dowd/Silvestri - 30 Dec 1742 - William of Northampton Co. sold land to his brother John and on 30 Aug 1757, William was of Granville Co. Northampton Co. was formed in 1746 from Edgecomb Co. which was formed in 1741 from Bertie Co.  Granville Co. was also formed in 1746 from Edgecomb Co.  So, it appears at the time of the land transaction they were both actually of Edgecomb Co.
iv Aaron Basse, born Abt. 1701 in Chowan Co., NC; died Aft. 1769.  Notes for Aaron Basse:  Pg 17 Dowd/Silvestri - 1769 Dobbs Co., NC tax list.
v Judith Basse, born Abt. 1702 in Chowan Co., NC.  She married William Cannaday Bef. April 07, 1744.  Notes for Judith Basse:  Pg 18 Dowd Silvestri, 7 Apr 1744 Judith was in Edgecomb Co., NC and in 1779 Judith and William were in Guilford Co., NC.
vi Sarah Basse, born Abt. 1704 in Chowan Co., NC; died Bef. 1783.
vii John Basse IV, born Bet. 1704 - 1705 in Chowan Co., NC; died Abt. September 1777 in Northampton Co., NC.  My line, more below.
viii Lovewell "Lovey" Basse, born Abt. 1707 in Chowan Co., NC.  She married George T. Anderson Abt. 1751; died Abt. 1770 in Granville Co., NC. Notes for Lovewell "Lovey" Basse: It appears that she never married George Anderson based on his will.  Pg. 21 of the Dowd/Silvestri shows that on 3 Aug 1768, Nathan, base born son of Lovey Bass, was bound to George Anderson,  On 18 Jul 1770, Dicey, aged about 4 years, base born child of Lovey Bass, was bound to Mary, wife of George Anderson.   Northampton Co., NC DB 3, Page 121:  7 May 1761, Lovewell Bass and her heirs of Northampton Co. sold Jethro Bass (son of John and Elizabeth Bass) 100 acres on the north side of Uraha Swamp.  It was signed by Lovewell Bass (X), Lucy Jones (X), Thomas Cagly (X) and witnessed by John Barnes Murdaugh and Charles Counsell - August court, 1761.  {This was land inherited from her father.}
Notes for George T. Anderson:  Will proved May 1770, named Nathan Bass, Lid Anderson (dau of Lishe Anderson), Lovey Bass, William Petteford (son of Lorrane Petteford), George Petteford, Margaret Bass, his wife Mary (1 shilling), their three children Jerry (Jeremiah?), Kate Harris and Betty Smith (1 shilling each).
xi Mary Basse, born Abt. 1709 in Chowan Co., NC.
x Ann Keziah Basse, born Abt. 1710 in Chowan Co., NC.
xi Elizabeth Basse, born Abt. 1711 in Chowan Co., NC.   Notes for Elizabeth Basse:  Is she the Elizabeth who married Edward Taylor and they had a son John?
xii Patience Basse, born Abt. 1712 in Chowan Co., NC.


Generation Six

John Basse IV was born Bet. 1704 - 1705 in Chowan Co., NC, and died Abt. September 1777 in Northampton Co., NC.  He married (1) Kitty Jordan Bef. 1724.  She was born Abt. 1697.  He married (2) Elizabeth Winborn Abt. 1745 in Franklin Co., NC.  See the Jordan line.

Notes for John Basse IV:  Page 26 of the Dowd/Silvestri document shows will of John Bass written 14 Jun 1777, proved Sep 1777.

Sons: Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Jethro, Drury, John
Daughters: Alse Earp, Undin Council, Elizabeth Brittle

Grandchildren: John Bass (s/o Isaac), Job Bass, Council Bass (s/o Jethro - is Job also a son of Jethro?), Uriah Bass (s/o Drury), Jesse Brittle (s/o John Brittle), Winnifred Brittle, John Brittle, Margaret Brittle, Drury Brittle (c/o John and Elizabeth - Brittle or Bittle).

There are various land transactions in the Dowd/Silvestri document for Northampton Co. and one in 1738 in Bertie Co. where he sold land to George Anderson.

Linda Clements file on lists the children of John and Kitty as:

i child Bass, abt. 1726
ii child Bass, abt. 1728
iii Jacob Bass, bet. 1724-1735 in Bertie Co., NC and with John and Elizabeth (married about 1728)
iv Isaac Bass, abt. 1736 in Northampton, Nash Co., NC (Nash Co. wasn't formed until 1777 - he was probably born in Bertie Co. with Northampton Co. formed from Bertie in 1741).
v Abraham Bass, abt. 1738
vi Job Bass, abt. 1740 (Job is listed as a grandson in the will)
vii Jethro Bass, abt. 1742 in Northampton Co., VA
viii Drury Bass, abt. 1744
ix Alse Bass, abt. 1746
x Euridice Bass, abt. 1748
xi Elizabeth Bass, abt. 1752

Children of John Basse and Kitty Jordan are:

i John Bass
ii Jacob Bass, born Abt. 1724 in Bertie Co.,  NC; died 1792 in Franklin Co., NC.  My line, more below.
iii Isaac Bass, born Abt. 1736.
iv Abraham Bass, born Abt. 1738.
v Job Bass, born Abt. 1740.
vi Jethro Bass, born Abt. 1742.
vii Drury Bass, born Abt. 1744.
viii Alse Bass, born Abt. 1746.  She married XX Earp.
ix Eurode Bass, born Abt. 1748.  She married XX Counsel.
x Elizabeth Bass, born Abt. 1752.  She married John Bittle.  Notes for Elizabeth Bass:  She may have married Edward Taylor before marrying John Bittle.


Generation Seven

Jacob Bass was born Abt. 1724 in Bertie Co.,  NC, and died 1792 in Franklin Co., NC.  He married (1) Anne Fuller.  She was born Abt. 1733, and died Aft. 1775.  He married (2) Prudence Jones Abt. 1786 in Franklin Co., NC.

Controversy on Jacob Bass – born about 1724 in Bertie Co., NC and died about 1792 in Franklin Co., NC.

As in the Samuel Dukes controversy, there are several versions of who Jacob’s wives, parents and grandparents were. There is only speculation by different researchers. The Nansemond Tribe has a 2-volume document by Dowd/Silvestri they believe to be true but again, suggested reading is the, and Genforum message boards and world family trees regarding the Bass/Basse family.

Notes for Jacob Bass:  Jacob Bass is said to have married three times: 1) Tabitha Bass (bef 1752), 2) Ann Fuller and 3) Mrs. Prudence Jones Persons.  Birthdates for the children and marriage dates are unknown so it's  impossible to assign certain children to certain mothers.  Most believe that Winnie was the daughter of Ann Fuller Bass.  He supposedly married Prudence around 1756 so the children after that date would go with her.  BUT, a Bute Co. deed in 1775 shows his wife's name as Ann (see 10 May 1775 below).  If he married Prudence, it was after 1775 and she wouldn't have been the mother of any of the children.  According to the Judy Bean Tyree and Waller file on World Tree, Jacob married Prudence 1786 in Franklin Co., NC.

"Muhlenberg County, Kentucky," Turner Publishing, Paducah, KY, 1996, page 122, colume 3, center, says he lived in Franklin Co., NC.

Bute County, NC Court Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1767-79:  August 13, 1772.  A deed from James Rainwater to Jacob Bass proved by the oath of Matthew Thomas a Witness thereto and on Motion the same as Ordered to be Registered.  {Winnette, [email protected], e-mail to Bass List 27 Jun 2002.}

The children listed were a combination of all the files I found.

Halifax Dist., Franklin Co., NC 1790 census: Jacob, Sr with 3 males over 16, 1 male under 16, 3 females and 10 slaves (page 58).  Next line is Jacob, Jr. with 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 4 females and 3 slaves. Theophilus and Reddick are on the same page.

Bute Co. NC Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1767-1779:

14 Feb 1770 - William Park for and in behalf of himself and company acknowledged a deed of bargain and sale to Jacob Bass and on motion the said is ordered to be registered.

13 Feb 1771 - Matthew Thomas Esq. returned into court a bond taken by him from Francis Wells and Jacob Bass for building a bridge and keeping the same in repair over Sandy Creek, and the same is ordered to be recorded.

13 Feb 1771 - Ordered that the collector pay to Francis Wells and Jacob Bass the sum of thirteen pounds ten shillings proc. for building a bridge over Sandy Creek.

13 Aug 1772 - A deed from James Rainwater to Jacob Bass proved by the oath of Matthew Thomas a witness thereto and on motion the same is ordered to be registered.236

8 Nov 1774 - A deed from Jacob Bass to the Baptist Society at Sandy Creek was proved by the Oath of David Walker a witness thereto and on motion the same is ordered to be registered.

10 May 1775 - Jacob Bass and Ann his wife (she being first privately examined and thereto consenting) acknowledged a deed to Presly Nelms at whose motion the same is ordered to be registered.

The Judy Bean Tyree/Waller file shows an e-mail from "[email protected] dated 16 Feb 1999 which states:

Sale of negroes of Jacob Bass, dec'd, January 2, 1793: Solomon Bass bought boy Lynaker, Orran Bass bought Cesar, Jacob Bass bought woman Beck & child, Garret Goodloe bought girl Patt, Alexander Bass bought Great Rose, Samuel Dukes bought girl Little Rose, Jordan Bass bought boy Adam, Warren Bass bought girl Lucy and girl Clary, Reddick Bass bought one girl Chery and Jiles.  Bradley, Franklin Co., NC Will Book A, 1785-1797, page 24 (original book was Will Book A, page 117).

Her file also shows a marriage contract between Jacob Bass and Prudence his wife was acknowledged (Bradley, Franklin Co., NC, Court Minutes, Vol. 1, 1785-1789, page 39; September Court, 1786, held on the first Monday.)

Children of Jacob Bass and Anne Fuller are:

i Ezekiel Bass.
ii Samuel Dukes Bass.
iii Estelle Bass.
iv Winifred Bass, born Bet. 1747 - 1755 in Granville Co., NC; died Bet. 1839 - 1845 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.  My line, more below.
v Alexander Bass, born Abt. 1750; died Aft. 1790.  Notes for Alexander Bass: 1790 Fayette Dist., Richmond Co., NC as 1 male over 16, 1 male under 16, 2 females.
vi Theophilus Bass, born Abt. 1753; died February 24, 1826.
vii Reddick Bass, born Abt. 1755; died Abt. 1829 in GA.
viii Solomon Bass, born Abt. 1759; died Abt. 1807 in Wilson Co., TN.
ix Ferabe Bass, born Abt. 1761.  She married Josiah Wells October 31, 1789.
x Jacob Bass, Jr., born Bet. 1763 - 1765; died Abt. 1810.
xi Warren Bass, born Bet. 1765 - 1767; died Abt. 1806 in Franklin Co., NC.
xii Sarah Bass, born Abt. 1770; died Abt. 1795.  She married Benjamin Cook.
xiii Jordan Bass, born Bet. 1772 - 1774 in NC; died Aft. 1861 in Christian Co., KY.

Generation Eight

Winifred Bass was born Bet. 1747 - 1755 in Granville Co., NC, and died Bet. 1839 - 1845 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.  She married Samuel Dukes, Jr. Bef. 1769, son of Samuel Dukes and Sarah Green.  He was born Bet. 1745 - 1754 in Sandy Creek, Granville (Warren Co.), NC, and died Bef. May 25, 1821 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.  See the Dukes and Green lines.

Notes for Winifred Bass:  Some records show her born in either Franklin or Warren Co.  Franklin Co. and Warren Co. were formed in 1779 from Bute Co.  Bute was formed in 1764 from Granville Co.

Winifred (and Samuel) went to KY after the revolution, while her brothers and ancestors went to Watertown, (Wilson Co.?) TN - probably due to some land grants/pension grants after the war.

From the Franklin County, NC probate papers of Jacob Bass (1794):

March the 21 Day 1795 then received of Mr. Theophilus Bass Adms, the full part of my wife Fathers Estate and this shall be your Receipt.

Samuel Dukes, X his mark
Witness: Warren Bass

Samuel and Winifred raised two of his sister's (Sarah Dukes) children that she had out of wedlock and were awarded to Samuel in a Bute Co., NC court of law on 9 Feb 1779.  One of the children was Elizabeth Dukes, born about 1774 and the other was William, born about 1776.  On 8 Feb 1809, Elizabeth married Solomon Groves and they had five children before Solomon died on 14 Feb 1820.  Elizabeth died before 1840:

Bute Co., NC Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1767-1779:

9 Feb 1779 - Ordered that Elizabeth Duke and William Duke base born children born of the body of Sally Duke be bound to Samuel Duke until they attain to lawful age, the said Elizabeth being now five years old and the said William three years old & to learn them to read & write, and the boy planters business and the girl housewifery.  153

From the "History and Genealogy of Old Granville, NC," Winnie may have had a "base born" child named Jacob who was bound to one of the Andersons in 1768 until he reached the age of 21.  (If Winnie was born ca 1755, she would only have been 13 in 1768.)

In 1837 Winnie was said to be about 90 years old (Muhlenberg Co., KY, pg 120, center).  That would put her birth year about 1747 instead of 1755. In the 1830 census, Winny is listed as head of the household and is shown as 70-80 (born 1740-1750).

Children of Winifred Bass and Samuel Dukes are:

i Benjamin Dukes, born 1769 in NC; died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.
ii Elizabeth Dukes, born Abt. 1774; died Bef. 1840; Adopted child.  She married Solomon Groves February 09, 1809; died February 14, 1820.  Notes for Elizabeth Dukes:  She was the illegitimate daughter of Samuel's sister Sarah and was awarded to Samuel 8 Feb 1779 in a Bute Co., NC court.
iii Sampson Dukes, born Bet. 1775 - 1776 in NC; died Bef. July 1837 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.  My line, see the Dukes line from here.
iv William Dukes, born Abt. 1777; died Abt. 1821; Adopted child.  Notes for William Dukes:  He may not have come to KY with Samuel and Wennifred since he was already old enough to be on his own.  He may have remained in NC or TN.  He was the illegitimate son of Samuel's sister Sarah and was awarded to Samuel in a Bute Co., NC court 8 Feb 1779.
v Green Dukes, born Abt. 1780 in NC; died Abt. 1840 in Sagamon Co., IL.  He married Elizabeth Shutt June 01, 1812 in Muhlenberg Co., KY.  Notes for Green Dukes: This couple went to Sangamon Co., IL with Elizabeth's parents about 1829.  Green died near Auburn, IL in 1840 and Elizabeth returned to Muhlenberg Co. after his death.  They had a daughter Christina and a son Henry who stayed in IL.  Christina married Peter Gates.
vi Jacob Dukes, born Abt. 1782 in NC; died Bet. 1860 - 1870.
vii Patience Mahala Dukes, born 1785 in NC.  She married XX Williams.
viii John Dukes, born Abt. 1794; died Aft. 1830.
Notes for John Dukes: 1830 Muhlenberg Co. census:  John Dukes, 2 males 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 30-40; 1 female 0-5, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30.  An e-mail on the [email protected] posting by Kim ([email protected]) shows that John was born about 1769 and married Sena Elkins 4 Dec 1816 in Muhlenberg Co.  If true, he didn't marry until he was 47.  The 1830 Muhlenberg Co. census shows that he was younger (born between 1790-1800).
ix Young Dukes, born 1798 in Franklin Co., NC; died Bef. 1870 in New Madrid Co., MO.

 From here see the Dukes line.

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