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Descendants of Jackson W. Buck - See Buck Endnotes here.

Generation One

Jackson W. Buck1,2,3 was born Abt. 1827 in TN, and died May 15, 1862 in Mt. Vernon, IN4.  He married Elizabeth E. Pearson5 July 23, 1845 in Sumner Co., TN, daughter of Bartholomew Pearson and Margaret Hampton.  She was born August 13, 1820 in VA, and died December 18, 1902 in Muhlenberg Co., KY.  See the Pearson line.

Notes for Jackson W. Buck:  Found on the LDS familysearch.org:  Jackson W. Buck married Elizabeth Parson/Pierson 23 Jul 1845 in Sumner Co., TN.  See also: http://www.skaggseyecare.com/genealogy.  He went to Butler Co. between 1845-1850.

1850 Butler Co. Census:  #255 Jackson Buck, age 23 (born about 1827), farmer, TN; Elizabeth E., age 23, VA; James, age 4 (abt 1846); Sarah A., age 1.

He was on the Butler Co. tax lists 1853-1858 and finally had 100 acres on the Big Muddy in 1859.

1860 Butler Co. Census, page 139, Sugar Grove, 14 Aug: #1015/938 Jackson W. Buck, age 34, farmer, personal $350, NC; Elizabeth, age 35, sewing, can't read/write, VA; James B., age 13, attended school, TN; Sarah A. P. P., age 12, attended school, KY; Matilda S., age 10, KY; Dorothy E., age 8, KY; George W., age 4, KY; Elvira A. J., age 1, KY.  (Note: These are the only Buck's in the 1860 census for Butler Co.)

By 1862, Jackson no longer had any acreage to claim for taxes.  From 1863-1867, Elizabeth is the one on the tax lists.

Dated 18 Aug 1864, Elizabeth Buck filed application #61312, certificate #52728 for Jackson's Civil War pension.  He is shown as being in the 11th KY Infantry.

Jackson enrolled in the Union Army for three years on 14 Oct 1861 in Butler County.  He was mustered into Capt. Willis' Company, 11th Regimental KY Volunteers on 9 Dec 1861 at Calhoun in McLean Co., KY as a Corporal.  {Capt. Willis' Company later became Co. F, 11th Regimental KY Infantry.}  He was shown as age 36.  On the 31 Dec 1861 Muster Roll, Jackson was listed as present and he received $13 as first ____ for the State of Kentucky.  On Jan and Feb 1862 Muster Roll - Pvt. Buck was listed as present (he was a Corporal).  On the Mar-Apr 1862 Muster Roll, his presence was "not stated."  On the May-June Muster Roll, he was shown as "absent" and that he was at Gen. Hospital (no location given).  The Muster Roll for Jul-Aug 1862 shows him absent and notated in the remarks is "Sent to hospital, not known where.  Died 15 May 1862*."  Then at the bottom: "*on roll in red ink."  On 18 Aug 1862, a Special Muster Roll showed him "In Hospital, G.O. 92, A.G.O., 1862."  He was still shown belonging to Company F.

The Battle of Shiloh was fought 6-7 Apr 1862 in Gallatin, Sumner Co., TN at the Shiloh Church Meeting House.  It was one of the earliest and most bloody battles, claiming over 10,000 lives.  Additionally, over 100,000 died of disease.

On the 14 Dec 1864 Company Muster-out Roll in Bowling Green, KY, "Cpl., Company F, age 36.  Remarks: Died May 30* (30 is crossed out)/1862. Precise date: not known.  Register of deaths lost or captured by the enemy."  The * at bottom says "is shown on roll".

Casualty Sheet. "Rank: Cpl., Co: F, Regt: 11th, Arm: Inf, State: KY, Nature of Casualty: Death, Cause: (blank), Degree of Disability: (blank), Certified by: David Poole, Capt. Cmdg Co., Date of Discharge: May 1862, Place of Discharge: not stated, By Who Discharged: (blank), Source of Info: Muster-out roll of Co. dated 14 Dec 1864."

The 8th KY Infantry sent sick soldiers to Camp Morton in Indiana.  That may be where Jackson was sent.

Notes for Elizabeth E. Pearson:  Alternate spelling: Pierson.

In July 1864, Elizabeth applied for a widow's pension.  Her statement said that Jackson had died at a hospital in Mt. Vernon, IN of chronic diarrhea as a result of the shock of the Battle of Shiloh.  She said she married Jackson on the 16th day of Jul 1846 at her father's residence, Bartholomew Pearson, in Sumner Co., TN by Justice of the Peace Joseph Smith.  She listed their children by name and birth date.  A statement provided by one Carter Pearson (relationship not mentioned) as to her marriage and was on file.  Butler Co. residents N. M. Peay and Jesse Lee provided statements that they were personally acquainted with Elizabeth and knew that she was married to Jackson W. Buck.  In Dec 1864, she received her pension certificate for $8 per month.  In Nov 1869, she applied for an increase and again gave the names and birth dates of her children (the dates for some were different this time).  Carter Pearson and Newton Hill, both residents of Butler Co., gave statements supporting her testimony.  In May 1870, she testified that "discrepancies in the names and birth dates of her children" were the fault of her previous lawyers (the Government must have challenged her on that).  Apparently the Government told her to return the original certificate which she did, thinking she would get the increase in allotment.  The last piece of correspondence in the file was dated 10 Sep 1870 and was a plea to have her pension reinstated.  She was living in poverty and relying on her neighbors for her needs.  There is no record that her pension was reinstated. 

1870 Butler Co. Census: #16/16 Elizabeth Buck, age 41, VA; Emaline, age 18, KY; George, age 14, KY; Elvira, age 10, KY; Willis, age 7, KY.  There is also a George Buck, age 22, Logan Co. (Shocco Dist.), born in TN.  He may be a nephew or cousin of Jackson.

I haven't found Elizabeth in any census for 1880 - under her name or any of her children and/or their spouses.

More About Elizabeth E. Pearson:  Burial: East Union Cemetery, Muhlenberg Co., KY

1900 Butler Co. Census, Mag. Dis. 23, 26 Jun 1900, pg 134A: #308/310 James Smith, head, Sep 1836, age 63, married 27 years, farmer, TN VA VA; ?? (Dortha?), Jul 1852, age 47, 5 children/5 living, KY VA TN; James Jr., son, Sep 1887, age 12, farm labor, KY TN KY; Emma (?), daughter, ??, age 8, KY TN KY; ?? ?? (different last name - Minton?), daughter, Sep 1878, age 21, married, KY TN KY; Elizabeth Buck, mother-in-law, Aug 1820, age 78, widow, 7 children/3 living, TN VA VA.

Possible relatives:

In the 1860 Butler Co. Census, page 98, Rochester, 30 Jul: #717/665 John Pearson, age 49, farmer, real estate $150, personal $200, can't read/write, VA; Reesa, age 47, spinning, can't read/write, VA; Howard, age 22, day laborer, can't read/write, TN; Elizabeth, age 19, sewing, can't read/write, TN; Jane, age 17, sewing, TN; James, age 15, farm labor, TN; Rice (male), age 13, attended school, KY; Charles, age 11, attended school, KY; Rothy (female), age 6, attended school, KY.  John could be a brother to Elizabeth.

In household 718/666 Landon Harrison home, William Pearson, age 24, farm laborer, personal $160, TN.

Possibly another son of John Pearson.

Children of Jackson Buck and Elizabeth Pearson are:

i James Bartholomew Buck, born July 23, 1846 in TN (White Co. ?); died Aft. 1910 in Orange Co., IN.  My line, more below.
ii Sarah Ann Buck, born August 20, 1848 in White Co., TN; died December 30, 1926 in Henderson Co., KY.  She married Lorenzo Dowel Ragan February 17, 1870 in Butler Co., KY6; born Abt. 1849; died Aft. 1895.  Notes for Lorenzo Dowel Ragan:  According to "Muhlenberg Co., KY," Loranso was appointed as one of several Presbytery of Bethel Church in Muhlenberg Co., 3 Jun 1895.
iii Matilda Sophia "Sophie" Buck, born June 19, 1850 in Butler Co., KY; died May 29, 1936 in Henderson Co., KY.
iv Dorotha Emaline "Rothie" Buck, born July 24, 1853 in Butler Co., KY; died Aft. 1880.
v George Washington Buck, born Abt. 1856; died Aft. 1922.  Notes for George Washington Buck:  If he's the one who signed the death certificate for Mary Wells Keith, then he died after 1922 in Christian Co.
vi Elvira Armitty J. Buck, born June 20, 1859; died Bet. 1877 - 1880 in Butler Co., KY.
vii Willis Hawkins Buck, born June 25, 1862 in KY; died January 02, 1944 in Henderson, Henderson Co., KY.


Generation Two

James Bartholomew Buck 7,8,9,10 was born July 23, 1846 in TN (White Co. ?), and died Aft. 1910 in Orange Co., IN.  He married (1) Amelia Ann "Millie" Pendley11 April 28, 1866 in Butler Co., KY12, daughter of Smith Pendley and Sarah Whitaker.  She was born October 04, 1840 in Butler Co., KY, and died May 22, 1925 in Butler Co., KY.  He married (2) Nancy J. XXXX Abt. 1873.  She was born August 1859, and died Aft. 1900 in Orange Co., IN.

Notes for James Bartholomew Buck:  There is a marriage record of James H. Buck to Partha Ann Beller; license date 21 Feb 1863; marriage listed in Book 3, page 227.  Was Amelia Pendley his 2nd wife?  There was also a listing of the death of a son of James and M. J. Buck in 1854 and this James is unknown.

There was more than one James Buck in the Butler Co. tax records from the mid 1850s through 1868.  This James probably wasn't out on his own until he married in 1866.

The 1870 Fed Census, KY, lists a J. L. Buck born in TN, age 23, Cumberland Co.  Also for 1870 there is a James B. Buck in McLean Co., KY, age 23, born TN.  This could be where James disappeared to in 1870 since he isn't listed for Butler Co.

1870 McLean Co. census, 10 Jun 1870, Calhoun Pct, page 186: #31/33 Charles A. Linton, age 55, TN; Sarah, age 59; John T., age 19; Francis Humphrey, age 18; James B. Buck, age 23, farmer, real estate $300, personal $300, TN.   {I believe this one is Jackson's son.}

1870 Cumberland Co. census, 10 Jun 1870, Burksville:  J. L. Buck, age 23, farmer, TN (can't read or write); B. G., 22, housekeeping, TN; N. A., age 3/12, KY.

1880 Butler Co. Census:  #50/50 Morgantown, James B. Buck, age 33, farmer, TN TN VA; Nancy J., age 28, wife, KY KY KY; Mary E., age 6, daughter, KY TN KY; Leona T. (or J.), age 4, daughter, KY TN KY; William J., age 2, son, KY TN KY; Sarah C., age 12, daughter, KY TN KY.

1900 Orange Co., IN Census, West Baden Village, Sup. Dist 94, page 20, 29 Jun:  #408/409 Nancy Buck, Aug 1859, age 48, widow, washer woman, 8 children/6 living, KY KY KY, can't read, rents house; William, Oct 1877, age 22, son, farm laborer, unemployed 12 months, KY KY KY; Selmer, Jun 1882, age 17, son, stable man, KY KY KY; Sada B., Apr 1884, age 16, daughter, washer woman, IN KY KY; Eva, Jul 1886, age 13, daughter, waiter restaurant, IN KY KY.

1900 Orange Co., IN Census, West Baden Village, page 26, 30 Jun: #437/439 James Buck, head, Jul 1846, age 53, widower, core maker, rents house, TN NC VA.

1910 Orange Co., IN, French Lick Twp, West Baden, Sup. 3, sheet 4A: #70/70 James Buck, head, age 63, widower, carpenter, public waste, rents house, TN VA NC; Bob Whittaker, boarder, age 50, widower, laborer, flour mill, KY KY KY.

Why James is listed as a widower in 1900 is a mystery.  I haven't found Nancy in the 1910 census so she may have died by then and he really was a widower.

Notes for Amelia Ann "Millie" Pendley:  Butler Co. Marriages:  James M. Buck to Amelia Pendley, license date 26 Apr 1866; consent of Sylvester Pendley, married 28 Apr 1866 at Sylvester Pendley's residence in the presence of L. S. Pendley and Elizabeth Pendley, signed by Moses Sharer; marriage listed in Book 4, page 237. 

1860:  #928 Smith Pendley, age 55, farmer, NC; Sarah, age 49, spinning, MS; Amelia, age 19, sewing, KY; Soloman, age 16, KY; Smith S., age 7, KY.  (Note:  Not in the 1850 census.)

1870 Butler Co. Census, Sugar Grove (27 Jul 1870), page 180: #162/162, Sarah Pendley, age 60, KY, real estate $100, personal property $100; Scott Smith, age 18, KY; Calvin Lee, age 45, TN, carpenter; Milly, age 33, TN, spinning; Salina, age 1, KY; Charles, age 4, IN; Henry, age 2, IN.  {Salina is actually Sarah Arlenna.  From the census, she would appear to be a Lee, but she was the daughter of James B. Buck and Amelia.}

There is also a separate listing on page 305B for Lewis Lee, age 33, carpenter, TN; Charles, age 3, IN; Henry, age 2, IN.  Lewis first married Nancy Ann Jordan 1863 in Greene Co., IN.  He, with his two sons, returned to Butler Co. after she died.  Lewis had 4 children by his first wife: 2 infant boys died at birth.

1880 Ohio Co., KY, Rosine, pg 603A: Lewis C. Lee, age 41, farmer, KY VA TN; Arminta, wife, age 38, keeping house, KY KY KY (same for rest); Charles, son, age 12; Henry, son, age 10; Delia, daughter, age 8; Deborah, daughter, age 8; Laura, daughter, age 6; Gillian E., daughter, age 5.

1900 Butler Co. Census: Lewis C. Lee, Jan 1827, age 73, salesman, owns farm and home, KY TN TN; Millie, wife, Nov 1840, age 59, married 30 years, 7 children/6 living, KY KY KY; Gillina, daughter, Nov 1874, age 25, single, KY.

1910 Butler, KY Miracode Index: Lewis C. Lee, age 74, KY; Millie, age 69, wife, KY.

According to her death certificate: she died of cerebral apoplexy with organic heart trouble as contributing.

More About Amelia Ann "Millie" Pendley:  Burial: May 23, 1925, Sandy Creek Church Cemetery, Butler Co., KY13

Notes for Nancy J. XXXX:  In the 1900 census, she shows 8 children, 6 living.  Mary and Leona must have died before 1900.  Also unknown is why she is listed as a widow when James was still living.

Child of James Buck and Amelia Pendley is:

i Sarah Arlena"Lena"4 Buck14,15,16, born December 14, 1868 in Butler Co., KY; died September 24, 1934 in Logan Co., KY.  She married William Wiley "Bud" Chapman17,18 November 22, 1887 in Butler Co., KY19; born March 11, 1852 in Butler Co., KY; died October 01, 1938 in Logan Co., KY.

Notes for Sarah Arlena"Lena" Buck:  The family had always believed Lena's name was Lena Izora until her death certificate showed her name as Sarah Arlenna Buck.  The family bible (in the possession of Kathryn Chapman Woodall) shows her as Lena Izora Buck. The tombstone at Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY shows Lena I. (it also has her birth date as 1886 instead of 1868).  The 1880, 1910 and 1920 Logan Co. censuses list her as Sarah.


Marie told a story about a mean old mule that William Wiley had on the farm.  Lena use to go down the hill to the spring to get water.  She'd start back up the hill with her buckets full and the boys would make noises like that mean mule.  Lena would drop the buckets and run every time.  Burial: September 25, 1934, Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY


Notes for William Wiley "Bud" Chapman:  The family story was that Lena was born in TX and came to KY in a covered wagon.  In May 2000, Kathryn Chapman Woodall said she remembered her father (Taylor Chapman) telling stories about a trek to (not from) TX in a covered wagon.  In Oct 2000, Raymond Chapman - son of James D. Chapman - said that James never went to TX; William Wiley went after James died and that they went to a place called Birthwright.  Raymond thought his father was about 4 years old (1885) at the time.   In his deposition in Mar 1894 on equity case #3541, William stated his residence as Cason, Morris Co., TX.  Cason is in the northeast corner of TX near the AR line (Birthwright is northwest of Cason).  William (son) was born in Logan Co. in Apr 1893 so they left after that; George was born in May 1895, possibly in TX.  He died in Sep 1896 in Logan Co. so they had returned from TX by then.  Note also that several Gregston's made the move to TX in the late 1880s - they were a little further west in Fannin and Hunt counties.  That may be one reason why he went to TX.


Marie Chapman Hullett Jennings (daughter of Taylor's brother William) related the story that William used to stir corn in the bin with his hand.  One day the boys put a trap in the bin and it got his hand.  The boys got a whipping and William always stirred the corn with a cob after that.


In 1870, William lived with his parents.


1880 Butler Co. Census: #339/346, William W. Chapman, age 28, farmer, KY TN TN; Elizabeth, age 22, wife, housekeeping, TN TN TN; Samuel, age 5, son, KY KY TN; Amler, age 4, son, KY KY TN; Myrtle, age 2, daughter, KY KY TN; Elma, age 8/12 Oct, son, KY KY TN.


1900 Logan Co. Census, Lewisburg Dis, 27 Jun 1900:  #247/248 William W. Chapman, Mar 1852, age 48, married 13 years, farmer, KY TN TN; Lena S., Dec 1868, age 34, 8 children/7 living, KY KY KY (same for rest); James D., son, Sep 1887, age 18, farm laborer; Finley, son, Sep 1888, age 16, farm laborer; Susan A., daughter, Sep 1888, age 11; Mary McF., daughter, Dec 1889, age 10; Claud, son, Aug 1891, age 8; William, son, Apr 1893, age 7; Lula, daughter, Feb 1897, age 3; Oti, daughter, Apr 1898; Taylor C., son, Feb 1900, age 3/12.


1910 Logan Co. census: William Wiley Chapman, age 57, married 23 years, born KY, parents born TN; Sarah, age 44, 9 children/8 living, born KY, parents born KY; William, age 17; Lula, age 13; Otie, age 12; Taylor, age 10; James, age 2.


1930 Logan Co., east of Lewisburg, Hartbard Road, Dist. 16, 14 Apr, pg 20: William W. Chapman, age 78, first married at 22, farmer, KY KY KY (same for all); Lena, wife, age 61, first married at 18; Verner, son, age 22, single, farm laborer.


On 30 Dec 1873, Valentine Chapman and his wife Delitha sold W. W. Chapman 39 acres and 34 poles and 1 acre and 26 poles of land in Butler Co. on Big Muddy Creek.  W. W. signed promissory, interest bearing notes (6%) for:  $37.50 payable 1 Mar 1874, one note for $100 payable 1 Mar 1875 and one note for $84.50 payable 1 Mar 1876.  Valentine held a lien on the property pending payment in full.


William and Lena's house was near the Cedar Cemetery (near Union Grove Cemetery which is just off the Cooperstown Road outside of Lewisburg). The back of the house was high and you had to climb steps to get up to the porch.  A spring was in the back down a hill and that's where Lena would take buckets to get the water. Burial: October 02, 1938, Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.


Arlena Buck and William Chapman had the following children:

i SUSAN AMELIA CHAPMAN, b. September 03, 1888, Logan Co., KY; d. January 23, 1950, Logan Co., KY.  She married ELWOOD LESLIE ALLEN December 23, 1906 in Logan Co., KY78.  He was born Abt. 1887, and died October 10, 1962 in Warren Co., KY.
ii MARY MCFRANCIS CHAPMAN, b. December 06, 1889, Logan Co., KY; d. July 30, 1965, Logan Co., KY.  She married (1) MONROE PERRY FORGY June 02, 1904 in Logan Co., KY86.  He was born July 26, 1875 in Butler Co., KY, and died February 03, 1945 in Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK.  She married (2) JAMES WATKINS April 09, 1912 in Logan Co., KY87.  He was born Abt. 1889.  She married (3) VERNON T. SEARS Aft. 1940.  He was born Abt. 1889.
iii CLAUDE CHAPMAN, b. August 28, 1891, Logan Co., KY; d. October 18, 1969, Logan Co., KY.  He married (1) DICEY FORGY90,91 October 09, 1914, daughter of JAMES FORGY and MARY SIMMONS.  She was born 1896 in Butler Co., KY, and died June 19, 1938 in Logan Co., KY.  He married (2) BERNICE VIOLETT September 20, 1938 in Logan Co., KY92, daughter of EDGAR VIOLETT.  She was born Abt. 1906.
iv WILLIAM CHAPMAN, b. April 14, 1893, Logan Co., KY; d. January 07, 1984, Logan Co., KY.  He married ANNIE LOU HARPER April 02, 1921.  She was born 1903, and died January 11, 1977 in Logan County, KY.
v GEORGE CHAPMAN21,22,23, b. May 27, 1895, Logan Co., KY; d. September 28, 1896, Logan Co., KY.
vi LULA CHAPMAN, b. February 28, 1897, Logan Co., KY; d. May 06, 1990, Montgomery Co., OH.  She married AMOS A. "TACK" GIBSON June 13, 1914 in Logan Co., KY99, son of JOHN GIBSON and ZILLAH PENROD.  He was born March 01, 1884 in Logan Co., KY, and died January 14, 1969 in Montgomery Co., OH
vii OTIE CHAPMAN, b. April 21, 1898, Logan Co., KY; d. January 08, 1984, Montgomery Co., Ohio.   She married WILLIAM SHERMAN INSCO December 06, 1916 in Logan Co., KY, son of JOSEPH INSCO and SARAH GIBSON.  He was born March 07, 1896 in Logan Co., KY, and died April 16, 1978 in Logan Co., KY.   My line too, see the Insco page for their decendants.
viii TAYLOR CARLIE CHAPMAN, b. February 01, 1900, Logan Co., KY; d. December 25, 1986, Logan Co., KY.  He married NOLA MAE "NOLLIE" COX Bet. September 29 - 30, 1924 in Logan Co., KY106, daughter of CRITT COX and MYRTIE XX.  She was born 1906, and died August 10, 1990 in Logan Co., KY.
ix VERNER CHAPMAN, b. March 05, 1908, Logan Co., KY; d. January 01, 1972, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH.


From here see the Chapman line.    



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