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Descendants of John Byrd

Generation One



i WILLIAM BYRD, b. 1652, Middlesex, London, England



Generation Two

WILLIAM BYRD was born 1652 in Middlesex, London, England. He married MARY HORSEMANDEN, daughter of WORSHAM HORSEMANDEN and SUSAN XXXX.


i MARY ELIZABETH BYRD, b. February 26, 1682/83, Westover, Charles City Co., VA; d. Aft. 1754, VA.



Generation Three

MARY ELIZABETH BYRD was born February 26, 1682/83 in Westover, Charles City Co., VA, and died Aft. 1754 in VA. She married JAMES DUKES Aft. 1700 in Charles City Co., VA, son of HENRY DUKES and ELIZABETH SOANE. He was born Bet. 1670 - 1680 in James City Co., VA, and died 1751 in Charles City Co. or Brunswick Co., VA.

Notes for MARY ELIZABETH BYRD:  From Page 40 of the Duke family by Evelyn Duke Brandenberger:  The will of the elder Col. William Byrd, father of Mary, was written on July 8, 1700, in which he gave 'to my youngest daughter Mary three hundred pounds.' This clearly indicates she was not yet married, especially in light of the fact that he refers to the two other daughters as 'my daughter Mrs. Susan Brain' and to his 'daughter Ursula' as the 'late wife of Robert Beverly.' For confirmation of the marriage of James Duke and Mary Byrd the Duke family is again indebted to Col. William Byrd ( the second of that name and brother of Mary Byrd) , who, obviously had a penchant for record keeping. The secret diary of Col. William Byrd, deciphered and printed in recent years, has provided much needed information of James Duke. The Secret Diary of Col. William Byrd of Westover, 1709-1712, edited by Louis B. Wright and Marion Tingling, makes it quite clear that James Duke married Mary Byrd, sister of the second Col. William Bryd of Virginia, that James Duke was the son of Col. Henry Duke, Esqr. whom Col. Bryd visted often. Both Col. Duke and Col. Byrd were members of the Council of Virginia. Notes in the above mentioned diary reveal he frequently rode to his brother Duke's and together they went 'over the river' to Col. Duke's. Col. Byrd would, on occasion, spend the night with one or the other before returning home or going on to Williamsburg, or to Queen's Creek where his brother-in-law John Custis lived.

(John Custis was married to Frances Park, the sister of William Byrd's wife, Lucy Park.)

Notes for JAMES DUKES:  The "Dictionary of North Carolina Biography," edited by William S. Powell, Univ. of North Carolina Press, vol. 2, D-G, states: "Recent research and records now available support the contention by the Duke family of Warren County, NC, that they were descendents of the first Colonel William Byrd of Westover through his youngest daughter, Mary. The twentieth-century publication of the second William Byrd's Secret Diary makes clear that she was the wife of JAMES DUKE of James City County and later of Charles City County, VA. James Duke was himself a son of COLONEL HENRY DUKE of James City County, a member of the council, and close friend and political associate to both colonels Byrd (father and son) of Westover."

Marriage Notes for MARY BYRD and JAMES DUKES:  Notes from Linda Clement file per Pat Sweatman e-mail of 1 Apr 1999, from Byrd family diaries:  "When Col Byrd found out about Mary's marriage to James Duke, he disinherited her. He thought James was beneath her station. As time went on he grew to like James Dukes and eventually put Mary back in his will. She inherited 300 pounds in silver."

The only problem with this e-mail is that it contradicts the statement about her in the 8 Jul 1700 will where it's noted that "this clearly indicates she was not yet married" unless this is the will Col Byrd wrote before he knew about her marriage.

Child of MARY BYRD and JAMES DUKES is:

i COL. WILLIAM DUKES, SR., b. Abt. 1701, Brunswick or James City Co., VA; d. Bet. 1773 - 1775, Warren, Bute or Granville Co., NC.



From here see the Dukes line.


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