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Descendants of Thomas Chapman - please note, I have more information on this line than is shown here. Please contact me if you are interested in my notes.  See the Chapman Endnotes here.

Generation One

THOMAS CHAPMAN was born between 1800-1807 in TN, and died Bet. 1870-1880.  He married MARGARET UNKNOWN abt 1825 in NC or TN.  She was born Bet. 1805-1807 in NC, and died Bet. 1870-1880.

Notes for THOMAS CHAPMAN:  A record on the LDS web site shows Thomas Chapman born 1800 in DeKalb Co., TN (except the county wasn't formed until 1838) and married 1822 in DeKalb Co. to Margaret XX, born 1805 in Stokes Co., NC.  DeKalb was formed in 1838 from Jackson, Warren, White and one other one.  Those counties also tie back into Smith Co. where I believe this Thomas was in 1840.

1830 Williamson Co., TN, Roll M19 #182, pg 233 - our Thomas? - Thomas Chapman, 1 male 0-5 (William), 1 male 5-10 (James), 1 male 20-30 (Thomas), 1 female 15-20 (Margaret), 1 female 30-40 (?).

1840 Smith Co., TN, Roll M19, #534, pg 233 - our Thomas? - Thomas Chatman, 1 male 5-10 (Saul), 2 males 10-15 (William & James), 1 male 30-40 (Thomas), 1 female 0-5 (?), 1 female 10-15 (Eliza), 1 female 30-40 (Margaret).

1850 DeKalb Co. Census, 21 Aug, Civil Dist. #11, pg 25:  #355/355 Thomas Chapman, age 50, farmer, $300 real estate, born TN; Margaret, age 45, born NC; William, age 24, farmer, born TN (same for rest); James L, age 22, farmer; Saul, age 19, farmer, married within the year; Eliza P., age 16 (married within the year); Susanna, age 27; Chesley (male), age 10, attends school; Margaret E., age 5/12.  (A book published on the 1850 census transcribes Saul as Joel.)

I believe the census taker marked the wrong people for "married within the year" because James and Susannah married Jan 1850.  However, If Saul married within the year then Eliza P. was not a Chapman and her maiden name is unknown.  The 5 month old Margaret could be a child of Saul and Eliza.  Since she is shown marrying Moses Z. Fortner in 1854 in Butler Co. and a daughter Margaret isn't shown with them, I believe her to be a daughter of Thomas - sister of James Lewis or the daughter of James and Susannah.  She could be the one who died in Logan Co. in 1858.

In the 1852 Butler Co. tax list, Thomas had land valued at $600, 1 white male over age 21, two horses valued at $55, 5 head of cattle, 1 child between 5-16 (which could be Chesley because Margaret would only have been 2), and 6 hogs.

In 1853 on the tax list, he had 200 acres of land valued at $700, 1 white male over 21, 1 horse valued at $75, 3 head of cattle, 1 child between 6 and 18 (still could be Chesley), and 5 hogs for a total value of $775. William was listed with him as over 21, 1 horse valued at $40, 1 head of cattle for a total value of $40.

1860 Butler Co. Census, Rochester, page 90, 27 Jul: #652/606 Thomas Chapman, age 53, farmer, personal $200, can't read/write, TN; Margaret, age 53, sewing, can't read/write, NC.  In the same household, enumeration #607 are Moses and Eliza P.  Chesley isn't listed with them; he would have been about 20.  Did he come to KY with them and then go back to TN to enroll in the Confederacy?

He is in the 1868 Butler Co. tax book, dated Jul 1868, north of Green River.  Susanna was on page 4 and Thomas was on page 6 with 1 horse valued at $30 and three cows.  In 1869 he had 1 horse valued at $25, 150 bushels of corn and two kids between 6-20.  Who were the kids?  Maybe they were grandkids William and Thomas?

1870 Butler Co., Rochester, Jun:  Thomas Chapman, age 55, farmer, KY; Margaret, age 55, keeps house, NC.  (Note that he only aged 5 years between 1850 and 1870.  Margaret managed to age 10 years in the same amount of time.)

Notes for MARGARET XXXX:  Maybe she was born in Stokes Co., NC but how could anyone know that without a last name (shown on the LDS web site)?


i WILLIAM CHAPMAN, b. Abt. 1826, TN; d. Aft. 1853.
ii JAMES LEWIS CHAPMAN, b. Bet. 1827-1828, TN; d. Bef. November 28, 1898, Butler Co., KY. (my line, more below)
iii SAUL CHAPMAN, b. Abt. 1831, TN
iv ELIZA P. CHAPMAN, b. January 27, 1837, TN; d. July 12, 1873, Butler Co., KY. She married REV. MOSES ZEBULON FORTNER July 03, 1854 in Butler Co., KY.  He was born Abt. 1827 in Butler Co., KY, and died Aft. 1873.
v CHESLEY CHAPMAN, b. Abt. 1840, TN; d. November 06, 1862, Mechanicsville, VA.
vi MARGARET E. CHAPMAN, b. 1850, TN; d. Bef. 1860.

Generation Two

JAMES LEWIS CHAPMAN (THOMAS1)1,2,3,4 was born Bet. 1827 - 1828 in TN, and died Bef. November 28, 1898 in Butler Co., KY.  He married (1) SUSANNAH JONES5,6 January 17, 1850 in DeKalb Co., TN7.  She was born Bet. 1823 - 1825 in TN, and died Bet. 1880 - 1896 in Butler Co., KY.  He met (2) UNKNOWN HUSSY Abt. 1875. 

Notes for JAMES LEWIS CHAPMAN:  James Lewis was in TN in 1850 at least until after Aug when the census was taken.  He and Susannah were living with his parents in DeKalb Co., TN.

He and Susannah don't appear in the 1860 Butler or Logan Co. censuses, but there were two Chapman's in other counties who are possibilities: 1860 census:  a James L. Chapman in Union Co., Morganfield #407; a J. L. Chapman in Ohio Co., Sugar Grove, #970.  Internet review of those two counties and those visit numbers did not turn up James but Absolom Chapman was living in Ohio Co. at that time.

James is in the 1852 and 1853 tax lists for Butler Co.:

1852  - James L. Chapman, 1 male over 21, 1 horse valued at $15.  No children are listed so this was before William Wiley was born.  Listed next to him is Thomas Chapman.

1853 - Louis Chapman, 40 acres valued at $120 and 27 acres valued at $54, 1 male over 21, 2 horses valued at $50, 2 head of cattle, 3 hogs, total value $224.  (William Wiley had been born but wasn't in the right age group to be counted with the animals - 6 to 18).  Still listed next to him is Thomas Chapman with William at his residence.

He also appeared in the Butler Co. tax lists 1854-1859 and then disappeared.  Interestingly, in 1856 he was shown with two children 6-18.  William Wiley would only have been 4 and the unnamed daughter would have been 2.  Who were the children he claimed?  In 1864-1969, Susan appeared but with no property or livestock to claim for taxes (and with two children 6-20 - Thomas and Islamer?).  James Lewis reappeared in 1870 in the tax book with 40 acres on Big Muddy valued at $240, 1 horse valued at $5, 3 cows - total value $248.  He's shown as 1 white male over 21, 1 family member enrolled in the militia, 3 kids between 6-20 (William, Thomas and Islamer), 6 hogs and 125 bushels of corn.  Where was he for 10 years?  Did he go back to TN or was he in TX?

The 1860 census, page 129, has a Lenvel (or Lewel - may also have been Saul) Chapman, age 26, farmer, real estate $240, personal $200, can't read/write, TN; Caroline, age 23, sewing, can't read/write, TN; Thomas W., age 1, KY.  This may be his brother Saul.  There was a Sewel Chapman who married Caroline Bomar in Butler Co. 1 Dec 1857 at the residence of James Simes by M. Z. Fortner (if this is James' brother, M. Z. Fortner would have been his BIL).

1870 Butler Co., Londons, P.O. Sugar Grove, pg 39, 19 Aug: #265/264 James, 37 (1833),  farmer, real estate $200, personal property $100, TN; Susan, 45, keeping house, TN; William, 17, farm labor, KY; Thomas, 12, farm labor, KY; Sis, 7, KY.

In the 1880 census they are listed in Logan Co., Dis 172, Fillmore Pct as #222/222 (household next to George W. Anderson's): J. L Chapman, 52 (1828), TN TN TN; Susan, 51 (1829), wife, TN TN TN; H. G., 40, widow, TN TN TN; Minnie, 13, niece, TN TN TN; J. H. (or W.), 14, brother, TN TN TN.  (In 1870 James would have been born about 1833, in 1880 he would have been born about 1828 - same discrepancy with Susan's birth.  In the 1894 equity case, James stated that he was 70 years old - 1824.)

The James Chapman listed in the 1850 census for Robertson County, TN, age 23, should not be confused with this James.  That James Chapman married Catherine Pride in 1851, Robertson County.  He is also the one in the 1900 Logan Co. census.

In Oct 2000, Kathryn Chapman Woodall (d/o Taylor) recalled a story that there was someone named "Uncle Bob" who was thought to be a half brother to William.  She said she heard that James had had an affair with a supposedly well-off married woman.  The woman's husband would not let her keep the baby so James took the child for he and Susanna to raise.  Bob Chapman is in James' will and was named as executor.   Since Susannah was not mentioned in the will, she most likely had already died before it was written (Aug 1896).  Since Bob was to get all the land and property, he was probably "of age" (18-21?) when it was written.  According to Raymond Chapman, Bob left KY and moved to Oklahoma City, OK where he ran a grocery but he didn't know the timeframe.  If he were age 21 when the will was written in 1896, he would have been born about 1875.

Butler Co., KY, Will Book B, page 242

Will of James Lewis Chapman

To whom it may concern, I, James Lewis Chapman of the County of Butler and State of Kentucky, being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this to be my last will and testament to wit:

First, All my just debts and funeral expenses shall be full paid.

Second, I give, desire and bequeath to Bob Chapman fifty acres of land adjoining and being in the County and State aforesaid, including my present homestead, and is bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning on a white oak on the big road leading to Morgantown running thence with the road N64 poles to a black oak, thence N77 W48 poles to a stake, thence S70 W62 poles to a sugar tree, thence S85 poles to a stake in the division between John Harrelds and Billy Davis, thence N83 E94 poles to the beginning, containing fifty acres and one eighth be the same more or less, including all the personal property of every description that may be on the place at my death.

Third, I give and bequeath to W. W. Chapman, Thomas H. Chapman, Isaboomer Bell Anderson, fifty dollars on Richard Anderson that is due me for rent now due me for a place formerly owned by me in Logan County.

Fourth, I nominate and appoint Bob Chapman to be the Executor of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me made.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 25 day of August 1896.

(signed)  X his mark:     James Lewis Chapman  (seal)

Signed, sealed, published and delivered as and for this his last will and testament by the above named testator, in our presence, who have at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other, signed our names as witnesses thereto.

               (signed)     W. T. Davis
                              J. V. Graham
                              J. M. London

State of Kentucky, Butler County

At a County Court held in and for Butler County at the Court House in Morgantown, KY, on the 28 day of November 1898, the will of James Lewis Chapman was presented in open Court and proven by the oaths of W. T. David, J. V. Graham and J.M. London, three subscribing witnesses thereto, which will as ordered to be filed and recorded as the last will of James Lewis Chapman, whereupon the same, together with this certificate, have been duly recorded in my office.  Witness my hand this 1st day of Dec 1898.

               (signed)  J. M. Fisher, Clerk

30 Dec 1859.  James L. Chapman and Susannah sold 50 acres of land in Butler Co. to Nancy Davis for $400.  The land was on the waters of the Big Muddy Creek and was bounded on one side by the Morgantown and Franklin Roads and on another side by Lively's land.  Twenty acres of the land (on Lively's line) was under dispute (nature of the dispute was not given).

In 1892, James filed suit against his son Thomas for failure to pay notes due him for land.  About 1878, James bought 100 acres of land and a field of corn in Logan Co. from "old Billy Anderson's widow and heirs."   It was understood that half of the land belonged to Thomas (who was underage at the time).  Apparently Thomas signed notes for his share.  Thomas farmed the land for about a year, got into trouble with the law, and went to TN (Cumberland Mountain area) where he stayed most of the time over the next 10 years.  James held the unpaid notes all that time.  When Thomas returned to Butler Co., he found that James had given William Wiley the 100 acres in exchange for the 40 acres in Butler Co. that William bought from Valentine Chapman.  Thomas agreed to trade deeds with William in exchange for return of the notes.  James agreed to return the notes and then didn't, so they went into arbitration.  The arbitrators were E. C. Turner and D. P. Allen (in their depositions, both men referred to James as "Uncle Lewis").  Their decision was that the notes be returned to Thomas, and Thomas and William sign the deeds over to each other. By 1894, the deed swap had not been made and Thomas counter-sued James and William. By that time, William was living in TX.  The case continued through 1895.  From the sale of the land in 1895 and 1896, it appears that James wound up with everything.  (NOTE: This is a very brief abstract of over 100 pages of depositions given by the Chapman's and the arbitrators.)

6 Dec 1895, Deed Book 74, page 195.  J. L. Chapman of Butler Co. sold Samuel Chapman of Butler Co. 40 acres "more or less" on Mud Creek for $100.

14 Aug 1896, Deed Book 74, page 508.  J. L. Chapman, Butler Co., sold Sam Chapman, Logan Co., 100 acres of land in Logan Co. on Big Muddy Creek for $300.  J. L. received $50 cash and a note of $100 dated 20 Jul 1896.  The other $150 was paid in cash to N. T. Howard to pay his fee in the case of J. L. Chapman vs. Thomas Chapman.  N. T. Howard retained a lien on one half of the land.  (Note: this transaction was just a week before J. L. wrote his will.)

Notes for SUSANNAH JONES:  Susan and her parents were born in TN (1880 census).  Nothing else is known about her.

From 1864 through 1869, Susan appeared as the head of the household in Butler Co. tax records.  She had no land, animals or crops to claim - only children.  Where was she between 1859-1864?  Did they move to TX? In 1869 she had 400 pounds of tobacco, 75 bushels of corn, and two children but Islamer would have been in the 6-20 age group by then.  Or did William Wiley stay with James Lewis wherever he was?

Possibly related to her:  1860 Butler Co. Census, Rochester Dist., 13 Jun:  #83/83 William Jones, age 35, farmer, personal $200, can't read/write, TN; Frances, age 20, cooking, can't read/write, TN; Mary E., age 3, KY; Thomas R., age 10/12, KY.  {Could be a brother of Susannah?}

On page 120, Berrys Lick, 6 Aug: #864/800 Henry Jones, age 50, farmer, personal $250, VA; Winnie, age 35, weaving, TN; Henrietta C., age 14, attended school, TN; Sarah F., age 12, attended school, TN; Casander, age 10, attended school, TN; Robert T., age 8, attended school, TN; Martha, age 6, attended school, KY; Nancy E., age 4, KY; Isaac M., age 1, KY.



i WILLIAM WILEY "BUD" CHAPMAN, b. March 11, 1852, Butler Co., KY; d. October 01, 1938, Logan Co., KY.  My line, more below.
ii DAUGHTER CHAPMAN, b. October 08, 1854, Butler Co., KY; d. Bet. 1854 - 1870, Butler Co., KY.
iii THOMAS H. CHAPMAN, b. December 26, 1856, Butler Co., KY; d. October 04, 1943, Butler Co., KY.
iv ISLAMER BELL "SIS" CHAPMAN, b. June 1862, Butler Co., KY; d. May 28, 1942, West Palm Beach, FL.  She married NETTER JONATHAN ANDERSON35,36 May 23, 1880 in Logan Co., KY37, son of LEONARD ANDERSON and EMILY SMITH.  He was born August 18, 1859 in Logan Co., KY, and died October 18, 1908 in Springfield, Robertson Co., TN.

Child of JAMES CHAPMAN and UNKNOWN woman is:

i ROBERT "BOB" CHAPMAN, b. Abt. 1875.

Generation Three

WILLIAM WILEY "BUD" CHAPMAN (JAMES LEWIS2, THOMAS1)9,10 was born March 11, 1852 in Butler Co., KY, and died October 01, 1938 in Logan Co., KY.  He married (1) ELIZABETH M. GREGSTON11,12 April 28, 1874 in Butler Co., KY13, daughter of ISHMAEL GREGSTON and MAHALA FOUTCH.  She was born 1856 in DeKalb Co., TN, and died April 27, 1886 in Butler Co., KY.  He married (2) SARAH ARLENA"LENA" BUCK14,15,16 November 22, 1887 in Butler Co., KY17, daughter of JAMES BUCK and AMELIA PENDLEY.  She was born December 14, 1868 in Butler Co., KY, and died September 24, 1934 in Logan Co., KY.

Notes for WILLIAM WILEY "BUD" CHAPMAN:  The family story was that Lena was born in TX and came to KY in a covered wagon.  In May 2000, Kathryn Chapman Woodall said she remembered her father (Taylor Chapman) telling stories about a trek to (not from) TX in a covered wagon.  In Oct 2000, Raymond Chapman - son of James D. Chapman - said that James never went to TX; William Wiley went after James died and that they went to a place called Birthwright.  Raymond thought his father was about 4 years old (1885) at the time.   In his deposition in Mar 1894 on equity case #3541, William stated his residence as Cason, Morris Co., TX.  Cason is in the northeast corner of TX near the AR line (Birthwright is northwest of Cason).  William (son) was born in Logan Co. in Apr 1893 so they left after that; George was born in May 1895, possibly in TX.  He died in Sep 1896 in Logan Co. so they had returned from TX by then.  Note also that several Gregston's made the move to TX in the late 1880s - they were a little further west in Fannin and Hunt counties.  That may be one reason why he went to TX.

Marie Chapman Hullett Jennings (daughter of Taylor's brother William) related the story that William used to stir corn in the bin with his hand.  One day the boys put a trap in the bin and it got his hand.  The boys got a whipping and William always stirred the corn with a cob after that.

The Chapman Family Bible

In 1870, William lived with his parents.

1880 Butler Co. Census: #339/346, William W. Chapman, age 28, farmer, KY TN TN; Elizabeth, age 22, wife, housekeeping, TN TN TN; Samuel, age 5, son, KY KY TN; Amler, age 4, son, KY KY TN; Myrtle, age 2, daughter, KY KY TN; Elma, age 8/12 Oct, son, KY KY TN.

1900 Logan Co. Census, Lewisburg Dis, 27 Jun 1900:  #247/248 William W. Chapman, Mar 1852, age 48, married 13 years, farmer, KY TN TN; Lena S., Dec 1868, age 34, 8 children/7 living, KY KY KY (same for rest); James D., son, Sep 1887, age 18, farm laborer; Finley, son, Sep 1888, age 16, farm laborer; Susan A., daughter, Sep 1888, age 11; Mary McF., daughter, Dec 1889, age 10; Claud, son, Aug 1891, age 8; William, son, Apr 1893, age 7; Lula, daughter, Feb 1897, age 3; Oti, daughter, Apr 1898; Taylor C., son, Feb 1900, age 3/12.

1910 Logan Co. census: William Wiley Chapman, age 57, married 23 years, born KY, parents born TN; Sarah, age 44, 9 children/8 living, born KY, parents born KY; William, age 17; Lula, age 13; Otie, age 12; Taylor, age 10; James, age 2.

1930 Logan Co., east of Lewisburg, Hartbard Road, Dist. 16, 14 Apr, pg 20: William W. Chapman, age 78, first married at 22, farmer, KY KY KY (same for all); Lena, wife, age 61, first married at 18; Verner, son, age 22, single, farm laborer.

On 30 Dec 1873, Valentine Chapman and his wife Delitha sold W. W. Chapman 39 acres and 34 poles and 1 acre and 26 poles of land in Butler Co. on Big Muddy Creek.  W. W. signed promissory, interest bearing notes (6%) for:  $37.50 payable 1 Mar 1874, one note for $100 payable 1 Mar 1875 and one note for $84.50 payable 1 Mar 1876.  Valentine held a lien on the property pending payment in full.

William and Lena's house was near the Cedar Cemetery (near Union Grove Cemetery which is just off the Cooperstown Road outside of Lewisburg). The back of the house was high and you had to climb steps to get up to the porch.  A spring was in the back down a hill and that's where Lena would take buckets to get the water.  Burial: October 02, 1938, Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Notes for ELIZABETH M. GREGSTON:  The birth record for Myrtle Chapman shows her mother's name as Elizabeth Gragley or Gragby or Gragler (difficult to read).  The death certificate for James D. Chapman shows his mother's name as Grisley.  The Chapman family bible has her name as Elizabeth M. Gregston.  The marriage bond for William and Elizabeth shows her maiden name as Gregston.  There is also a record that Bud married Mona Gregston (one of the death certificates) and that could be her middle name.  In 1870 she lived with her parents and siblings in Butler Co.  Burial: Butler Co., KY18

Notes for SARAH ARLENA"LENA" BUCK:  The family had always believed Lena's name was Lena Izora until her death certificate showed her name as Sarah Arlenna Buck.  The family bible (in the possession of Kathryn Chapman Woodall) shows her as Lena Izora Buck. The tombstone at Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY shows Lena I. (it also has her birth date as 1886 instead of 1868).  The 1880, 1910 and 1920 Logan Co. censuses list her as Sarah.   Burial: September 25, 1934, Union Grove Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Marie told a story about a mean old mule that William Wiley had on the farm.  Lena use to go down the hill to the spring to get water.  She'd start back up the hill with her buckets full and the boys would make noises like that mean mule.  Lena would drop the buckets and run every time.

I am descended through two of these children.


i SAMUEL CHAPMAN, b. June 07, 1875, Butler Co., KY; d. October 12, 1942, Logan Co., KY.
ii AMLER CHAPMAN, b. October 09, 1876, Butler Co., KY; d. May 27, 1937, Muhlenberg Co., KY.  He married BETTY J. BROOKS October 08, 1900 in Logan Co., KY.  She was born September 08, 1882, and died December 23, 1956.
iii MYRTLE CHAPMAN, b. January 31, 1878, Butler Co., KY; d. September 02, 1948, Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI.   My line, more below.
iv ELMER CHAPMAN19,20, b. October 02, 1879, Butler Co., KY; d. February 08, 1926, Logan Co., KY.
v JAMES D. CHAPMAN, b. September 03, 1881, Butler Co., KY; d. April 23, 1959, Logan County, KY.  He married THREASE CATHERINE OBERHAUSEN58,59 August 17, 1907 in Logan Co., KY60.  She was born 1886 in IN, and died 1978 in KY.
vi FINLEY CHAPMAN, b. September 26, 1883, Butler Co., KY; d. September 13, 1966, Logan Co., KY.
vii ELIZABETH M. CHAPMAN, b. April 02, 1886, Butler Co., KY; d. December 26, 1970, Pickneyville, Perry Co., IL.


i SUSAN AMELIA CHAPMAN, b. September 03, 1888, Logan Co., KY; d. January 23, 1950, Logan Co., KY.  She married ELWOOD LESLIE ALLEN December 23, 1906 in Logan Co., KY78.  He was born Abt. 1887, and died October 10, 1962 in Warren Co., KY.
ii MARY MCFRANCIS CHAPMAN, b. December 06, 1889, Logan Co., KY; d. July 30, 1965, Logan Co., KY.  She married (1) MONROE PERRY FORGY June 02, 1904 in Logan Co., KY86.  He was born July 26, 1875 in Butler Co., KY, and died February 03, 1945 in Waurika, Jefferson Co., OK.  She married (2) JAMES WATKINS April 09, 1912 in Logan Co., KY87.  He was born Abt. 1889.  She married (3) VERNON T. SEARS Aft. 1940.  He was born Abt. 1889.
iii CLAUDE CHAPMAN, b. August 28, 1891, Logan Co., KY; d. October 18, 1969, Logan Co., KY.  He married (1) DICEY FORGY90,91 October 09, 1914, daughter of JAMES FORGY and MARY SIMMONS.  She was born 1896 in Butler Co., KY, and died June 19, 1938 in Logan Co., KY.  He married (2) BERNICE VIOLETT September 20, 1938 in Logan Co., KY92, daughter of EDGAR VIOLETT.  She was born Abt. 1906.
iv WILLIAM CHAPMAN, b. April 14, 1893, Logan Co., KY; d. January 07, 1984, Logan Co., KY.  He married ANNIE LOU HARPER April 02, 1921.  She was born 1903, and died January 11, 1977 in Logan County, KY.
v GEORGE CHAPMAN21,22,23, b. May 27, 1895, Logan Co., KY; d. September 28, 1896, Logan Co., KY.
vi LULA CHAPMAN, b. February 28, 1897, Logan Co., KY; d. May 06, 1990, Montgomery Co., OH.  She married AMOS A. "TACK" GIBSON June 13, 1914 in Logan Co., KY99, son of JOHN GIBSON and ZILLAH PENROD.  He was born March 01, 1884 in Logan Co., KY, and died January 14, 1969 in Montgomery Co., OH
vii OTIE CHAPMAN, b. April 21, 1898, Logan Co., KY; d. January 08, 1984, Montgomery Co., Ohio.   She married WILLIAM SHERMAN INSCO December 06, 1916 in Logan Co., KY, son of JOSEPH INSCO and SARAH GIBSON.  He was born March 07, 1896 in Logan Co., KY, and died April 16, 1978 in Logan Co., KY.   My line too, see the Insco page for their decendants.
viii TAYLOR CARLIE CHAPMAN, b. February 01, 1900, Logan Co., KY; d. December 25, 1986, Logan Co., KY.  He married NOLA MAE "NOLLIE" COX Bet. September 29 - 30, 1924 in Logan Co., KY106, daughter of CRITT COX and MYRTIE XX.  She was born 1906, and died August 10, 1990 in Logan Co., KY.
ix VERNER CHAPMAN, b. March 05, 1908, Logan Co., KY; d. January 01, 1972, Dayton, Montgomery Co., OH.

Generation Four

MYRTLE CHAPMAN, was born on 31 Jan 1878 in Butler Co., KY. Myrtle died in Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI on 2 Sep 1948, she was 70. Buried in Lewisburg Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.  On 29 May 1896 when Myrtle was 18, she first married John Seniton Anderson, son of George Washington Anderson & Martha Jane Bassett, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 25 Apr 1869 in Logan Co., KY. John Seniton died in Peoria Heights, Peoria Co., IL on 16 Jun 1960, he was 91.

Myrtle Chapman and John Seniton Anderson had the following children:

i Hunter Anderson (1897-1985) my line, more below.
ii Vernon Anderson (1898-1987)
iii Nora Lee Anderson (1899-1949)
iv Marion Andrew Anderson (1902-1976)

On 31 Dec 1907 when Myrtle was 29, she second married Jonathan G. "Jot" Chapman, son of Valentine Chapman & Delitha Hullett, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 17 Oct 1878 in Logan Co., KY. Jonathan G. "Jot" died in Logan Co., KY on 30 Mar 1926, he was 47.

Myrtle Chapman and Jonathan "Jot" Chapman had the following children:


i Marie Chapman. Born in 1909 in Logan Co., KY.
ii Mamie Lee Chapman. Born in 1909 in Logan Co., KY. Mamie Lee died aft 1930, she was 21.  On 7 Apr 1928 when Mamie Lee was 19, she married James H. Maxwell, in Logan Co., KY. Born abt 1898. James H. died aft 1930, he was 32.
iii Earl Chapman. Born abt 1918 in Logan Co., KY.
iv Lester "Loyce" Chapman. Born abt 1919 in Logan Co., KY.

On 6 Sep 1928 when Myrtle was 50, she third married Jerry M. Baugh, in Logan Co., KY. Born abt 1871.  After 1930 when Myrtle was 51, she fourth married 4th Husband Unknown. Born abt 1878.  Aftter 1931 when Myrtle was 52, she fifth married XX Bannon. Born abt 1878.

Generation Five


Hunter Anderson was born on 10 Feb 1897 in Logan Co., KY. Hunter died in Holiday, Pasco Co., FL on 30 Nov 1985, he was 88. Buried in Fitzhugh Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.  On 21 Oct 1916 when Hunter was 19, he first married Clara Frances Knight, daughter of Joseph Henry "Joe" Knight & Mary Elizabeth Ann "Molly" Oglesby, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 5 Jun 1896 in Logan Co., KY. Clara Frances died in Montgomery Co., OH on 28 Sep 1957, she was 61.  See the Knight and Oglesby lines.

Hunter Anderson and Clara Frances Knight had the following children:


i James Corbette Anderson (1917-1981) My line, from here see the Anderson line.
ii Jessie Clyde Anderson (1919-1938)
iii Daughter Anderson.  Born in 1921 in KY. Daughter died in 1921.
iv Rayburn Earl "Andy" Anderson (1923-1982)
v Roselia Sneed "Rose" Anderson (1927-1990)
vi Donald Edwin Anderson (1932-1987)

Aft 1957 when Hunter was 59, he second married Mildred "Millie" Finch, daughter of Clinton Finch & Cora Smith. Born abt 1897. Mildred "Millie" died in FL abt 1980, she was 83.

From here see the Anderson line.

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