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Descendants of Richard Dukes, Sr.  - please note, I have more information on this line than is shown here. Please contact me if you are interested in my notes.  See Dukes Endnotes  here.

Generation One

Richard Duke, Sr.
was born Abt. 1547 in England, and died in England.  He married Martha Parker.  She was born Abt. 1547 in England, and died in England.  See the Parker line.

Child of Richard Duke and Martha Parker is:



i Richard Duke, born 1567 in England; died in England.


Generation Two

Richard Duke was born 1567 in England, and died in England.  He married Margaret Bassett, daughter of Arthur Bassett and Eleanor Chichester.  She was born Abt. 1567 in England, and died in England.  See the Bassett line.

Child of Richard Duke and Margaret Bassett is:

i Thomas Dukes, Sr., born Abt. 1616 in Otterton, Devonshire, England; died Abt. 1655 in James City Co., VA.

Generation Three

Thomas Dukes, Sr. was born Abt. 1616 in Otterton, Devonshire, England, and died Abt. 1655 in James City Co., VA.  He married Mary Barham Abt. 1641 in England. 

Notes for Thomas Dukes, Sr.:  From "The Heritage of Cleburn Co., Alabama,", in the 1600's, Thomas Duke resided in County Kent England with his wife Mary Barham. Being cloth or draper merchants and they came to America, landing in the Virginia Colony."  Record is documented that Thomas was in Nasemond Co., VA, where he received a patent for 150 acres in Upper Norfolk.  On 5 Aug 1638 he received another 400 acres,  In Oct 1638 he received yet another 300 acres.  By 1670, Thomas Dukes was deceased.

Child of Thomas Dukes and Mary Barham is:

i Henry Dukes, born Bet. 1640 - 1645 in James City Co., VA; died Bet. 1714 - 1718 in James City Co., VA.



Generation Four

Henry Dukes was born Bet. 1640 - 1645 in James City Co., VA, and died Bet. 1714 - 1718 in James City Co., VA.  He married Elizabeth Taylor or Soane Bef. 1677 in James City Co., VA.  She was born Bet. 1640 - 1645.  See the Taylor line.

Notes for Henry Dukes:  Henry Duke was a Public Officer for James City County for the first time in 1680.  He was given the title Captain as an Officer in the Militia. In 1690 he was appointed Commissioner for taking subscriptions toward the College of William and Mary.  By 1694, Colonel Henry Duke was a member of the House of Burgesses.  He was given the title Colonel because of his wealth and property ownership, and for promoting social and governmental projects.  Col. Henry Duke Esq. was married to Elizabeth, and died early in 1714 (from Duke web site at:


 -- presumably taken from a Duke family history book, accessed 7-99)

From the book, "The Heritage of Cleburne Co., Alabama," Thomas Duke had a son named Henry, who was born between 1640 and 1645. Henry Duke became a Captain as an officer in the militia.  He was appointed Commissioner for taking subscriptions toward college (William and Mary).  Colonel Henry Duke's first appearance, was that of a Public Official, in 1680, in James City County, Virginia.  By 1694, Henry was a member of House of Burgess and wealthy.  He was given the name of Colonel because of his wealth, property ownership and activity in promoting government and social projects.

There is a very large file on Col Henry Dukes on a Family Tree Maker disk that also contains excerpts from the secret diary of Col William Byrd - too much information to include here but very interesting reading on a cold, dreary day when there isn't anything else going on.

Child of Henry Dukes and Elizabeth Soane is:

i James Dukes, born Bet. 1670 - 1680 in James City Co., VA; died 1751 in Charles City Co. or Brunswick Co., VA.


Generation Five

James Dukes was born Bet. 1670 - 1680 in James City Co., VA, and died 1751 in Charles City Co. or Brunswick Co., VA.  He married Mary Elizabeth Byrd Aft. 1700 in Charles City Co., VA, daughter of William Byrd and Mary Horsemanden.  She was born February 26, 1682/83 in Westover, Charles City Co., VA, and died Aft. 1754 in VA.  See the Byrd line.

Notes for James Dukes:  The "Dictionary of North Carolina Biography," edited by William S. Powell, Univ. of North Carolina Press, vol. 2, D-G, states:  "Recent research and records now available support the contention by the Duke family of Warren County, NC, that they were descendents of the first Colonel William Byrd of Westover through his youngest daughter, Mary. The twentieth-century publication of the second William Byrd's Secret Diary makes clear that she was the wife of JAMES DUKE of James City County and later of Charles City County, VA.  James Duke was himself a son of COLONEL HENRY DUKE of James City County, a member of the council, and close friend and political associate to both colonels Byrd (father and son) of Westover."

Notes for Mary Elizabeth Byrd:  From Page 40 of the Duke family by Evelyn Duke Brandenberger:

The will of the elder Col. Willian Byrd, father of Mary, was written on July 8, 1700, in which he gave 'to my youngest daughter Mary three hundred pounds.' This clearly indicates she was not yet married, especially in light of the fact that he refers to the two other daughters as 'my daughter Mrs. Susan Brain' and to his 'daughter Ursula' as the 'late wife of Robert Beverly.' For confirmation of the marriage of James Duke and Mary Byrd the Duke family is again indebted to Col. William Byrd (the second of that name and brother of Mary Byrd) , who, obviously had a penchant for record keeping. The secret diary of Col. Willian Byrd, deciphered and printed in recent years, has provided much needed information of James Duke. The Secret Diary of Col. William Byrd of Westover, 1709-1712, edited by Louis B. Wright and Marion Tingling, makes it quite clear that James Duke married Mary Byrd, sister of the second Col. William Bryd of Virginia, that James Duke was the son of Col. Henry Duke, Esqr. whom Col. Bryd visited often. Both Col. Duke and Col. Byrd were members of the Council of Virginia. Notes in the above mentioned diary reveal he frequently rode to his brother Duke's and together they went 'over the river' to Col. Duke's. Col. Byrd would, on occasion, spend the night with one or the other before returning home or going on to Williamsburg, or to Queen's Creek where his brother-in-law John Custis lived.

(John Custis was married to Frances Park, the sister of William Byrd's wife, Lucy Park.)

Marriage Notes for James Dukes and Mary Byrd:  Notes from Linda Clement file per Pat Sweatman e-mail of 1 Apr 1999, from Byrd family diaries:

"When Col Byrd found out about Mary's marriage to James Duke, he disinherited her.  He thought James was beneath her station.  As time went on he grew to like James Dukes and eventually put Mary back in his will.  She inherited 300 pounds in silver."

The only problem with this e-mail is that it contradicts the statement about her in the 8 Jul 1700 will where it's noted that "this clearly indicates she was not yet married" unless this is the will Col Byrd wrote before he knew about her marriage.

Child of James Dukes and Mary Byrd is:

i Col. William Dukes, Sr., born Abt. 1701 in Brunswick or James City Co., VA; died Bet. 1773 - 1775 in Warren, Bute or Granville Co., NC.


Generation Six

Col. William Dukes, Sr. was born Abt. 1701 in Brunswick or James City Co., VA, and died Bet. 1773 - 1775 in Warren, Bute or Granville Co., NC.  He married (1) Thamar XXXX Abt. 1719 in Brunswick Co., VA.  She was born Abt. 1703 in Brunswick Co., VA, and died Bef. September 1728.  He married (2) Elizabeth Bartholomew August 04, 1737. 

Notes for Col. William Dukes, Sr.:  A hand-typed history of the Duke family of NC has been passed around for many years.  A copy still being circulated states that William Duke, who died in NC, was reared by and lived with Col William Byrd of Westover (e-mail of Pat Sweatman 15 Apr 1999 to Linda Clement).  It was assumed that his father wasn't up to raising him after his mother died in 1704. Since William's grandfather died before his mother, the Col William Byrd referred to must be his uncle.

Notes for Thamar XXXX:  Some researchers show her maiden name as Taylor but that has not been proven.

Child of William Dukes and Thamar XXXX is:

i Samuel Dukes, Sr., born Bet. 1722 - 1725 in Brunswick Co., VA; died Abt. 1798 in Warren Co.,  NC or TN.


Generation Seven

Samuel Dukes, Sr. was born Bet. 1722 - 1725 in Brunswick Co., VA, and died Abt. 1798 in Warren Co.,  NC or TN.  He married Sarah Green Bef. 1743, daughter of Nathaniel Green.  She was born Bet. 1722 - 1725 in Brunswick Co., VA.  See the Green line.

Notes for Sarah Green:  Some researchers do not believe her maiden name to be Green.

Controversy on ancestors of Samuel Dukes (born between 1722-1725 in Brunswick Co., VA) and Sarah Green (born about 1722-1725 in Brunswich Co., VA.

There are several versions of who Samuel’s parents and grandparents were and the controversy is raging on the internet. No one has any documented proof of his heritage. Suggested reading is the Duke/Dukes boards on Rootsweb.com, Ancestry.com and the Genealogy.com Genforum message boards and world family trees. In addition, some say his wife’s name was not Green.

Children of Samuel Dukes and Sarah Green are:

i Thamar Dukes.
ii Hardyman Dukes.  Notes for Hardyman Dukes:  He was in the Revolutionary War.
iii Harrell Dukes.
iv Sarah Dukes.  Notes for Sarah Dukes: She had two children out of wedlock that were adopted by her brother, Samuel in Butte Co., NC.  Elizabeth and William.  They are listed under Samuel and Wennifred.
v Sterling Dukes.
vi Samuel Dukes, Jr., born Bet. 1745 - 1754 in Sandy Creek, Granville (Warren Co.), NC; died Bef. May 25, 1821 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.  My line, more below.
vii Brittain Dukes, born Abt. 1746.
viii Burwell Dukes, born 1752.
ix William Dukes, born June 10, 1754.  Notes for William Dukes:  William and his brother Hardyman were in the Revolutionary War.


Generation Eight

Samuel Dukes, Jr. was born Bet. 1745 - 1754 in Sandy Creek, Granville (Warren Co.), NC, and died Bef. May 25, 1821 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.  He married Winifred Bass Bef. 1769, daughter of Jacob Bass and Anne Fuller.  She was born Bet. 1747 - 1755 in Granville Co., NC, and died Bet. 1839 - 1845 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.  See the Bass line.

Notes for Samuel Dukes, Jr.:  Samuel was a pioneer in Muhlenberg Co. (Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, Turner Publishing, Paducah, KY 1996, p. 256, col 2, bottom).  "The Dukes family probably made the move from NC to TN and KY with a local caravan headed that way.  He was one of the first settlers to settle in the Long Creek section of Muhlenberg, along with the Drakes, Moores, and Wells families." (Muhlenberg County, Kentucky; p. 120, col 1, center).

1810 Muhlenberg Co. census, pg 391:

Samuel Dukes - 1 male 10-15 (John), 1 male 16-25 (Jacob), 1 male >45 (Samuel); 1 female 26-44, 4 other free persons

1820 Muhlenberg Co. census, pg 143:

Samuel Dukes - 1 male >45; 1 female to 45; 1 person in manufacturing; 3 male slaves >45; 3 female slaves to 14

1830 Muhlenberg Co. census, pg 84:

Winny Dukes - 1 male 5-10; 1 female 10-15; 1 female 70-80 (the young male and female could have been grandchildren?)

Samuel's will was signed (by his mark) 13 Apr 1821 and probated in the May 1821 Muhlenberg Co. court. The appraisal of his estate was filed with the court 25 May 1821.  Each of the children were named and slaves were divided out except all were to stay with his wife, Winny, until her death (he had acquired 8 slaves before his death).  Sampson and Young Dukes were named joint executors.    There were several court papers over the disagreements his descendents had over these slaves.  (Winifred lived to be very old.  Papers were found dated 1837 that stated she was about 90 years old.)  (Muhlenberg County, Kentucky, p. 120, center.)


Muhlenberg Co., KY Will Book 2, Page 495

In the nam of god amen I Samuel Dukes of Muhlenberg County of State of Kentucky being of sound mind & perfect memory do ordain this my last will & testament Hereby Revoking all other hertofore by ("me" above line and crossed out) maid and recommending my soul to God who gave it to me and as to my worldly goods which it hath been pleas God to bless me with I give in manner following Vz, My desire is that all my Just debts be paid then I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Winny Dukes three feather beds and firnature all So all the howshold & Kitchen furniture also the land and plantation whereon I know live during her natrel life or widowhood.

I give and bequeath to my sun Young Dukes Two negrow gals Frank & Ann all so one Chest and at the death of my Beloved Wife I then give and bequeath to my sun Young Dukes the land and plantation wheron I know live.

I give and bequeath to my suns Sampson Dukes & Jacob Dukes two negrow gals buh & Sarah.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Groves one negro gal Gils.  I give and bequeath to my sun Gren Dukes One negro Boy "John".  I give and bequeath to my suns John Dukes & William Dukes one negrow gal Sal.  I give and bequeath to my sun Benjamin Dukes One Negrow Woman Rose allso the land that Benjamin Dukes did live on Containing 100 Acres.  I give and Bequeath to my Daughter Pashenee Williams one hunded dollars in Money.  I Certify that it is my desire that my Beloved wife Winny dukes shall keep all the negrows hertofor given away in my will during her natrel life then to goo to home they are devised to.  I hereby Constitute & appoint my suns sampson Dukes & Young Dukes my Joint Executors this my last will and testament as herunto I have set my hand and fixed my seal this 15th day April 1821.

     Micajah Wells   X (his mark)
     John Crabtree   Samuel Dukes

Muhlenberg County Pct
May County Court 1821

This last Will and Testament of Samuel Dukes, deceased, was exhibited into Court by the Executors therein named and proved by the Oaths of Micajah Wells and John Crabtree subscribing Witnesses thereto and ordered to be Recorded.

 Att Charles L. Wing, Clk

Muhlenberg County Kentucky agreeable to an order of the County Court of Muhlenberg to us directed we being first sworn have proceded to appraise the personal Estate of Samuel Dukes deceased & Negrows, this 25 day May 1821 Vz. as follows to wit..........  The appraisal (filed in the Dukes notebook) included his animals, beds and furniture, farm equipment and negroes:

One Negro Woman Rose               $350.00
One Negro Woman Beck               $400.00
One Negro Woman Chels              $400.00
One Negro Woman Sal                  $300.00

One Negro Gal Frank

One Negrow Gal Ann                      $200.00
One Negrow Gal Sarah                  $100.00
One Negrow boy John                   $120.00

The appraisal was completed 3 Aug 1821 by M. Wells and John Crabtree.  It was then submitted to the Aug 1821 Muhlenberg Co. court and recorded by Charles Wing, Clerk.

Notes for Winifred Bass:  Some records show her born in either Franklin or Warren Co.  Franklin Co. and Warren Co. were formed in 1779 from Bute Co.  Bute was formed in 1764 from Granville Co.

Winifred (and Samuel) went to KY after the revolution, while her brothers and ancestors went to Watertown, (Wilson Co.?) TN - probably due to some land grants/pension grants after the war.

From the Franklin County, NC probate papers of Jacob Bass (1794):

March the 21 Day 1795 then received of Mr. Theophilus Bass Adms, the full part of my wife Fathers Estate and this shall be your Receipt.

     Samuel Dukes, X his mark
     Witness: Warren Bass

Samuel and Winifred raised two of his sister's (Sarah Dukes) children that she had out of wedlock and were awarded to Samuel in a Bute Co., NC court of law on 9 Feb 1779.  One of the children was Elizabeth Dukes, born about 1774 and the other was William, born about 1776.  On 8 Feb 1809, Elizabeth married Solomon Groves and they had five children before Solomon died on 14 Feb 1820.  Elizabeth died before 1840:

Bute Co., NC Minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, 1767-1779:

9 Feb 1779 - Ordered that Elizabeth Duke and William Duke base born children born of the body of Sally Duke be bound to Samuel Duke until they attain to lawful age, the said Elizabeth being now five years old and the said William three years old & to learn them to read & write, and the boy planters business and the girl housewifery.  153

From the "History and Genealogy of Old Granville, NC," Winnie may have had a "base born" child named Jacob who was bound to one of the Andersons in 1768 until he reached the age of 21.  (If Winnie was born ca 1755, she would only have been 13 in 1768.)

In 1837 Winnie was said to be about 90 years old (Muhlenberg Co., KY, pg 120, center).  That would put her birth year about 1747 instead of 1755. In the 1830 census, Winny is listed as head of the household and is shown as 70-80 (born 1740-1750).

Children of Samuel Dukes and Winifred Bass are:

i Benjamin Dukes, born 1769 in NC; died Bet. 1850 - 1860 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.
ii Elizabeth Dukes, born Abt. 1774; died Bef. 1840; Adopted child.  She married Solomon Groves February 09, 1809; died February 14, 1820.  Notes for Elizabeth Dukes:  She was the illegitimate daughter of Samuel's sister Sarah and was awarded to Samuel 8 Feb 1779 in a Bute Co., NC court.
iii Sampson Dukes, born Bet. 1775 - 1776 in NC; died Bef. July 1837 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.  My line, see more below.
iv William Dukes, born Abt. 1777; died Abt. 1821; Adopted child.  Notes for William Dukes:  He may not have come to KY with Samuel and Wennifred since he was already old enough to be on his own.  He may have remained in NC or TN.  He was the illegitimate son of Samuel's sister Sarah and was awarded to Samuel in a Bute Co., NC court 8 Feb 1779.
v Green Dukes, born Abt. 1780 in NC; died Abt. 1840 in Sagamon Co., IL.  He married Elizabeth Shutt June 01, 1812 in Muhlenberg Co., KY.  Notes for Green Dukes: This couple went to Sangamon Co., IL with Elizabeth's parents about 1829.  Green died near Auburn, IL in 1840 and Elizabeth returned to Muhlenberg Co. after his death.  They had a daughter Christina and a son Henry who stayed in IL.  Christina married Peter Gates.
vi Jacob Dukes, born Abt. 1782 in NC; died Bet. 1860 - 1870.
vii Patience Mahala Dukes, born 1785 in NC.  She married XX Williams.
viii John Dukes, born Abt. 1794; died Aft. 1830.  Notes for John Dukes: 1830 Muhlenberg Co. census:  John Dukes, 2 males 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 30-40; 1 female 0-5, 2 females 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 1 female 20-30.  An e-mail on the [email protected] posting by Kim ([email protected]) shows that John was born about 1769 and married Sena Elkins 4 Dec 1816 in Muhlenberg Co.  If true, he didn't marry until he was 47.  The 1830 Muhlenberg Co. census shows that he was younger (born between 1790-1800).
ix Young Dukes, born 1798 in Franklin Co., NC; died Bef. 1870 in New Madrid Co., MO.


Generation Nine

Sampson Dukes was born Bet. 1775 - 1776 in NC, and died Bef. July 1837 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.  He married Nancy XXXX Abt. 1800 in NC.  She was born Abt. 1778 in NC, and died Aft. 1850 in Polk Co., MO.

Notes for Sampson Dukes:  His will was written 8 May 1837 and probated in July court the same year after his death.  It was witnessed by Micajah Wells and David Dukes. David is not listed as an heir.  The will bequeaths everything to his wife Nancy and his "five youngest daughters": Arminda, Polly (Mary), Cynthia, Messaniah, and Nancy.  There were several litigations concerning the value of negroes left behind by Sampson's father, Samuel Dukes, Jr. (per "Muhlenberg County, Kentucky," p. 119, col. 1).  Some records found in the Muhlenberg Co. Court House Circuit Court Records Room show that Sampson and Jacob obtained their slaves while Winny was still alive. Sampson supposedly sold his slave, Beca and her children, to Micajah Wells but Micajah didn't take possession at the time of the sale.  After Sampson died Micajah was afraid he wouldn't get possession and filed a suit.

Will of Sampson Dukes, Muhlenberg County, KY, 8 May 1837:

Muhlenberg County Kentucky.  This my last will and testament.  In the name of god command my spirit to god who give it and my debts be paid first and all the remainder of my Estate each and personal I give and bequeath to my beloving wife Nancy Dukes during her natural life and at her death I give and bequeath to my daughter Sintha Dukes one bed & furniture at the same time I give and Bequeath to my daughter Missinies Dukes one bed and furniture.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Polly Dukes one bed and furniture.  I give and bequeath to my daughtter Nancy Dukes one bed and furniture.  I give and bequeath to my daughter Armindia Dukes one bed and at the death of my mother, Winny Dukes, my will is that my negro woman Beck and her children Lewrana and Temperence shall be sold and the money arising from the sale of said negroes one third I give to my wife Nancy Dukes the balance ___ divided between all my children except Elizabeth Johnaton.  my will is that the one hundred acres of land that David Dukes now lives on shall be sold to pay my debts my will is that the 200 acres of land I now live on at the death of my wife Nancy Dukes shall be sold and the money arising from the sale of land to be divided between my five youngest daughters to wit Sintha Dukes, Missinier Dukes, Polly Dukes, Nancy Dukes, Armindia Dukes also another tract of 19 acres lying joining the said 200 acres to be sold and the money to be divided between the same five girls as witness that I have hereunto set my hand an affixed my seal the 8th day of may 1837.  I appoint my wife and David Dukes my Joint Executrix.

     Micajah Wells
     Sampson Dukes
     X his mark David Dukes

Muhlenberg County Pct

July County Court 1837

The foregoing last will & testament of Sampson Dukes deceased was Exhibited into court & proved to be the act & deed of the Said Sampson Dukes By the oaths of Micajah Well & David Dukes the subscribing witnesses thereto March 25 thereupon admitted to and truly _______________.

                         Att  Charles Wing   Clk

Notes for Nancy XXXX:  Per "Muhlenberg County, Kentucky," p. 119, col 1, and other sources, Nancy is said to be Cherokee Indian.  That could be why no researchers have found her maiden name.  She was living with her daughter, Mesanniah, and SIL, Constant C. Oglesby, in Polk Co., MO in 1850.  She was age 72, born NC.

Children of Sampson Dukes and Nancy XXXX are:

i Lourany Susan Dukes, born Abt. 1802 in NC.  She married Frances Wells December 03, 1824.
ii Ephraim Herrod Dukes, born Bet. 1803 - 1804 in TN; died December 15, 1853 in Polk Co., MO.
iii David Dukes, born 1805 in TN; died 1866 in Muhlenberg Co., KY.
iv Sally Dukes, born Abt. 1812.  She married Alfred G. Wells May 02, 1833.
v Arminda Dukes, born Abt. 1813.
vi Elizabeth Dukes, born Abt. 1814; died Aft. 1870 in Linn Co., SC. She married Hines Johnson May 28, 1832 in Muhlenberg Co., KY; born 1803 in Franklin Co., NC; died Bet. 1852 - 1856 in Polk Co., MO.  Notes for Elizabeth Dukes: Elizabeth and Hines left Muhlenberg Co. in 1845 and moved to Polk Co., MO. Elizabeth was anti-slavery and did not want her sons fighting for the South. After Hines died, she moved the family to Kansas, where she lived until she died after 1870 in Paris Township, Linn Co., KS. Some believe because of her feelings toward slavery, Sampson cut her out of his will.
Notes for Hines Johnson: The Johnson, Dukes, Wells and Drake families came to Muhlenberg Co., KY by wagon train from Franklin Co., NC in the late 1700s/early 1800s (before 1806). They headed west around 1847 - Constant Oglesby and wife Missiana, her brother Ephraim and his wife Nancy (sister of Constant). Hines died between 1852-1856 and Elizabeth took her family to KS by 1857.
vii Courtney Dukes, born Abt. 1815 in KY; died Aft. 1860 in KY.
viii Mary "Polly" Dukes, born Abt. 1816.  She married Richard F. Wells.
ix Cynthia Ann Dukes, born Abt. 1824 in Muhlenberg Co., KY; died Bef. 1878 in Christian Co., KY.  My line, more below.
x Messaniah J. Dukes, born Abt. 1825; died Aft. 1850.
xi Nancy J. Dukes, born Bet. 1827 - 1828 in KY.  She married Uriah Hunt September 10, 1843.


Generation Ten

Cynthia Ann Dukes was born Abt. 1824 in Muhlenberg Co., KY, and died Bef. 1878 in Christian Co., KY.  She married Benjamin Franklin Oglesby2,3,4 July 20, 1844 in Muhlenberg Co., KY5, son of Jacob Oglesby and Permelia Crabtree.  He was born Abt. 1814 in Christian Co., KY, and died December 03, 1878 in Christian Co., KY.

Notes for Cynthia Ann Dukes:  7/12/00 Rootsweb.com WorldGen, [email protected]  The Clements family chart shows that Cynthia Ann Dukes was the daughter of Sampson Dukes, b: bef 1775 - 1776 in NC.  The mother is shown as Nancy ?, b: abt 1778. Shows Cynthia married Benjamin Franklin Oglesby and they had one child, Newton J. Oglesby.  Her source is "Muhlenberg County, Kentucky"; Turner Publishing, Paduca, KY, 1996, page 119, column 3.  No other useful info was found.  The FTM WFT has detailed information beginning with Col. Henry Dukes.  Rootsweb.com under VA lists the 1704 VA tax records.  Henry (Sr. and Jr.) are listed as are Thomas (Sr. and Jr.).  Henry and Thomas are in different counties.

Notes for Benjamin Franklin Oglesby:  Jo Brown is showing the marriage date as 31 Dec 1844.  She is also showing another marriage about 1865 to Lucy F.  Cynthia was still with him (1870 census).

1850 Christian Co. census:  #802 Benjamin F. Oglesby, age 36, farmer, KY; Cynthia, age 26, KY; Crohorn, age 6, KY; William A, age 2, KY; Permelia, age 21, TN.

1860 Christian Co. Census - they were not listed in Christian Co. or any other county that I've found.

1870 Christian Co. Census: #271/271 Benjamin F. Oglesby, age 57, farmer, real estate $1200, personal property $500, KY; Cintha, age 45, housekeeper, KY; Newton J., age 16, KY; Permelia, age 6, KY; William C., age 47, KY; Frances E., age 20, KY.  {William was Benjamin's brother.}

Death record for B. F. Oglesby in 1878, age 65, son of J&P Oglesby, Christian Co.  He is  shown as widowed.

Ky Land Grants, Vol 1, Pt 2, Chapter X (1836-1924).  B. F. Oglesby was granted 8-1/2 acres on Pond River [Book 65, Page 372] surveyed 16 Oct 1863.  He was also granted 100 acres on Pond River [Book 73, Page 467] surveyed 1 Sep 1864.  See separate files for other land transaction.

Children of Cynthia Dukes and Benjamin Oglesby are:

i Cryhorn Decalve "Crog"11 Oglesby, born February 1845 in Christian Co., KY; died July 13, 1924 in Logan Co., KY.  My line.
ii William Anderson Oglesby, born Abt. 1848 in Christian Co., KY; died June 10, 1926 in Muhlenberg Co., KY.
iii Newton Jackson Oglesby, born May 11, 1854 in Christian Co., KY; died January 30, 1926 in Muhlenburg Co., KY.
iv Permelia Jane Oglesby, born March 1864 in Christian Co., KY; died January 16, 1952 in Muhlenberg Co., KY.

From here see the Oglesby line.

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