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Descendants of Edward Insco - please note, I have more information on this line than is shown here. Please contact me if you are interested in my notes.  Also see Insco Endnotes.


Generation  One

Edward Insco.
Born abt 1677 in England. Edward died in Virginia.

Abt 1698 when Edward was 21, he married Mary Dugtale, in Essex Co., VA. Born abt 1677 in England.

Known  child:

i Abner Insco (~1700-1760)

  Alternate spellings: Enscoe, Inscoe, Insco, Inscore, Enscore (possibly also with this group - Insko).

Edward, Mary Dugtale and 21 others traveled to the colonies from England with Richard Covington in 1694.  They most likely came with him under the English indentured service system - a common practice in that era.  When these indentured servants were granted certificate of their own incorporation (freedom), they were usually given 50 acres of land as promised under this system.  Edward and Mary were both granted their freedom on 10 Apr 1712.  The land they received was along the Rappahannock River on the northeast coast of VA.  On 9 Oct 1712, Edward gave evidence in a court case and no other reference to him has been found after that.

Generation  Two

Abner Insco. Born abt 1700 in Essex Co., VA. Abner died in Essex Co., VA in Dec 1760, he was 60.  He married UNKNOWN.

Notes for ABNER INSCO:  Between 1754 and 1756, Abner lived in Orange Co., VA.  By 1760, he had moved back to Essex Co. where he died in Dec 1760.  An inventory of his estate was completed and his son, James, was administrator.

Children of Abner Insco and Unknown:

i James Insco (~1726-) my line, more below
ii Mary Insco Born abt 1728 in Essex Co., VA.  abt 1767 when Mary was 39, she married Joel Moore, in Essex Co., VA. Born abt 1728.
iii Marthey Insco Born abt 1730 in Essex Co., VA.
iv Martha Insco Born abt 1732 in Essex Co., VA.
v Rueben Insco  Born abt 1738 in Essex Co., VA.  Rueben married Rachael Burnett. Born abt 1738.

Generation  Three

James Insco.
Born abt 1726 in Essex Co., VA. James died in Essex Co., VA.

Notes for JAMES INSCO:  In VA Order Book 1746-1747, a court ordered James be paid 147 lbs. of tobacco for "3 days attendance and going twice 12 miles" in what today would be called jury duty.  Between 1760-1765, James packed up and moved to Mecklenburg Co., VA, near the south end of the Occanneechee Trail. Over the next few years he acted as witness for some land transactions.

Children of James Insco and Unknown.

i William Insco  Born on 10 Apr 1756 in Essex Co., VA. William died in Mecklenburg Co., VA.
ii Jinny Insco  Born abt 1765 in Essex Co., VA.  On 3 Sep 1785 when Jinny was 20, she married William S. Clark, in Mecklenburg Co., VA.
iii James Insco (1765-<1858) (my line, more below)

Generation Four

James Insco , Jr. Born on 23 Apr 1765. James died bef 1858, he was 92.  Abt 1787 when James was 21, he married Honour XXXX, in VA. Born abt 1768. Honour died bef 1858, she was 90.

Notes for JAMES INSCO, JR.:  James was in the Revolutionary War and received pay as a soldier in the militia.  In 1780, he and Honour sold 184 acres of land for 2,000 lbs. He was in the Mecklenburg Co. tax roles in 1782 and 1784.   Other land transactions were recorded for James between 1798 and 1807.

After the war, both he and his father were plagued with money problems. In 1787 they were on the list of "insolvents and nonresidents returned by Jn. Wilson, Jr., Dpty Collector for Hy. Walker, late Sheriff of Mecklenburg for the year 1787:  James Insco Senr. 1 horse, Do; James Insco, Jr. 1 horse, Do."  In 1788, they were on a second list:  "At a court held for Mecklenburg County the 14th day of July 1788.  This List of Insolvents and nonresidents was returned into Court by Lewis Green one of the undersheriffs of this county sworn to by the said Lewis & ordered to be certified."

James Insco and Honour Unknown had the following children:

i Daniel Insco (1788-1872)
ii John Insco  Born abt 1792.
iii James Insco  Born abt 1797.
iv Peter Insco Born abt 1800.  On 5 Nov 1827 when Peter was 27, he married Polly Brasley, in Mecklenburg Co., VA.
v William Insco  Born abt 1807.  On 1 Jan 1828 when William was 21, he married Lucy Hawkins, in Mecklenburg Co., VA.
vi Thomas Insco  (1807-~1852)  my line, more below

Generation Five

Thomas Insco. Born on 25 Jun 1807 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. Thomas died in KY BET. 1852 - 1858, he was 44.  On 24 Dec 1833 when Thomas was 26, he married Martha Creedle, daughter of Drury Creedle & Martha "Patsy" Mason, in Mecklenburg Co., VA. Born on 20 Mar 1813 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. Martha died in Logan Co., KY BET. 1870 - 1880, she was 56.  See my Creedle and Mason lines.

Notes for THOMAS INSCO:  His name may be David Thomas (Sr.) or Thomas David. Thomas was listed as the head of a family on 1830 census for Mecklenburg Co.:  two males and one female 0-5, one female 5-10, one male 30-40 and one female 20-30.

In the 1840 Mecklenburg Co. census (Mecklenburg Co VA census of 1840, copyright 1975 by Don Simmons).  The household of 6 included: 2 males age 0-5 (James David & J.W.); 1 male age 30-40 (Thomas); 1 female age 0-5 (Caroline E.); 1 female age 5-10 (Sarah J.); and 1 female age 20-30 (Martha).

In the 1850 Logan Co. Census, there is a David Inscoe, age 45, carpenter, from VA living with the W. F. Edmonson family also from Mecklenburg Co., VA.  It's very possible this is the missing Thomas.  The age is right. It could be that he went to Logan Co. with the Edmonson's (via TN since one Edmonson child was born there about 1848, age 2 in 1850) and then when they settled, he sent for his family.  The first of Thomas's family to marry there was in 1853.  By 1860, Martha is listed as the head of the household which supports the theory that he died between 1852-1858.

Logan Co., KY Settlement Book I, Page 34, contains an account of the settlement of the estate of David Insco/e (spelled both ways in the documents).  Administrator was Wesley F. Edmonson.  It appears to be debts left by David at a general store (ribbon, hats, buttons, suspenders, etc.).  He died in either 1855 or early 1856 and his debts were finally settled in Oct 1857.  He owed $27.85 as near as I can tell (other payments were made but not included in the final amount).  No mention is made of any heirs.

According to A. B. Willhite (Logan Co. genealogist) in Oct 2000, the birth dates of Thomas, Martha and their children came from an Insco family bible which was in the possession of Frank Head of Lewisburg, KY. Mr. Head has since died and the whereabouts of the bible is unknown.

Notes for MARTHA CREEDLE:  Alternate spellings: Credle, Credile, Cradle.

The marriage license for Martha and Thomas lists Bryant Creedle as surety and Martha Creedle as giving consent for the marriage {1740-1850 Marriages of Mecklenburg County, VA}.  Bryant was her brother and Martha was her mother {Irene Underwood, June 1999; Shelby Puckett, Oct 2000}.

The 1850 Mecklenburg Co census lists Martha with seven of their eight children.  Thomas and J.W. are not listed and no further information has been located about them - except that I really believe the David Insco in the 1850 Logan Co. census is Thomas.  I also believe the J.W. in the bible record (Christine Insco) is actually Peter.  In the 1860 Logan Co census, Martha, daughters Martha and Mary, and sons James D. and David T. are in one household; son Peter W. and his wife are in another household; daughter Caroline is in the next house; and daughter Sarah is in the same district several houses away.  In the 1870 census, Martha is living with Peter and his family.  She does not appear in the 1880 census.

Thomas Insco and Martha Creedle  had the following children:

i Sarah J. Insco (1834-1917)
ii Caroline E. Insco  (1836-1899)
iii James David Insco  (1837-1924) my line more below.
iv J. W. Insco  Born on 9 Jun 1840 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. J. W. died bef 1850, he was 9.
v Mary E. Insco  (1843-1875)
vi Martha A. Insco  Born on 24 Sep 1845 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. Martha A. died aft 1900, she was 54.  On 19 Sep 1877 when Martha A. was 31, she married John Cox. Born abt 1845. John died bef 1900, he was 55.
vii Peter Washington Insco  (1847->1900)
viii David Thomas Insco  Born on 17 Jul 1848 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. David Thomas died in Logan Co., KY on 24 Sep 1921, he was 73. Buried in Center Burying Ground.  On 12 Jan 1876 when David Thomas was 27, he married Emily R. Simmons, daughter of Samuel Simmons & Sarah "Sally" Creedle. Born abt 1831 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. Emily R. died bef 1921, she was 90.

Generation Six

James David Insco. Born on 13 Oct 1837 in Mecklenburg Co., VA. James David died in Logan Co., KY on 16 Jun 1924, he was 86. Buried in Arnold Cemetery, Logan Co., KY. Buried in Logan Co., KY Cemeteries, 1986.  On 28 Feb 1861 when James David was 23, he married Sarah "Sallie" Wilson, daughter of James Thomas Wilson & Zillie Wilson, in Robertson Co., TN. Born on 17 Oct 1840 in VA. Sarah "Sallie" died in Logan Co., KY on 8 Aug 1909, she was 68.

Notes for JAMES DAVID INSCO:  Deed Book 60, page 185, 9 Jul 1883.  James K. Bradley and A. A. Bradley, his wife, sold James 65 acres of land in Logan Co. on Laurel Creek. James paid $154 cash and signed a note for an additional $204 to be paid within 12 months (by Jul 1884).

In 1850 and 1860, James was living at home with his mother.

1870 Logan Co., Gordonsville Pct:  #404 James Insco, age 33, farmer, VA; Sarah, age 28, housekeeping, KY; Benjamin, age 7, KY; David, age 4, KY; Joseph, age 2, KY.

1880 Logan Co. census, Dis. 170, Hardison Pct:  #82/85 James D. Insco, age 42, farmer, VA VA VA; Sarah, wife, age 31, housekeeping, KY KY KY; Benjamin B., son, age 17, works on farm, KY VA KY (same for rest); David W., son, age 14, works on farm; Joseph F., son, age 11, works on farm; Infant, son, age 8/12 Sep.

1900 Logan Co. census:  James D. Insco, Oct 1837, age 62, married 43 years, VA VA VA, owns farm; Sallie, wife, Oct 1840, age 59, 4 children/3 living, KY KY Arkansas; James A., Mar 1870, son; Eddie, grandson, Dec 1891.

In the 1910 Logan Co. census, James is listed as a widower and is living with his son, David W.  In the 1920 census, he is listed at age 82 living with his niece, Mary Sharp.  Mary was a 56 year old widow.  Also in the household was Mary's daughter, Golda Bell, age 30, single.

Samuel is not in the 1880 census but he was born in 1871.  An infant son born Sep 1879 is listed.  In the 1900 census, it shows four children with three living.  Was Samuel a son or not?

Before 1893, J. W. Hutchings purchased the James F. Arnold homestead.  On 23 Sep 1893, he gave Samuel Arnold, Jr., and Ernest Arnold title to a piece of land on the old Arnold homestead for a promise.  The promise was that the piece of land would be used solely as a burying ground.

James is listed in the Cemeteries Book, 1986, index but not on the inscription pages.  According to Christine Insco, he was buried at Arnold Cemetery but did not have a tombstone.  In a letter from the KY Vital Statistics, no death certificate was filed for James D. Burial: Arnold Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Notes for SARAH "SALLIE" WILSON:  Logan County KY Cemeteries, call #R929.50976976 L831, 1986 lists Sarah's birth date as 17 Oct 1848 and death 8 Aug 1909.

Sue Lyn published a book on Sarah Sallie Wilson's family history in 1999.

According to the History of Logan County book, Sarah paid $62.50 and purchased the old log church across the field from the Arnold cemetery. She and James lived there until their death.  A new church was built and named after the new pastor, Mr. Hope.

In a deed dated 23 Apr 1928, Robert and Nancy Spencer sold one acre of land known as Arnold Cemetery to the New Hope General Baptist Church.

Reference also Abstracts of Wills/Settlements, 1874-1890, page 86.  Will of James Wilson mentions Sarah as an heir.  Burial: Arnold Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.

James David Insco and Sarah Wilson had the following children:

i Benjamin Brown (1863-1946)
ii David Wilson (1865-1938)
iii Joseph Franklin "Frank" (1868-1935) my line, more below.
iv Samuel. Born on 20 Sep 1871 in Logan Co., KY. Samuel died in Logan Co., KY on 5 Dec 1896, he was 25. Buried in Arnold Cemetery.
v Infant. Born in Sep 1879 in Logan Co., KY.

Generation Seven

Joseph Franklin "Frank" Insco. Born on 14 Mar 1868 in Logan Co., KY. Joseph Franklin "Frank" died in Logan Co., KY on 4 Oct 1935, he was 67. Buried on 5 Oct 1935 in Arnold Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.

On 7 May 1889 when Joseph Franklin "Frank" was 21, he married Sarah Ellen Gibson, daughter of John P. Gibson & Zillah Penrod, in Logan County, KY. Born on 24 Aug 1870 in Logan Co., KY. Sarah Ellen died in Logan Co., KY on 27 Apr 1958, she was 87.

Myself at the old Insco Homestead in Logan County, KY (an Insco still owns and lives on the property, next door in a newer home.

Notes for JOSEPH FRANKLIN "FRANK" INSCO:  Joseph lived with his parents in 1870 and 1880.

1900 Logan Co. census: #158/159 Frank Insco, Mar 1868, age 32, married 11 years, KY VA KY, owns farm; Sarah E., wife, Aug 1871, age 29, 4 children/3 living, KY KY KY; Lexie O., son, Oct 1892, age 7; Billie S., son, Mar 1896, age 4; Orbie, son, Mar 1899, age 1.

In the 1910 Logan Co. census, he is listed at age 42, married 20 years, and 5 of 6 children living.  Sarah is age 39; Lexie, age 17; William S., age 14; Joseph, age 11; Radie, age 6; and Celia, age 3.

Gibson/Insco (produced to the Logan Co. Court 9 Oct 1902; recorded in DB 80, page 631, 2 Jul 1903):

This Deed made the 9 day of October 1902 between Chas. L. Gibson and his wife J. E. Gibson of Logan County, Ky., of the first part, and J. F. Insco of same county and state of the second part.  Witnesseth: That the said party of the first part, in consideration of the sum of One hundred and twenty five dollars, paid cash in hand to receipt of which I hereby acknowledge, have bargained and sold and hereby convey unto the said second party a parcel of land lying in Logan County, Ky, and on the waters of Dallums Creek, and bounded as follows.  Beginning at a stone in Brown's (originally Brooks) line, thence S69 E52 poles to a stone, thence N25 E17 poles and 15 links to a Black Gum, thence S 76 E12 poles to a stone, thence S63 E11 poles & 15 links to a stone, thence S50 E12 poles to a Spanish Oak on south bank of the branch, thence North with Russellville and Rochester Road to Patton's line, thence with Patton's line to a stone on the North side of Hails branch, thence N75 W60 poles to a stone corner to Brown, thence with his line S15 W57 poles and 11 links to the beginning, containing 19 acres more or less.  To have and to hold said property with said second party, his heirs, and assigns forever, "With Covenant of General Warranty" releasing all rights of ___________ and dower.  Witness the hands of the Grantors & _________.

Attest:  (unreadable)         (signed)       X (his Mark) Chas. L. Gibson

                              J. E. Gibson

More About JOSEPH FRANKLIN "FRANK" INSCO:  Burial: October 05, 1935, Arnold Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Notes for SARAH ELLEN GIBSON:  Sarah and Joseph purchased a home from her parents - John P. Gibson and Zillah Penrod.  An Insco has lived in it ever since (Logan County History book).  It should be noted, however, that Insco's are living on the land and not in the house.  The house is decayed and caving in (photo, May 00).

Warranty Deed - J. F. Insco Heirs (produced to the Logan Co. Court 30 Apr 1943; recorded in DB 135, page 214, 8 Jun 1943):

This Deed made this, the 30 day of April, 1943, between Mrs. S. E. Inscoe, Widow of J. F. Inscoe, and following heirs and wives & husbands - Radie Dowd & Husband C. H. Dowd; Celie Miller & Husband W. R. Miller; J. O. Inscoe & wife Verdie Inscoe; and L. O. Inscoe & wife Lottie Inscoe, of Logan County, Kentucky and W. S. Inscoe & wife Louise of Dayton, O, parties of the first part and J. W. Gibson & Wife Rosie Gibson of the second part, all the named parties of the first part being of age and are the only heirs to said J. F. Inscoe.  Witnesseth: That the said party of the first part, in consideration of one dollar and other good and valuable considerations, the receipt for which are hereby acknowledged, have bargained and sold and hereby convey unto said second party a certain track of land on the waters of Dallams Creek in Logan County, Ky., and bounded as follows:  Beginning at Road and boundery line to Eula Hildebrand and corner to L.O. Inscoe, thence with Road and line S8 E63 poles to a stone, thence S69 E45 1/5 poles to a stone  up to Mrs. S. E. Inscoe, thence N26 E17 poles to a Black Gun onto same, thence S76 E12 poles to a stone near a branch, thence S63 E11 3/5 poles to a stone near same, thence S50 E11 poles to the mouth of the Branch at the Road, thence with the Russellville & Rochester Road N32 E48 poles to Nails Branch, thence up same N75 W15 poles to a rock on N. side of same, thence N1 E16 3/5 to a rock, thence N15 W23 2/5 poles to a stone, thence N48 W4 poles to a stone up to L. O. Inscoe, thence with his line S88 W96 poles to the beginning, containing _____ acres more or less.  Being a part of the land conveyed to J. F. Inscoe as recorded in Deed Book 80, Page 631, and Book 86, Page 348, also see Deed Book ____ Page ____ for affidavit of Decent.  To have and to hold said property unto said second party, their heirs and assigns, forever with "Covenant of General Warranty," releasing all rights of Homestead and Dower.  Witness the hand of the Grantor day and date above written.

William Insco                
Mrs. S. E. Insco
Louise Insco 
(Heir) Radie Dowd, C. H. Dowd
subscribed & sworn to (Heir) Celia Miller, W. R. Miller
before me this 1st day of May 1943 (Heir) J. O. Insco, Verdie Insco
(Heir) Lexie Insco, Lottie Insco

(signed) Paul A. Kolbe

J.P. Gibson to Sarah E. Insco (produced to the Logan Co. Court 10 Dec 1880; recorded in DB 68, page 942, 27 Jan 1891):

This Deed, made the 10 day of December 1880, between J. P. Gibson and Zillah Gibson, his wife, of Logan County, Kentucky of the first part, and Sarah E. Insco, of same county and state of the second part.  Witnesseth, That the said party of the first part, in consideration of one dollar paid cash in hand, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, have bargained and sold, and hereby convey unto said second party a tract of land lying in Logan County Kentucky on the waters of Dallams Creek and bounded as follows.  Beginning at a stone corner to Ben Ragland running thence S16 W47 4/5 poles to a stone, thence S58 E74 poles to a stone in the east side of the Rochester Road, thence N15 E42 poles to a small red oak on the west side of said road, thence N12 E34 poles to a spanish oak on the south side of a branch, thence N50 W12 poles to a stone, thence N68 W11 poles to a stone, thence N76 W12 poles to a Black Gum, thence S25 W17 poles to a stone, thence N69 W32 poles to the beginning, containing 27 acres more or less.  This being a deed of gift and the above described land is valued at one hundred dollars and is to be so much of said second parties, part of the real estate of the said parties of the first part.  To have and to hold said property unto said second party, her heirs and assigns forever, "with Covenant of General Warranty," releasing all rights of Homestead and Dower.  Witness the hands of the Grantors date above.

Witness:  W. P. Gibson
J. P. Gibson
X (her Mark) Zillah Gibson

The News Democrat - Russellville, KY, Friday, 2 May 1958:  NEW HOPE RITES FOR MRS. INSCO.  Funeral services for Mrs. Sarah Ellen Insco were conducted by the Rev. James Sharp Monday, April 28, at 2 p.m. at New Hope Baptist Church with interment in Arnold Cemetery.  She died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charlie Dowd, April 27.  Mrs. Insco was born in Logan County Aug 24, 1870, the daughter of J. P. and Zilla Penrod Gibson, and married Frank Insco.  She was a member of the New Hope Baptist Church and lived on Route 4, Lewisburg.  Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Charlie Dowd, Auburn; Mrs. Roy Miller, Lewisburg; three sons, Lexis Insco, Auburn; Billie Insco, Lewisburg; Aubrey Insco, Quality; four brothers, Millard Gibson, Auburn; Amos and Phillip Gibson, Dayton, OH; and Sam Gibson, Pontiac, MI.  Pallbearers were Thurman ____, Leslie Howard, ____ Crafton, Hubert Dowd, Rolin Dowd and James Anderson.

Mrs. Charlie Dowd was Radie, Mrs. Roy MIller was Celia, Lexis was Lexie, and Aubrey was Orbie.  Burial: April 28, 1958, Arnold Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Joseph Insco and Sarah Gibson had the following children:

i Daughter Insco. Born on 22 May 1891 in Logan Co., KY. Daughter died on 22 May 1891 in Logan Co., KY. Buried in Arnold Cemetery.
ii Lexie Oliver Insco (1892-1981)
iii William Sherman Insco (1896-1978)
iv Joseph Orbie Insco (1899-1965)
v Radie Lee Insco (1904-1972)
vi Celia Ella Insco (1907-1992)

Generation Eight

William Sherman Insco. Born on 7 Mar 1896 in Logan Co., KY. William Sherman died in Logan Co., KY on 16 Apr 1978, he was 82. Buried in Arnold Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.  On 6 Dec 1916 when William Sherman was 20, he first married Otie Chapman, daughter of William Wiley "Bud" Chapman & Sarah Arlena"Lena" Buck, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 21 Apr 1898 in Logan Co., KY. Otie died in Montgomery Co., Ohio on 8 Jan 1984, she was 85.  See my Buck and Chapman lines.

Notes for WILLIAM SHERMAN INSCO:  1930 Montgomery Co., ED 61, Dayton, pg. 6A: 280 McCall Ave., #37/42 William S. Insco, age 34, owns home, value $3100, married at age 20, oiler at automobile station KY KY KY (for all); Otie, wife, age 31, married at age 18; Jessie M., daughter, age 8; Delores Whitson, age 6, boarder, OH KY KY.  Burial: Arnold Cemetery, Logan Co., KY


Notes for OTIE CHAPMAN:  On 2 Dec 1916, William W. and Lena Chapman signed consent for the marriage of their daughter, Otie, age 18.  On 4 Dec 1916, J. F. and S. E. Insco signed consent for the marriage of their son William, age 20.  On 5 Dec 1916, a marriage bond of $100 was paid to the Logan Co. Court  by William S. Insco, principal, A. A. Gibson, surety.  They were married 6 Dec 1916 at the home of W. W. Chapman.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. L. M. Shamen and witnesses were W. W. Chapman, Lena Chapman and others.


She and William divorced around 1937 and Bill later remarried to Louise Gibson.  Otie worked as a baker in the Blue Bird Bakery probably from the time they moved to OH.  She retired from there around 1974.  Under "marital status" on Otie's death certificate, it says "widow" but she never remarried.


Dayton Daily News and Beavercreek paper, Jan 1984:  INSCO, Otie, age 85, of Beavercreek, passed away Sunday at Grandview Hospital.  She is survived by her daughter, Jessie Anderson of Beavercreek; 1 sister, Lula Gibson of Dayton; 1 brother, Taylor Chapman of Russellville, KY; 3 grandchildren, James D. Anderson of Cinn., Mrs. Randy (Barbara) Curtis and Mrs. Tom (Janice) Perry both of Beavercreek and 7 great-grandchildren.  She was a member of the Calvary General Baptist Church and retired from The Blue Bird Bakery.  Funeral services 1 p.m. Wednesday from the Tobias Funeral Home, Beavercreek Chapel, 3970 Dayton-Xenia Rd. at Grange Hall Rd.  Pastor Bob Davis officiating. Interment Valleyview Memorial Gardens.  Friends may call at the funeral home from 7-9 p.m. on Tuesday.  Burial: January 10, 1984, Valley View Memorial Gardens, Greene Co., OH


William Sherman Insco and Otie Chapman had:


i Jessie May "Nuts" Insco (1921-1999)

Aft 1937 when William Sherman was 40, he second married Louise Gibson, daughter of Charles L. Gibson & Jettie E. Sweatt, born abt 1900.  Aft 1943 when William Sherman was 46, he stayed with Lola M. Shearer, daughter of John Corby Shearer & Clara Wilmina Taylor for many years. Lola was born on 7 Mar 1894. Lola M. died in Logan Co., KY on 31 May 1970, she was 76.

Generation Nine

Jessie May "Nuts" Insco. Born on 3 Mar 1921 in Logan Co., KY. Jessie May "Nuts" died in Montgomery Co., OH on 28 Nov 1999, she was 78. Buried on 29 Nov 1999 in Valley View Memorial Gardens, Greene Co., OH.  On 21 Aug 1937 when Jessie May "Nuts" was 16, she first married (1) James Corbette Anderson, son of Hunter Anderson & Clara Frances Knight, in Erlanger, KY. Born on 18 Oct 1917 in Logan Co., KY. James Corbette died in Greene Co., OH on 4 Apr 1981, he was 63.  Jessie May Insoc married (2) ROBERT EARL BRADFIELD August 30, 1986 in Greene Co., OH. He was born February 27, 1918 in Portsmouth, OH.  See the Knight and Anderson lines.

Notes for Jessie May Insco:  She played the piano on occasion and she cut a record singing "Tumbling Tumbleweed." It was one of those go into a booth and record it yourself type records. Don't know whatever happened to it.

After they moved to OH, she and Dad would ride back down to Logan Co. on his motorcycle (I never knew he ever had a motorcycle).

She was one of the few women in the US who had her ham radio operators license in the 1970's. She enjoyed reading, word puzzles, crochet, dancing, poker, and slot machines.  Pictured above left is James David Insco, father of Joseph Franklin Insco holding Jessie Insco Anderson.  The picture was taken around 1924, the same year he died.

Jesse May Insco and James Corbette Anderson had the following children:

i Barbara Jean Anderson (myself)
ii James Donald "Sonny" Anderson
iii Janice Carol Anderson

From here see the Anderson Line.

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