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These are the Major Surnames I'm currently researching and have data on.  The "inactive links" represent surnames I haven't researched (yet). 
Maternal Paternal
Acklen Hall Adams Jordan
Allen Holland Anderson Keith
Albert Insco Armstrong Knight
Broadus Irvin Bass Lanier
Byrd Jones Brown Lee
Buck Ketchine Barham Liddell
Baker Mason Bassett Lynn
Chapman Matthews Chichester McKinney
Clinch McCoy Clevenger Merthens
Creedle Newsome Cooper Oglesby
Courkin Pearson Coursey Parker
Dawson Pendley Crabtree Porter
Duncan Penrod Dukes Smith
Dugtale Reed Green Stegge
Dillon Robinson Galloway Tucker
Daugherty Sharp Harband Vassall
Edmundson Smith Hadden Wade
Foutch Taylor Hankins Wadley
Gibson Whitaker Harris Ware
Gill White Horsemanden Winborn
Gregston Wilson Hickes Wright


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