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Descendants of Richard Oglesby - please note, I have more information on this line than is shown here. Please contact me if you are interested in my notes.  See Oglesby Endnotes here.

Generation One

RICHARD OGLESBY was born 1688 in Scotland, and died Bet. 1730 - 1731 in Goochland Co., VA. He married SUSANNAH WARE 1710, daughter of JACOB WARE and SUSANNAH ADAMS. She was born Abt. 1692 in St. Peters Parish, New Kent Co., VA, and died 1735 in Henrico Co. or Goochland Co., VA.  See the Ware Line.

Notes for RICHARD OGLESBY:  Richard lived in Goochland Co., VA around Beaver Dam. He received a land grant in 1730 for 600 acres of land. (Land Book XIV, page 148, 9 Sep 1730, Goochland Co., VA. (Source: Brenda Webster & Jo Brown.)

Richard Oglesby, rent rolls 1704 King & Queen Co., VA.

Goochland Co., VA Order Book B, 1731-1732, pg. 104: Susannah Oglesby granted administrator of Richard Oglesby, deceased.

Notes for SUSANNAH WARE:  Susannah's mother, Susannah Adams Ware, left a will proved 5 May 1738 naming her and other children/grandchildren as heirs. See under Susannah Adams.


i JACOB OGLESBY, b. Abt. 1709, Henrico Co., VA; d. Abt. 1780, Goochland Co., VA.
ii MOURNING OGLESBY, b. Bet. 1710 - 1712, Goochland Co., VA; d. Bef. 1820.
iii ELIZABETH CORABY OGLESBY, b. Abt. 1713, Goochland Co., VA; m. ? BURTON; b. Abt. 1713.
iv ALICE OGLESBY, b. Abt. 1715, Goochland Co., VA; d. Bef. 1820.


Generation Two

Jacob Oglesby was born Abt. 1709 in Henrico Co., VA, and died Abt. 1780 in Goochland Co., VA. He married CONSTANCE XXXX Abt. 1726 in Goochland Co., VA. She was born Abt. 1711 in Goochland Co., VA, and died Bef. 1820 in Goochland Co., VA.

Notes for JACOB OGLESBY:  Goochland Co., VA, Deed Book H, Page 303. On 20 Mar 1743, Jacob Oglesby of the Parish of St. James, sells 250 acres (a part of the greater tract of 600 acres patented in the name of Richard Oglesby, father to said Jacob) to Robert Williamson, dated 28 Sep 1730, on the north side of the James River on branches of Beaver Creek (further proving the parentage of Jacob Oglesby). (Source: Brenda Webster)

Jo Brown is also showing a daughter Nancy but didn't have any dates.

Notes for CONSTANCE UNKNOWN:  World Family Tree on the internet has a file that shows Constance was a Perkins. All the other files and info I've seen do not have her maiden name.


i WILLIAM B. OGLESBY, b. Abt. 1726, Goochland Co., VA; d. December 28, 1802, Fluvanna Co., VA.
ii RICHARD OGLESBY, b. Bet. 1729 - 1731, Goochland Co., VA; d. August 17, 1798, Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.
iii JACOB OGLESBY, b. Bet. 1731 - 1736, Goochland Co., VA; d. January 1813, Milton, Albemarle Co., VA.
iv THOMAS OGLESBY, b. September 22, 1740, Goochland Co., VA; d. Bef. 1846; m. RUTH PARTIES.

Generation Three

JACOB OGLESBY was born Bet. 1731 - 1736 in Goochland Co., VA, and died January 1813 in Milton, Albemarle Co., VA.  He married (1) UNKNOWN Abt. 1751.  She was born Abt. 1731, and died Bef. 1760.  He married (2) ANN BAILEY February 14, 1760 in St. James Northam, Goochland Co., VA, daughter of THOMAS BAILEY She was born Abt. 1740 in Goochland Co., VA, and died Bef. 1780 in Albemarle Co., VA.  He married (3) MILDRED MARTIN Abt. 1780 in Albemarle Co., VA, daughter of THOMAS MARTIN and ANNE MOORMAN.  She was born Abt. 1741 in Albemarle Co., VA, and died Abt. 1827 in Elbert Co., GA.

Notes for JACOB OGLESBY:  The marriage ceremony for Jacob and Ann Bailey was performed by the Rev. Douglas in Goochland Co., VA.

1785 Albemarle Co., VA Census:  Jacob Oglesby, 12 white souls, 1 dwelling, 5 other buildings.

1810 Albemarle Co., VA Census: Jacob Oglesby; 1 male 16-26, 1 male over 45, 2 females 16-26, 1 female over 45, 10 slaves.

Notes for MILDRED MARTIN: When Mildred married Jacob, she brought 6 children into the family.  With his 4 sons, they now have a total of 10 children.  Whether her children adopted the Oglesby name is not yet known.  Her children by her first husband were:  Thomas, abt 1762; Mourning, abt 1763; Robert, abt 1764; Susan, abt 1766; William, abt 1768; and Nancy, abt 1770

Children of JACOB OGLESBY and unknown are:

i CONSTANT OGLESBY, b. Bet. 1748 - 1765, Goochland Co., VA; d. Bef. 1867, Christian Co., KY.
ii DAVID OGLESBY, b. Bet. 1751 - 1758; d. Bef. 1875.
iii ROBERT OGLESBY, b. Bet. 1751 - 1758; d. Bef. 1875.
iv SARAH "SUKEY" OGLESBY, b. Bet. 1751 - 1758; d. Bef. 1875; m. WILLIAM BREADEN, June 18, 1788, Amherst Co., VA; b. Bet. 1763 - 1773; d. Bef. 1873.
v JOHN OGLESBY, b. Bet. 1751 - 1758; d. Bef. 1840.
vi ELISHA OGLESBY, b. December 29, 1758; d. March 02, 1833; m. (1) MARY BRYSON; b. Abt. 1760; d. Bef. 1800; m. (2) XX ROGERS; d. Bef. 1800; m. (3) SARAH PRATT, June 10, 1800, Amherst Co., VA.

       Children of J

i THOMAS B.4 OGLESBY, b. January 05, 1761, Albermarle Co., VA; d. 1832.
ii JESSE OGLESBY, b. November 15, 1763, Fluvanna, Albermarle Co, VA; d. March 23, 1852, Madison Co., KY.
iii PLEASANT BAILEY OGLESBY, b. March 15, 1766, Albermarle Co., VA; d. May 26, 1847, Cooper Co., MO.


i MARY C.4 OGLESBY, b. 1781.
ii ELIZABETH WHITNEY "BETSY" OGLESBY, b. January 11, 1782, Albermarle Co., VA; d. March 05, 1851.
iii MARTHA "PATSY" OGLESBY, b. Abt. 1783; d. Abt. 1825, Raccoon Ford, VA.


CONSTANT OGLESBY was born Bet. 1748 - 1765 in Goochland Co., VA, and died Bef. 1867 in Christian Co., KY.  He married NANCY ANN COURSEY Bef. 1778, daughter of WILLIAM COURSEY and MARY UNKNOWN.  She was born Abt. 1763 in Goochland Co., VA, and died Bef. 1867 in Christian Co., KY.  See the Coursey line.

Below are some pictures of the Old Oglesby Cemetery, inside and out and the natural Rock Bridge.

The Oglesby Cemetery located out on highway 189 near the Muhlenberg and Christian County, KY line.  Hunters have built a deer stand in the middle of of it !  Inside the grove of trees are several sandstone markers like the one below.  Constant Oglesby, Sr., Nancy Coursey his wife are probably buried here and perhaps Permelia Crabtree and husband Jacob Oglesby and others

Notes for CONSTANT OGLESBY:  According to family history, it was too hot and too dry in SC and they moved to Christian Co., KY in 1803.  As you go from Greenville, KY on Hwy 189, after crossing Pond River into Christian Co., on top of a hill is a house on the left - just a little off the road.  Constant lived behind that house near a spring; at last account, it is still owned by direct descendants through Jacob, son of Constant.  On the right is a clump of trees, this is where Constant & Nancy are supposedly buried.  A wee bit south of that, at Apex, an old road crosses going out to Natural Rock Bridge.  That road was supposedly the Red Banks Trace (Henderson, KY).  Nancy, daughter of Constant, was the first white woman to cross the natural rock bridge.  Constant Oglesby's family is buried on a hill above Pond River, Hwy 62.  His wife Nancy is buried near a clump of trees with sandstone markers and a wire fence.  (Also noted is that it is Hwy 189 and that nothing is left but sandstone rocks.)

1803 - about when he moved to Christian Co. (per Jo Brown).

8 Jul 1807, Constant was appointed a constable in Christian Co.

8 Jul 1809, he was granted 400 acres on Pond River (near Apex) on the Greenville Hopkinsville Road.

Nancy was listed as Anny on a deed of 1789.

Many of the Oglesby's are buried in the Oglesby Cemetery at White Plains, Hopkins Co., KY, but there are also other Oglesby cemeteries - at least one other in Christian Co. and one in Logan Co.

South Carolina Census 1790-1890:

1790: Constant Oglesby, Edgefield Co., page 63, 0103020000, SCS1a2316127

Constant Oglesby, Edgefield Co., page 510, district 96, SC13617670

1800: James Oglesby, Edgefield Co., page 176, 20302-21101-04, SCS1a2316136

John Oglesby, Edgefield Co., page 141, 11301-01101-00, SCS1a2316145

1820 Christian Co., Hopkinsville, pg 30: Constant Oglesby, Sr. 1 male 45 & >; 1 female 26-45.

1830 Christian Co., pg 15: Constant Oglesby 1 male 80-90; 1 female 80-90.

Most people show Constant born in the 1740s but I believe that to be way too early.  But it had to be before 1765 or he'd only have been 13 when Jacob was born.

Virginia marriages to 1800 shows a Conney Oglesby marriage to Dinnett Abney Witt 4 Jan 1790 in Amherst Co.

Notes for NANCY ANN COURSEY:  She was shown as "Anny" on a deed of 1789. 


i JACOB B. OGLESBY, b. Abt. 1778, Goochland Co., VA; d. August 06, 1859, Christian Co., KY (my line, more below)
ii JAMES OGLESBY, b. Abt. 1780; d. Bef. 1894; m. NANCY KIRKMAN, October 26, 1813, Christian Co., KY.
iii WILLIAM L. OGLESBY, b. Abt. 1782, VA; d. January 1859, Hopkins Co., KY; m. MARY XXXX, Abt. 1800; b. Abt. 1784, AL; d. March 30, 1859, Christian Co., KY.
iv NANCY ANN OGLESBY, b. 1786, SC; d. 1860, Christian Co., KY; m. JOHN RATCLIFFE, 1809, Christian Co., KY; b. Abt. 1788; d. Logan Co., KY, between 1850-60.  This is my cousin Catherine's Line.
v CHRISTIAN HOSKINS OGLESBY, b. Abt. 1788, Goochland Co., VA; d. January 25, 1859, Christian Co., KY; m. JAMES HARKINS, Abt. 1809, Christian Co., KY.
vi CONSTANT OGLESBY, b. January 22, 1788, Edgefield Co., SC; d. September 19, 1838, Christian Co., KY; m. NANCY ANN KNIGHT, October 30, 1810, Christian Co., KY; b. February 06, 1792, Randolph Co., NC; d. March 13, 1846, Christian Co., KY.
vii  JOHN C. OGLESBY, b. April 26, 1794, SC; d. December 22, 1880, Hamilton Co., IL; m. SARAH "SALLY" KNIGHT, August 13, 1816, Christian Co., KY; b. July 11, 1803, KY; d. June 20, 1870, Hamilton Co., IL.

Generation Five


Jacob B. Oglesby was born abt 1778 in Goochland Co., VA. Jacob B. died in Christian Co., KY on 6 Aug 1859, he was 81. Buried in Oglesby Cemetery, Hopkins Co., KY.  On 7 Jun 1806 when Jacob B. was 28, he first married Rhody Dupuy, in Christian Co., KY. Rhody died abt 1808.


Notes for Jacob Oglesby:  1820 Christian Co., Hopkinsville, pg 30: Jacob Oglesby 4 males 0-10, 1 male 26-45; 1 females 10-16, 1 female 16-18, 1 female 16-26.

1840 Christian Co. census: head of household Jacob Oglesby; 1 male 15-20 {William?}, 2 males 20-30 {Constant & George?}, 1 male 60-70 (Jacob); 1 female 5-10 (Sarah), 1 female 10-15 (Lucy), 2 females 15-20 {Permelia & Missiana?), a female 20-30 {Nancy?}, a female 50-60 (Permelia).

1850 Christian Co. census: #809/585 Jacob Oglesby, 72, farmer, VA, real estate $600; Permelia H., 60, SC; Lucy F., 22, KY; Sarah E., 17, KY.

Christian Co. Vital Records, LDS 216820, notes the death of Jacob Oglesby, age 81, widower, parents and place of birth unknown, 6 Aug 1859, died of old age.

A History of Muhlenberg Co., pg 85:  One of the Jacob's is cited as being among the well-known first-comers who lived in the Old Liberty neighborhood and the Murphy's Lake country. Newton B. Reddick is also named.

More About JACOB B. OGLESBY:  Burial: Oglesby Cemetery, Hopkins Co., KY

Notes for P
ERMELIA HARKINS CRABTREE:  A. B. Willhite notes in his book "Descendants of William Coursey", that Permelia was a Haskins and married a Crabtree before marrying Jacob Oglesby.  If Jacob was a widower when he died in 1859, then Permelia didn't die in 1877 -  it would have been before Aug 1859.  Burial: Oglesby Cemetery, Hopkins Co., KY (probably). 


A cousin recently informed me she found a reference to Permelia seeking a claim on a William Crabtree's Revolution Pension.  She is going to send me the document, and I'll place the information here.

A posting at rootsweb.com from Pamela Schleicher ([email protected]) shows that the widow Margaret Harkins married John Crabtree CA 1780-1790.  They were living in Christian Co.  Her daughter from her first marriage, Permelia Harkins, married Jacob Oglesby.


Jacob Oglesby and Rhody Dupy had one child:


i Mismiah Oglesby Born abt 1808.

On 21 Jan 1809 when Jacob B. was 31, he second married Permelia Harkins Crabtree, daughter of John Crabtree & Margaret Harkins, in Christian Co., KY. Born abt 1788 in SC.  Permelia Harkins died in Christian Co., KY in 1877, she was 89.  See the Crabtree line.


I am descended through two of these children.

Permelia Harkins Crabtree and Jacob B. Oglesby had the following children:


i Joseph Oglesby
ii Lucilla Oglesby
iii Nancy A. Oglesby (~1810-1870), died in Missouri.  Married Ephraim Herrod Dukes.
iv John C. Oglesby (~1812->1855), married Lucinda Louisa Oglesby (1st cousins).
v George W. Oglesby (~1813-), married Mary A. McSparrin.
vi Benjamin Franklin Oglesby (~1814-1878), married Cynthia Ann Dukes.  This couple had among others, Cryhorn Decalve "Crog" Oglesby, who married Melissa B. Oglesby, daughter of Wade Hampton Oglesby below.
vii Constant C. Oglesby (1816-1885)
viii Wade Hampton Oglesby (1818->1892), more below.
ix William. Born abt 1821 Oglesby
x Misianna Elzura Bandacola (1823-1901)
xi Permelia Amelia Oglesby (1825-1920)
xii Lucy J. Oglesby Born abt 1828 in VA or KY. Lucy J. died aft 1863, she was 35.
xiii Sarah E. Oglesby (~1833-1868)



Generation Six

Wade Hampton Oglesby was born on 30 Dec 1818 in Christian Co., KY. Wade Hampton died in Logan Co., KY aft 1892, he was 73.

On 6 Jun 1844 when Wade Hampton was 25, he first married Sarah Elizabeth Coursey, daughter of Robert Coursey & Mary Anderson, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 1 Jan 1819 in Logan Co., KY. Sarah Elizabeth died in Dec 1868, she was 49.  See the Coursey and Anderson lines.


Notes for WADE HAMPTON OGLESBY:  Jean Wells also has a son Thomas for Wade and Sarah from a bible record with him and the other six.

Kentucky Land Grants, Book 57, Page 467 - Surveyed on 12 Mar 1859, Wade was granted 200 acres along Wolf Lick Creek in Logan Co.  See also the deeds involving other Oglesbys in separate file.

1850 Logan Co. Census: #564 Wade H. Oglesby, age 31, farmer, KY; Elizabeth, age 31, KY; Richard M., age 5, KY; Rutledge, age 4, KY; Demancus {Demarcus}, age 2, KY; Joseph, age 1/12, KY.

On 7 Sep 1853, Wade and Sarah were named in a deed (Hampton Oglesby, Elizabeth his wife, late Elizabeth Coursey,......) along with other heirs of Robert Coursey (died 1839).  The land was sold at the Russellville court house to the highest bidder - William Coursey, who in turn either gave each of the heirs $1 for the land or sold it to them for $1 each (the way it's worded isn't really clear to me exactly what was going on).  It appears to be land involved in the case of Josiah Anderson against Robert's heirs earlier that year (see under Robert Coursey). William was the highest bidder at $328.71.

1860 Logan Co. Census: #670/657 W. H. Oglesby, age 41, born KY, farmer, value of property $1200, value of personal property $600; Sarah E., age 41, born KY; Richard J., age 15, farm laborer, KY; Jno. R. T., age 14, KY; DeMarcus L., age 12, KY; Josiah G., age 10, KY; Melissa B., age 8, KY; Willie E. (F), age 3, KY; Mary Coursey, age 83, KY.  {Mary is Mary Anderson, widow of Robert Coursey.}

1870 KY Census Index:  Logan Co., Gordonsville District, Xward (Wade) Oglesby, age 50, farmer, KY; Marcus, age 22, farm laborer, KY; Milissa, age 16, KY; Nabla (female), age 13, KY.

Also in Logan Co., 1870: Richard Oglesby, age 24, works in sawmill, KY; July, age 22, TN; William, age 3, KY; Mary, age 11/12 July, KY.

1880 Christian Co. Census: #29/29 W. H. Oglesby, age 64, KY NC ?, farmer; N. L., wife, age 45, house keeping, KY KY KY; M. J., daughter, age 21, KY KY NC; G. R., daughter, age 18, KY KY NC; M. D., son, age 18, KY KY NC; S.E., daughter, age 5, KY KY NC.  The S.E. in 1880 is believed to be Sarah E. who married Miner Wagoner in Christian Co. 24 Dec 1893.

Jean Wells has an 1892 Christian Co. school census, school dist. 5, showing Wade as the father/guardian for Emma Oglesby.

Notes for SARAH ELIZABETH COURSEY:  Richard Coursey e-mail, 10 Jan 01: his data is the same except he also shows an Elizabeth, born 1 Jan 1819 marrying Lewis Keller on 24 Aug 1846 in Logan Co.  It must be a different Coursey than Sarah Elizabeth.

Notes for NANCY L. WELLS:  According to an LDS record, her maiden name was Nancy L. Wells.  Nancy and Nate married in Muhlenberg Co. at the home of John Owens by the Rev. John Walker in the presence of James W......, William T. Lile and William R. Cary.

1850 Muhlenberg Co. Census:  #92/92 James and Elizabeth Wells family; N. D. Owens, age 24, born KY.

#533/533 John Wells, age 37, born KY (same for rest); Araba, age 22; Nancy L., age 14; Micajah W., age 10; John R., age 10; Miranda E., age 2; Frank, age 4/12.

1860 Muhlenberg Co. Census:  #65/65 Nathaniel D. Owens, age 36, born KY (same for rest); Nancy L., age 24; John H., age 6; Martha J., age 6; John Owen, age 71, NC.

#138/138 John Wells, age 49, born KY (same for rest); Ibby, age 35; Miranda E., age 11; Francis, age 10; James, age 9; Mary, age 7; Benjamin, age 6; Sarah, age 4; Martha, age 8/12.

1870 Muhlenberg Co. Census:  #205/213 Nat Owen, age 48, farmer, real estate $300, personal $300, KY; Nancy L., age 35, KY; John H., age 16, KY; Martha J., age 11, KY; George R., age 7, KY; Nathan D., age 3, KY.

The first three children listed with she and Wade in the 1880 Christian Co. census were hers by her first marriage to Nathaniel Owen.  Sarah E. was hers by Wade Hampton.

Wade Hampton Oglesby and Sarah Coursey had the following children:

i John Rutlage Thomas Oglesby  (1845-1937)
ii Richard L. Oglesby  (1845-)
iii DeMarcus L. Oglesby  (~1848->1880)
iv Josiah G. Oglesby  Born abt 1850 in Logan Co., KY. Josiah G. died in Logan Co., KY abt 1870, he was 20. Buried in Coursey Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.
v Melissa B. Oglesby (1852 - <1885) (my line, more below)
vi Willie Elmus Oglesby  Born on 8 Oct 1856.

On 9 Sep 1872 when Wade Hampton was 53, he second married Nancy L. Wells, daughter of John Wells & Courtney Dukes, in Christian Cty, KY. Born abt 1836 in Muhlenberg Co., KY. Nancy L. died aft 1880, she was 44.

They had one child:


i Sarah Emma Oglesby  Born abt 1875 in Christian Co., KY. Sarah Emma died on 12 Aug 1955, she was 80. Buried in Judges Chapel Cemetery, Christian Co., KY.  On 24 Dec 1893 when Sarah Emma was 18, she married Miner Wagoner, in Christian Co., KY.


Generation Seven


Melissa B. Oglesby was born on 17 Dec 1852 in Christian Co., KY. Melissa B. died in Logan Co., KY bef 1885, she was 32. Buried in Oglesby Cemetery, Logan Co., KY. (large map of Christian County on left)

On 26 Apr 1874 when Melissa B. was 21, she married (first cousin marriage) Cryhorn Decalve "Crog" Oglesby (73) , son of Benjamin Franklin Oglesby (48) & Cynthia Ann Dukes, in Hopkins Co., KY. Born in Feb 1845 in Christian Co., KY. Cryhorn Decalve "Crog" died in Logan Co., KY on 13 Jul 1924, he was 79.  See the Dukes line.  Cryhorn Decalve Oglesby is buried in the Oglesby Cemetery, Logan Co., KY


Notes for MELISSA B. OGLESBY:  Although Melissa is listed in the Jan 2000 edition of the Cemeteries book as being buried in Oglesby Cemetery, A. B. Willhite believes she is actually buried in Christian County.

More About MELISSA B. OGLESBY:  Burial: Oglesby Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Notes for CRYHORN DECALVE "CROG" OGLESBY:  In the 1850 and 1860 census, Crog was living at home with his parents.

1870 Hopkins Co. Census: #206/206  James H. Josey, age 22, farmer, real estate $400, KY; Elizabeth, age 18, KY; Lydia, age 9/12 (August), KY; C. D. Oglesby, age 25, laborer, KY.

1880 Christian Co. Census: Oglesby, C.D., w, m, age 35, farmer, father born SC, mother born IN; M.B., w, f, age 27, wife, housekeeper, parents born SC; W.F., w, m, son age 5; M.E., w, f, daughter, age 4; R.J., w, f, daughter, age 1; W.L. (or C.), w, m, uncle, age 59, single, labor, born SC.  (All children born KY.)

1900 Logan Co. Census: #79/79 C. D. Oglesby, Feb 1845, age 55, married 14 years, KY KY KY, owns farm; Pinkie E., wife, Oct 1845, age 54, 2 children/2 living; Becka J., daughter, Feb 1879, age 20; Samuel U. (?), son, Jun 1887, age 13.  (Becka was Pinkie's step-daughter.)

1910 Logan Co. census: DeKalb Oglesby, age 66, married 24 years, married twice, born KY; Pinkie E., age 65, married once, one child/one living.

1920 Logan Co. census, pg 2, west of Lewisburg, 3 Jan:  Listed is a Crasharan Oglesby, age 74, KY IL KY and wife, Ellen, age 74, KY KY KY. I'm almost sure this is Crog because the ages are close for both he and Pinkie but the reason for showing his father born in IL is unknown.

According to A.B. Willhite, Crog died 1924 - he is not listed in the KY death index 1911-1930 so he could be one of those where the death certificate was never filed.

In the 1895 Logan Co. School Census, both R. J., age 15 female, and S. W., age 8 male were attending school.

Cryhorn, Melissa and Pinkie are all three listed in the Cemeteries Book as buried in the Oglesby Cemetery (Oct 00).  After driving through Johnny Willhite's yard, through a corn field and then through another corn field and into the woods, A. B. Willhite (cousin of Johnny) led us to the site where Cryhorn had built a house.  The foundation is still visible and the well he built is still there and useable.  Then we proceeded through the woods and found the "cemetery" - some tombstones scattered about among the trees.  We found several tombstones but not those of Cryhorn, Melissa or Pinkie.  A. B. said that Cryhorn is in an unmarked grave, Melissa is actually buried in Christian Co., and Pinkie is the only one with a tombstone. 

Marriage Notes for MELISSA OGLESBY and CRYHORN OGLESBY:  C. D. Oglesby paid bond for marriage to Malissa Oglesby on 25 Apr 1874 and 26 Apr 1874 (marriage recorded twice).  Witnesses were J. G. White, J. C. Hight, J. H. Josey, J. W. Ewing.  Second record replaced J. C. Hight with J. G. White.

Melissa Oglesby and Cryhorn Decalve "Crog" Oglesby had the following children:

i Wade Franklin (1875-1946)
ii Mary Elizabeth Ann "Molly" Oglesby (1877-1953)
iii Rebecca Jane Keith (1879-1964)

Generation Eight


Mary Elizabeth Ann "Molly" Oglesby. Born on 27 Nov 1877 in Christian Co., KY. Mary Elizabeth Ann "Molly" died in Logan Co., KY on 14 Apr 1953, she was 75. Buried in Fitzhugh Cemetery.  On 11 Oct 1893 when Mary Elizabeth Ann "Molly" was 15, she first married Joseph Henry "Joe" Knight, son of Henry Farley Knight & Mary Elizabeth Keith, in Logan Co., KY. Born on 2 Apr 1867 in Muhlenberg Co., KY. Joseph Henry "Joe" died in Logan Co., KY on 15 Jan 1939, he was 71.  See my Knight and Keith lines. (large map of Logan County, KY above).

Mary Elizabeth Oglesby and Joseph Knight had the following children:


i Clara Frances Knight (1896-1957)
ii Anthony Rosovelt Knight (1901-1947)
iii Joseph Decalve Knight Born in 1910 in Logan Co., KY. Joseph Decalve died on 16 Dec 1910 in Logan Co., KY. Buried in Oglesby Cemetery, Logan Co., KY.
iv Audrey Ellen Knight (1912-1993)
v  Arlow Richardson Knight (1914-1961)


On 22 Jan 1946 when Mary Elizabeth Ann "Molly" was 68, she second married Eugene Hardison. Born abt 1872. Eugene died aft 1953, he was 81.


From here see the Knight line.


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