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Descendants of John Penrod - See Penrod Endnotes here.

Generation One

JOHN PENROD1,2,3,4 was born Abt. 1726 in Fredrick Co., MD, and died April 13, 1799 in Somerset Co., PA. He married CATHERINE XXXX Bef. 1748. She was born Abt. 1734 in Ireland, and died Abt. 1808 in Muhlenberg Co., KY.

Notes for JOHN PENROD:  According to all the sources, the origin of the family is German. The name appears in early records as Benrod, Benrat, Benrath, Bonroth, Bonracth, Pinrod, etc. John was born about 1726, possibly in Ireland (of German ancestry) and died Apr 1799 in Somerset Co., PA. He married Catherine about 1749. He was a Revolutionary War veteran (although that hasn't been proven), a 7th Day Baptist, a hunter, and one of the pioneers in Somerset Co., PA. Harmon Husband was one of the first to settle his family there in 1772 and he kept a journal which has been helpful in tracing the settlement of the county. John Penrod Sr., his son, John Jr., and his son-in-law John Vansell had a hunting cabin there before Husbands arrived, but they didn't move their families there until 1773.

The first record found of John Penrod was in Frederick Co., MD where he received several land warrants in 1755. He was Naturalized there in 1767 under the name of John Benracth and apparently stayed there until moving his family to Somerset Co. in 1773. According to "Two Centuries of Brother's Valley," page 78, John and his wife were 7th Day Baptists and followers of Elder Martin. The church met in their home for a time. Later the Penrod Church was called the Quemohoing 7th Day Baptist Church.

John Penrod's will was written 19 May 1798 and probated 13 Apr 1799 in Somerset Co., PA. In it he mentioned his wife Catherine, sons Israel, Solomon and Peter. There were other children but he did not name them. Dorothy Turner and others believe John had at least 11 children (some may be grandchildren or belong to Henry Penrod):

A. John Penrod, Jr., who married Sarah Davis

B. Mary Penrod who married John Vansell

C. David Penrod who married Barbara Shontz

D. Drusilla who married Phillip Kimmel

E. Peter Penrod who married Elizabeth

F. Emanuel Penrod who married Fannie Long

G. Tobias Penrod who married Catherine

H. Israel Penrod who married Elizabeth

I. Samuel Penrod who married Mary (Polly) Smith (Smith provided by Pansy Allison)

J. Solomon Penrod who married Sarah

K. Eleazer Penrod who married Margaret

Will of John Penrod (19 May 1798)

In the Name of God Amen. I, John Penrod of Quamahoning Township in the County of Somerset and State of Pennsylvania, being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be almighty God for the same, do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say. First, I order that my whole estate shall be and remain in my own hands and in the hands of my children as it now is till after my decease, and at my decease, shall devalve to my wife Catherine Penrod during her natural life and at her decease then the whole estate belonging to me, I order and it is my will that my estate shall be divided immediately. She, the said Caty Penrod, to have one third part of the whole estate, and the dividen to be divided amongst my children as above mentioned, and it is my will that at the division of my estate that my son Israel shall not be charged with any money that I gave him to pay his doctor's bill in York County and all other expense I paid for him when he got his legs and thigh broke, and also, I give and bequeath to my son Israel all my blacksmiths tules that he shall not be charged with them at the division of my estate. And also, it is my will that my son Soloman shall not be charged with any land that I gave him to wit: the land that John Good now lives on, and it is my will that my son Peter shall not be charged with any money that he received for my use from Jacob Sterback, and I order that my children shall receive all bonds, notes or book accounts that shall appear due from them to me in payment in their part of the estate, and should it appear that any of them should stand in debt to more than their part amount to them, they shall pay such part to the other heirs at the division of my estate, and it is my will that the money due from James Wells and it shall be paid to my heirs in two payments after my decease, at least one year betwixt each payment, and I hereby appoint James Wells and my beloved son, Israel Penrod, sole executors of this my Last Will and Testament and I hereby revoke all former wills by me made in witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and seal the nineteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight.

Signed, sealed published and delivered by the above named John Penrod to be his Last Will and Testament in the presents of us who have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses in the presents of the testator. Witnesses present: Thomas Faith, Jacob Franhizer, John Alexander.

X his Mark: John Penrod

Somerset County, PA. The above named Thomas Faith and Jacob Franhizer, on the thirteenth day of April one thousand seven hundred and ninety nine personally came before me the Subscriber, Registrar, for the Probate of Wills and granting Letters of Administration in and for the County of Somerset in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and being duly sworn according to law do declare and say that they were personally present and heard and saw the within and above named John Penrod, the Testator, make this his mark, seal, publish, pronounce and declare the foregoing instrument in writing as and for his last Will and Testament, that at the time of doing thereof he, the said testator, was of sound and disposing mind and memory according to the best of these deponents knowledge scribed their names thereto as Witnesses to the Execution thereof, in the presence of the Testator and at his request.

Sworn to and subscribed before me: Josiah Espy, Re. Signatures: Thomas Faith, Jacob Franhizer.

Be it Remembered that on the thirteenth day of April Anno Donino 1799, letters Testamentary were granted in due form to James Wells, Esq. and Israel Penrod, Executors of the last Will and Testament of John Penrod, deceased. They, being first Sworn well and truly to administer the Goods and Chattels rights and Credits of the said deceased, and to file an Inventory thereof, in the Register's office at Somerset on or before the thirteenth day of May 1799 and to make a final settlement on or before the 13th day of April 1800. Signature: Josiah Espy, Reg.

The inventory of goods and chattels were appraised by Alexander Shaw and John Hampshire on 26 Apr 1799. Signatures: Alexander Shaw, John Hampshire

Allegheny County

Before me the Subscriber one of the Justices of the Peace in and for the said County, came Alexander Shaw and John Hampshire, the Appraisers therein mentioned, declareth and saith that they did value appraise the within Goods and Chattels to the best of their skill and Judgement and further saith not. Pitt Township, April 25, 1799. Signature: Andrew W. Ascomb (?)

"The Kentucky Migration, 1785" section of the "Two Centuries of Brother's Valley" shows that Henry Penrod's family was among those who migrated from Somerset Co., PA to KY. It is unclear whether Henry was a brother, son or some other relative of John. It is also possible that Henry was John's middle name. The Henry Penrod family is said to have consisted of Jonathon, Peter, Solomon (who married Martha Johnson 1 Sep 1806) , Henry, Ann, Allen, Samuel, Jane (who married Jacob Kimmel 10 Jul 1798), Tobias (who married Patty Kimmel 28 Feb 1802) , Allen, John (who married Jenny Biggs 1 Sep 1806) and Ann (who married John Gilbert 20 Oct 1808).

Notes for CATHERINE XXXX:  Most believe that her maiden name was Barron(e) but there is reason to doubt that. The will of John Barron (in the Dorothy Turner book on the Penrod Family)) was dated 19 Apr 1802 and mentioned six children: John Penrod and Catherine Penrod, late Catherine Barron, a daughter of John Barron, dec'd, dispose of their part of the land to Peter Friedline and was signed by them 4 May 1813. The Catherine who married this John Penrod had died in KY in 1808 and John in 1799 so they could not be the John and Catherine Penrod who signed the deed selling the land.

After John died, Catherine moved to Muhlenberg Co., KY and may have lived with the Daniel Rhoads family. She could have been a sister to either Daniel or his wife. In 1808, Catherine sold all her possessions (including her inheritance from John Penrod) to Daniel Rhoads violating the spirit if not the letter of John's will. Israel Penrod, an administrator of John's estate, appointed his brother Emanuel as his attorney in an unsuccessful attempt to get Catherine's possessions back from Daniel.


i JOHN PENROD, JR., b. Abt. 1748, MD or VA; d. 1823, IN; m. SARAH DAVIS, 1768; d. Aft. 1800.

Notes for JOHN PENROD, JR.:  John was the oldest son. The 1790 Bedford Co., PA, census lists John, one other male over 16, three other males and six females. When he died, his children listed in his will (probated in IN on 12 Mar 1823) were Elijah, Sarah, Beulah, Polly, Amy, Lydia and Jacob. His son-in-law, George Meese, inherited an equal share with his children. The 1784 tax enumeration for Quemahoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA, lists John in a family of four white persons. In Feb 1785 he got two warrants (#65 and 66) each for 400 acres of land in Quemahoning Twp. He later transferred this land to Christian Heipel. In Sep 1785, he got land warrant #56 for 400 acres in Milford Twp., Bedford Co., PA. The land was later patented to Isaac Husbands.

John, Jr. was separated from his wife for the 1800 tax roll of Somerset Co., PA. Sarah was living in PA while John was in Muhlenberg Co., KY. The Muhlenberg Co. Court, June term of 1805, indicted John Penrod, Jr., and Hannah Lout, wife of Daniel Lout, for living in open adultery. The charges were later dropped. Hannah was still in the county in 1806 when she was summoned as a witness in another trial. John left Hannah a life estate and some IN property in his will. He also left property to Jonathan Penrod - possibly a son of John and Hannah.

ii MARY PENROD, b. Abt. 1750, MD or VA; d. Abt. 1825, Logan Co., KY; m. JOHN VANCIL, May 17, 1768.  Notes for MARY PENROD:  A family Bible from the Vancil family gave John's wife's name as Maria Brerathin. The "in" is a suffix added to the surname by German custom to show that she was marriageable and the Brerath may have been an interpretation of the German form of Benrath - one pronunciation of Penrod. {Dorothy Turner's book on the Penrod Family.}   Notes for JOHN VANCIL:  Children listed in John Vancil's will: Tobias, Samuel, John, Jonas, Mary, Elias, Edmond, Catherine, Isaac and Adam.
iii SOLOMON PENROD, b. Abt. 1752, MD; d. Abt. 1825, Logan Co., KY.  My line, more below.
iv DAVID PENROD, b. Abt. 1754, Somerset Co., PA; d. Bet. June 23 - October 03, 1836, Somerset Co., PA.
v DRUCILLA PENROD, b. Abt. 1756, PA; d. Bet. 1798 - 1803, Muhlenberg Co., KY.
vi PETER PENROD, b. Abt. 1758, MD; d. 1807, KY; m. ELIZABETH ?.  Notes for PETER PENROD:  Peter was a Revolutionary War Soldier, serving in a "flying camp" in Cambria Co., PA. He was a stone mason by occupation. He is on the 1783 tax list for Quemohoning Twp, Somerset Co., PA, with 100 acres, two horses, two cattle and three sheep. In the 1874 tax list, one white and five blacks are shown for Peter. The 1790 Bedford Co., PA, census lists Peter, one other male over 16 and three females. In 1796, Peter is listed in Turkey Foot Twp in PA.  On 24 Nov 1805, Peter claimed right to 300 acres on Cany Creek in Muhlenberg Co., KY - land located next to his brother Tobias Penrod. On 21 Jun 1806, Peter was indicted for the murder of Tobias based on a moccasin print found near the scene of the crime - moccasins believed to belong to Peter. He pleaded not guilty but was held in jail until his trial - on Friday, 26 Sep 1806 the jury found him guilty. That verdict was set aside by the judge and a new trial was ordered. On 23 Mar 1807, it was ordered "...that this prosecution do abate, the defendant being dead." There is no indication whether he took his own life, was shot trying to escape or was murdered in custody.  More About PETER PENROD:  Military service: Revolutionary War
vii EMANUEL PENROD, b. Abt. 1760, Frederick Co., MD; d. 1827, Union Co., IL.
viii TOBIAS PENROD, b. Abt. 1762; d. Bef. February 24, 1806.
ix ISRAEL PENROD, b. Abt. 1764, Frederick Co., MD; d. October 31, 1836, Tuscarawas Co., OH; m. ELIZABETH ?, Abt. 1788.  Notes for ISRAEL PENROD:  The 1790 Bedford Co., PA tax roll and the 1796 and 1800 Somerset Twp tax rolls list Israel. After Israel and Elizabeth married, they moved to OH. Their children listed in his wife's will were: Elizabeth, Mary, John, Israel, Peter, Abraham, Solomon, Joseph, David, Catherine, Jacob, Susan and Isaac.
x SAMUEL PENROD, b. Abt. 1766, Frederick Co., MD; d. 1834.
xi ELEAZER ELIJAH PENROD, b. Abt. 1770; d. 1818, Athens Co., OH.


Generation Two

SOLOMON PENROD was born Abt. 1752 in MD, and died Abt. 1825 in Logan Co., KY. He married SARAH XXXX Abt. 1775 in PA.

Notes for SOLOMON PENROD: he 1783 Quemohoning Twp., Somerset Co., PA, tax roll shows Solomon with 100 acres of land and two horses. The 1784 tax roll lists six in his family. The 1790 census lists him in Fayette Co., KY. The abstract survey book of Logan Co., KY, lists Solomon as having applied for 200 acres on Rocky Creek 8 Nov 1798. On one side of his land is 200 acres of Allen Penrod and on the other side is 150 acres of Jonathan Penrod. Tobias Penrod had taken out 200 acres on the other branch of Rocky Creek.

In the paperwork Pansy Allison sent, it shows Solomon as the son of David Penrod and Barbara Shantz/Shonts. Delbert Penrod's book shows a son named David, born 1787 in IL. This Solomon didn't go to IL as far as I know.

Delbert Penrod's book has several pages on Solomon of Muhlenberg Co., KY and Union Co., IL but they are yet another Solomon since this one didn't leave KY.

David Penrod, born 1787, IL, married 30 Jan 1812 Hannah Lamar, died aft 1860 in Lee Co., IA.

Children of SOLOMON PENROD and SARAH XXXX are:

i SAMUEL PENROD, b. Abt. 1776; d. Bet. 1828 - 1829; m. JANE KIMMELL, June 02, 1798, Logan Cty, KY5 Notes for SAMUEL PENROD: Delbert Penrod's book lists a marriage date of 2 Jun 1798 vice Dorothy Turner's date of 10 Jul 1798.  More About SAMUEL PENROD:  Occupation: Riverboat Pilot
ii ALLEN PENROD, b. Abt. 1777; d. March 12, 1827, IL; m. MARIAH/MARY "POLLY" KIMMELL, February 03, 1802, Logan Cty, KY5 Notes for ALLEN PENROD:  He purchased 200 acres of land in Logan Co., in 1798 - next to 200 acres belonging to Solomon. He was llisted as between 16 and 21 in the 1799 tax list. This section of Logan Co. later became a part of Muhlenberg Co. He is reported to have moved to IL around 1815.  According to Delbert Penrod's book, the children of Allen and Polly were: Nancy Lyerly, Ester Lamer, Hugh, Sarah, Vancil, Hanna, William and Zelphy.
iii SOLOMON J. PENROD, b. Abt. 1779, Quemahoning, Somerset Co., PA; d. January 1863, Logan Co., KY.  My line, more below.
iv JOHN PENROD, b. Abt. 1781; d. Abt. 1835.
v ANNIE PENROD, b. Abt. 1783, PA; m. JOHN GILBERT, October 20, 1808, Logan Co., KY; b. Abt. 1783.


Generation Three

SOLOMON J. PENROD was born Abt. 1779 in Quemahoning, Somerset Co., PA, and died January 1863 in Logan Co., KY. He married (1) MARTHA JOHNSON July 26, 1806 in Logan Co., KY, daughter of HENRY JOHNSON and WIFE JOHNSON. She was born Abt. 1779, and died Bef. 1819. He married (2) REBECCA BROADDUS January 06, 1819 in Logan Co., KY, daughter of EDWIN BROADDUS and FRANCES JORDON. She was born Abt. 1794 in NC, and died Bef. 1850 in Logan Co., KY.  See the Broaddus Line.

Notes for SOLOMON J. PENROD:  1810 Logan Co. Census, Page 13: Solomon Penrod 3 males under 10, 2 males 10 & under 16, 1 male 16 & under 26, 1 male 45 & up; 2 females under 10, 1 female 10 & under 16, 1 female 26 & under 45, 1 female 45 & up.

1820 Logan Co. Census: Solomon Penrod 3 males 0-10 (Solomon, John, Henry?), 1 male 10-16, 1 male 26-45 (Solomon), 2 females 0-10 (Sally, Elizabeth?), 1 female 10-16 (Martha?), 1 female 26-45 (Rebecca).

There were two Solomon Penrod's in the 1830 Logan Co. census:

One family with 1 male 20-30, 1 male 50-60, 2 females 0-5, 1 female 10-15 and one female 20-30.

One family with 1 male 0-5 (William), 1 male 5-10 (Samuel), 1 male 10-15 (Solomon), 1 male 40-50 (Solomon), 2 females 0-5 (Mary, Eliza), 2 females 5-10 (Rosanna, Frances), 1 female 15-20 and 1 female 20-30 (Rebecca).

1850 Logan Co. Census: #768, Alfred Hilderbrand, age 28, farmer, KY; Rosa, age 2, KY; Mary J., age 4, KY; Soloman Penrod, age 71, PA; David, age 16, KY; Tabitha, age 17, KY.

The 1860 Logan Co. census shows Solomon, age 78, living with Solomon J. Jr. There were three Solomons in Logan Co. in 1850 and 1860 - one born 1782 (Solomon M.), one born abt 1803, and one born abt 1818 (Solomon J.) according to their ages in the census.

Logan Co. Deeds:  There is a handwritten deed dated 4 Aug (no year given) for 175 acres on Wolf Lick Creek (calculated at 100 poles per inch). Witness was David Penrod.

22 Oct 1817, Deed Book E, page 553. Solomon Penrod and Martha his wife (formerly Martha Johnson) sold Henry Johnson 100 acres of land on Muddy River for $100. It was part of the land surveyed for Adam Johnson, County Court Certificate #1805 on 25 Jun 1806.

1 Oct 1834, Deed Book U, page 250. Solomon sold Solomon for $1 cash and a $500 note, 50 acres of land and his personal property. The land was a part of Solomon (Sr.) life estate - 131 acres of 340 acres conveyed to Martha Johnson 21 Nov 1815.

12 Aug 1857, Deed Book 35, page 362. Solomon sold David A. Penrod 25 acres (be it the same more or less) on the Wolf Lick for $100.

Abstracts of Wills/Settlements, 1857-1874, page 24

PENROD, SOLOMON, Book J, pages 242-243 (Date of probate: 3 Feb 1863)

I Solomon Penrod of the County of Logan county Kentucky do make publish and declare this to be my last will and testament. 1st I desire all my just debts paid. 2nd having advanced to Martha Penrod Sally Banks John Penrod Henry J. Penrod and my daughter Elizabeth who married a man by the name of Hall & since departed this life what I consider their full share & entered in my estate. I leave them nothing more. 3rd having advanced to Fanny Pogue Rosan Hildabrand what I consider their full share of my estate in addition thereto I will devise & bequeath to them after my death each the sum of seventy five dollars to be paid by my executor hereinafter named.

4th The remainder of my estate of every description whatever after first paying the two specific legacies named in the 3rd item of this my will. I will defise & bequeath to Solomon Penrod Samuel Penrod William Penrod Mary Hildabrand Eliza Asher Tabitha Penrod and David A. Penrod to be divided equally between them the portion that will due to Tabitha Penrod is to be paid to the Keeper of the Western Lunatic Asylum at Hopkinsville. 5th Thereby nominate and appoint my son David A. Penrod executor of this my last will and testament. Witness my hand and seal this 23rd day of May 1860.

Witness: Don Morton (signed) Solomon Penrod (seal)

James E. Wright

Abstracts of Wills/Settlements, 1857-1874, page 36 (Will Books J and K)

PENROD, SOLOMON, Book J, pages 419-421

Inventory. The total of his personal property and notes he held against others was $2,323.99. Dated 28 Feb 1865, recorded 22 Oct 1866. Exec.: D. A. Penrod

Abstracts of Wills/Settlements, 1857-1874, page 79

PENROD, SOLOMON, Book K, pages 195-196

Settlement. Dated 30 Mar 1869. Exec.: D. A. Penrod

The will abstract for Henry Johnson (see notes under Martha), lists Martha's children by Solomon Penrod as: Martha, Sally (m. David Banks), and Henry. According to e-mail from Rick Penrod in Oct 2000, there were 3 boys and 4 girls with them in the 1820 census. No one is certain who all their children were but also listed in Solomon's will were John and Elizabeth.

Notes for MARTHA JOHNSON:  Abstracts of Wills/Settlements, 1838-1856, page 122

JOHNSON, HENRY, Equity Box 72, Case Number 1816

Johnson heirs are as follows: Martha, deceased daughter, married to Solomon Penrod, leaving daughter Martha, daughter Sally who married David Banks, and son Henry Penrod; Rebecca, deceased daughter, married to Adam Johnson, leaving sons William, Robert, Reuben, and daughters Betsy, Drucilla, and Catherine who married a Mr. Aldridge; Catherine Johnson, daughter, wife of Thomas Whitaker; Mary Johnson, deceased daughter, married to John Southerlin, leaving heirs listed above (equity case 1816).

Filed 8 April 1851. Died in testate.

Abstracts of Wills/Settlements, 1838-1856, page 122

SOUTHERLIN, JOHN, Equity Box 72, Case Number 1816

In a case of Southerlin heirs vs. H. Johnson's heirs in regard to the ownership of some land, the following relationships are given. Mary Johnson Southerlin was the wife and is now deceased at the time of the suit. Martha Southerlin, daughter, married John Goodman. Henry J./I. and James W. are sons. John W. was a son, now deceased and left the following children: James W., Elizabeth, Martha, Jane, Abigail, and John. Filed 8 Apr 1851.


i MARTHA PENROD, b. Abt. 1807; d. Bef. 1863.
ii HENRY J. PENROD, b. Abt. 1807, Logan Co., KY.  Notes for HENRY J. PENROD:  Per Rick Penrod, Oct 2000 e-mail, Henry moved away from Kentucky as a young man.  26 Sep 1836. Henry J. Penrod, as an heir of Martha Johnson Penrod, sold to Henry Sutherland for $--- (unreadable) his interest in a part of 340 acres patented to Martha Johnson 21 Nov 1815. Signed with X his mark.
iii SARAH JANE PENROD, b. Abt. 1808, Logan Co., KY; d. Bet. 1884 - 1893, Hutchison, KS.
iv JOHN PENROD, b. January 10, 1809, Logan Co., KY; d. May 30, 1893, Muhlenburg Co., KY.
v ELIZABETH PENROD, b. Bet. 1809 - 1817, Logan Co., KY; d. Bef. 1860; m. XX HALL.


i SOLOMON J. PENROD, b. October 16, 1818, Logan Co., KY; d. Aft. 1900, Logan Co., KY.  My line, more below.
ii FRANCES "FANNIE" PENROD, b. Aft. 1819, Logan Co., KY; d. Bef. 1860.
iii SAMUEL PENROD, b. 1823, Logan Co., KY; d. February 05, 1863, KY.  Notes for SAMUEL PENROD:  Per Rick Penrod, Oct 2000 e-mail, Samuel was mustered into Company "B", North Cumberland Battalion of the Union Army, at Caseyville, KY 4 Jan 1863 and died 5 Feb 1863. According to Pansy, he was discharged, not mustered in, on 4 Jan 1863 and no death date is given.  More About SAMUEL PENROD:  Military service: Civil War.
iv ROSANNA PENROD, b. October 1824, Logan Co., KY; d. Aft. 1860.
v WILLIAM B. PENROD, b. Abt. 1827, Logan Co., KY; d. Aft. 1880.
vi MARY PENROD, b. January 06, 1827, Logan Co., KY; d. November 28, 1899, Logan Co., KY.
vii ELIZA PENROD, b. Abt. 1830, Logan Co., KY; d. Bef. 1863, Todd Co., KY.
viii TABITHA PENROD, b. Abt. 1831, Logan Co., KY; d. Bef. February 21, 1865, Logan Co., KY.  Notes for TABITHA PENROD:  In 1850, she, her father and her brother David A. were living with Alfred and Rose Ann Penrod Hildabrand.  Wills/Settlements Book 1856-1874, page 24: "Solomon Penrod, Book J, pgs 242-243. Tabitha was named as a daughter to receive a share of Solomon's estate. Her share was to be paid to the Western Lunatic Asylum for her keep." Will was written 23 May 1860, filed 3 Feb 1863.
ix DAVID ALLEN PENROD, b. March 16, 1832, Logan Co., KY; d. June 06, 1910, Logan Co., KY.


Generation Four

SOLOMON J. PENROD 23,24,25 was born October 16, 1818 in Logan Co., KY26, and died Aft. 1900 in Logan Co., KY. He married (1) MARY C. DILLON February 15, 1841 in Logan Co., KY, daughter of JAMES DILLON and NANCY XXXX. She was born Abt. 1821, and died Bef. 1845 in Logan Co., KY. He married (2) MARY WILSON April 30, 1845 in Logan Co., KY, daughter of JAMES WILSON and ZILLIE WILSON. She was born July 20, 1820 in Logan Co., KY, and died Abt. 1893 in Logan Co., KY.

Notes for SOLOMON J. PENROD:  1850 Logan Co. Census: #637 Soloman J. Penrod, age 31, farmer, KY; Mary, age 26, KY; Lilla {Zillah}, age 6, KY; James W., age 5, KY; Sally, age 4, KY; Mary, age 3, KY; Lott, age 2, KY; Rebecca Morris, age 1, mulatto, KY; Elizabeth A. Penrod, age 9/12, KY; Bradford W. Cobb, age 16, farmer, KY.

1860 Logan Co. Census: Solomon Penrod, age 42, born KY; Mary, age 37, born KY; unreadable Sarah & _____, age 6; James, age 14, born KY; Sarah, age 13; born KY; Mary, age 12, born KY; Lot, age 11, born KY; Elizabeth, age 10, born KY; George, age 9, born KY; Susan, age 6, born KY; Margaret, age 2, born KY; Joshua, age 5/12, born Jan 1860, born KY; Solomon, age 78, born PA.

1870 Logan Co. Census, Hardison Pct., Henrysville: #397 Solimon (sic) Penrod, 51, farmer, KY (same for rest); Mary, 48; Sarah, 23; Mary, 22; Lot, 21, farm laborer; Susan, 15; Margaret, 12; Joshua, 10; Amandilla, 8; Roseta, 6; Daniel, 6; Lucresia, 1.

1880 Logan Co. Census, Dis. 170, Hardison Pct: #25/25 Soloman J. Penrod, 62, farmer, KY PA Blank; Polly {Mary}, wife, 58, housekeeping, KY KY KY (same for rest); Sallie {Sarah}, daughter, 35; Mary J., daughter, 33; Joshua J., , son, 25; Mandelia, daughter, 17; Daniel B., son, 16; Lucresia, daughter, 11.

1900 Logan Co. Census: Solomon is a widower, age 81, living in the household of his son Daniel.

Logan Co. Deeds - the first three were when this Solomon was about 12 and 18 and not married yet. Haven't found which Solomon they go with:

1 Mar 1830, Deed Book U, page 275. Solomon Penrod, John Penrod and Marthy Penrod, heirs of Martha Johnson Penrod, sold part of 340 acres patented to Martha 21 Nov 1815. They sold the land to Henry J. Sutherland and Solomon received $2 plus consideration while John and Marthy received $100. Solomon did not sign the deed. John and Marthy signed with X their mark.

4 Apr 1836, Deed Book 35, page 142. Solomon and his wife Mary sold 12 or 15 acres (be it the same more or less) for $70. The land was bounded by the south end of the bridge over Mud River on the bank of the road from Rochester in Butler Co. to Russellville in Logan Co., thence moving with the meanderings of the river.

10 May 1836, Deed Book U, page 422. Solomon, John and Martha Penrod sold, for the sum of $15 to Solomon and $60 to John and $40 to Martha, 100 acres and 20 acres on the Muddy River. Solomon signed the deed (his signature), John and Martha did not.

These deeds are recorded for this Solomon:  27 Mar 1860, Deed Book 37, page 324. Solomon and Mary sold Joseph B. Brown 5 acres on Mud River for $50. Signed by Solomon, X her mark by Mary. Signed by Solomon, X for Mary

27 Mar 1860, Deed Book 37, page 225. Solomon and Mary sold John P. Gibson 100 acres (more or less) on the waters of Moat Creek and Mud River for $500.

15 Jul 1872, Deed Book 46, page 342. Solomon J. sold James W. Penrod 100 acres on Mud River for $440 ($100 cash - remainder in installments of $85 each. Signed: Solomon

24 Mar 1873, Deed Book 47, page 231. Solomon J. sold John Wilson 14-1/2 acres on Mud River for $65.25. Signed by Solomon and Mary

4 Apr 1873, Deed Book 47, page 346. Solomon sold Doc F. and Mollie C. Felts 101 acres and one rood more or less on Mud River for $500. One half acre of the land was to be reserved as a grave yard (now used as and reserved for a graveyard). $100 paid in cash - $100 due 1 Mar 1874, $100 due 1 Mar 1875, $100 due 1 Mar 1876 and $100 due 1 Mar 1877. Signed by Solomon and Mary

4 Dec 1875, Deed Book 51, page 328. Solomon sold John W. L. Suddath 87 acres on Mud River for $370. $70 was due 1 May 1876 and $300 in three installments of $100 each on 1 May 1877, 1 May 1878 and 1 May 1879. Signed by Solomon and Mary

14 Mar 1892, Deed Book 70, page 46. Solomon J. and Mary sold Mary J. Brown 9 acres and 51 poles on Mud River for $93.20. Solomon had bought the land from Joseph Felts in 1860). Signed by Solomon and Mary.

23 Feb 1893, Deed Book 71, page 47. Solomon sold D. B. Penrod 191 acres more or less on the south side of Mud River (some of it goes down the center of the river with the Josh Penrod line) for $700. $100 cash was paid with $300 due 23 Feb 1896 and $300 due 23 Feb 1897 - notes to bear legal interest. Signed by Solomon and Mary

23 Feb 1893, Deed Book 71, page 107. Solomon sold J. J. Penrod 216 acres more or less on Mud River for $700. $100 cash was paid and six promissory notes were signed - two notes for $100 each 12 months after this date; two notes of $100 in two years from this date; one note of $100 to be paid on 16 May 1897; one note of $100 to be paid 4 Mar 1902 - said note to bear legal interest. Signed by Solomon

22 Nov 1893, Deed Book 71, page 192. Solomon sold James W. Penrod two acres more or less on Mud River for $200. Signed by Solomon

13 Aug 1898, Deed Book 76, page 491. Solomon sold J. J. Penrod some land for $5. Referenced DB 36, pages 236 and 274.

Notes for MARY C. DILLON:  There was no minister's return on the marriage of Solomon and Mary Dillon.

She may be the daughter of James Dillon and Nancy A. but that isn't proven.

Notes for MARY WILSON:  On the same page of the marriages book where Solomon and Mary wed, there is a listing of Mary Wilson marrying William M. Clark.


i MAMIE PENROD, b. August 04, 1842, Logan Co., KY.
ii ZILLAH PENROD27,28, b. November 24, 1844, Logan Co., KY; d. August 04, 1906, Logan Co., KY; m. JOHN P. GIBSON29,30,31,32,33, January 21, 1858, Logan Co., KY34; b. December 15, 1835, Logan Co., KY; d. October 05, 1918, Logan Co., KY.  My line, from here see the Gibson line.

Notes for ZILLAH PENROD:  William Guston was the minister who performed the wedding ceremony for John and Zillah at the M.E. Church South.  More About ZILLAH PENROD:  Burial: Arnold Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

Notes for JOHN P. GIBSON:  When John and Zillah married, he was living in Logan Co., age 22, first marriage, born in Logan Co.; Zillah was a resident of Logan Co., age 13, first marriage, born Logan Co.

1860 Logan Co. Census: #132/124 John P. Gibson, age 24, farmer, KY; Zilla, age 15, housekeeping, KY. (Next door to Solomon and Mary (Wilson) Penrod.)

John may have been in the Civil War as a private in the 8th Calvary Regiment, Co. 11, mustered in 5 Aug 1862 in Russellville and mustered out 23 Sep 1863 in Russellville.

1870 Logan Co. Census, Gordonsville Pct.: #363 John Gibson, age 31, KY; Zillah, age 25, KY; William, age 5, KY; John, age 3, KY; Mary, age 1, KY.

1880 Logan Co. Census, Dis. 170, Hardison Pct: #129/131 John P. Gibson, age 44, farmer, KY Blank NC; Zillah, wife, age 32, housekeeping, KY KY KY (same for rest); Wilson H. ?, son, age 14; John W., son, age 13; Mary E., daughter, age 10; Sarah E., daughter, age 9; Charles L., son, age 7; Martha S., daughter, age 5; James D. ?, son, age 2.

1900 Logan Co. Census: #162/163 John P. Gibson, Dec 1835, age 64, married 40 years, KY NC NC, owns farm; Zillah, wife, Nov 1854, age 55, 14 children/11 living; Wilson P., son, Nov 1864, age 35; Samuel, son, May 1881, age 18; Amos A., son, Mar 1884, age 16; Millard F., son, Mar 1889, age 11.

Three children died between 1860 and 1900 - Seth was one; names of the other two are unknown.

1910 Logan Co. Census: John P. Gibson, age 74, widower, born KY, parents born NC; son Wilson P., age 44, single; son Millard, age 21, single.

Note that John's death certificate shows Moses born in VA instead of NC but everything else indicates NC. He died from influenza in the epidemic of 1918. Death information was given by Wilce Gibson (which is probably his son, Wilson). Sue Lynn's book, Descendants of James Thomas Wilson, identifies Millard as the son of John W. Gibson, born 21 Aug 1887, died 28 May 1968 and identifies John P.'s son as William F.

18 Jan 1908, Deed Book 88, page 25. John bought 86 acres of land on Mud River for $400 from W. L. Penrod - agent for Lewis M. and Mary Jane Carlisle. One acre was reserved for a school house. This is the same land conveyed by W. L. to John in DB 58, page 636, and of record in DB 6, page 602.

More About JOHN P. GIBSON:  Burial: October 07, 1918, Arnold Cemetery, Logan Co., KY


i JAMES WILLIAM PENROD35,36,37, b. October 28, 1845, Logan Co., KY; d. February 12, 1943, Logan Co., KY; m. CALVARY ELIZABETH RAGLAND37, January 19, 1868, Logan Co., KY38; b. May 15, 1853, TN or Logan Co., KY; d. June 17, 1920, Logan Co., KY.

Notes for JAMES WILLIAM PENROD:  1870 Logan Co., Dallams Creek P.O.: #398/398 James Penrod, age 24, farmer, KY; Elizabeth, age 16, TN.

1880 Logan Co. Census, Hardison Pct.: #122 James W. Penrod, 35, KY KY KY; Calvary E., 27, TN VA TN; John H., 9, KY KY TN; Louis S., 5; William B., 1, KY KY TN.

1900 Logan Co. Census: #186/187 James Y. Penrod, Oct 1845, age 54, married 30 years, KY KY KY, rents farm; Calvin E., wife, May 1853, age 47, 9 children/5 living, KY KY KY; Willie, son, Feb 1879, age 21.  More About JAMES WILLIAM PENROD:  Burial: Center Church Cemetery, Logan Co., KY  Notes for CALVARY ELIZABETH RAGLAND:  Census records up to 1900 show her born in TN. In 1900 it shows she was born in KY.  More About CALVARY ELIZABETH RAGLAND:  Burial: Center Church Cemetery, Logan Co., KY

ii SARAH PENROD39, b. November 11, 1846, Logan Co., KY; d. January 02, 1926, Logan Co., KY.  Notes for SARAH PENROD:  The 1880 Logan Co. census, Hardison District, lists "Sallie" still living at home at age 35. She is listed in the 1900 census living with her father and brother - she never married.  More About SARAH PENROD:  Burial: Center Church Cemetery
iii MARY J. PENROD, b. December 24, 1847, Logan Co., KY; d. January 02, 1929, Logan Co., KY.  Notes for MARY J. PENROD:  The 1880 Logan Co. census, Hardison District, lists Mary J. living at home at age 33. In the 1900 census, she is living with her father and brother.
iv LOT PENROD40, b. February 03, 1849, Logan Co., KY; d. KY; m. EMMA H. DOYLE, February 07, 1871, Logan Co., KY41; b. Abt. 1849, KY; d. KY.  Notes for LOT PENROD: 1880 Logan Co. Census, Lewisburg Pct.: #156 Lot Penrod, 31, KY KY KY (same for rest); Emma, 22; Percilla A., 7, daughter; Virgil, 6, son.
v ELIZABETH A. PENROD, b. December 14, 1850, Logan Co., KY; d. April 01, 1927, Logan Co., KY; m. (1) FRANKLIN W. SUDDATH, March 05, 1868, Logan Co., KY42; b. May 26, 1845; d. July 04, 1873, Logan Co., KY; m. (2) JAMES B. RAINWATERS, September 21, 1876, Logan Co., KY; b. Abt. 1850; d. Aft. 1869.
vi GEORGE W. PENROD, b. May 27, 1851, Logan Co., KY; d. Aft. 1870; m. LUCY SIMMONS, September 10, 1871, Logan Co., KY43; b. Abt. 1851; d. Aft. 1870.
vii SUSAN PENROD, b. August 19, 1854, Logan Co., KY; d. April 27, 1914, Logan Co., KY; m. JOHN W. L. SUDDATH, January 23, 1873, Logan Co., KY44; b. May 11, 1851; d. March 22, 1896.
viii HARRY PENROD, b. February 1856, Logan Co., KY.
ix MARGARET ELLEN PENROD, b. May 19, 1858, Logan Co., KY; m. (1) WILSON BROOKS, Aft. 1877; m. (2) JAMES KING, October 03, 1877, Logan Co., KY45.
x JOSHUA JOSEPH PENROD46, b. November 15, 1859, Logan Co., KY; d. April 02, 1926, Logan Co., KY; m. MARY VIRGINIA WILSON, January 04, 1882, Logan Co., KY47; b. 1863, Logan Co., KY; d. Bef. 1900.
xi AMANDILIA "DELIA" PENROD, b. August 04, 1861, Logan Co., KY; d. June 17, 1929; m. ABRAM T. HEAD, September 02, 1880, Logan Co., KY48; b. March 03, 1858, TN; d. August 29, 1936.
xii ROSETTA PENROD, b. August 04, 1861, Logan Co., KY; d. May 26, 1886; m. PETER HARVEY HEAD, November 26, 1879, Logan Co., KY49; b. August 28, 1854, TN; d. September 16, 1930.
xiii DANIEL BOONE PENROD50,51,52, b. April 23, 1864, Logan Co., KY; d. December 29, 1949, Logan Co., KY.
ivx LUCRESIA PENROD, b. September 30, 1868, Logan Co., KY; d. May 20, 1909; m. JOHN THOMAS HEAD, November 17, 1887, Logan Co., KY53; b. July 08, 1867; d. November 13, 1958.

See Penrod Endnotes here.

From here see the Gibson Line.

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