Anderton Branches

Anderton Branches

Most genealogical research points to the  Village of Anderton in the Parish of  Standish, near  Wigan in  Lancashire, North West England as the  origin of the majority of branches of Andertons.

This being the case,  my own branch of Andertons, who are still living in this part of Lancashire today, haven't moved very far in centuries.

Coat of Arms

The components of the Anderton Family Coat of Arms are:

Shield: Black with three silver shacklebolts, a chevron between.
Crest: A curlew (bird).
Family motto: "We stoop not".

See the Anderton Coat of Arms on "A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry" by James Parker

The following sections below take us through the earliest recorded or most famous branches of Andertons in Lancashire. Just click on the name of the branch to see the Family Group Sheets.

 The Andertons of Anderton

This would be the oldest branch of Andertons with a  legend surrounding the death of Oliver de Anderton in 1466.

 The Andertons of Euxton

James Anderton of Euxton is said to be "descended from a second son of Anderton of Anderton". The Andertons of Euxton are the most famous branch of Andertons. Staunch catholics, like all the Andertons of Lancashire, they had many monks and nuns in the family and even a martyr. In the English Civil Wars, Major Hugh Anderton played an important role on the Royalist side and his descendents took part in the Jacobite Rebellions in an attempt to restore the Stuart dynasty to the throne of England.

 The Andertons of Clayton

Closely related to the Andertons of Euxton, this branch also played an important role in the English Civil Wars.

 The Ince Andertons

William Anderton of Euxton married Frances, heiress to the Ince Family estate. From this point the Andertons of Euxton take the name of Ince Anderton. For a period of time they live at Ince Manor at Ince, near Wigan and build the first catholic mission there, but later return to their original residence at Euxton Hall.

 The Andertons of Lostock

The Andertons of Lostock are said to be "descended from a third son of Anderton of Anderton". This branch of Andertons is famous for a feud with the Heaton family which lasted for generations. There is a ghost legendconnected to this story.

 The Andertons of Birchley

The Andertons of Birchley, descended directly from the Andertons of Lostock, are famous for their illegal catholic publications.

This line was believed extinct but may not be. It appears that the 7th son of Roger Anderton of Birchley, John Anderton, emigrated to the Maryland Colony in the mid 1600's.

See the Birchley-Maryland Connection

 The Andertons of Lydiate

More stories of illegal catholic and Jacobite activities surround this branch, together with a curious story about the name of the oldest pub in Lancashire, located in Lydiate.

 The Catholic Record Society

For a detailed look at the members of the historic branches of Andertons of Lancashire, read the research & comments on the Catholic Record Society by Alan Anderton.

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