Euxton, pronounced Eckston, probablly has its origin in the Old English given name "Aefic or Efic's tun". It is a village in the Parish of Leyland, 2 miles W.N.W. of Chorley.

Euxton Hall

The original Hall was built by Hugh Anderton (1466-1516/17). (The present Hall was bulit in 1850 on the site of one built in 1769). South along Wigan Road, the high sandstone wall beside the pavement on the west side of the road was originally built to enclose the hall. The now blocked-up doorway in the wall allowed the Anderton's guests staying at Balshaw Villa opposite, access to the grounds. The Anderton Coat of Arms appears on the front gable of the house. The remains of the Hall, which is now a private hospital, can be seen by passing through the original entrance and also the Anderton's private chapel which is now deconsecrated (built in the grounds in 1817). After freeing Hugh Anderton from Lancaster prison, Charles II slept here on 14th August 1651. He is said to have drunk water from a nearby brook and described it as "Cul Beck" or cool brook giving it its name.

St. Mary's Church, Euxton.(1851)

The Anderton family had private access from Euxton Hall via a small bridge over the Ransnap brook to their own chapel (the south transept of the present church). The foundations can still be seen by each side of the path leading down to the brook which starts by the gates to the school.

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The Anderton Family has held lands and the Hall and finally the Manor in Euxton since the 1400's:

  • The Historic Andertons of Euxton
  • 1700ís
    John Anderton Christened on 23 Dec 1744 in Euxton, Lancashire 
    Father: William Anderton Mother: Mary 
    Ellin Anderton Christened on 23 Jan 1752 in Euxton, Lancashire
    Father: William Anderton Mother: Anne 
    Roger Anderton Christened on 28 Oct 1753 in Euxton, Lancashire
    Father: William Anderton Mother: Ann 
    Martha Anderton Christened on 4 Jan 1756 in Euxton, Lancashire

    There are no people named Anderton in Euxton in 1881, Euxton Hall is inhabited only by servants. The Andertons of Euxton are to be found at different places around the country; Warwickshire, Hampshire & London:

  • The Andertons of Euxton in 1881


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