Entries containing “Graham” and “Jennings” in

Nelson County, KY Records vol. 1

(Betty Collins Cook, Cook Publications, Evanston, IL 1990)


P. 128, Inventory and appraisal of the personal estate of William Stone, dec’d, February 24, 1813, total of $3,451.07 1/3, by Christopher Graham, John Young, Leven Green, Henry May and William Wakefield.  Signed also by Susan Stone, John Stone and Haden Edwards, Administrators.  Recorded May 17, 1813.


P. 194, Will of James Allen, asks that all lawful debts be paid, and gives to son John Allen and daughter Sally Allen the land whereon he lives, to be divided two-thirds to John and one-third to Sally, (more). Christopher Graham, Joseph Norris and Isabella Graham, witnesses.  Probated April 18, 1814.  John Allen qualified as executor and entered into bond of $2,000 with Christopher Graham and Joseph Norris his sureties.


P. 335, Inventory and appraisal of the personal property of Robert Graham, dec’d, January 25, 1815, total of 456.75, by Rawleigh Williams, Joseph Norris, Samuel Duncan and John Wood.  Signed also by Chris Graham and Sally Graham, administrators.  Recorded February 20, 1815.


P. 97, Inventory and appraisal of the personal property of Christopher Ludwick, dec’d, April 21, 1819, total of $678.29, by Ralph Hagan, Hatsel Jennings, and Aaron Bryant.  Signed also by Peter Tichenor, executor.  Also several items not shown at time of appraisal.  Recorded May 17, 1819.  List of property sold at public sale, April 22, 1819, total of 425.17 2/3.  Zacheus Tichenor shown as clerk at sale.  Recorded also May 17, 1819.


P. 116 Will of Francis Leet, “weak in body,” asks to be buried in a decent Christian manner at the discretion of executers.  All legacies left by his brother Robert Mitchell, late of Richmond, and all that testator may be entitled to by the death of his father and all that he may be entitled to by the death of his other relations to brother-in-law Christopher Graham, and by his appropriated to the payment of debts and if anything remains, to give it to testator’s nephew Robert Mitchell Graham when he arrives at age.  September 7, 1815.  Sally Graham, John P. Graham and Sally Graham, witnesses.  Probated August 16, 1819.  Christopher Graham qualified as executor, and executed bond of $1,000 with Christopher Graham his surety.


P. 55, Allotment of dower to Priscilla Aud, widow of Thomas Aud, dec’d d, August 31, 1823, by Micajah Glascock, Jonathan Gore and Hatsel Jennings, commissioners.  Slaves of the estate consisted of Henny, Mary and Lewis, total value of $595.00, and commissioners allotted to the widow the negro woman named Henny valued at $300.00, for which widow was indebted to the estate in the sum of #103.33.  Recorded December 15, 1823.


P. 115, On the motion of Zachariah Aud, administrator, allotment of dower to Ruth Aud, widow of Thomas Aud, dec’d, in the land owned by her late husband, March 9, 1824 by Thomas Duncan, Micajah Glascock and Hatsel Jennings, commissioners.  Commissioners found that the whole tract contained 69 acres, and assigned to widow her dower as 21 acres, being equal to one-third by quality and quantity, bounded by Mrs. Drury, Mrs. Lodwick, and Thomas Tichenor.  Recorded April 19, 1824.


P. 80, Will of Hatsel Jennings, asks that funeral expenses and all just debts be paid, and gives to beloved wife Elender Jennings all his lands and personal estate including the negroes, and to have the sole management of the same as long as she remains his widow.  If she should marry, then she to be entitled to her one-third during her life, and then to be equally divided among all his children.  If wife does marry, then the other two- (more)


P. 20,1 Inventory and apopraisal of the personal property of Hatsel Jennings, dec;’d, November 22, 1826, no total, by James Phillips, Jonathon Gore and Micajah Glascock.  Signed also by Isaac Taylor and Elenor Jennings, administrators. Recorded February 12, 1827.


P. 493, List of property of the estate of Hatsel Jennings, dec’d, sold at public sale on November 29, 1826, no total.  Recorded November 8, 1830.


P. 73, Examination of the accounts of Isaac Taylor as administrator of the estate of Hatsel Jennings, dec’d, August 8, 1831, by James Phillips, Henry Gore and Silas Tichenor, Commissioners.  Recorded September 12, 1831.