The Genealogical History of a Certain John Graham
This information has been assembled from old Bibles, U. S. Census records for
the years 1850, 1860, 1870 and 1880, as well as visits to cemeteries, personal
interviews and many letters, both written and received by Jessie Graham and
Erdie Miller Graham, wife of Rudd Graham.  We express our gratitude to all who
have helped us.  There have been many.
I, Jessie Graham wish to express my appreciation sincerely to Mrs. Edrie Miller
Graham who has devoted many hours and much energy in helping to compile this
history.  It has been a pleasure to work with her and to follow her guidelines.
John Graham was born 3-28-1802 in the state of Kentucky.  Recalling statements made
by past generations, we have reason to believe he married Nancy Jennings, who was
born on 6-20-1803.  They were married on 10-25-1824.  Nancy is the daughter of
Hatsell Jennings of Nelson County, Kentucky.  John died on 3-19-1871 and Nancy
died on 8-19-1880 in Fulton County, Kentucky.  They are buried in the Liberty Baptist
Cemetery, on the Middle Road, seven miles west of Fulton on the Old Cross Road.
The 1880 census showed that Nancy was living at the home of her son Andrew J. (Jack)
Graham.  She met her death accidently by being thrown from her horse, believed
to be in the year 1880, age 77.
The 1860 census showed they owned 1100 acres of land valued at $5,600.00, five
slaves valued at $2,500.00, plus crops of wheat, corn, tobacco and produce.
Reports have it that they deeded each of their six children a large tract of land.
It is our belief that John Graham came from eastern Kentucky with two brothers,
Andrew and James Graham.  As in the years 1835 through 1843 the tax rolls showed
these three Graham's owning land in both Fulton and Hickman counties in Kentucky.
Having believed that they had been born in Virginia we were surprised to find all
records, revealed Kentucky as their place of birth.
No doubt our ancestors were in the Migration Movement that came to Kentucky as
 Frontiersmen with axes and saws and made clearance for us who seek to know.
Just who were the parents of John Graham and Nancy Jennings will require the
reading of many books and digging through old files long covered with dust.  We
are willing to leave that to the younger generation who may have fresh ideas with
their college training as to how the Old Family Trail in Kentucky began and where
it started.  Beyond that we know it reaches across the sea.  For the present our
records start with a certain John Graham of the 1800's.  Not too long ago when
you stop to think, especially those of us who stepped back into this century to
find these records.  Some of them seemed very near and very close.
Page 1
We wrote on the front page, "It does not seem so long ago."  This message engraved
on one of the gravestones seemed to speak out to all of us who still remain.
"Kind Friends, Beware As You
Pass By
As You Are Now, So Once
Was I
As You Are Now, So Once
Prepare There In To
Follow Me."
Children born to John & Nancy Graham:
1.  William J. Graham               1832          1901
2.  Nancy Graham                     1834          1931
3.  Andrew J. Graham               1837          1899
4.  Oliver C. Graham                 1839          1898
5.  Elizabeth P. Graham            1841          1928
6.  Louisa Graham                     1847          1925
Starting with the oldest the family history of each of these children will
be recorded in age sequence on the pages to follow.
Key to letter symbols
b          born
d          deceased
m         married
div       divorced
?          not sure
Page 2
William J. Graham was born January 12, 1832 in Fulton County, Kentucky and lived
until 1901.  He married Virginia Helen Polsgrove on 24th of July 1858.  Jennie,
as she was known, was born October 5, 1840 in Obion County, Tennessee.  They
raised their family on a farm near the state line road about six miles west of
Fulton, Kentucky and three miles east of Jordan, Kentucky.
Children born to William and Jennie Graham:
 1.   John Graham                                      April 1859  -  May 1859
 2.   Ellen Graham                                      Feb. 1861  -          1921
 3.   H. J. Graham                                               1863  -          1865
 4.   Marthe Graham                                           1866  -          1867
 5.   Stonewall Graham                                       1868  -           1930?
 6.   William Hatsell Graham                               1869  -           1946
 7.   Rose Lee Graham                                        1871  -           1925
 8.   Lucretia Graham                                 Sept. 1873  -           1961
 9.   Guy Graham                                                 1877  -           ?
10.  Mack Graham                                               1880  -            ?
11.  Virginia Graham                                           1883  -           1883
No information was found on the death of Stonewall, Guy or Mack.  It is believed
Stonewall lived and died in Globe, Arizona.  Guy and Mack made their homes in
Oklahoma.  They were both married and had children.  Hatsell died in West Plains,
Missouri.  He was unmarried and lived with his sister Ellen.
Ellen Graham married Robert (Bob) Watson.  They made their home in West Plains,
Missouri.  Both are deceased.  No children.
Rose Lee Graham married Marshall (Dutch) Bondurant, who lived from 1869 to 1928.
Children born to Marshall Bondurant and Rose Lee Graham:
1.  Willie Bondurant was born in 1892 and died in 1965.  Willie married Virgie Davis,
     they had one child, Jeff Marshall Bondurant.  Willie made his home in Cayce, Ky.
2.  Ima Bondurant born 1894 and died in 1921.  She married Arthur Roper, deceased.
    She had two sons, Clement and Billy, both deceased. Grandchildren live in Cayce,Ky.
3.  Virginia Bondurant born September 24, 1902.  She is married to Alvin Graham and
     they live in Cayce, Kentucky.  No children.
Page 3
Lucretia Graham married Jesse Diggs Chambers born 1870 - died 1924.
Children born to this union:
1.  Walter Chambers born July 9, 1897 - died August 18, 1962.  He married Marjorie
     Rushton.  Three children, Raymond born September 29, 1922.  Raymond has two
     girls, Ramona Lynn and Juanita Joyce.  Raymond lives in North Tiverton, R. I. and
     is a retired Navy Man.  Walter other two sons Walter Jr. and James died young,
     Marjorie his wife is also deceased.
2.  Willie Chambers born 1900 - died 1906 at the age of six.
3 & 4.  Two children died in infancy.
5.  Katy Lee Chambers born April 24, 1905, she married Oscar Leroy (Bud) Butler in
     1923.  Bud was born in 1899 and died in 1932.  Katy later married Glover Rogers of
      St. Louis, Missouri who expired in the 1950's.  No children,  Katy Lee Rogers now
      lives at 4005 Shiller Place, St. Louis, Missouri  63116.
      Lucretia Graham Chambers was married the second time to Mr. Bugg of Clinton,
      Ky.  She died at Katy Lee's in St. Louis, where she made her home after being
      widowed by death the second time.  Lucretia passed away in 1961.
        End of William J. Graham family, known to all who knew him as Uncle Bill.
Nancy Graham was born in 1834 in Fulton County, Kentucky.  She married Joseph H.
Hardy.  He was born in 1830 and died in 1881.  Her home was on the state line road
separating Kentucky from Tennessee, two and one half miles east of Jordan, Kentucky,
seven miles west of Fulton, Kentucky.  She lived to be 97 and was beloved by all who
knew her.  Aunt Nancy died in 1931.
Children born to this union, taken from the 1880 census of Fulton Co. were:
1.   William (Billy) Hardy                              1854 - 1928
2.   Elizabeth (Betty) Hardy                          1856 -
3.   Jennie Hardy                                          1858 -
4.   John Hardy                                             1862 -
5.   Sam Hardy                                              1864 -
6.   Robert Hardy                                           1866 -
7.   Sofia Hardy                                             1869 - 1911
8.   Marshall (M. A.) Hardy                            1870 - 1908
9.   Edith Hardy                                              1873 -
10. George Hardy                                          1875 -  1968
11. Joseph Hardy                                          1879 -
It has been difficult to get information on this family of children.  Continued will be
recorded as much history as we remember by heart on each child's marriage and
Page 4
William (Billy) Hardy married Sarah Tinnie Woodfin, who was born in 1854 and died  
in 1929.
1.  Elmer Hardy, daughter was married - no information on Elmer.
2.  Lula Hardy married Ed Bondurant of Fulton, Ky, both deceased. There were children.
3.  Willie Hardy married Lee Roberts of Fulton, Kentucky, one child, Hardy Roberts.
     Second marriage to Fred Olcott. He died in 1960.
4.  Hubert (H. L.) Hardy is married and lives in Fulton, Kentucky.  He is the father of
     two children, Virginia Ann, who expired suddenly in 1970 at her home in Richardson,
     Texas.  She was married to W. L. Young, and they had two sons: Bill Jr. and Hardy.
     Dr. H. L. Hardy of Pine Mountain, Georgia is a son of Hubert Hardy.  Hubert Hardy
     married Fannie Pewitt and they live in Union City, Tennessee.  No children.
5.  Herman Hardy - no information.
6.  Gladys Hardy married Willie Milner of Cayce, Kentucky - deceased.  There are
      children.  Gladys lives in St. Louis, Missouri.
Elizabeth (Betty) Hardy married Press Cruce.  This family lived near Harris, Tennessee.
There are a number of children:
Jennie Hardy - no information
John Hardy  - We have no information about John as to his marriage status or where
he made his home.
Sam Hardy - married and reared his family in Arkansas, nothing is known of the family.
Sofia Hardy - remained with her mother until near her death.
Marshall (M. A.) Hardy died a single man.
Edith Hardy married Joe Tribble.  They reared a large family near Harris, Tennessee.
George Hardy married Maggie Brown who was born in 1884 and died in 1968. 
Children: Ruby (d), Floyd (d), Wilber, Maggie Lee, Edmund, Tobe (d), Mary Francis (d),
and some younger ones.  George lived with his family on the home place of his mother 
who made her home with him.
Joseph Hardy married and lived in Washington, D. C.  He retired from the army.
It is assumed that all of Aunt Nancy Hardy's children are deceased.
End of Nancy Graham Hardy Family
Page 5
Andrew J. Graham was born January 23, 1837 in Fulton County, Kentucky.  Due to
death he had two marriages.  His first wife was Susan Adeline Herring, born in
Tenn. in 1845 and died July 1880.  His second wife was Margaret Josephine Owen,
born on June 4, 1856 in Tennessee and died on  December 23, 1920, in Obion County,
Jack Graham's farm was just off the state line road bet. the now Middle Road leading
out of Fulton, Ky., three miles east of Jordan and six miles west of Fulton.  His death
was March 1899, age 62.
Children born to Andrew J. Graham and Susan Adeline Graham:
 1.  Laura Graham                                   April 19, 1864        - 1924
 2.  Oliver Claudius Graham                    Feb. 3, 1866          - 1935
 3.  William Robert (Bob) Graham           1868                       - 1944
 4.  Jacob Flatt Graham                           April 29, 1870        -  1954
 5.  Charles Marshall Graham                  Sept. 21, 1873       -  1938
 6.  Susan Adeline Graham                      March 23, 1875     -  1946
 7.  Mary Lois Graham                             1878                       -  1882
 8.  Lula A. Graham                                  April 30, 1880        -  1958
Children born to Andrew J. Graham and Margaret Josephine Graham:
  9.  Sarah Nanny Graham                        August 28, 1882    -  July 1885
10.  Sam Cary Graham                             Sept. 23, 1883       -  April 1949
11.  John Abe Graham                              April 4, 1885          -  June 1958
12.  Louis Booker Graham                        Dec. 30, 1886        - 
13.  A. Judson Graham                             July 29, 1891          -  August 1898
14.  Margaret June Graham                      June 15, 1894        - 
15.  Jessie May Graham                            Feb. 5, 1896          -
Laura Graham married William (Bill) Hudson, who passed away in California several
years ago after his wife's death.  Children born to Laura and William (Bill) Hudson:
 1.  Richard (Dick) Hudson born 1884, he met his death accidentally in California where
      he made his home.  He was married and left some children.  Died about 1938.
 2.  Roy Hudson born 1886.  He met his death accidentally falling off a truck backward's
      in Flint, Michigan, near the year 1917.  Roy was married and left his widow and three
      sons Roland, Rodney and Raymond.  These boys perhaps make their home in
 3.  Fred Hudson born in 1897 and died in 1946.  He married Alice Pewitt also born in
      Ky. Fred died suddenly of a heart attack in Hawthorn, California, where he made his
      home.  One daughter, Helen Hudson Mundientz, and two sons, Roy and James
      Hudson are his sons.  His widow still lives in California.
Page 6
Oliver Claudius Graham died in San Diego, California, January 10, 1935.  He was
cremated at Bonham Brother's Crematory.  His hospital stay was of one month duration.
He gave his occupation as farmer and had lived in California for 14 years.  Prior to that
he made his home in Globe, Ariz., as a goat farmer. He never married. This information
was obtained from Vital Statistics, Board of Health, Sacramento, California.  He gave
the name of his parents as next of kin knowing they had been dead for years and where
they were both born.  Claudius had not been heard from since 1921.
William Robert (Bob) Graham married Emma Adams who was born in 1871 and died
in 1898. 
Four Children were born to this union:
 1.  Lois Graham born 1891 and died in 1920, she married Luther Smith of Paducah,
      Kentucky.  There are three children who maybe living near Padacah, Kentucky.
 2.  Lonnie Graham born in 1893 and died in 1960. He was single.
 3.  Clint Graham was born in 1895.  He is married and lives in Los Angeles, California.
 4.  Mary Graham was born in 1897and is married to B. Boxsom.  They  live in San
      Francisco, California.
Jacob Flatt (Jake) Graham married Ida Mae Rudd who was born on June 23, 1882 in
Marshall County, Kentucky.  Jake and Ida raised their family near Paducah, Kentucky.
Five children were born to this union:
 1.  Susan Essie Graham was born on October 7, 1899.  She married Albert Scott who
       is deceased.  They have one son.  Essie lives at R. R. 1 in Cunningham, Kentucky.
  2.  Alvin Rudd Graham was born on February 24, 1903.  He is married to Edrie
       Maurine Miller of Carthage, Missouri.  Rudd is a retired executive of the Woolworth
        Company.  Rudd and Edrie live at 10600 Clayton Road, St. Louis, Missouri.
        They have two sons, both are married:
        1.  Byron Graham
        2.  James (Jim) Graham
 3.  William Edward Graham was born on December 11, 1905 and died in 1925.
 4.  Addie Mae Graham was born on February 17, 1914.  She is married to Oliver
       Curtis Allcock.  Addie Mae is an instructor in the Princeton Schools.  The Allcocks
       live at 206 North Seminary Street, Princeton.  They have two daughters:
       1.  Martha Allcock is married to Ralph Conwill and has a daughter Valerie.
       2.  Alma Allcock is married to ? Sugree.
 5.  Lois Graham was born on February 17, 1920 and died on March 17, 1965.  She
       married Vick Garrett, one son.  Second marriage to Paul Yardly ended in divorce.
       Third marriage to William Cohen.  Mary Lois met her death by fire in her home in
        St. Louis, Missouri.
Page 7
Charles Marshall Graham was born September 21, 1873 in Fulton County Kentucky,
he died December 26, 1938 in Rector, Arkansas.  In March 1894 he married Sarah Nan
Underwood who was born in Tennessee, March 18, 1877, she died July 5, 1962 in
Rector, Arkansas.  They had eleven children:
1.  Edna Pearl Graham born in Tennessee, January 11, 1895 and died May 7, 1966
     in Rector, Arkansas, she married Earl Keller born in Arkansas, March 24, 1895.
     Five Children:
           1.  Sarah Lorene Keller born in Arkansas, November 7, 1915, she married
                John Thomas (Pete) Bookout born in Arkansas, September 8, 1910.  They
                 have two children:
                      1.  Bobby Earl Bookout born in Arkansas, July 30, 1937.  He married
                            Lana Gail Chism born December 21, 1941 in Michigan.  Two Children:
                              1.  Jill Susan Bookout born in Michigan, January 19, 1963.              
                              2.  Nancy Jo Bookout born in Michigan June 17, 1965.
                       2.  Thomas Larry Bookout born in Arkansas, October 16, 1941.  He
                             married Mary Fay Poston, born September 16, 1944.  No children.
           2.  Charles Eugene Keller born in Arkansas, March 25, 1917, married Dorothy
                 Bean.  Three children.  Divorced.
                       1.   Charles Earl Keller (Chuckie) born July 26, 1949
                       2.  Sharon Kay Keller born May 8, 1950.
                       3.  James Clifford Keller born June 21, 1951.
                            These children were born in Arkansas and are now living in Michigan.
            3.  Albert Lavaun Keller born in Arkansas September 22, 1919.  Married
                  Jeanetta Foster born in Arkansas, September 13, 1920.  They live near
                  Rector, Arkansas.  Five Children:
                       1.  Jerry Lavaun Keller born October 31, 1939, he married Sonja Stafford,
                             they have five children:
                             1.  Shelia Kay Keller born January 20, 1959.
                             2.  Joey Lavern Keller born May 15, 1961.
                             3.  Jerry Don Keller born July 4, 1962.
                             4.  Timmy Byron Keller born November 27, 1963.
                             5.  Jason Earl Keller born October 22, 1964.
                       2.   Betty Carolyn Keller born July 20, 1941.  Married Dewey Shelton.
                             They live at 914 W. 5th Street, Rector, Arkansas .  Two Children:
                             1.  Dewey Alan Shelton born January 28, 1962.
                             2.  David Neal Shelton born December 28, 1963.
                       3.  Brenda Kay Keller born March 12, 1947, she married John Scott,
                            they live at 418 9th St., Rockford, Ill.  Three Children:
                            1.  Johnny Leon Scott born October 12, 1963.
                            2.  Judy Gail Scott born December 17, 1964.
                            3.  Donnie Lavern Scott born July 17, 1969.
 Page 8
                    4.  Vonetta Ann Keller born September 25, 1953, married Leroy O'Neal,
                            October 29, 1971.  They live at Rt. 2, Campbell, Missouri.
                       5.  Annette Kay Keller born August 28, 1956.
          4.  Earl Graham (Babe) Keller born in Missouri, 1921.  Married Faye Ona Worley
                they live at 29 Howard Drive, Belleville, Ill.  62223.  Six children:
                       1.  Paula Kay Keller born March 10, 1942, married Dennis S. Hocapp.
                       2.  Judy Sharon Keller born 1943, married David G. Sanders.  One child.
                            1.  Jason Graham Sanders born 1969.
                       3.  Terry Graham Keller born 1945, married Betty A. Isselhardt.
                       4.  Thomas Byron Keller born 1947, married Sharon M. Soto. One child:
                            1.  Catherine Marie Keller born 1971.
                       5.  Carla Gail Keller born 1952.
                       6.  Ritchie Dean Keller born 1957.
          5.  Raymon Edward Keller born January 31, 1926 in Arkansas, he is married to
               Margaret Ann Neely born in Arkansas February 20, 1930.  They live at 1941
               Stillwater Drive, St. Louis, Mo.  63114.  Raymon has one son by his first
               marriage.  Raymon and Margaret have ten children:
                      1.  Jimmy Edward Keller born December 6, 1944.
                      2.  Ronnie Lee Keller born September 4, 1948, married Linda Sanders
                           born June 2, 1948.  One child:
                           1.  Kevin Lee Keller born February 8, 1966.
                      3.  Teddy Ray Keller born August 26, 1949, died December 25, 1970.
                      4.  Debora Ann Keller born July 26, 1951.  She is married to John Reed,
                           born December 28, 1938.
                      5.  Donna Jean Keller born July 31, 1953.  She is married to Dennis
                           Roposo, born September 1, 1953.  One child:
                           1.  Dennis Ray Roposo born February 21, 1972.
                      6.  Tony Lynn Keller born September 25, 1954.
                      7.  Velda Jane Keller born November 10, 1956.
                      8.  Russell Dean Keller born August 30, 1958.
                      9.  Rebecca Nanetta born September 9, 1959.
                    10.  Nila Mae Sue Keller born May 24, 1961.
Most of these children were born in St. Louis, Mo.
Page 9
2.  Raymond Thomas Graham was born in Tennessee August 29, 1897, died in
     Marmaduke, Arkansas July 1969.  He married Lora Catherine Dupples, born
     in Arkansas February 26, 1902.  Three children:
     1.  Charles Wiley Graham born in Arkansas August 4, 1926.  Married Jaqueline
           Brewer on August 22, 1942.  She was born February 8, 1924.  They have two
           1.  James Mark Graham born in Arkansas October 15, 1954.
           2.  Ray Mike Graham born in Arkansas October 15, 1954.
     2.  Lena Sue Graham was born in Arkansas February 11, 1928, married Oren
          Lucius born October 2, 1927, their home is 616 North 13th Street, Paragould,
          Arkansas.  Two Children:
          1.  Karen Sue Lucius born September 21, 1958.
          2.  Mary Marie Lucius born September 15, 1960.
     3.  Georgia Berniece Graham born in Arkansas May 20, 1929, married Russell
           Dale Bateman born October 17, 1929.
            Two children:
           1.  Dale Dewayne Bateman born January 10, 1953
           2.  Tina Sue Bateman born February 18, 1958.
3.  Carl Adron Graham born in Arkansas, January 19, 1903, married Helen Wilcox.
      Carl and Helen divorced and he married Marie ?
      Three children:
    1.  Grace Alene Graham born in Arkansas October 23, 1929.  Married ? Green.
         Two children:
         1.  Gary Howard Green born November 30, 1950, he is married and has two
              1.  Jackie Dawn Green born August 30, 1969.
              2.  Terry Lynn Green born September 16, 1971.
         2.  Sandra Alene Green born October 3, 1952, she lives with Gary.
              Alene's husband is deceased, she married ? Wardell, one child.
              1.  Linda Kay Wardell born March 12, 1958.
              Wardell is deceased.  Alene is now married to G. A. Linam, they live at
              Perryman, Maryland, P. O. Box 113, 21130.
   2.   Dorthy Willodean Graham born in Arkansas, November 16, 1931, married
         ? Thorneberry, they live in Granit City, Ill.  One boy:
          1.  Kevin Thornsberry
   3.   Shirley Jean Graham born in Arkansas, January 22, 1937, she is married
          and has two children:
          1.  Richard born in 1964.
          2.  Keith born in 1968.
          First husband deceased, she later married ? Douglas, they live in St. Louis, Mo.
          1.  Genie Lynn Douglas born in 1971
Page 10
4.  Ida Mae Graham born in Arkansas May 12, 1905, she died in Arkansas February
     1959.  Married Oliver Cromwell Sonney born July 24, 1902.  Eleven children:
     1.  Louise Sonney born in Arkansas July 29, 1924, married J. L. Jackson, divorced.
          Married again and lives in Modesta, California.  Three children:
          1.  Wilma Joan Jackson born September 15, 1942 married Martin Oliver, they
                live in Modesto, California and have six children:
          2.  Joyce Lou Jackson born March 12, 1943, married Jim Duffy, two children:
                1.  Sherry Duffy
                2.  James Duffy
          3.  James Lavaugh Jackson born May 15, 1945, married Andrea Kerr, they live
                in Modesto, California, one child.
                1.  James Lavaugh Jackson
    2.  Mayme Sonney born in Arkansas September 3, 1925.  Married Harold Worley,
          born December 1925.  Mayme lives at 9445 Harold Drive, St. Louis, Mo. 63134
          One child:
          1.  Patricia Ann Worley born in St. Louis, Mo. October 11, 1958.
     3.  Doyle Junior Sonney born in Arkansas, March 27, ??.  He married Carolyn ?
           He lives in Visailia, California.  Three sons by first marriage.  Two sons by
           second marriage.
           1.  Stewart Sonney
           2.  Virgil Sonney
     4.  Harold Leroy Sonney born in Arkansas November 27, ??.  Married Avis Hopper
           born September 3, 1928.  They live in Macon, Ga.  Five children.
           1.  Linda Sue Sonney married has one child.
                  1.  Cheryl
           2.  Glenda Faye Sonney married, lives in California.  One daughter
           3.  Sandra Sonney
           4.  Lee Sonney - twin
           5.  Lisa Sonney - twin
     5.   Mary Sonney died as a young child.
     6.   Wilma Faye Sonney born in Arkansas November 24, 1932.  Married Alva Lee
            (Happy) Thomas, divorced two children. Lived at Cotton Boll Hotel, Kennett, Mo.
           1.  Wilma Landell Thomas born in Arkansas April 4, 1951, married Bobby
                 Jordan, divorced.  Lives in Rector, Arkansas.  Two boys:
                 1.  Thomas Lee Jordon
                 2.  Bobby Darren Jordon
            2.  Judy Lee Thomas lives in Modesto, California.
      7.  Oliver Charles Sonney born in Arkansas, February 20, 1934.  Married Philis
            Wilson, three children:
            1.  Patricia Ann Sonney born May 19, 1961.
            2.  Karen Sonney born May 19, 1963
            3.  Michael Sonney
           Children live in Rector, Ark. Divorced, in the Air Force stationed, in Thailand.
Page 11
      8.  Doyne Dewayne Sonney married Jean Bruce, he is divorced and lives in
           California.  Four children:
      9.  Donald Dewight Sonney born September 27, 1940 in Arkansas.  Married
           Carolyn Cooper.  They live at Whittman Air Force Base in Missouri.  Two
           1.  Susan Deliamia Sonney born May 17, 1960.
           2.  Michael Scott Sonney born August 27, 1962.
    10. James Byron Sonney born in Arkansas June 2, 1942.  Married Illene Rogers.
           Divorced.  Lives in Modesto, California.  Three children
           1.  James Sonney
           2.  Dean Sonney 
           3.  Donna Sonney
     11. Melvin Eugene Sonney born in Arkansas March 10, 1944. Married Sanda.
            They live in Memphis, Tennessee.  One son.
 5.  Grace Adelene Graham born in Mississippi April 11, 1907, married July 4, 1927 to
      Albert Amos Griffith, born in Arkansas, September 19, 1910.  They live at 223 E.
      Second St., Rector, Arkansas.  Five children:
       1.  Sarah Ann Griffith born and died April 23, 1928 in Rector, Arkansas.
       2.  Billy Joe Griffith born and died December 3, 1928 in Rector, Arkansas.
       3.  Jimmy Ray Griffith born Sept. 4, 1929, died Dec. 5, 1929 in Rector, Arkansas.
       4.  Melba Jean Griffith born March 4, 1932 in Rector, Ark.  Married July 12, 1951
             to Billy Finis New, born September 10, 1931, Memphis, Tenn.  They live at
             1155 Edith Drive, Daytona Beach, Fla.  Five children:
             1.  Rebecca Jean New born June 25, 1952 in Memphis, Tenn.
             2.  Donna Marie New born September 21, 1954 in Memphis, Tenn.
             3.  Michael Finis New born September 11, 1956 in Memphis, Tenn.
             4.  Cathy Lynn New born January 11, 1961 in Opp, Alabama
             5.  Sheri Leah New born February 22, 1962 in Opp, Alabama
       5.  James Albert Griffith born October 5, 1933 in Rector, Arkansas, married
             Offadahl Whitehorn born in Arkansas August 6, 1936.  Five children:
             1.  Bunnie Griffith born December 7, 1955 in Pontiac, Michigan
             2.  Collene Faye Griffith born April 21, 1957 in Pontiac, Michigan
             3.  Rohanda Joyce Griffith born January 24, 1959 in Pontiac, Michigan.
             4.  Wendell Sheighn Griffith born May 21, 1961 in Pontiac, Michigan
             5.  Letisha Lynn Griffith born June 20, 1964 in Pontiac, Michigan
Page 12
6.          Melvin Parrish Graham born in Arkansas.  Married Vera Inman.  They live at
             303 E. 2nd Street, Rector, Arkansas.  They have four children:
             1.  Lynn Ford Graham born in Ark. August 11, 1943.  Lives in Little Rock, Ark.
             2.  Mary Joe Graham born in Arkansas February 19, 1945, married Coye Estes,
                   born August 3, 1943, they live near Rector.  One son:
                   1.  Robert Lynn Estes born June 15, 1965.
             3.  Louis Jean (Jennie) Graham born in Arkansas November 7, 1947, married
                  Randall Priest, born February 26, 1944.  Their home is at 403 Conor Avenue
                  Lockport, Ill.  60441.  Two children:
                  1.  Randa Lynn Priest born February 26, 1967 in Arkansas.
                  2.  Julia Machell Priest born February 19, 1970 in Illinois.
             4.  Cathy Graham born in Arkansas July 27, 1957.
7.          Cecil Claiborn (Sig) Graham born in Arkansas, August 26, 1912, married Eva
              Stokes, they live at 307 West 10th St., Caruthersville, Mo.  63830. No children.
8.          Wayne Oneal Graham born in Arkansas October 20, 1914, married Jeraldine
              Collier, divorced.  Wayne lives in Winter Haven, Florida.  Two children:
             1.  Jackie Owen Graham born in Arkansas August 21, 1939, he married and
                   lives in Winter Haven, Florida.  Two children:
             2.  Sarah Ann Graham born February 5, 1944 in Arkansas, she is married and
                   has four children.
9.          Verlin Andrew Graham born in Marmaduke, Arkansas on June 7, 1917,
              married Anna Tupica, born in Ligonier, Pa. on Aug. 29, 1925.  Three children:
              1.  Carol Ann Graham born March 10, 1949 in Washington, D. C. 
              2.  Janet Lynne Graham born July 27, 1953 in Washington, D. C.
              3.  John Charles Graham born August 17, 1957, in Washington, D. C.
10.         Oscar Graham - born March 1899 and died September 1899.
11.         Frank Graham - born April 1901 and died January 1902.
Comment on Charlie M. Graham
Charlie and Sally reared their family near Rector, Arkansas.  In 1962 this family
counted 11 children, 98 grand, great grand and great, great grand children.  These
children are living in many parts of the United States, many of them bearing the name
GRAHAM.  They may be interested to know their roots started in the State of
Kentucky, Fulton County.
End of Charlie M. Graham family
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Susan Adeline (Addie) Graham married Hugh McGovern of Indian Mound, Tennessee.
Hugh was born September 4, 1871 and died in 1957. They raised their family in Middle
Tennessee.  Children:
1.    Laura Kate McGovern born July 6, 1892, she married Lee Smith, he is deceased.
       Kate has 4 grown and married children. She lives in R.R. 6, Clarksville, Tennessee
2.   Graham Thomas McGovern born May 1894 - died July 1971.  Graham married May
       Lancaster. Divorced.  Three sons, Gifford, G. R. and Phillip.  Second marriage to
       Minnie Adams.  Three stepsons.  Minnie McGovern lives at 2316 Missouri Avenue,
       Granite City, Ill.  62040.
3.   John Pat McGovern born May 1896.  Married Kate Free.  No children.  John lives
       at 1711 State Street, Granite City, Ill.
4.    Lula May McGovern born September 1898, married Carter Atkins, deceased.  She
       has several children grown and married.  Lula lives at 107 Ridge Crest, Clarksville,
5.    Carmen Iris McGovern born December 1900, married Willie (W. T.) Allen who died
       December 3, 1964.  She has one son James, three grandchildren.  Carmen lives
       at 2926 East 25th, Granite City, Illinois.
6.   Terry Douglas McGovern born February 1903, married Marie Vance.  They have
       three sons, Clarence, Dean and Eddy.  Terry lives at 2300 Grand, Granit City, Ill.
7.   Andrew Ewing McGovern was born May 1905 and died May 1949.  He married
       Elerena Mullins.  There are several children.  She lives in Indian Mound, Tennessee.
8.   Claudius McGovern was born September 1908 and died April 1967, single.
9.   Hugh Alvin McGovern born November 1910 and died 1967.  Married Wilma
      Wickham.  Three children, Jerry, Donald and Shirley.  Donald and Shirley are
      twins.  Hugh met his death in a gas explosion in Detroit, Michigan while on the job.
      Wilma lives at 4248 Howard, Skokie, Illinois, 60076.
10. Thomas Ethan McGovern born April 1912, married Garnett DeRousse.  Lives at
       2924 Grand Avenue, Granite City, Illinois, 62040.  He has two daughters.
11. Albert Rye McGovern born January 1915.  Divorced with children.  Lives at 457
       Seabreeze, Mobile, Alabama.
12.  Nancy Adeline McGovern born April 1921, married Albert Schwander, four
        children.  Nancy lives at R. R. 2 Collinsville, Illinois.
This family can also boast of many off-springs.
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Lula A. Graham married Robert Otis Polsgrove January 1900.  Robert was born
April 6, 1873 and died February 15, 1934.  Their home has always been in the
neighborhood of the Liberty Church, sometimes in Tennessee and sometimes in
Kentucky.  Lula and Otis were both born in Kentucky.  Lula died in March 1958.
1.  William (Billy) Jackson Polsgrove born June 16, 1901 and died October 24, 1965.
      He married Mattie Moore in 1934. Second marriage Jane Hilton born Feb. 5, 1923.
      Two daughters.  Mary Jane born September 1941 and Lula Alva born July 2, 1945.
      Mary Jane recently married Eugene Leady.This family lives in or near Murphysboro,
2.  Robert Carl Polsgrove born February 5, 1908 and died March 1918.
3.  John Alvin Polsgrove (twin) born June 30, 1912 and died October 6, 1963.  He
      married Mary Lee Polsgrove, born July 26, 1914, no children.  Mary Lee lives in
      Union City, Tennessee.
4.  Alva Addie Polsgrove (twin) born June 30, 1912, a twin to John Alvin.  Alva married
     Pinkney Fleming July 30, 1932.  One child, Sara Donna born February 11, 1949,
     who married Billy Dale Green in 1969.  Alva and Pinkney live at R. R. 4, Union City,
     Tennessee.  38116.
This is the end of Andrew J. Graham's first family.
In the year 1881 Andrew J. Graham married Josephine Owen, who was born on
June 4, 1856 in Obion County, Tenn.  Her death occurred Dec. 23, 1920.  Children:
1.  Sarah Nanny Graham born August 28, 1882 and died July 1885.
2.  Sam Cary Graham born September 23, 1883 and died April 1949.
3.  John Abe Graham born April 4, 1885 and died June 1958.  He married Pearl
      Brown who was born June 13, 1898.  Children: 
      1.  Mildred Louisa Graham born February 10, 1914.  She was married to William
            Halteman.  One child, Velda Joyce, married Ralph Champion, two children:
            Rose Gayle  and Lee Ann.  Ralph and Joyce are in the educational field in
            Equality, Ill.  The Halteman's live at 611 Barger St., Mayfield, Kentucky 42066.
      2.  Claud Graham born September 18, 1915 in Obion County, Tenn., he married
            Uzelle White.  Four children, David, Daniel, Claudia and Gordon.  These
            Graham's live at 6160 Artesian, Detroit, Michigan.
      3.  John Ira Graham born October 20, 1917.  John married Joan Bosley of London,
            England.  Divorced with one child, Eddy Wayne Graham.  He later married
            Lawanda Sue Parnell, two children, Glynn Ray and Sue Fay.  John lives in
            Hickman, Kentucky, R. R. 2.
      4.  Maurice Graham born March 6, 1920 and died October 3, 1952.  Maurice went
            through World War II in the thick of battle in Germany and was the winner of
            Five Battle Stars.  He returned home and was employed by Kentucky Highways
            where he met his death by accident early one morning in Oct. while operating
            a bulldozer.  Mrs. Pearl Graham later married Ellis Williams of Cayce, Ky.
            Mr. Williams is now deceased.  Mrs. Williams is now living at 614 South
            Tenth St., Mayfield, Kentucky, 42066.
Page 15
4.   Louis Booker Graham (L. B.) was born December 30, 1886.  He married Melvin
      Burns, born February 28, 1895. Twin sons were born Sept. 28, 1914.  Wess C. and
      Jack C. Graham.  Jack married Mary Evelyn Goodman, and they have two sons,
      Jerry W. Graham and Jackie Leon Graham.  Jerry married Ruth Ann Sanger.  They
       have one little girl, Carey Leigh.  These Graham's live in Clinton, Kentucky R. R. 4,
       Clinton, Kentucky.  Wes remained single.
5.  A. Judson Graham born July 29, 1891 and died August 1898.
6.  Margaret June (Junie) Graham was born June 15, 1894. June married Hugo M.
     Streiff, born December 18, 1894 and died February 3,1967.  She lives at 2924
     Louisiana Street, St. Louis, Mo.  63118.
7.  Jessie May Graham was born on February 5, 1896.  She lives at 1116 Bates St.,
      St. Louis, Mo.  63111.
End of Andrew J. Graham Family
Oliver C. Graham was born April 18, 1839 in Fulton County, Kentucky.  His home was
on the state line road, separating Tennessee from Kentucky.  Four miles east of
Jordan, Kentucky and five miles west of Fulton, Kentucky.  His old home is the only
one, of the family of these six brothers and sisters, that still stands in its original form,
with the exception of special attention given to its preservation.  Oliver C. Graham
married Emily Catherine (Kit) Harpole, born August 1843.  He died February 2, 1898
followed by his wife in May 1900.
Children born to Oliver and Kit Graham:
1.  Mary Jane Graham married Monroe Chambers.  Only the memory of the names of
     the children born in Obion County, Tennessee.  They moved to Florida.  Children:
     William, Leonard, Ardean married Charles Cruce, Alene married Byrd, Ann
     married Brown, Ima, Sye, Edward and Trilby.  Through a granddaughter we have
     been informed that all of the Mary Jane and Monroe Chambers children are dead.
     We have no record of dates.
2.  Ida Graham born June 3, 1866, died January 1945.  She married Joseph Newton.
     Children born to Ida Graham and Joe Newton;
     1.  Ollie Newton born in 1885 and died in 1937.  Married Cleve Hawkins.  Know of
          one daughter named Mary Nell.
     2.  Louis Newton born 1886 deceased.
     3.  Nellie Newton was born October 16, 1888, married Thomas White. No children.
          Lived in Fulton, Co., Ky.
     4.  Ora Newton was born in 1890.  Lives in Fulton Co., Kentucky
Page 16
     5.  Minnie Newton was born in 1892 in Fulton Co., Ky., married Ethridge. 
     6.  Ben Newton was born in 1894 in Fulton Co., Ky., lives in Oregon.
     7.  Roy Newton was born in 1896 in Fulton Co., Ky., lives in Jefferson City, Missouri.
     8.  Willie (Jack) Newton was born in Fulton Co., Ky. lives in Kansas City, Missouri. 
It is assumed these Newton boys are married.  They were born and raised around
Fulton, Kentucky.  Information limited.
3.  Ella Graham was born in 1868 and died in 1945.  Ella married Euel Cruce who was
     born in 1868 and died in 1941.  Ella had the following children:
     1.  Ethel Cruce was born in 1892.  He was married and lived in California.
     2.  Al Cruce was born in 1894 and was married to Lurline Taylor.  Children
     3.  Kate Cruce was born in 1896 and died in 1967.  Married to Harry Tucker who
          died in 1969.  Children lived in Cayce, Ky.
     4.  Lemma Cruce born in 1898 and died 1965 married to Herbert Harrison.  Lived
           in Jordan, Kentucky.
     5.  Eula Cruce born 1900.  Married to Shankel in Fulton, Kentucky. Hickman counties
     6.  Lydia Cruce born 1902
     7.  Archie Cruce born 1904, siblings in Fulton, Ky.
     8.  Richard Cruce born 1906
These births were given to us by one who made an honest guess by memory.
4.  Samuel (Sam) Graham was born 1-13-1870 and died 4-3-1920.  He married
     Fannie Cruce born 4-23-1872 and died September 1945.
     1.  Mary Graham - born 1892 married Lucian Wilkins.  Children:
          1.  Graham Wilkens - Mayfield, Ky.
          2.  Patty May Wilkens married B. Horton.
          3.  Francis Wilkins married Earl Gowen.
          4.  Agnes Wilkins married Buster Jones
          5.  Linda Wilkins married  G. Harris of Clinton, Ky.
     2.  Kate Graham born 2-25-1894 died 1934.  Married Jim Fortner.
     3.  Daisy Graham born 2-29-1896 married Clarence Hale, lives in Fulton Co., Ky.
     4.  Ardel Graham born 10-2-1900, died 1902.
     5.  Eunice Graham born 5-18-1904 died 1936.  Married Edward Ostendorf.
     6.  Ellis Graham born 1-16-1906 and died 1908.
     7.  Alvin Graham born 1908.  Married Virginia Bondurant.  Lives in Cayce, Ky.
5.  Ira (Pet) Graham born 1872 and died in 1941. Married to William (Will) Shaw
     Died in 1904. Children:
     1.  Lillie Shaw born 1890 died 1910
     2.  Sally Shaw born 1892 married Harry Randall.  She lives in Oklahoma.
     3.  Raymond Coyle Shaw born 1894 and died 1914.
Page 17
     4.  Homer Shaw born 1896.
     5.  Clara Lee Shaw born 1899.  Married Eugene Simon, died 1941 in Memphis, Tn.
     6.  Willie Shaw died 1905.
     7.  Mitt Shaw died in infancy.
6.  Elby (Deb) Shaw born in 1880 died 1954.  Married Walter Ferguson who died in
      1945.  Deb's family lived in Tennessee close by Kentucky.
     1.  Jack Ferguson
     2.  Roy Ferguson
7.  James Graham born 1884 and died 1950's. Jim lived and worked in St. Louis, Mo.
End of Oliver C. Graham Family
Elizabeth P. (Betsy) Graham Family
Elizabeth (Betsy) Graham was born on 11-30-1841 and died 3-21-1928.  She married
Jacob Harpole born 1839 and died 1905.  They had no children and made their home
in Fulton, Kentucky on a farm near Enon Church neighborhood north of Fulton.
Louisa Graham was born in 1847 and died in 1925.  She married Henry Polsgove who
was born in 1843 and died in 1924.  They raised their family north of Fulton, Kentucky
in the neighborhood of Enon Church.  Louise (Liza) Graham is only one of these six
children who was not buried in the Liberty Baptist Church Cemetary where they all
must have been members.  Children:
    1.  Melvina Polsgrove was born in 1873 and died in 1952.
    2.  John Polsgrove
    3.  Elizabeth Polsgrove
    4.  Irene Polsgrove
    5.  Jacob Polsgrove
    6.  Will Polsgrove born 1885 and died 1969
Melvina Polsgrove married Charley Underwood who died in 1940.  Children: Annie,
Leamon, Edna, Paulette, Jack and Lucille.  They lived near the Enon Church.  Annie
died in 1956, she was married to Lucian Browder.
John Polsgrove was married and lived in Granit City, Ill.  He had children, both John
and Lee Emmie, his wife, died in Granit City, Ill.
Jake Polsgrove died in West Plains, Missouri
Will Polsgrove married Myrtle Batts, born in 1888 and died in 1960.  Will was born in
1885 and died 1969.  There are children but only one grandson named Robert
Polsgrove is know to this party.  Robert lives with his wife at 509 Vancil, Fulton, Ky.
End of John & Nancy Graham Family
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