Grahams in the 1st & 2nd Census of Kentucky

Grahams Appearing in the "First Census of Kentucky" (1790) Constructed from Tax Lists

Graham, ChristopherNelson 11/23/1792
Graham, James Bourbon 3/ /1791
Graham, James Fayette 1/11/1790
Graham, Jas. Fayette 2/27/1790
Graham, James Nelson 11/23/1792
Graham, Mary Madison 4/28/1789
Graham, Wm. Fayette 1790

Grahams Appearing in the Second Census of Kentucky (1800) Constructed from Tax Lists

Graham, Andrew Lincoln 8/23/1800
Graham, Andrew Nelson 8/30/1800
Graham, Arthur Bourbon 1800
Graham, David Washington 1800
Graham, Fergis Montgomery 8/22/1800
Graham, Francis Franklin 8/7/1801
Graham, Francis Washington1800
Graham, George Washington1800
Graham, Hannah Harrison1800
Graham, Henry Mason1800
Graham, James Bourbon1800
Graham, James Lincoln8/23/1800
Graham, James Mason8/25/1800
Graham, James Mercer1800
Graham, John Bourbon1800
Graham, John Gerrard8/6/1800
Graham, John Mason6/10/1800
Graham, John Mason8/25/1800
Graham, John, Jr.Gerrard8/6/1800
Graham, Joseph Jefferson9/3/1800
Graham, Joseph Merson1800
Graham, Luke Garrard1800
Graham, Marcus Washington1800
Graham, Polly Washington1800
Graham, Samuel Mercer1800
Graham, Samuel Mercer1800
Graham, ThomasGarrard8/6/1800
Graham, ThomasJefferson9/3/1800
Graham, Will Washington1800
Graham, William Franklin8/7/1801
Graham, William Mason8/25/1800

1850 Fulton, Kentucky Census

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