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Posted: 03-15-97
I am trying to determine if a particular Andrews ever existed. In 1902 there appeared in Chicago an individual who published a book under the pen name of S.W. Erdnase, which is E.S. Andrews spelled backwards. This person's identity has always been a mystery, although some claim him to have been Milton Franklin Andrews. Unfortunately, the physical descriptions of the two men vary greatly, so the matter is by no means settled. I would like to know if there ever was an E.S. Andrews. He would have been born circ. 1860 since "Erdnase" was described as "about 40 or 45" in 1902. He would have been well educated for his day and from a well-to-do family, since the description was of a man whose hands did not exhibit the effects of manual labor. Since he apparently mixed with others of education in gentlemen's clubs, he would have to have had the manners of that class. There is no information as to his death or other family details. I would greatly appreciate any info you might have.  David Alexander (
Peter Andrus, unknown, unknown, Chicago, approx 1918
Wife: Dorothy Mary Thelma Kidwell, b Nov 6, 1900
Trying to locate marriage data of Dorothy Mary Thelma Kidwell to Peter Andrus. He is believed to be from Greece.
Leah S. Kinnas
John Walter ANDREWS b. circa 1900, m. Wally JACOBS, daughter Patricia Anne ANDREWS b. 2 Sept 1925, Dallas Texas m. Thomas Edwin GARDNER on 18 Aug 1951 in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He was b. 5 Aug 1920, Chicago & they later divorced. Their daughter Penny Lee GARDNER was b. 13 Aug 1954 at Elmhurst, Illinois & d. 19 Aug 1954. Thomas' parents were Walter Ambrose GARDNER b. 1 Dec 1892 Rich Hill Missouri, d. 16 May 1966 Geneva, Illinois & Margar Ann (nee SHALCROSS) b. 20 jan 1893, Blackpool, Lancashire, ENG. d. 13 jan 1949 Glen Ellyn, Illinois were m. 25 Oct 1916 in Chicago, Illinois. Tas had twin sisters Jane Ann GARDNER & June Arline GARDNER b. 17 Feb. 1919, & a sister Bernice Barbara GARDNER 3 Dec 1931. We have much more detail on the Shallcross & West families, with June Arline GARDNER having researched much of that branch of the family. From the Berger family, Picnic Point, Sydney, Australia      ( Peter & Bronwyn Berger      Web:
John ANDREWS from TN &  Bond County, Illinois 1820 or 1848
Surnames that married into: CORRELL, REYNOLDS, SMITH, HAWLEY, McCASLIN, POTTS, STEELE.      Carolynn EILTS
Robert ANDREWS, 6-12-1792 & 7-8-1851, Pa & Canada-near Detroit>Calhoun Co, Ill 1830's m.Catherine Sargent 1797-1878  Surnames that married into: RUSSELL                    Ron Garner
ANDREWS, CHARLES E, 1/24/1845 - 5/7/1921., Jackson County, Illinois>Covington, Oklahoma about 1910 m.HUSBAND,ALICE 1842 - 1922 Surnames that married into: HUSBAND,STOUT,WORTHAN Charles (C.E.)Andrews came from England, parents are James & Maria        Susan Worthan ANDREWS, DOB 1828 DOD 1905, Andrews from NY, McCammond from CAN>Settled in Winnebago County, IL m.William McCammond dob 1828 dod 1880 Surnames that married into: William and Harriet had 3 children, Carrie, born in IL, 1856 died in IL 1926, Wellington born in IL, 1859, Olive born in IL, 1862. Who were Harriets parents? Why did she come to IL? Did she and Wm McCammond meet here? Or, did they come IL together? She is a dead end for me, so any information would be great. The information that I have connecting to Harriet I will gladly share with anyone interested. Kathy Neal
Would like to find Benjamin's father and mother. Need info on Polly Douglass' parents also
IL, WI Frank ANDREWS, 4 OCT 1886 - 31 DEC 1962, IL>Abingdon/Galesburg, IL m.Busk Surnames that married into: BUSK, HAUMERSEN, FILL, MARTIN, DAHL. Frank Walter was illigitimate son of one Frank Andrews who was the director of the Armour Institute of Technology's Symphony Orchestra (Chicago, IL) about 1927. My Grandfather FWA was born and raised in Galesburg/Abingdon, IL area and moved to Racine, WI abt 1900. Desparetly seeking info on the chicago Frank Andrews. Have much info on others in family to share. James Carroll Andrews


Franklin ANDREWS, DOB abt 1805 in NY? DOD possibly 1871 in Chicago, IL, NY, ME, or MA >Arena, Iowa, WI 1845-1850; Chicago, Cook, IL 1860?-70 m.Elizabeth Mary GUTHRIE DOB Jan 1824-1825 DOD January 5, 1909 Surnames that married into: GUTHRIE, DAVIS Franklin ANDREWS was allegedly married twice before marrying Elizabeth GUTHRIE. They were in Arena, Iowa Co., WI in the 1850 census. Franklin was listed as a merchant with property valued at $250. My great uncle said that Franklin lost everything in the Chicago fire in 1871 and that it was such a shock that it killed him. Elizabeth eventually moved to Kendrick, Idaho and lived with her daughter Mary E. Andrews Davis (DOB 12 Sept 1848 in Arena, WI DOD 28 April 1942 in Kendrick, ID). Mary married John W. Davis, a Welsh immigrant about 1870-1871.

Kat Davis


Nettie ANDREWS, unknown, unknown>unknown m.unknown. Seeking any information on Nettie Andrews who would have been a teenager or young adult in Chicago, IL in 1927. She gave birth to a daughter at Misericordia Hospital & Home for Infants on June 4, 1927 in Chicago, IL, Cook County. She named her daugher Eunice Andrews and then abandoned her.

Kathy Koonce


Abijah Griffin ANDREWS, 06 Apr 1802-23 May 1880, Livingston, Yates, Broome counties in NY>Avon, Fulton Co., IL m.Chloe SMITH(29 Aug 1799-25 Dec 1882) Surnames that married into: SMITH, SEALS, KELLY, ZIMMERMAN, PALMER, COHORN Once Abijah died in 1880, son Titus with his family and his mother Chloe moved to Hollenberg, Washington Co., KS. Son Simeon moved to Arkansas City, KS. Abijah and Chloe Andrews had 5 total children: Catherine(1832), Titus(1834), Sarah(1835), Simeon(1838), and Philo(1841)

Russell Andrews

John Thomas Andrews, 27/04/1855 / 01/04/1930, Illinoios/McDonough/Macomb,Ill>Chalmers Tounship own farm in section 26 m.Mary M. Johnson 14/08/1858

Thomas E. Andrews 5/99

Charles (Commodore)Porter ANDREWS, b. 5- 5-1853, Atlanta?--d. 4-16-1933 Charleston,Coles Co., Illinois, Georgia, Illinois Oakland, Coles Co., Illinois m.Abigail G. Housel -b. 1-2-1858 Illinois, d. 5-12-1911 Oakland,Coles Co., Illinois, Son of John Andrews & Dovey---Grandson of Enoch Andrews& Malissa(Crump) Andrews. Sherrill (Andrews) Haight,
Donald L Andrews, DOB 8/28/1903, Donald born in Canton IL>settled in Chicago m.Francis Radke. I am just starting to research my family tree and would appreciate any information anyone might have that could possibly help me. Larry Andrews ( Charles D. ANDREWS, 1866-????, ????>Tucson,AZ 1906 Los Angeles CA m.Francisca Munoz 1883-???? Surnames that married into: Married in Tucson,AZ 1906. Francisca passed away on9/26/1946 in Lakewook Village,LA county Linda Andrews Smith (
Mass, NY, Ind, IL

Luman ANDREWS, B. abt 1795(MA/NY) - D. 11/14/1862(Ind/IL), Mass or NY, Luman enlisted for the war of 1812 out of West Stockbridge, Berkshire Co., Ma.>in Ripley Co. Ind by 1822(early surveyor of the county), Children in Danville, Vermilion co., IL by 1850's m.Sallie Campbell Steele (M. 11/3/1822 - Ripley Co. Ind), seeking parents and/or siblings of Luman, or any descendants of his children, Jan Clink

Hi I'm trying to find William Edward Andrews and his brother Joel, in and about Jersey Co.,ILL around the 1900s William E. b.3-3-1864 don't know where. Joel's death memorial pamphlet has Joel born 1867. Unknown where. Died in Rosedale (Jersey Co.) 1936 William married Caroline W. Franz 11-22-97. Had a son Charles William 09-24-1899. Caroline died in child birth 09-24-1899 AND then William was killed. The family story goes his brother Joel killed William over a woman. Now Joel to my knowledge never went to jail as he was always showing up "checking on the Boy." I have custodial papers dated 1906 which makes me think the incident happen prior. Charles W. was raised by his FRANZ grandparents, in Rosedale. I don't know a thing more other than the fact that both Joel and William had property in what is now Pere Marquette State Park.

Clarence ANDREWS, DOB about 1882 DOD unknown, Dewitt County IL> m.Ellen JENKINS, DOB and DOD unknown. (Sarah Moore) Loren ANDREWS, , Illinois Rock Island, IL m.Maureen SETTLE, , ,
Garfield William ANDREWS, born 1883 - died 24 Jan 1942, Garfield born in Peoria, Ill and lived in Chicago. Aimee had relatives in Boston. Don't know if that is where she was born. m.Aimee Pauline HILL-- born 1894 - died 1935, , Susan Sayes, ANDREWS/ANDROUS - Joseph, Robert, John b. 1790-95 all arrived in IL. 1830+-. Joseph brought family with him. One son was named Joel. Robert brought a wife (Catherine Sargent) with him and a son (Robert G.). On every census taken each man has said he's birth place was Mich.
These men and families arrived in Greene Co. ILL.1830. They dispersed to Calhoun Co., Jersey Co. Andrews, Sargent, Winchester, Murphy, Russell, Morgan, Tucker, Crocker, Kohntopp. If this rings bells for any one please contact me. Dolores Andrews, Florida
Illinois; North Carolina
Samuel ANDREWS, DOB 1788 , North Carolina Fayette County, Illinois m.Kitturah DUNNEGAN, Had several children, among them, William F. ANDREWS. Samuel was supposedly a Justice of the Peace in Illinois in the 1840's., sheri crawford,
Ohio Illinois

Jacob ANDREWS, b. 1833 in Ohio d. 1910 in Illinois, Marion Co. Ohio & Washington, Ohio Both buried in Decatur, Illinois m.Nancy McPeek b. 1851 Ohio d.1938, Jacob Andrews and Nancy Mcpeek were parents of Grover Andrews. Grover married Sarah Mitchell and were parents of my mother, Lucille Andrews. She just turned 89. I am 70, Jack Allinger, 11/4/00

Joseph ANDREWS, 1792, VA Kty 1817>IL1830 m.Susanne Ellis, 1.Joseph& Susanne Ellis Andrews Sussex,Va.> Todd Co.KY> Macoupin Co. IL 1830 son John married Martha Miles(from KY)in Macoupin, IL.7-18-1837.
2. John,,,,,, Dolores Andrews, 11/00

Michigan, Illinois

Joel ANDREWS, DOB:18 22, DOD:19 04, USA, USA, m.Elizabeth Winchester m. 1858, mother-Sarah b. 1794 PA Joel b. 1822-MI. siblings-Jacob, John J.,Betsy, Electra. Sarah married William Hill 1829-MI where family grew up. Sarah and William had children together., , Dolores Andrews, 10/01

Illinois, Nebraska

Thomas Andrews, DOB:18 17, DOD:18 72, UK, Canada, m.Ann , Thomas married Ann Harden or Harding, emigrated from Bideford, Devonshire to Ontario, Canada in 1850. Need to find his and her parents names and dates etc. Possibly ties to Parkham, Devonshire. Any info is appreciated. Thanks, , , 10/01

Illinois, NY

Herbert George Andrews, DOB:19 02, DOD:15 01, UK, USA, m.Stella Sweringen, Any information on Andrews from Walton-On-Thames, England, or nearby. Thank you., , Lawrence E Andrews,

William S. Andrews married Sarah A. Cook on February 22, 1848

by J.Wilcox, Chaplain of the Bethel Church Chicago, Illinois

Illinois, Alaska

JOHN MORGAN ANDREWS, DOB:17 94, DOD:18 05, UK, USA, m.ANN BIDDLECOMBE, RALPH THOMAS ANDREWS, JAMES CARROLL ANDREWS, SR. are descendants James lives in Arizona. Any descendants of this line ,please e-mail me. Thanks., , ,

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