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Other Surnames on this Site (very small # of postings): DRAPER, LLOYD, LARSON, WARD, HITCH, BURTON, FLETCHER, JACOBSEN/JACOBSON

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The name Andrew is of Greek origin, the first element 'Andr' meaning 'man or 'warrior'. Strong willed, resolute and tenacious, he is reluctant to be rushed. Decisions are reached with calm deliberation and he exerts a steadying influence in stressful situations. 

If you get a connection due to this web site please tell me your success story. THANKS! ClickHERE to give me comments, suggestions for improvements, or a success story. 
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Here are some success stories: Date: 4-12-97  Hi Gordon, Many thanks for forwarding my Andrews query to Kate Andrews, who just now sent me 11 pages of my line backward from Abigail who married Thomas Butler.       What a special treat! Thanks again, Elizabeth Tilton

 Hi, Gordon, you asked for success stories, so here is mine. Somewhere on the Internet I placed a query about my Blankenship/Totty interest. It was picked up by Wayne Langston in Korea who has Blankenship interest. He pointed me to your website telling me my line was there. I checked and sure enought it is! I connect to Mary Totty wife of Archibald Blankenship. I can add more generations, back to IL at this point. Thanks for the site and the opportunity to share my data. Peggy Carey, Roseville, CA

About a week and a half ago I went to your page and looked under Louisiana Andrews. There was only one posting there. It was for Valentine Andrews, yup, the same one as mine. I wrote Renee Clay at 1:15 am and we have not stopped writing yet. We have another cousinon-line also. We have spent the last 10 days shipping papers back and forth to each other. This is sooo wonderful. Renee is in New Orleans and is doing leg work already. I had more on the ancestors of Valentine that I have been able to share with them. What a great service you are providing.    Keep up the great work. Cheers!  Heather

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