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The Home Of My Ancestors
Ripabottoni Campobasso Italy

The ancient name of the place in the early Middle ages
was "Ripa gotorum". A legend says it was founded
by the Goths, who invaded the Roman Empire in the
5th century AD. In 1181 the name appeared in records
as "Ripabrunaldo", and under the Norman occupation
it was a fiefdom of Giuliano from Castropignano. In
the 17th century it was a fiefdom of the Carafa, followed
by the Francone family, and finally of Ambrogio Caracciolo.

Territory Mountainous
Population: 650 Inhabitants
Patron Saint: San Rocco - August 16th.

Places of Interest

Church of Assunta. Restored during the 18th century
with 43 paintings by Paolo Gamba
the most important artist of Molise.

Church of San Michele, built in 1733

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