I'm Growing by Leaps and Bounds!

    Wow, it is hard to believe that nine months have passed since little Anna was born!  She has become such a wonderful little person.  She is a very happy baby and really has been easy on Tom and I.  She rarely fusses and sleeps through the night pretty much all the time.  She was recently into the pediatricians office for her 9 month check up and is very healthy!  I had

wagered that Anna had already hit the 25 pound mark, but I was off a little.  She weighs in at 24 lbs., 9 oz.!  She is pretty tall as well for her age at 28 1/4 inches.  She is just a big girl!

    She is now taking formula and doing well with it.  In fact it was her decision to become

exclusively bottle fed.  She is doing very well with solid food also, eating a couple of times a day.  She enjoys fruit mostly and mashed potatoes.  Her big weakness is Cherios.  She would eat them all day if I let her!  I am constantly finding Cherios mashed in my toes where she has dropped them onto the floor!  She now has 3 teeth with the 4th one coming in soon, so she is able to experiment a bit with some finger food, which she loves since she can do this herself.

    Anna has no interest in crawling yet.  She can get onto her hands and knees and lunge at

objects nearby and scooch a little but just hasn't decided to explore areas that are farther away. 

    A fun new trick that she has picked up is pointing at things… She points with her thumb, and looks at me as if to say, "What is that Momma?"  So I will tell her about whatever it is that she is asking about.  Sometimes when we are sitting on our couch, we can see our reflection in the glass of our curio cabinet and she will point at it and I will look excitedly at our reflections and say "There's MAMA and ANNA!!!" and she will laugh and play the game all over again!  Too cute!

    Very recently Anna has been saying "Dada" and "Da-dy" Who do you think is wrapped around her little finger?  She will say "Mama" when she is screaming her head off and can't cope any longer.  It comes out more like, "mama-ma-mma-mama-mma-mama" and I don't think she means to say it, but it calms her when I come to her, so I pretend she is calling me.

    Anna is just at the age where she realizes that there are OTHER babies in the world and enjoys our Wednesday play group.  She spends most of her time there playing with the other babies instead of sitting with me as she used to.  It is so much fun to see babies playing together!

    I have included quite a few new photos, please feel free to take a look.  Hopefully I will be able to put out the next update  much quicker than this one.  Enjoy!

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