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The Research. Please note that the historical information on these pages is a guide only. It has been gleaned from a wide range of sources, of widely varying credibility. PLEASE do not take it as 100% accurate. It would probably take a lifetime of research to develop an accurate and reliable history of the Borthwicks, their lifes and their lands. There is much more to be researched and written before I would vouch for the information contained here. Unfortunately I don't believe that I will be able to vouch for it in my own lifetime! Please remember while exploring this site --- Anything online is a secondary source, and should be verified by original research.

Layout: I have deliberately created these pages using two columns - a narrow one on the left which I use for photographs, site links and notes, and a much wider one on the right for the text. This means that the text is not too long on each page, but is mainly to the right of the page - some readers think they need to centre it - there is no need to do that.

Colours: I like them! ... but have tried to be a little restrained. Have used different colours for different families and subject matter. For the BORTHWICK family the pages for descendants are pale yellow, the Borthwick spouse families are mauve and the additional Borthwick data is on the dark yellow or speckled yellow pages. The photo pages have a blue textured background, like this page. For the BROWN family the main colours are deep red and beige. HARRISONS are mainly green (for Irish of course).

Loading Pages: Most pages on this site should load quickly and easily. The "William Murray Borthwick, Inverell" page is growing rather large at the moment. If it becomes too slow to load I'll split it into a number of smaller pages, but for the moment would like to leave it all in one piece. The other page that it likely to grow too large in very short time is the "Other Borthwicks in Australia" page. I'll soon split it up into separate pages for each State and Territory. A few of the images are also slow but the "thumbnails" (miniature versions) have been created to save visiting the larger images. Please let me know if loading of any particular pages becomes too frustrating and I will do what I can to improve them.

Banners: The banners at the top of each page on this site have been placed there by Rootsweb, the host for my site. They are a small price to pay for the wonderful resources Rootsweb makes available to genealogists all around the world - free webspace, enormous collections of genealogical resources, support, advice and a strong and active genealogical community. So ... sorry about the banners but they stay!

Site Map: An automatically generated site map. This site map is updated once a week so the latest pages may not be shown. The "What's New" page will list the latest additions to the site. 

Searching the Site: The FreeFind search engine will search the whole site. Remember, however, that as the site is indexed only once a week - each Tuesday night Australian time - the search facility will not cover any pages/information added or updated since the last indexing. To find recent pages that have not been indexed is a little complex but could be done, if you are desperate, by checking to see which of the most recent pages on "What's New?" (see below) are not included on the site map.

N E W !

FreeFind now supports boolean searching and three types of Phrase Search!
(See the search tips on your search results page for a description.)

What's New?: On each page on this site there is a "What's New?" button. Click on this for a guide to new pages and updates of existing pages. Pages have now been divided into categories - my own Borthwick family, other families, Borthwick data for researchers and miscellaneous - and the newest & most recently updated pages are at the top of each list. As this site is indexed only once per week the "What's New" page is an important cross-check for any researcher.

Link Colours: When I first created this site I altered the default colour for links on the pages from the usual bright blue to a dark rusty brown ****. This has apparently caused some confusion as people are used to bright blue. I am gradually changing the link colour on all pages back to bright blue **** . For the moment there is a mixture of blue & brown I'm afraid.

Printing: Some people have had trouble printing these pages as they lose text on the right hand side. If this happens you need to go to your printer settings and alter all margins to 0 (nought, zero, nil, zilch). That should fix the problem. As mentioned above I have deliberately placed the text on the right hand side of the page, with a column on the left for photos, navigation, site search facility & so on.

2000-2001 Copyright Notice: All files on this site are copyrighted by Ann Carson. They may be linked to but may not be reproduced on another site without specific permission. Although public information is not in and of itself copyrightable, the format in which they are presented, the notes and comments, etc., are.

Adding links If you'd like to link to my pages, or would like me to link to yours, please get in touch.

Broken Links If you find any please let me know!

Other Problems As above, please email me and I'll work on the problem.

Vote for Australia's Top 100 Sites: On various pages on this site you will find the banner for "Australia's Top 100 Sites". Clicking on that banner registers a vote for this Borthwick site. My main interest in being listed on the Top 100 is to obtain a higher profile for Borthwick research. There is an enormous amount of information, and many thousands of Borthwicks around the world, that could be brought together by sharing genealogical research. The Top 100 vote is also an excellent incentive for me to try to maintain a site that is considered vote worthy, by continually adding to and improving my site.

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Enjoy: I hope that you'll find something in these pages to interest or assist. May your visit be rewarding! And if you'd like to share your own Borthwick family information with me, or ask about anything I have on your family please email me

Ann Carson
Sydney (Australia)
Page last updated 31 December 2002

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