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On 30 November 2002 I lost all of my emails for the previous 12 months as well as all email addresses - in summary, an enormous amount of genealogical research. This was critical material as it enabled me to put people from different branches of the one family in contact with each other, it was the source of a great deal of data for the Borthwick One Name Study, and it was my main record of communications with many researchers all over the world. Thousands of emails and addresses have gone - hundreds of hours of research.

If you have in your mailbox any emails to or from me since 28 November 2001 I would be very grateful if you would resend, or forward, them to me. This is especially important if you've sent or received information or questions about your family - either in an email or as attachments.

Hopefully if my many gene friends and email contacts all over the world are able to resend this information I will be able to rebuild my data and address book.

***If you've written to me recently but not heard back this disaster will be the reason. Please email me again on my new address which is amcarson500@optusnet.com.au ***


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Up until 7 August 2001 I used just one long list to record the development of the Borthwick section of this site, placing the newest pages on the site, & the most recently updated pages, at the top. As the site has grown, however, it has become more difficult to find relevant pages this way so I've tried sorting them into categories -

The pages listed below are not, however, the only Borthwick pages on this site. In February 2001 the site began, with about a dozen pages relating to my own family. Other pages were added over the next two months. In late March, early April I created this "What's New?" page to keep track of developments on the site. If you'd like a more complete overview of the site please check the Site Map for more information. It is updated once a week so may not include pages created during the current week, but it certainly includes all the early pages on this site.

Brown and Broun Pages

Aside from the Borthwick section of this site - by far the largest section and the main focus of my attention over the past two years - there are pages for our Brown and Broun ancestors. You will find these by clicking on the following links:

Brown Front Page
Broun Front Page

New or Updated Pages

New pages, or most recently updated pages, for each section are at the top of that section.

Advice on viewing & printing these pages (Added 15/4/2001. Last updated 31/12/02)

My Borthwick Family

The "Lady East", Liverpool to Australia, 1833 (Updated 19/5/2001 with Sydney Passenger List. Uploaded 30/4/2001. Photos added 16/6/02)

Jean (Jennie) Borthwick and Walker Stephen (Added 29/04/02) A new branch of the family!

Biggar Views - photos of Biggar & Langlees (Added 6/8/01 - 2 pages. A new page of photos added on 26/3/02)

Alexander Borthwick & Agnes Hyslop, Tynron & Sanquhar, Scotland (Added 5/2/02) Suspected family! Not proven.

Elizabeth Borthwick and Michael Daisey, NSW & Qld (Added 2/01/02)

David Prentice (1783-1837), Editor & Founder of the Glasgow Chronicle (Added 18/11/01)

John Borthwick, Portrait Painter, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, 1800s (Updated 11/8/01)

Jane Borthwick & Angus Fletcher, m. 1850 (Uploaded 6/8/01)

Take a walk along Brown St, Edinburgh (Added 6/8/01. With special thanks to Angela Lamb.)

Langlees House, Biggar Scotland (Added 29/6/01) Large photo.Slow to load

Wedding of Jean Fletcher Borthwick & William Elmhirst Potts, 31 July 1890 (Photo. Uploaded 9/6/01)

William Murray Borthwick II (1826-1890) (Updated 9/6/01, including grave at Waverley. Updated 4/3/2001. Uploaded 25/2/2001)

Supposed Ancestry of John Borthwick of "Langlees", Biggar, Scotland (Added 29/4/2001)

Scottish Newspapers - the Borthwick Connection? (Added 27/4/2001.)

Obituary for William Murray Borthwick, died 1866 (Updated 1/4/2001. Added 10/2/2001.)

William Murray Borthwick, Inverell (1782-1866)
(Updated 29/3/2001 - arrival on the "Lady East", Glasgow 1814-1816, Edinburgh 1823-1826)
SLOW TO LOAD - a lot of information.

Biggar Symington map (Added 29/3/2001)

Selcoth Ettrick Photos (Added 25/3/2001)

Borthwick Sampler, circa 1840 (Added 25/3/2001. A copy of the sampler sewn by Jane Borthwick, daughter of WMB I) SLOW TO LOAD - photo.

Sorting out the William Murray Borthwicks (Added 1/3/2001. The eight William Murray Borthwicks in Australia)

Dinwoodie pages (Updated 25/2/2001)

Robert Borthwick and Sophia ? (descended from the Livingstons of Hudson River) of Philadelphia (Loaded 10/2/2001)

Elizabeth Borthwick and George Lillie

Other Families

John Borthwick & Catherine Glover, Scotland, Prince Edward Island, USA (Added 9/07/02)

Thomas Borthwick & Margaret McNab (McNabb), Edinburgh & Argyllshire (Added 10/4/02)

Alexander Borthwick & Agnes Hyslop, Tynron & Sanquhar, Scotland (Added 5/2/02) Possibly connected to my family.

Walter Borthwick & Jean Angus, Scotland, 1820+ - "The Lilliesleaf Borthwicks" (Added 17/2/2002)

William Borthwick & Barbara Borthwick, Scotland, circa 1640+ (Added 23/01/2002)

William Borthwick & Elizabeth Johnston (Added 19/7/2001)

John Borthwick, circa 1720, Dumfriesshire (Added 9/7/01)

Robert Forrester Borthwick, motor car inventor (Added 8/7/01)

Tait Family in Biggar (Added 30/4/2001. A page for DeEtta Powell, who has helped me with research.)

Descendants of John Borthwick & Elizabeth Cowan of Scotland (Added 27/4/2001. A page for Maurice French, someone who has helped me with research & who has also contributed all the NZ BDMs from the NZ indices.)

Borthwick Data for Researchers

Borthwicks in Canada (Added 17/11/2001. Many of them! Last updated on 31/12/02)

Borthwick Obituaries - a page for obits from around the world (Added 23/11/02)

Borthwicks in Dumfriesshire, Scotland (Added 13/01/02. Updated many times, last on 16/6/02)

Borthwicks in Moffat, Dumfriesshire, Scotland (Added 14/04/2002. Updated 23/05/02)

Borthwicks in India (Added 23/01/2002)

Borthwicks in Wales (Added 13/01/02)

Borthwicks in South Africa (Added 06/01/02) A very small page ...)

Borthwick Marriages in Scotland, pre-1857 (Added 02/01/02)

Borthwicks in the USA (Added 01/01/02)

Borthwicks in England (Added 4/8/2001. Updated 10/8/2001. A lot more information added on 11/11/01.)

Borthwicks in the General Index to Marriages for Scotland (Added 11/11/2001. Just a few years to begin with. Much more to add.)

Borthwick MIs in Scotland (Added 14/7/2001. A collection of information from many sources. Regularly updated. Added some photos, 10/11/01.)

Borthwick Surname Variants (Updated again 6/11/01 with the Borthwick entry in Black's "Surnames of Scotland". Updated 2/5/01 with thanks to Sandy & Warren. Page added to this site on 17/2/2001)

Notable Borthwicks (Uploaded 14/9/01) The beginnings of a page on famous, infamous and otherwise important Borthwicks.

Borthwicks in Scotland (Added 11/8/2001. A collection of bits & pieces for the whole of Scotland rather than specific areas. Links to specific pages.)

Borthwicks in Edinburgh (Added 11/8/2001)

LDS Film Numbers for Monumental Inscriptions in Dumfriesshire (Added 10/8/2001)

Borthwicks in the Commonwealth War Graves Debt of Honour Register (Added 18/7/2001)

Borthwicks in the General Index to Births for Scotland, 1890-1893 (Added 15/7/2001. Thank you Meg Greenwood.)

Borthwicks in Ellis Island Passenger Lists (Added 14/7/2001)

"Borthwick in the Middle" (Uploaded 22/4/2001. Borthwick as a middle name! Updated 14/7/2001 - added some South Australian births. )

Borthwicks in Glasgow, Scotland (Added 1/4/2001. Updated 12/4/2001. Updated again 11/7/01 - more directories. Thank you Richard Keltie.)

Borthwicks in the 1880 US Census, National Index (Uploaded 8/7/01. Thank you DeEtta!)

Borthwick Immigration to Victoria, Australia (Added 30/4/2001. Links to "Borthwicks in Victoria" page.)

Borthwick Probates in Victoria, Australia (Added 29/4/2001. Links to "Borthwicks in Victoria" page.)

Borthwicks in Victoria, Australia (Updated again 27/4/2001 & 29/4/01 - more early Borthwicks, immigration 1852-79. Updated 25/4/01 - added information from the "Other Borthwicks in Australia" pages. Updated 1/4/2001 - re Robert Borthwick & Martha Scott, Outlook Drive, Burwood) SLOW TO LOAD - a lot of information. Have made a separate page for probates but need to break it up further. Will make a separate page for immigration shortly.

Borthwick Deaths in Victoria,Australia, 1900s (Added 23/4/2001. Compiled from the Victorian BDM indices. Linked to "Borthwicks in Victoria" page.)

Borthwicks in New Zealand (Added 21/4/2001)

Other Borthwicks in Australia (Added 14/4/2001. This page is still very much under construction. It contains lots of Borthwick information I've collected on other families while doing my own research. Hope it helps someone!) SLOW TO LOAD - a lot of information. Victorian page & sub-pages now separate.

Borthwicks in Biggar, Scotland (Updated 25/2/2001)


Borthwick Castle - History, Architecture, Paintings (Added 7/4//2002)

Resources for Borthwick Researchers (Added 26/3/2002. Updated regularly.)

Borthwick Castle, Photos 1992 (Added 5/8/2001)

Borthwick Church, Midlothian, Scotland, Photos 1992 (Added 5/8/2001.)

All links on site checked & corrected, 12/5/01. (Finally worked out how to repair the internal links! Please let me know if you do find any broken links.)

Site Uploaded (by 10/2/2001) Yeeha!!!

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