Browns of Brislington (Somerset and NSW, Australia)


 The BROWN family of Brislington, near Bristol, UK
& of Australia

and especially the descendants of
William BROWN and his wives - Sarah HORT & Deborah WORGAN



Recently I lost all emails and email addresses for the 13 months from 30 November 2001 to December 2002. If you have contacted me during that time regarding the BROWN or BROUN families, their spouses or descendants, please email me again with your address and details. I would be very grateful if you could also forward to me any emails to or from me that you might still have in your mailbox. Thank you.

Ann Carson, Jan 2003


Introduction and Contents

The Brown family lived in or near the village of Brislington in England for well over 200 years, and possibly as many as 350 years. They were active members of the congregation of the Parish Church of St Luke, a lovely mediaeval church in Brislington village. Members of the family seem to have been quite well-educated and to have close relationships, including with the "step-relations". These web pages will highlight the lives and times of just some members of the family. They are a sketchy beginning ... Stay tuned as this section of my site develops!


First, I would particularly like to thank a number of email friends who have generously helped with information, photographs and encouragement in the quest to understand the history of our Brislington Browns. Smiling thanks especially to Marion Lowe (who is a Cater descendant and has her own website), Dave Napier, Mike Corrigan, Denys & Anne Thomas, and Mandy Pemberton.

The books of Pat Lindegaard, Jonathan Rowe and Mary Axford-Mitchell have been great sources of information about Brislington and the Brown family. I will credit those authors wherever I rely upon their material.


CONTENTS: The Brown section of this genealogy site

The Brown family pages on this website are listed below. Click on the name of the page to view it. If there is no link that means that I haven't yet completed the relevant page. Watch this space!

Brislington, the Browns generally

Our earliest Brown ancestors
The Brown family crest
The Parish Church of St Luke, Brislington (photo, history, map of graveyard)
Family headstones at St Luke's (The first of many pages)
Searching for Brown descendants in the UK? (with links to pages for individual families as those pages are created)
Brislington, England today

Brown Families & Spouses in Brislington, England

Deborah WORGAN (1711-1777) Who was she? Who did she really marry?
John BROWN and Mary CATER of Brislington
CATERS of Stapleton
Kensington House, the home of John Brown and Mary Cater & their family
Sarah BROWN & James BATTEN
The LINDON family - including the Biddulphs and PARKYNS
The GRIGG Family
Hengrove House, the Grigg family home in England
Family of Henry BROWN and Betty HARRILL of Keynsham. HARRILLs of Keynsham & Brislington
Harrill Marriage Witnesses, St Luke's, Brislington
The THOMPSONs of Brislington

Brown Families & Spouses in Australia

The Brown Family in Australia - descendants, sketches, links
Drs at Parramatta, NSW , 92 years of medical practice from the one home in the centre of Parramatta.
Sigismunda BROUN, wife of Dr Walter Brown, and her family. (This will eventually become another large section of the site - the BROUN Family)
Dr Henry Hort BROWN and his descendants, Richmond, NSW & Maryborough Queensland
Alfred and Arthur BROWN, "The British Lion of the Burnett"
Brislington, Parramatta today

For an excellent page of photos and information on the ancient Parish Church of St Luke, Brislington click here.


Our first Brown ancestor in Australia

Walter Brown, born in Brislington, Somerset, England in 1822, was the oldest son of John Brown and Mary Cater. Walter and his brother, Henry Hort Brown, both doctors, travelled to Australia a number of times as ships surgeons before coming here to settle. Walter Brown is also said to have made a trip to India as a ship's surgeon. He settled in Australia in 1857.

In that year Walter married Sigismunda Broun, daughter of John Broun of "Colstoun" (sometimes written as "Coulston"), Upper Paterson, NSW. After their marriage they moved into a home in Parramatta which was to become the centre of family and professional life for nearly 100 years. They named it "Brislington".

Walter was registered as a doctor in NSW on 9 November 1858.

He was the first of three generations of Drs at Parramatta.


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