Golgotha Stone

The Golgotha Stone

The Golgotha Stone is placed at what is supposed to be the original graveyard of the Town of Amesbury. There is nothing left to indicate that, now, except this marker. The names of the Founding Fathers of the town are listed there. To how many can you trace your lineage?

This is the stone with the bronze plaque on it. To give scale (so you can see how big it really is) that is me, Alice Ann Colby Volkert - descendant- behind the stone.

Memorial to the First Settlers of Amesbury

Richard Currier
Thomas Barnard
Orlando Bagley
Anthony Colby
Thomas Macy
John Bailey

John Hoyt
John Colby
Philip Chalis
William Barnes
George Martin
William Huntington

Valentine Rowell
Henry Blaisdell
William Sargent
Edward Cottle
Jarret Haddon
John Weed

And Their First Burying Ground
Amesbury Improvement Association 1903

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