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Village of Mattoon, Wisconsin History

Mattoon, Shawano County, Wisconsin circa. 1909
mattoon looking south view
Picture was taken by my great-uncle William Weeks
I believe this picture was taken from the steeple of the Methodist Church looking south.
Before my mother's Weeks family settled in Antigo they lived in the village of Mattoon from 1888 to 1912. Mattoon is located about 11 miles southeast of Antigo in Shawano County. James Weeks III, his wife Mary Albright, and their three children Hiram, Iola, and Charles came to Mattoon from Merrillan Jct., Jackson County, Wisconsin. Before that they had lived in Greenbush, Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.
The Tale of Two Mattoons
mattoon main street 1
Main Street in Early Mattoon, WI
Mattoon, WI was named after George B. Mattoon, an early Wisconsin lumberman.
mattoon main street 2
Main Street in Early Mattoon, IL
Mattoon, IL was named after William Mattoon who helped construct the Terre Haute & Alton Railroad.

The Village of Mattoon, Wisconsin and the City of Mattoon, Illinois have more in common that just the Mattoon name. In 2006, I received an email from a woman researching her family who had seen my web site and believed that she was related to a Deborah Weeks who was the half-sister of the James Weeks III mentioned above. Both had the same father, James Weeks II. After several emails back and forth exchanging information I came to the same conclusion. What makes the story so interesting is that Deborah Weeks was the second wife of John L. Allison, who was one of the early founders of Mattoon, Illinois. So, the same Weeks family was part of the early history of both Mattoons. You can read about Deborah Weeks and Mattoon, Illinois by clicking here.

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More to come as I have time to work on this area. I welcome any contributions of information, stories and pictures about the Mattoon Area.
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