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Funeral Home Records

There are three funeral homes in business in the Antigo/Birnamwood area today:
Bradley Funeral Home
P.O. Box 101
1550 Neva Rd.
Antigo, WI 54409
Phone: (715) 623-3787
FAX: (715) 623-5351
Strasser-Roller Funeral Home
P.O. Box 13
504 Edison St.
Antigo, WI 54409
Phone: (715) 623-5202
FAX: (715) 623-5250
Schmidt Schulta Funeral Home
P.O. Box J
445 Main St.
Birnamwood, WI 54414
Phone: (715) 449-2688
FAX: (715) 449-3015


I have not tried to do any genealogy research at the local funeral homes. In the environment of today with concerns for privacy and more and more privacy legislation being enacted, I suspect it would be useless to try? I have been told that all of the old Antigo funeral homes had their records destroyed when they went out-of-business. If you have any information about the existence of old Antigo funeral home records please let me know. If you have tried to obtain genealogical information from the present day Antigo funeral homes please let me know if you were successful or not.

The Following Antigo Funeral Homes Are No Longer in Existence

E. McCandless & Robert Zobel
717 5th Ave.
Organized April 1904

McCandless-Zobel & Bradley
801 6th Ave.

418 Dorr St.

H.B. Muttart & T.T. McGillen
Krom Bldg
Organized November 1918

Preston, N.E.
In 1900 Telephone Directory

Preston & Sherriff
337 E. 5th Ave
Now 700 block of 5th Ave.
In 1898 Business Directory

Soman & Rhodes
504 Edison St.

504 Edison St.
Became the current Strasser-Roller

Stewart & Dailey
235 E. 5th Ave.
Now 800 block of 5th Ave.
In 1898 Business Directory

Stewart & Kiefer
In 1900 Telephone Directory

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