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School Class Lists

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I have tried very hard to avoid making errors. However, with a project of such large size it is humanly impossible not to have made a few. So, be aware of possible spelling errors, omissions, and duplications, resulting from mistakes in the sources of these lists as well as my own typing errors. My primary source was the lists of CANDIDATES for graduation (not necessarily ACTUAL graduates) published in The Antigo Daily Journal. It should be noted that there are differences between the names listed in the newspapers and Class Yearbook for the same year. Newspaper lists and Class Yearbooks are NOT official school district records. Some of these CANDIDATES did not fulfill graduation requirements and did not graduate! So, be aware the following lists contain names of people who did not actually graduate and these lists are missing names of people who actually did graduate! Only official school district records can verify graduation. These lists are only for genealogical research and may not be used for employment screening or any other Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) permissible purpose. It is illegal to do so and civil fines and penalties may be imposed for violation of this law as well as personal lawsuits.

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School Class Lists and Yearbooks

Antigo High School Graduates

Elcho High School Graduates

White Lake High School Graduates

Langlade County Normal School/Teachers College Graduates

Physical Location Descriptions for Historical Schools Districts

Mattoon (Shawano County) High School Graduates

Birnamwood (Shawano County) High School Graduates

The Antigo Public Library has a collection of Antigo High School Yearbooks.

DeAnna Tess' Web Site - Yearbook Page

Commericial Web Site: Nationwide School Yearbooks

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School Research References

1. "History of Langlade County..." by Robert M. Dessureau, Chapter XI
Both hard cover and CD versions can be purchased from Brookhaven Press. Their web site is:

2. Antigo Daily Journal Supplement "Salute to the Schoolhouses," May 23, 1993
Can be viewed on microfilm at the Antigo Public Library.

3. Antigo Daily Journal New High School Opening Supplement, May 17, 1994
Can be viewed on microfilm at the Antigo Public Library.

4. "Baker's Atlas of Langlade County, Wis." 1927, (maps of old school districts)
Can be found in the Antigo Public Library Genealogy Room.

5. "Schooltime! Langlade County Schools -A Photographic History" by Lisa Haefs & Jeff Winter
Copies can be purchased at the Langlade County Historical Society.

6. Antigo Daily Journal Family Primetime Supplement Articles.

7. "Schools" file in the Antigo Public Library Pamphlet File Cabinet.

8. "A Chronological History of Langlade County Normal 1906 to Langlade County Teachers College 1971" by Joseph Sveda. Can be found in the Antigo Public Library Genealogy Room.

9. 1937 Antigo High School Year Book history of the school district article.

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