The Very Earliest Known Coat Of Arms Wannemacher

This Arms found in the book written by John Skottowe Wanamaker. Title of the book
Wanamaker, Salley, McKay and Bellinger Familie's Genealogies and Memoirs
South Carolina, written mid 1900's.

It is not known yet if this Arms belong to the Wannemacher's who came from Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany. But it is still something that we must all concider as Wannemacher descendants. It is the very earliest known, so far. But as yet there is no picture of it and there is no proof as it belonging to all of us. There is a Latin translation of these arms, in JS Wanamaker book above but it will not be included here.

I will attempt to recreate the arms in color. We must also remember that no same Coat of Arms belong to the same people. All are unique and all individual. None can be claimed as our own, because we may never know which actually belong to a single family. The only one allowed to carry the same Arms as a Father was his children, even they had to change their "copy" in some way. If the Father passed on, then only the children were allowed to assume the original.

English Translation of the Wannamaker Coat of Arms

The original Latin wording of the coat of arms granted to Wilhelm Wannemacher by the Emporer of Austria on October 19, 1555. and again to Peter Wannemacher in 1583. Recorded in the Archives of Nobility in Vienna, Austria. In Latin, translated into English as follows:

We grant a sheild of azure (dark blue) on which appears a sheaf of spikes (ears of grain) of saffron (natural, also gold or yellow) color. Above the sheild, in truth, a helmet of the ordinary type (meaning facing sideways) emcompassed by ribbons (lappets) of azure (dark blue) and yellow (gold) and the girt around with a twisted band of the same colors (azure and gold).

The Arms had been then added to the following:
We have deemed it proper not only that the devices of the coat of arms should be praised and approved and confirmed, but also, because your deserts make such a requirement, that they should be augmented, ornamented and improved. and in their present content we praise, approve, confirm, augment, adorn, improve and change them and we concede, grant and bestow permission that they be handed on in the following manner:

The new Arms:
We grant a quadripcate sheild whose lower right and upper left consist of the above mentioned, ancient arms and insignia. But the upper left and the lower right shall be divided transversely in pyramid form into eight parts, the first of which at the bottom is of black, the second of gold, the third again of a black color and thus in alternate successions the remaining parts shall be varigated. But the upper right and lower left comprise in an azure field of sheaf(ears of grain) of yellow. And above the sheild we grant the helmet of the ordinary type mentioned above, changing it to an open helmet or one of the variety that is turned on a lathe, girt by ribbons of black, golden yellow and azure and a twisted diam band of the ancient colors. From the apex of which a black eagle with one head turned to the right with wings spread out from its feet to it's breast shall be conspicious. All these things are decreed as they have been portrayed by accurate words in the midst of the present company.
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