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All of these Cemeteries have surnames which can be found in the Wannamaker & Allied Families Gedcom. I urge anyone who is researching these areas that you be patient and search carefully. These indexes are all very large, a "Gold Mine" of thousands of people.

Word of caustion, that shouldn't discourage you: Many years ago when people were buried, they couldn't afford a headstone and often used wood as their only marker. Over time the wood disappeared by the forces of nature. So even though you believe a family member is probably buried in a sertain cemetery, the grave is not recorded, either because the stones are so old they can't be read or they used a simple wooden cross, which has since gone.

In the early days there was nobody to record the people buried properly. Maybe they didn't think it important at the time or if they were recorded, the records are lost. In any case, it is people, who in later years, cared enough to visit Cemeteries and wrote down word for word as they passed each grave. It is a painstaking process. Remember "to error is human". So you may find errors of spellings and etc. Those who record these Cemeteries must be commended for their hard work, helping to keep the memory of those who came and left before us.

Ramapo Lutheran Church Cemetery Inscriptions, New Jersey
This is where many of our first ancestors to North America are buried.

Long Lake Cemetery Inscriptions, Hartsmere, North Hastings, Ontario

Albury Cemetery Inscriptions, Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, Ontario
This is a very large Cemetery which is still in use with well over 1000 people recorded. You will find many of these surnames in the Family Gedcom as well. Much of the Cemetery has Loyalists and their descendants.

Child's and Herman United Cemetery ~ and ~ Herman, part2
North Hastings, Mayo area, Ontario.

Carlow twp. North Hastings County, Ontario
Boulter Gospel Chapel
New Carlow
Carlow United Church

Renfrew County, Ontario Cemeteries
2 Radcliffe Twp.
Union, Haley's Station, Ross Twp.

New Important Link
Elzevir and Madoc Twp. Cemeteries
"Center Hastings Cemeteries"

As we reflect on the past, a strange sensation crosses over us;
Both pleasing and yet sad because they created a legacy;
Pleasing that the old pioneers have done their work well;
Striving forever onward;
Sad now, that they are sleeping;
Sleeping in the hollow embrace of the grave.
We pause! And as we pause we drop a tear of sorrow;
A tear mingled with faith, hope and love!
And like the Roman God Janus;
We stand looking backward and then foreward.
And then: We stretch our hands across the grave;
Between us lies the narrow sod;
We ask our ancestors how they are today,
Rejoicing in the Land of God?
At home, safe, safe in the Hands of God!
Peace..... Sweet Peace In Thier Memory.



These Cemeteries are all ęCopyrighted and may not be copied for any other reason, but for your own personal family research. You may link these Cemeteries only after asking for my written permission.