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A Butterfly lites beside us.
like a sun beam
And for a brief moment it's glory
and beauty belong to the world,
But then it flies on again and though,
we wish it could have stayed,
We feel so lucky to have seen it.

The poet is unknown but this poem was found in Robin's papers. The Butterfly is Robin's favorite.

Happy 18th Birthday Robin on December 13, 1998! Happy 17th Birthday Shane on October 2nd, 1999! From all of those who miss you both.
Beloved Daughter of Bob and Laurie Harrington, passed away suddenly on Saturday, October 24, 1998 at the age of 17 years. Besides her loving parents, she is survived by her brother Wes, her Grandparents Jim and Shirley Harrington, her special close Grandmother Lillian Peters. Her aunts and uncles; Bill - Cheryl, Jack - Diane, Jim - Linda, Brian - Lillian (Harrington). Rick - Holly, Koshney, Sheila - Ron Ito, Sherry Koshney - Don Downard and Randy Koshney. Her cousins; Bill Jr., Scott, Penny, Heather, Karen, Jessie, Erin. Mark, Ryan and Brandy, Brandy, Melissa and Dale, Melanie, Dylan, Tamara, Stephanie, Jenna, Max, and Robin's long time boyfriend Rich Ablonczy. Robin Dawn Harrington was born December 13,1980. She was to graduate high school June, 1999. With hopes of becoming a police officer in the future. Robin enjoyed movies, music - especially the Beatles. She was very fond of butter flies and loved swimming, her favorite color was purple. Robin loved to be with the family and friends, loving life itself. She enjoyed a fun summer with her friends and vacationing in Venezuela this past summer with her family, only to end it with the tragic death of her close friend Bert Ablonczy 18 years old in a simular accident on September 9. Which broke their hearts. Robin made friends easily. Her best friend forever was her cousin Melanie, together they shared their dreams, hopes and wishes. Robin is very saddly missed. She is in a special place with her wings of a Purple Butterfly.
Beloved Son of Lori Abel and Randy Koshney. Stepson Bob Abel, Brenda Koshney and Dan Sudeikat, passed away suddenly on Saturday October 24, 1998 at the age of 16 years. Besides his loving parents, he is survived by his sisters Lisa and Jackie, stepbrothers Jamie and Dan, stepsisters Jessica, Kimberley and Jennifer. His grand parents Lillian Peters, Joyce and Doug Kilborn, Joe and Marilyn Sudiekat, Bob and Pat Abel,Dale and Helen Campbell, Audrey, Sudiekat, Grandma Willie and Grandpa Norm. He is also survived by his aunts and uncles; Fred - Minnie Thompson, Jim - Sarah Kilborn, Sheila - Ron Ito, Rick - Holly Koshney, Sherry Koshney -Don Downard, Laurie - Bob Harrington, Pat -Jason Wall, Gord, Joe - Robbie, Sudiekat, Terry - Frank Thompson, Wendy - Willie Veldhuizen, Jim- Arlene Abel, Wayne - Mary Abel, Trevor, Campbell, Darrell and Debbie Campbell. He is survived by his cousins, Chrissandra,Michael, Mark, Ryan, Brandy, Jenna, Max, Dylan, Tammy, Stephanie, Melissa-Dale, Melanie, Wesley, Kandace, Carrisa, Jen, Chris, Alisha, William, Amanda, Michael-Dana, Kevin,Brian, Ryan, Evan, Brett - Ricki and Craig and his friend Rich Albonczy who had lost his brother Bert in a simular accident on September 9. Shane "Bobcat" was born October 2, 1982. He was a loving kind young man with a heart of gold. You couldn't help but chuckle at his beautiful curly natural red hair. He loved playing hockey with different teams and tournements with his cousin Wes. He loved motorcycles, fishing, golfing and girls. He wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming the best and richest golf course designer in the whole world and to have his Dad, his uncles and his friends working for him.
A Joint Funeral Service was held at McKillop United Church in Lethbridge, Alberta on Wednesday,October 28, 1998 with Reverend Jeff Chant officiating. There were over 1000 people there to view and pay their respects to our Angels who left us too soon. Robin and Shane were both cremated. A special Urn made for Shane with with a golfer and Greens.

UPDATE...... Last week Sept. 2000, my sister was finally able to go to the funeral home with my daughter Melanie to order Robin's Urn. On the front it will have her picture and the dates. On the back will have a Butterfly and the Poem above. We are beginning to finally talk about burial. Soon we will decide on a plot probably at Mountian View Cemetery. Discussion is that the Urns of Robin, Shane and Randy will all be buried together and possibly our Mother, when she passes away.

Shane and Robin are together forever smiling at our courage and strength to help ease the pain. Knowing that they were greeted by their loved ones to hold their hands and guide the way home.

It has been over 1 year since Robin and Shane were killed in a car crash. A candlelight vidual was held in Raymond at the crash site with Catholic priest, Father April officiating. The RCMP and the news media also attended along with about 50 people. It is now time to remember them with love and happiness because they would want us to.

The Family would like to Thank Everyone for all the support and kind words during this tragic time in our lives. We greatly appreciate it. We realize that no words can be comfort enough. But to know that people care is a great help in our sorrow. One of our children was spared we believe to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. We are Blessed and Thankful that Melanie is with us.

This was a happy day for all of us. Just before my daughter Melissa was to get married. Taken August 22, 1998. Robin is on the left sitting in her purple bridesmaid dress. Melissa center and Melanie standing on the right. They were so happy and excited. This is my favorite picture. I gave Robin a copy of this picture the night it happened at 7 pm. I said to her "It's nice enough to frame" she answered "yep I'll do that". The girls then ran down the stairs giggling. I never saw her again because we went out to play canasta. The next day the picture was in Melanie's belongings, the hospital not realizing that it was Robin's picture.

Afew weeks before the accident we had a birthday party for all the family born in October. Shane was born Oct.2, Randy was born Oct. 19. We took alot of pictures that night. One picture tho stands out and it is to say the least, alarming. Robin is with her mother and her brother. She then again was standing on the left and a small bright light was sitting on her shoulder. We look at the picture now and we think. Is that an angel? It sertainly looks like one.

This page is meant to have fond loving memories but it is also meant as an impact statement:

The following is the first notice I posted about the crash.
On Saturday October 24 at about 3 am there was a fatal car accident. It killed my beautiful niece Robin Dawn Harrington 17 years old and my sweet nephew Shane Randall Koshney 16 years old. My youngest daughter Melanie 19 years old is in very serious condition and has had 6 1/2 hours reconstructive surgery of her abdomen on October 25th. The next 2 days are critical. I can not begin to tell you the pain this family is now suffering. I can not stress enough how much senseless reckless driving can destroy families. They were in the car in the back seat. Our babies are gone because someone decided to play on the highway. My daughter will have years of therapy. Her cousins were her best friends.

September 29, 2000: There is bad news for Melanie's scheduled surgery on October 18th, 2000. Dr. Gomes must assist Dr. Hein. At this time, there may be no plastic surgery. It will be unknown, until Dr. Gomes can see the damage while in the operating room. She definately has a "hernia". As it stands, Dr. Gomes isn't sure if the plastic mesh is the problem or if it could be something else. (The muscle and nerve had been completely destroyed at time of the injuries. Dr. Gomes had to take muscle from her chest and put it in her abdomen. He then had to create a blood vessel. The plastic mesh was placed over it all to help hold her abdomen together. If that blood vessel is injuried in any way during the surgery, it will kill the new muscle that is trying to strengthen her abdomen.) This will be her 5th surgery, with still more to come as we are now told. More updates will be added after the 18th of October.

October 19, 2000: Yesterday October 18th Melanie had her 5th surgery in less than 2 years. We waited from 9 am to 1:30 pm, when they finally wheeled her into the operating room. The surgery took about 2 1/2 hours. She did have a small tear in her lower abdomen. It was fixed by Dr. Gomes, and then plastic surgery done by Dr. Hein. It was not as serious as they both had thought and it went very well. She refused any morphine or demeral and that prevented her from getting sick to the stomach. That was the very first time she hadn't thrown up in any of these surgeries. But by 6 pm the pain was too much, so she allowed them to give her half a dose of demeral. That worked! She is resting comfortably now with full recovery expected. It is unknown at this time if there will be more surgeries in the future. Both Doctors want to see her in 2 weeks. I'm sure we'll know more then. She will not be able to work for 4 to 8 weeks.

My daughter was sitting in the seat with the drop of red on the seat and across. Robin was in the middle and Shane on the far side in the back seat. The picture to the right is part of the post. The kids had asked for a ride home not realizing the driver was too drunk to be responsible. We have heard many stories about him since then and know that he is not someone that our kids would have hung out with. But still we didn't teach them enough about who to get into a car with.
The kids did not know this boy well, my daughter meeting him for the first time that night. The boy driving saw someone he didn't like and chased him out of the city to a town 20 miles away. Our kids were yelling at him to stop but he wouldn't listen. The car hit a round 3 inch metal post at about 120 miles per hour. The post then sheared into the car hitting Melanie first. Robin by then was leaning foreward. It impaled her through her back and into her heart throwing her onto Shane which impaled him and out the other side of the car. Robin died instantly. Shane lived for about one hour while they cut the post away. Melanie was awake and screaming their names over and over but they couldn't listen to her. It was too late. The driver was not hurt at all and as the RCMP stated he was mouthy and calling his friends on the cell phone bragging while ambulance crew tried to save our kids in the back seat. I do realize this is graphic but the more we as parents know the easier it is to protect our children.

This Could Be Someone You Love!

Randy was killed in a car crash in
South Africa by his childhood friend
who was driving while drinking. The
car they hit was a police van with 6
inside. They had been working in that
country for only a very short time.
The driver was not seriously injured.
He escaped out of South Africa back to
Canada with charges laid. It is now in
the hands of the Canadian Consulate.
He is on the Interpole list but no
charges will be laid against him here
in Canada. There were 9 people in this
2 car crash, Randy the only one losing
his life.


Happy 40th Birthday Randy on October 19, 1999! We Love you and miss you.

Tragically killed in a head on collision in George, South Africa. Saturday, March 27, 1999 at the age of 39 years. Randy leaves to mourn his Mother Lillian Peters, sister Sherry Koshney - Don Downard, brother Rick - Holly Koshney, sister Sheila - Ron Ito, sister Laurie - Bob Harrington. Nieces, Tamara Jade Kara, Stephanie Heronimus, Melissa Carey, Brandy Ito, Melanie Peterson and Jenna Koshney. Nephews, Mark Ito, Ryan Ito, Wes Harrington, Dylan Koshney and Max Koshney. And many friends and relatives all over the world. Randy was predeceased by his father Alphonse Koshney in 1965, his Loving Son Shane Koshney and his niece Robin Harrington who were both killed in a car crash on October 24, 1998. He also leaves to mourn his ex-wives Lori Abel and Brenda Campbell with whom he had always remained friends along with his step children James and Jennifer Hood. Randy was born October 19, 1959 and raised in Lethbridge, he will be remembered for his outgoing teasing manners and a beautiful bright smile. Randy found at an early age a love for heavy equipment operating, he worked in various earth moving construction companies as well as the county of Lethbridge building our roads. His expertise eventually got him into Golf Course Construction work. All of his Golf Course Career was working with Gary Player Designs from 1991 1999. Tee Time International, Paufa Golf Course, working also in Manilla, Philippines for 4 years on the Orchard Golf & Country Club and the Alta Vista Golf & Country Club. He worked in China and Egypt as well. In 1997 he worked for a time in South Africa, coming home for a short stay which was our gift from him because this was a visit and a happy time. He then went to Egypt and was there when the tragic news of the deaths of his Son Shane and niece Robin came to him and spent 18 hours alone on flight home. Randy stayed home for only a short time and then to South Africa again which was his greatest fond experiences. Randy loved to do yard landscaping for which his presence is every where in the yards of family and friends. Randy loved fishing in his belly boat though he very rarely caught any big ones. He stayed home only a short time though we didn't think he was ready but he said this was to be his last trip and that " This ones for Shane". Randy was sweet and kind, his love for others was overwhelming. He understood and would help us through many bad times. He gave, he hugged and he shed tears for those around him. We love you Randy. We'll never forget you. Thank you for all the love you gave us and for the memories.

A Memorial Service was held at McKillop United Church in Lethbridge, Alberta on Monday,April 5, 1999 with Reverend Jeff Chant officiating. Randy was cremated in South Africa. His Ashes arrived in Toronto April 7. Because we are Catholic by birth and baptism. On Saturday April 10 at 11 AM we had a private Family Blessing of Randy's Ashes by Father April. He has a beautiful Urn of a Golfer and Greens for which Randy was so proud. His Ashes are at rest at the home of Lori Abel with his son Shane.

Randy, Shane and Robin are together forever smiling at our courage and strength to help ease the pain. They will be there to greet us with a smile and say "Welcome Home".

A page was created by a friend in honor of Randy Memorial Prayer
The poem at this webpage, was used in the prayer leaflet that was handed out to people who came to the service for Randy.

This Could Happen To Someone You Love. You and your loved ones are not invinceable no matter what age you are.

Alchahol and Driving DO NOT Mix!

It is time that everyone learn by all these senseless deaths. We must have the laws changed. It is to protect our loved ones. Call your government right away and rally to protect our future generations! Please don't cry for us or feel sorry for us.
INSTEAD: Take Action Against The CARNAGE On The Roads!

On September 9,1998 the kids lost a good friend Bert in a simular car accident. The day that Bert died he was to go home with his brother but changed his mind, the boy driving this car was to be in that car but he too changed his mind. For some reason the tables got turned, fate played a cruel trick on so many people. But now it is time to move on with our lives.
Our Butterfly Angels would want us to.

Bert was killed by a reckless driver 19 years old. Who will not recieve a sentence for this crime. The boy driving is little more than a vegetable. The car did not have insurance, he did not have a driver's licence, the seats were not bolted down. The other driver that they hit could hear Bert screaming at the kid to stop but it was too late. Bert lived for about 24 hours with severe head injuries. Bert was not supposed to be in this car but the boy that killed Robin and Shane was. Somehow fate changed plans.
Robert "Bert" Winston Ablonczy - Beloved son of Karen Reiths of Denmark and Laszlo Ablonczy of Lethbridge was tragically killed on September 9, 1998. He is also survived by his sister Angela, his brothers Rich and Les. His nieces Kirsten, Tannis and Lindsay. His uncles Flemming and Poul, Steve and Paul, great uncle Anders, Jorgen Hougaard. His aunts Joan and Lone, Diane and Patricia, great aunts, cousins Tanya, Elizabeth, George and cousins in Hungary. His Godparents, Helmut and Inga Schaible and by the Harrington family and many friends. Bert was born May 12, 1980. He lived for a time in Denmark with his mother, returning to Canada in 1996. Bert was always ready with a smile, a helping hand, a hug, a joke or a thoughtful note. He had a reflective mind and could easily understand others. Staying in touch was immportant to Bert. He wanted to keep close connection intact, sharing his home across the miles. He loved Birthdays, Christmas, children and animals, his family and friends and was never afraid to show his kindeness to everyone that he met. He loved cars and his dream was to own a Ferrari. Bert was to go to Denmark to live with his mother on September 21. He is buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Lethbridge, Alberta looking toward the mountains and far away lands.

UPDATE Just two weeks before Robin and Shane passed away a young girl 9 years old was killed about 30 miles from this city by a 16 year old driver who had been drinking. The driver has gone to trial. His sentence was minimal: 2 years probation and 5 years suspended licence )

I beg that teens and parents alike think about the passengers in the car. Be responsible and know that each time you drive you take someones life in your hands. There is nothing more precious than your children. Please take afew minutes and see the following website. The laws need to be changed and we need to take responsiblity to teach our children to be safe.

MADD Canada - Mothers Against Drunk Driving

October 12, 1999. On Saturday October 10 the boy who killed Robin and Shane, changed his plea to "Guilty". The 4 day trial lasted only one day. His sentence is (( 9 months )) in open custody. That means he will go to a foster house for rehabilitation. But if no house becomes available he will remain in young offenders prison. He also had his licence taken away for 6 years. Is that enough? Is this justice? Has he learned his lesson? Day of trial he showed no emotion.

Nothing will bring our kids back nor take away remembering, the pain my daughter will suffer the rest of her life for the loss of her best friends. Not to mention the 5 surgeries in all, that the driver caused my daughter to suffer.

We don't hate this boy or anyone else who causes someone to die needlessly. We do believe that people need to be responsible and that laws need to change. If the laws were better this boy would not have been driving at all at this early age without proper training.
NOTICE: The boy was released from closed custody in April. He has a curfew, but he is still out doing everyday things.

The Carnage on the roads MUST STOP! Drinking and Driving, Road Rage and Reckless Showing Off destroys lives. PLEASE - We Beg that people understand that this problem is very real and it

Suggestions for changes in our laws. Lobby your Government to make even just one change and you will help save lives.

1.) Graduated licensing the minimum age for teens raised to 18 years, finishing drivers courses at age 21 years.

2.) Compulsory professional drivers training starting in our schools. If everyone had to take this course it would not cost people $400.00. Including - Compulsory professional drivers courses for all new drivers no matter the age.

3.) Immediate suspension of a driver's license if death occurs for every driver no matter the age, until a judge decides when to return it.

4.) Lowering the age limit of the young offenders act because at 12 or 13 years they DO know what is right or wrong.

5.) Making the public aware of the names of young offenders so that people will be able to protect their own children from dangerous drivers.

6.) Raising the sentencing of young offenders if death occurs no matter if premeditated murder or unintentional death caused by reckless driving.

7.) Perminant International suspension of drivers license if death occurs caused by drinking and driving.

8.) Frequent testing of the elderly to ensure they are capable of driving in this fast world of freeways and the like. Because it is not always young drivers that do cause very serious crashes.

In war time young people needed to drive because they were left to do the work if parents were off at war or working elsewhere. Now there are many different ways of transportation. It is now a privilege to drive and needs to be respected. Helping to prevent things like this from happening we need to teach our children well from an early age the dangers of driving. Children are our future. We depend on our children to make this a better world to live in. If children were taught young properly, there would be no inexperienced drivers on our roads.

In Memory - Gone Forever
Please read these stories. They could save the lives of those you love!

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