Early Ancestors in Germany

These Are Early Ancestors In Darmstadt, Leeheim, Arheilgen, Hessen state or province, Germany.

I have 10 pages all in German that hasn't been all translated yet. I'm hoping that if people see these names they will be able to connect the family branches easier. I may also have errors. I go back to this from time to time to check it over for mistakes I may have made. And will do so continuosly until I'm satisfied. This by no means is complete and must be taken as reference only for now. No genealogy is complete and totally accurate. So please bare with me!

Hengin Wanmecher b. 1450 d. 1515. No wife.
His son:
Hans der Altere(the elder) b. 1500, d. abt 1572 marr. Margrethe ?, died 1585. 2nd husband she marr. Wilhelm Helffrich who was the son of Pieter Helffrich. (more translation needed for wife)
Their sons (2):
1. Hans der Jungere (the younger) b. 1540 d. April 30, 1585. 1st wife (no name) died February 22, 1578. 2nd wife marr. Margretha Stapp widow of Barthel Stapp of Arheilgen
2. Heinrich b. 1550 d. June 14, 1616. 1st wife Gelasia Junker b. 1571 d. March 3, 1595. 2nd wife Anna ? widow of Wolf Graul who died January 28, 1607. Anna then marr. Hans Seeman of Crumstadt. (more info about Heinrich that I haven't translated yet)
Sons of Hans the younger.
1. Philipp Wannemacher b. 1560 d. November 11, 1596. marr. July 12, 1586 to Veronika Weller she d. 1614 dau of Paul Weller. She marr. 2nd April 4, 1597 to Philipp Daum (I think!)
2. Wolff *our line* b.? died March 22, 1616 marr. 1st to Cathrina Haberkorn. she died June 19, 1605 dau of Pieter Haberkorn. marr. June 19,1605. 2nd to Margarethe Scheffer She died February 3, 1642 dau of Clos Scheffer of Russelsheim and widow of Niclas Burger.
3. Marten Wannemacher b. 1560 died March 12, 1635 of the pestulance/plague. marr. January 1, 1586 to Appolonia d. 1595. She the stepdau. of Clotz Windig he marr. 2nd December 17, 1595 to Ottilie Quelbach who died February 20, 1611 dau of Christian Quelbach.
Sons of Philipp Wannemacher b. 1560 d. 1596:
1. Johannes b. June 20, 1591 d. March 3, 1637 of the pestulance/plague. marr. September 12, 1614 1st Anna Schmidt b. September 25, 1584 died March 20, 1635 dau of Hans Schmidt. Jahannes marr. November 18, 1635 2nd Cathrina ? widow of Velten Juncker of Griesheim. Johannes marr. 3rd May 25, 1636 to Ottilie Eberlein who died August 25, 1648 dau of Hans Eberlein.
Johannes son:
Johann Wolff of Arheilgen b. November 11, 1616 d. in Arheilgen November 23, 1686 marr. 1st December 13, 1645 Margrethe Blum who died February 13, 1646 dau of Jockel Blum. Johann marr. 2nd February 9, 1648 to Anna Susanna Teutsch in Arheilgen she was b. October 15, 1615 d. in Arh. March 2, 1691 dau of Jacob Johannes Teutsch. (more to be translated)
Marten's son:
1.Wilhelm Wannemacher of Darmstadt b. February 13, 1592 died December 19, 1673 marr. 1st September 6, 1618 to Elizabeth Alt who died March 18, 1665 dau of Conrad Alt. Wilhelm marr. 2nd January 31, 1666 to Dorothea Stecher who died March 31, 1694 dau of Conrad Stecher (more to be translated)
Wilhem's sons:
1. Marx Wannemacher b. December 8, 1624 d. April 29, 1699 marr. February 10, 1653 to Cathrein Hahn b. January 5, 1623 died May 19, 1668 dau of Jorge Hahn of Arheilgen (more to be translated)

2. Conrad Wannemacher b. Decemeber 1, 1633 died September 20, 1682 marr. September 7, 1659 to Anna Catherina Lehr who died December 12, 1700 dau of Johann Wilhelm Lehr, Mayor of Butzbach. (more to translate)
Sons of Wolff Wannemacher *Our ancestor*:
1. Christoffel Wannemacher b. March 26, 1587 died in Friedberg/ Hesse May 21, 1640 marr. 1st February 24, 1615 to Ursula Vollrath dau of Kupferschmeid Vollrath. marr. 2nd January 24, 1635 to Anna Ursula ? widow of Johann Eckard.(much more to translate. Christoffel was famous in his day, an organist)

2. Jost Wannemacher b. August 27, 1592 d. July 26, 1635. A Lieutenant in the Emporer's court. (More translation needed) marr. August 9, 1619 to Martha Braun dau of Harthmut Braun. She marr 2nd to September 16, 1635 to Mathais Quirin.

3. Henrich Wannemacher b. April 4, 1606 d. July 26, 1682 marr. 1st to Maria ? she died March 28, 1652. marr. 2nd September 12, 1652 to Barbara Plosser widow of Frederich Pitch, she died November 7, 1652 dau of doctor of medicine H. Plosser Henrich marr. 3rd July 28, 1653 to Jacobea Faber. She died February 7, 1678 dau of doctor of medicine Johann Faber and widow of Christoph Heintzenburger (Prince). (all of these people worked for the palace)(There is alot of info on these people, some has been translated, some has not yet. Heinrich has his own Coat of Arms as well as an Insignia Seal.)

4. Adam Wannemacher *Our Ancestor* b. March 1, 1609 died August 29, 1652 in Leeheim. marr. 1st Margarethe ? widow of Niclas Mentzer. marr. 2nd Dorothea ? (Adam inherited abundant lands from his ancestors.) More translation needed. It is he that most family genealogists have managed to trace back to. It is his descendants who first came to NY and NJ in 1709-1710.
Sons of Christoffel the organist:

Philipp Christoph Wannemacher b. 1616 in Freidberg d. April 7, 1668 marr. November 11, 1640 to Margarethe Lindner who died March 13, 1676, dau of Johann Lindner, Senator and Church Master in Darmstadt

No other information available other than names on the other sons: Johann Wilhelm - Jakob Wilhelm - Frederich Carl

SPECIAL NOTE: !?! These could be those who went to South Carolina and Pennsylvania after 1730. More research needed.

Our ancestor Adam had Johann Adam who is also our ancestor. Adam also had Johann Daniel, Daniel then had sons Johann Balthasar, Johann Adam and Johann Henrich. To which there is no available information at this time.
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