My website Gedcom is closed. Due to the fact that I have cancer which has gone too far, I'm unable to maintain my website. Over the next 3 months you will see many more changes as the complete website is removed from the internet. It has been a pleasure to know all of you. Over 200 Books have been sold all over the world so my legacy is shared by everybody. I kope you will benefit by all it'd work I've done. Best of Luck and Love to All of you! Sherry Koshney Downard, U.E.
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People Researching Our Family Tree

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Thank you to all family members for all their hard work keeping our family heritage alive and for all of the information, dedication and sharing with me our wonderful family tree. If a family member has been in contact with me and I have not included them in this list, please email me and I will add your name and email as quickly as possible.

I would also like to thank the many people who are not in our tree. But took the time to give me advise on how to search, where to search and who have submitted to me very valuable information, to further my research beyond my wildest dreams. First of all thank you to all the wonderful people at the Morman Church - Family History Center. In those early years I didn't have a clue where to start. They were there with a smile and excitement, even though I was Catholic born, never once pressuring me. Here is a list of Some Wonderful People that have helped these past 5 years while on line:
Mark and Debbie Burr Family Home Page - email
Bancroft, Ontario Public Library
Without their help with advise, clues and pointing me in the right direction, I would not have accomplished all that I have.

A Very Special Thank you to Donna Ristenbatt And thank you Pat Wardell for finding Donna for me.

Family Surname Forums at


(Smidt)- Schmidt


The first Wannemacher's to arrive in North America in 1709 were Johann Pieter (my ancestor), settling in Bergen county, NJ. and Johann Deiterich, in 1710, settling in Rockland county, NY and Bergen county, NJ. Also their siblings Adam, Conrad, and sister Margaret came settling near Mahwah, NJ along with other family and friends. May be relatives to the above family were Jacob, SC in 1737 and Georg, PA in 1731. Important Notice: See important information link in Coat of Arms page.

During the American Revolution they fought on both sides of that war. After the war, during the great migration of United Empire Loyalists, arriving in upper Canada, were six Wannamaker brothers in about 1783, four of the brothers fought the war. My ancestor to Canada was Loyalist Harmanus Wannamaker, settling first in Prince Edward county, Ontario. Then Wannamaker's in Hastings and Renfrew countys, Ontario. Much can be said about this old and noble family.

A Word About The Wannemacher's In South Carolina and Pennsylvania
There is no proof yet that those families belong to this Wannemacher family. Please be sure to see the link Very Important Notice in the page Wannamaker Coat of Arms.

Family Websites With Thousands of Surnames To Look For!

The websites with * are very large sites and well worth the search, even if you don't think you have any of my names you may be surprised!
*Ree's Trees, Early Dutch Families of New Jersey*
This is a very important Website for those researching the very earliest Dutch Families. She is a Professional Researcher and many of her surnames are also found throughout my Gedcom. An Excellent Website!
*On the Trail of Our Ancestors - Donna Speer Ristenbatt Genealogy*
Donna has an Excellent Website (Something for everyone) with an index of over 8000 people. Dutch and Mennonite customs, Palatines in NYC 1710, Ships Passenger Lists, Cemetary lists for NJ and PA, Civil War, Genealogy Help, Revolutionary War Musters and more. Don't miss this valuable site packed with information about early times in North America. She is also a Wanamaker descendant & researching the same lines that I am!
*Palatines To America*
This website has the history and a full database of surnames. German Genealogy Resources. This site is a very valuable information site for researching your early ancestors. (Again something for everyone) It is brought to you by Ken McCrea who has Wanamaker in his tree.
*Bandy Family Genealogy*Bandy
*Valleau Family Association* Valleau/Wannamaker ( over 6000 people )
*Bowerman - Peck Family Records* There are thousands of Canadian names here and many of those names are also in my Wanamaker tree.
*Eastman Genealogy amd History* - over 30,000 people! Eastman/Lander - Myles Standish, the Mayflower.
*Latta Genealogy* and Latta Branch #13
My branch in Canada. This site has everything Latta, but you do need patience in researching it. A fantastic site!
*Quackenbosch/Quackenbush Site* This website has over 8,500 names to research.

Gorsline/Gosslin Family Genealogy
Laura's Steps Through Time VanBuskirk
The Old Homestead - Colleen's Homepage Banta/VanBuskirk/Wannamaker
Michael Meakes Genealogy Pulis/Wannamaker/Westerfelt
Homepage of Carol Swinehart #1 Wannamaker
Homepage of Carol Swinehart #2 Wannamaker
Ellen Orlesky Suchla - Norquay (Canada/USA) Visit her website Ties That Bind
Robert Harold Murphy Website email Hannah, Loney, Pitman, Wannamaker (Canada)
Donna McMahon Pitman, Latta, Hannah, Wannamaker (Canada) McMahon Family Genealogy
Andrew Quackenbush Quackenbush - Wanamaker (Canada) Quackenbush Website
Jason Rusbult Genealogy e-mailWanamaker (USA) This is a new website and he is coming along great. Stop in and take a look at his family pictures and his surnames!
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