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I am well aware of the Wannemacher's in SC and PA. But I have not done complete research on the "SC" branch yet to know exactally how they fit in. However... Clear evidence "Suggests" that the Pennsylvania families are likely descendants of the Darmstadt families. I am awaiting verifcation from Germany in the next few days, which will hopefully collaberate these new finds. I also hope the package from Germany may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of the parents of Jacob, founder of the SC branch.

There were more Wannemacher's who came from various areas in Germany much later than the first 3 branches, in the mid 1800's. "Some" of these later families have also been proven to be of the same branches in Darmstadt, but not enough research has been done to place others in any of the first 3 branches.

The PA branch may finally be proven! My 1st ancestor Johann Pieter Wannemacher arrived in NY/NJ in 1709-1710. Jorg/Georg Wannemacher arrived in PA in 1731. New information shows they were 3rd cousins. Jorg's ancestor moved from Darmstadt to Bavaria in the 1600's. More will be revealed soon... Excellent!

John Wanamaker the department store merchant, was born in PA, he is "Not" a descendant of the first Wannemacher settlers in NJ who came in 1709. His ancestor was Jorg/Georg Wannemacher who came to the US in 1731 settling in Pennsylvania. Jorg may have been a relative to Jacob Wannemacher who came in 1738 to South Carolina. Jorg/Georg is believed to have been born in Bavaria, Germany of Darmstadt ancestors. Jacob was born in Speyer, Germany, Palatinate. Speyer is close to Darmstadt in Hesse.

There was a book written about the SC Wannemacher's by John Skottowe Wanamaker in the mid 1950's or so. It states in the book they have two Coat of Arms and where it can be found. I have excerpts of the book, which is very informative. You might want to go to your local library or genealogical center to order it and then photo copy as much as you can. In reading the inscription of the Arms of 1555, it shows it is very different than those of Darmstadt ancestors.

I stress again that "All" Coats of Arms are different in each and every family. Because each family has a different Arms we can "Not" claim them as our own. The original owners name must be inscribed and included with any Arms we find, unless we have it Patented. To do that, you will need to prove your lineage all the way back to the original owner of the Coat of Arms in question.

The family of Wannemacher's born in Darmstadt, Leeheim, Arheilgen, Hesse Germany, near the Rhine River are descendants of Hengin Wanmecher. These Arms and Insignia Seal at this website belonged to Heinrich Wannemacher of Darmstadt. Several siblings came to New Jersey much earlier than those of SC and PA. The first was Johann Pieter Wannemacher sailed from Holland in the spring, arriving in September 1709 in NYC. His brother Johann Dieterich Wannemacher is known to arrive in about September 1710. It is still unclear just what year because ship lists are in very rough shape. Both dates are often mentioned throughout the transcripts of the time. By 1713 all siblings are known to be in NJ. Johann Pieter Wannemacher is my ancestor.

Clues ?:
1. When Jacob and Jorg first came to America they went first to NJ, but there was no land and so they had to leave. (could they have hoped to live near my Pieter Wannemacher and siblings? Did they know relatives were in NJ?)
2. When John Wanamaker the merchant died in early 1920's. Lawyers contacted my Grandfather Thomas Wannamaker, because they wanted to know who was entitled to John Wanamaker's estate. It was noted that my Grandpa was too distant a cousin, about 58th in line, so he got no money from John's estate.

During the American Revolutionary War many of the Wannamacher's changed the spelling of the surname. You'll find same families would drop one "n" as well as change the end to "maker", some didn't drop an "n". Most regimental musters and land transactions, etc. of that time shows the spelling changes. There are still many spellings, such as Wanmaker, which are a positive match to this branch. Some later branches kept the original spelling Wannemacher.

Almost All Wannemacher's in NJ and in NY were United Empire Loyalists, several cousins fighting for the King of England. They were Tories who believed in the English cause. During and After that war most of the NJ and NY Wanamaker/Wannamaker's went to Upper Canada. My ancestors came to Upper Canada about 1783. Land Petitions prove they were in Ontario with land in 1791 and 1792. Some cousins went back to the US after the wars end in the early 1800's. I have no idea if any were Loyalist in the PA and SC branch.

One thing about this tree.... It is massive! It is highly possible that they did know each other and did keep contact. Anything is possible in the Wannemacher genealogies that wouldn't surprise me in the least, and it would be wonderful to finally solve the mystery!
Palatines of New York in 1710.
The best book to try reading is written by Henry Z. Jones. And it's sister book, More Palatine Families. (although not without errors, these Books give you an excellent insight into the early Palatine immigration.)

Palatines to America
Website once hosted by Ken McCrea who is a Wanamaker descendant of the NJ branch.

Both Websites are equally very important in early German Palatine Research.
This excerpt posted at GenForum by John Wanamaker.

Family record in my possession. "A patent of nobility and a coat of arms were granted by the Emperor of Austria in 1555, and to Peter Wannamacher in 1583. A painting was made of the earilest W. family in 1697. It is in the Archives of Berlin, Germany. It was painted by Balthasar Van den Bossche, director of the Academy of Antwerp, portraits; and Adriaen de Gryef, background".

In remembering some 20 years ago.... I saw other names such as Bernhard, Marx and Conrad Wannemacher coming to the US in a text book probably at the library. Could these be some of the first settlers in Pennsylvania? And so the mystery remains, waiting to be solved, which will be very soon!
Looking at a map of Germany, Hesse, Westphalia, Baden, Wuertemburg, Bavaria, Prussia, and the Palatinate (Pfalz), you can see exactally the wide area the Wannemacher's lived, there is documentation saying the Wannemacher's lived in all of the above. There were Wannemacher's in Austria, Switzerland and France (close to the German border). They were not afraid to migrate! Surely some of them would have some how at least known about each other. Some of the families in Europe were Catholic while others such as the NJ/NY and SC branches were Lutheran.

While researching the early history of Germany and it's people, it is my opinion that the war ravaged land could not have held the family together. They would have battled against each other. Very importantly is the religion of the time. That would not have gone over well in the 16th to 19th centuries. The histories are very informative and in a sense very sad knowing the families likely had some bitter feelings while in Germany. Religion played a key role in many of our families fleeing in all directions from 1650 to the mid 1700's. Many Palatines had no place to go but to America.

I will soon begin writing another Book. It will include "All" of the descendants proven to be of the same common ancestor who at this time is known to be Hengin Wanmecher born in 1450 in Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany. It will have many of the Mysteries Solved! There will be no collateral lines. The Book will have a very simple title such as "Wannemacher Descendants, 1450". This includes all modern spellings.

Watch for the Book to be in print soon!

I would like any information or opinions (if valid) that can verify this. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me if you are a Wannemacher Descendant! Thanx!

Jorg/Georg, Jacob and Bernd Wannemacher arrived in PA on, 1731, 1738 and 1738.

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