Copy from writings of the Wannemacher crest letter.

After my liking, favour and modesty this crest, jewel, shield, helmet and separate seal, I make myself this coat of arms;

Whereupon I then also assumed the virtues, modesty, honourable trade and change thereby the investment - respectable Philipp Christoph and Johann Jost Wannemacher. Prince Hesse, Darmstadt respective government and chamber. Registered talent and famous and admit these heirs: That I from such and other fair causes moved, them being Wannemachers, everything their inheriting and conjugal inheritance. By your permission to design my own crest. All family members, by birth or marriage, are allowed to use this crest. Man and woman, knowledge infinite to lend a Coat of Arms and jewel as follows:

A shield with three leaves, to the right hand is green, which link white to the other one however, the largest than the two above, to the right and to the left green, in which a silver colour fodder tub. The sign however a steel coloured prick helmet, on which a silver crown, from that two wings, white and silver in the front, linking to green in the back. Leaves on each side of helmet are coloured with both green and white and silver underneath.

Thus and such: That you Wannemacher, whose inheriting and conjugal inheritance, man and woman, have inscribed and indicates, from now on and forever, jewel with sign and helmet registered into eternal time, have Coat of Arms for all honest and fair things. To have and to recieve and to carry actions and business. To be honoured in peace and in war, graces, freedom and rights with offices, intellect and worldly, also your King Sovereign realm and country, of rights and habits unhindered. According to Wannemacher order of the King, your word: I write this letter with seal: in the sovereign residence city, Darmstadt. Month November, after Christ, sixteen hundred and fourthy seven.

Eberhard Wolff of Todenwart. By order of Palatine King. Loc. Said

Projecting Copy was written off the text of the original written on parchment into formal patents which would possess in my hand. D.H. Comitis Palatinus Caesareus Eberhard Wolffen of Todenwart. Insignia seal. It is also on white wax and written in rotham wax pressed in a wooden frame with a black and yellow silk with gold intermingled attached is present; and by way of the coat of arms description and directory in Frankfurt. Cronical 1. th. i.B. can. XVIII. Cape. 2. Th.i.B. XXI chap. number 99 are confessed. Schmalkenalden. Desiring authentic in such a manner freely drilled insignias and personal signature with this. June 26, 1787

Signed under his seal Justus Wilhelmus Wannenmacher 1763 Sen. Sct. of entitled to inherit Wannemacher Coat of Arms.

NOTE: It is believed that Philipp Christoph and Johann Jost Wannemacher were the sons of Christoph, the Organist. It may be they who ask permission to use these Arms. Much work needs to be done in these German papers to determine who all of the people are.
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