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Land Petition of Russell Pitman

To His Excellency John Graves Simcoe Esq. Lieut. Governor and Commander in Chief of the Province of Upper Canada. The Memorialist of Russell Pitman, late Private of His Majesty's Corps. of Loyal Rangers. Humbly Showeth.... That Your Excellency's Memorialist have done ane made improvements on one hundred acres of land. That Lord Dorchester's bounty of two hundred acres still due to your Memorialist, which he humbly name to be assigned to him in Ernestown in the county of Addington. And your Memorialist as in duty bound shall ever pray. Signed Russell Pitman. Adulphustown 26 December 1792. To His Excellency J. Graves Simcoe, Lieut. Governor In Council. The Memorialist Russell Pitman. 200 acres Granted.

Another Petiton....

On April 25, 1801 following is an agreement:
This is to certify that Russell Pitman has charge of Lot 12 in the 3rd concession of Thurlow, and to forbid all persons from cutting or destroying any kind of timber on the same, and has the cutting of what grass is on it. Signed Andrew Embury. (This simply means that no other people were allowed this land promised to Russell Pitman).

Upper Canada Land Board of Minutes and Records 1765-1804, Mecklenburg

Memorial # 20..... Russell Pitman, memorial for Lord Dorchester, has drawn Lot 27, of 200 acres in the 1st concession of Ernestown, and 27 of 150 acres in the 3rd concession of Ernestown, in all 250 acres, 150 of which is being drawn by his family. It appears he has improved part of the above, which entitled him to the bounty, therefore Granted. C14027, Dia 2.

* There are many many sources for Russell Pitman being in Ontario as early as 1783 with the "Loyal Rangers". He had several Land Petitions over the years but these are the earliest found. By 1800 he was living in and had 200 acres in Thurlow twp. on Lot 10, Concession 5. He had recieved about 450 acres of land adjoining the original in the Thurlow area, which is near todays' Belleville and Latta Mills twp. I also have the copy of his Will which is very thorough includes all of his land, household contents and livestock at the time of his death. Several Histories of the area, in which Russell Pitman's name seems to appear many times as one of the original settlers. He was my 5th Great Grandfather.

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Land Petition of Harmanus Wannamaker

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Image Petition 2

To his Excellency the Right Honorable Guy Lord Dorchester Captian General, Governor and Commander in Chief of the Colonies of Quebec, Nova Scotia and New Brunswich and this Defendant.

The Memorial of Harmanus Wannamaker, Loyalist.

Humbly Showeth
That your Lordships Memorialist has always been a sincere friend to the British Government and Constitution, has come to this settlement with an intention of becoming an inhabitant, therefor begs to be admitted and to recieve the same privilege that other subjects of his description have already liberally recieved. And most humbly prays that two hundred acres of land may be asigned him in Richmond --------------
And your Memorialist as in duty bound shall ever pray.
Harmanus Wannamaker

Kingston 27th, June 1791
Dist: Mechlenburgh
No: 605
Harmanus Wannamaker
Report page 24
Certificate granted 29th, June 1791
200 acres.
Note: I have 7 of these true hand written copies of the original documents in my posession of several Loyalists in the family. Harmanus' Land was west of Redner-land that is now Rednersville, Prince Edward county, Ontario. Rear Concession from the water Lot 78, Con. 1, Bayside. His brother's Peter, Andrew and Thomas adjoin his on simular lot numbers. Both Peter Wanamaker and Russell Pitman's are more thorough, which includes their Regiments in the Army. I also have 2 other's of Harmanus' which are dated later. Harmanus was my 4th Great Grandfather.

"Land Petitions" can be found in the National Archives in Toronto. They cost about $10.00 - $15.00 each if you are interested in finding copies of your ancestors.

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