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Updated February 2001

My Great Great Great Grandparents. Our first known ancestors born in Canada. Jacob was born in 1798 in Upper Canada to the United Empire Loyalist Settler, Harmanus Wannamaker and Dorothy Steward / Stewart. Mary was born in 1804 to Henry Pulis Peter Wanamaker and Rachel DeBaun. Note: Jacob was known as "One Arm Jake".


My Great Great Grandparents Thomas was Jacob and Mary's son. Rachel's Grandfather was United Empire Loyalist Private Soldier, Loyal Rangers (Jessup's Corps.), Russell Pitman. She is the daughter of Gordon Hannah and Harrietta Latta.


My Great Grandparents. John was born to Thomas and Rachael. Eliza was born to James Loney and Elizabeth Ralph. These pictures say on the back McArthur's Mills in Ontario. They are both buried in Saskatchewan and so these were taken before coming west. The pictures are in excellent condition and are quite large. The pictures scanned surprizingly well in spite of the large size, but the oval shape did not fit in my scanner.


These are my Grandpa and Grandma~, Thomas James Wannamaker was born to John and Eliza. He was 21 years when this picture was taken in Saskatchewan. I remember as a young child visiting the farm, starring at this picture hanging on the wall in Grandma's bedroom for hours. It was he and this picture that inspired me to know who I am. His eyes captivated me, wondering who he was and who his family was. Now I know and because of them I know who I am! This is the only known real portrait of my beautiful Grandma. The date is unknown, but my mother thinks she was older, so it was probably taken sometime in the late 1930's. She is the daughter of Matthias Lander and Magdalena Koch.

This is my Grandpa Wannamaker's "Homestead Shack" he built in 1908 in Saskatchewan when he was a young man of about 20 years old. It still stands today on the homestead. He stored some of these pictures in this one room, as well as many other treasures. Some of the things there were destroyed by time but it is still a reminder of the past and the hardships he first endured. The "Main House" was not built until the early 1920's just before marrying my Grandma. The main house today is to the left of this picture. It was painted white and still very small with only 4 rooms. The "Outhouse" was to the right of this picture. There never was indoor plumbing and I remember having to use it in the dark while the coyotes howled, which they did every night, all night long. Talk about fright going to and from the outhouse in those days! The homestead yard stood atop a hill where at the bottom was the huge barn and the water well that my family had to haul each and every day. Along the side road to the barn was tons of machinery new and old. I Loved this quiet place. So many Loving Memories will be with me forever. My Grandpa stands in the doorway so proud of his first achievement on this barren land.

These are my Grandparents just before my Grandpa passed away in 1950. He was very ill but this is still one of my favorite pictures of them. I can still see my Grandmother's beautiful big smile, the gentle hot Saskatchewan breeze slightly blowing her hair. She passed away in 1973.

WANNAMAKER Family. Picture taken about 1918 in Saskatchewan. Back left to right:
Susan 'Eva' Wannamaker (Pedersen), 'Elsie' Jane Wannamaker (Young), (My Great Grandmother) Eliza Jane Loney Wannamaker, 'Cora' Wannamaker (later Service), Mary Wannamaker (Hannah), Maggie 'May' Wannamaker (Hilts). Babies in back: Ralph Pedersen, Donald Young, Ross Hannah. Front left to right. Richard Lloyd Wannamaker, (center) James Newton Young holding dau. Irene. Right (My Grandpa) Thomas Wannamaker holding Eldon Pedersen. A brother John and sister Ida Wannamaker are missing.

My Great Grandfather John Joseph Wannamaker (left) & his brother Andrew Gordon Wannamaker (right). John seems to be about 21 years old.


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Some of these pictures submitted to me by Carole Murray Williams.