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There is still much more information that is very old and will be added as it is translated.

Coat of Arms are in the Archives at Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany. Wannemacher Family Tape 19, Booklet 6.
By Willimine Christine Wannemacher of Darmstadt.
Many thanks to Brigitte Wannemacher. Without her help, it may have not been possible to secure very valuable information from the Archives in Darmstadt, any time soon.

The name is an interesting one. There are many versions for the meaning of this surname. Some are included here. It has occupational origins meaning winnowing fan, fanning wheel or basket maker, also maker of vats or tubs. The name can also be traced to the word "wannen" from the stone for the pigs as troughs. The troughs were called "wannen" and the ending "macher" is equal to "maker". Later modernized to the variations of spellings that it is today. Wanamaker, Wannamaker, Wannemacher, and others. Derivitive of the Latin Vannus. The name comes from High German, Low German and Old High German dialect. The Latin word "Vannus" translated into German means "Futterschwinge" which is feeding trough in English.

Wappen Wannemacher 1656

goldene eine rote zweihenkelige saatwanne.
Auf dem rote-gold bewulsteten Helm mit gleichen decken
facherformig drei goldene ahren.
English Translation
Sheild: Gold with a two handled red seed tub.
Helm: Red gold veil covered helmet.
Crest: three stalks of grain/wheat fanning out.

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English Copy of the Patent Letter ~ German Copy of the Patent Letter

Hessische Wappenrolle 1989 - Henrich Wannemacher
Landschrieber/Furstl. Kammerrat Darmstadt

Please read the English version of the Patent above for this Arms. It is a very important Arms, belonging to Henrich dated 1647. Henrich was a brother to my ancestor Adam. He was a Land Surveyer, Tax Collector, simular to a Count, as well Advisor to the Emporer. He owned his own Ring Insignia Seal, but the photo copy came out very poorly and can not be colored.

I have descided to open a page with the very earliest known Coat of Arms which belonged to a Wannemacher. I will attempt to color it as well. Because it does not include a picture I will use the same 1st. picture as above. Those of Darmstadt descendants can not claim this as their own until further research is done to prove our descendancy.

Coat of Arms dated 1555 and 1583

According to Rule, these Coat of Arms, can not be claimed by a Wannemacher descendant as their own. We must ask for permission and Patent them. If we are to use them, they must be changed in some way, from the original, but in keeping with the same images such as the wheat and tub. Personally I have included the dates of these so there will be no mistakes in ownership. Which I can not lay claim to until I decide to Patent them, but at this time I will not be doing so. They do not belong to me, they belong to Heinrich Wannemacher. Even though I have had them Copyrighted to protect them.

We must remember that no same Coat of Arms belong to the same people. All are unique and all individual. The Ancient Rule was the only one allowed to carry the same Arms as a Father was his eldest son, even he had to change his "copy" in some way. If the Father passed on, then only the eldest son was allowed to assume the original. Women were not allowed to own the Coat of Arms but they were allowed to own the Insignia Seal like the one shown on this page.

I stress again that "All" Coats of Arms are different in each and every family. Because each family has a different Arms we can "Not" claim them as our own. The original owners name must be inscribed and included with any Arms we find, unless we have it Patented. To do that, you will need to prove your lineage all the way back to the original owner of the Coat of Arms in question.

There are only two Wannemacher Coat of Arms, with the seal, that have been found belonging to this family Wannemacher in Darmstadt, although there are claims that are dated older. An Arms dated 1555 is not yet proven belonging to this family branch. The Arms came from the same family that Adam Wannemacher (an ancestor of those that came to New Jersey in 1709-1710) Adam died in 1652, so he did not have claim to these Arms? We don't know at this time if there may have been an Arms for Adam. I will continue to search for his Coat of Arms if infact he had one. Some people did not have a Coat of Arms. He had 3 brothers, all of which worked directly with the Royal Palace of the Emporer.
This family descends from Hengin Wanmecher. Born 1450 Darmstadt, Hessen, Germany, near the Rhine River.
Be sure to stop into this link of our very earliest known Wannemacher ancestors
Early Wannemacher Ancestors In Germany

1.) Christoffel b. 1587 d. 1640: He was quite famous for his day. He was an Organist, playing for many important dignataries of the day. An instrument was created by him and given to the church. It is now in the Museum in Darmstadt, and can be seen to this day. His descendants lived in Arheilgen as many do today.
2.) Johann Jost Wannemacher b. 1592 d. 1635: A Guard for the Palace. He was Leutenant. Translation yet to be finished on him, to be sertain of his Royal Guard status.
3.) Heinrich Wannemacher b. 1606 d. 1682: The most important of the brothers and had his own Coat of Arms and his own Insignia. Heinrich was a Land Surveyer, Tax Collector and Advisor to the Palace.
4.) Adam Wannemacher b. 1609 d. 1652: No title that I can tell so far. He inherited abundant lands from his ancestors and was very wealthy by their standards of living. During that time, there were many wars through out Europe, so there is no doubt the family had lost land over time.
The father of the four brothers was Wolff Wannemacher b. ? d. 1616. According to German translation he was a farmer, as well as a maker of tubs. Wolff's father was Hans (the younger) Wannemacher (b. 1540 d. 1585). German text shows that Hans (the younger) Wannemacher, was "Burger der Stadt Darmstadt". In English meaning "Mayor of the city of Darmstadt". His father Hans (the elder) was born 1500 to Hengin Wanmecher b. 1450. It also states that Hengin was a very wealthy land owner.
I do "Not" lay claim to these Coats of Arms and Insignia Seal. Those of us who descend from the Wannemacher family of Darmstadt, Hesse, Germany may "try" to Patent them, but can not be used otherwise. To the best of my knowledge, these images of the Arms are real, they are in written text books stored in the Archives in Darmstadt. All information was photo copied by Brigitte Wannemacher who lives near Darmstadt and sent to me as original work. None of what you see has been computer generated nor manipulated in any way (other than two Coat of Arms colored), none can be found in any mall generated sale of Arms. All original photo copies will be added to another page link as time permits.
Images colored with Paint Shop Pro by me, Sherry Koshney Downard
I have done my best to recreate the colors as I believe them to be. They are simply "my interpretation" and they may not be as they were when first created and Patented in the 1600's. I do have the black and white pictures with German text in my possession. If an original colored version is ever found, they will be posted here. Because we do need to be as accurate as possible with no surprises.
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Very Important Notice that All Wannemacher Descendants Must Read
Pennsylvania Wannemacher's are probably descendants of Hengin Wanmecher, but the SC branch has not been proven at this time.

Palatines of New York in 1710.
Try reading these books written by Henry Z. Jones.

Palatines to America
Website once hosted by Ken McCrea who is a Wanamaker descendant of the NJ branch.

Both Websites are equally very important in early German Palatine Research.
Thank you Donna McMahon of Ontario, Canada - for coaching me in the coloring of the Arms and helping me understand Heraldry a little better.

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