Family Gathering at old Clark home
Family Gathering on the Porch
of the old Benjamin Thomas Clark home
 1460 South 1100 East Street (southwest corner at the intersection of Roosevelt Avenue and 1100 East Street).
The old home now only exists in memories and photographs as it was torn down back in the sixties
to make way for a four plex.
The Don Carlos Kimball home still stands on the northwest corner of this same intersection in Salt Lake City, Utah


Notes:  Elinore Romney (#25) is the daughter of Walter Romney (#5) and Nellie Romney (#15).  Elinore died quite young.  Don Carlos Kimball (#2) and Annie Clark Kimball (#14) are the parents of the Kimball children.  Ada Sanford Clark (#6) and Lorenzo Wagstaff Clark (#8) are the parents of Annie Margaret Clark (#7), Frank Leslie Clark (#18), Ada May Clark (#19), Harold William Clark (#23), and George Lorenzo Clark (#20).  Fred Sanford (#1) and Ada Sanford Clark (#6) are brother and sister.  Lorenzo Wagstaff Clark (#8), Annie Clark Kimball (#14), Ben Clark (#3), "Nellie" Romney (full name is Mary Ellen Clark Romney #15), and Matilda Jane Clark Sanford (#9) are brothers and sisters.  Ben Clark (#3)  is married to Nathala Vary Jones Clark (#4); they have no children at this time.  Walter Romney (#5) and Nellie Romney (#15) are husband and wife; her real name is Mary Ellen Clark Romney; Walter Romney (#21) is their son.