Life history of Samuel Stewart
Samuel Stewart 


       Samuel was born in Greenock, Scotland to William and Sarah Thompson Stewart.  He was the third of eight children.  He was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when he was nine years old.  When he was twelve, his mother died at the age of 30.  She called her children around her before she died.  To Samuel she said, "This boy shall not stay here long, but he will cross the ocean to America and to the Land of Zion."
     At thirteen years old, he apprenticed as a plumber.  When he was eighteen, he emigrated to America.  A banker's daughter tried to persuade him to stay in Scotland and marry her, but he would not relent.  His family wondered if they would ever in this life see Samuel again, but they had faith that they would. He was at sea for five weeks and three days.
     He traveled with the Saints across the Plains.  There were fifty-two wagons, and eighteen people to each wagon, so they had to walk much of the way.  They arrived in the Salt Lake valley six months after Samuel left Scotland.  With 75 cents to his name and no home or place to go, he found work in Sugarhouse and saved very carefully.  At the end of one year, he sent $500 in gold to Scotland for his father, brothers, and sisters to come to Utah.
     One evening at a dinner dance, Samuel Stewart placed Mary Ann Clark's plate on his.  When asked why he did that, he said, "She just as well start eating with me now.  She will be my wife anyway." When Mary Ann was sixteen, they were married. Samuel married Mary Ann Clark in the Endowment House in 1864.  There was great love and devotion in the marriage, which grew greater as the years passed.
      When Samuel's family came from Scotland and found he had married, his father was very displeased--but the family still lived with them for a while.
       Samuel Stewart and his family lived in Clarkston, Utah for many years before moving to Teton City, Fremont county, Idaho where he lived to an old age.

Samuel Stewart
Samuel's wife, Mary Ann Clark
Samuel Stewart in his rocking chair, reading the newspaper
Family group: Samuel & Mary Ann Stewart and their children
Samuel Stewart and Mary Ann Clark Stewart
Samuel Stewart and Mary Ann Clark Stewart (later years)
Samuel Stewart's father, William Stewart
Samuel Stewart's brother, Hugh, and Hugh's first wife, Nina Larson

    Angeline Vilate Stewart & Charles William Buttars
    James Israel Clark, Jr. & Julie Ann Stewart
    Samuel Stewart's son, Samuel, on the doorstep
    Samuel Clark Stewart & Selma Dahle
    James Thomas Birch & Mary Ann Stewart
    Joseph Warren Black & Sarah Stewart
    George Stewart and his wife Leonie Birch
    Joseph William Stewart & Sarah Ann Godfrey
    Parley Smith Richman & Clara Elizabeth Stewart
    James Edward Stewart and his 3 wives
        1) Emily Janet Bassett; 2) Lucy Atkinson Benson; 3) Susie Loosle
    Benjamin Isaac Stewart & Caroline Birch
    Hugh Stewart
    Andrew Stewart & his two wives
        1) Alberta Elizabeth Bagley; 2) Sarah Abigail Marble
    Sisters (daughters of Samuel and Mary Ann Stewart)
        Julie, Mary, Sadie, Angeline, Clara


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